SICB Division of Comparative Biomechanics (DCB)

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Research of members of The Division of Comparative Biomechanics (DCB) includes experimental work, computational and physical modeling and rich biological and engineering perspectives on the taxonomic breadth of organisms (extant and fossil) and their function in the physical world.  

The Division had its first organizational meeting at the annual SICB meeting in 2007 with strong support. DCB has mounted, often in collaboration with other Divisions, excellent symposia and strong presentation line ups, including from many scientists new to SICB and our robust student community.   

Although the Division is relatively new, research in comparative biomechanics is not and SICB has always been an important home for such work. Several DCB awards have been developed and named for luminaries in the field.

The Carl Gans Award
The prestigious Carl Gans Award can be given in two contexts: (1) for an outstanding young investigator in the field of biomechanics, or (2) for a significant contribution to the literature (book, research paper, or other) on biomechanics by a member of SICB at any career stage.  
To nominate yourself or others please see the instructions linked here.  

The Steven Vogel Award for the Best Student Poster in Biomechanics  
The Mimi A. R. Koehl and Stephen A. Wainwright Award for the Best Student Talk in Biomechanics  
Students interested in being considered for these awards should refer to the SICB BSP application guidelines page linked here.  

We encourage members to encourage other scientists to join DCB. A great way to introduce people to the Society and Division is through Symposia. DCB has a strong history of excellent symposia and we encourage you to continue to submit proposals and to consider participants from outside of SICB and in diverse fields of science and engineering. Guidelines for symposium proposal preparation, and other useful sicb resources, can be found here.

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Officers & Representatives

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Chair 01/2015-01/2017 Melina Hale
Chair Elect 01/2015-01/2017 Sheila Patek
Past Chair 01/2015-01/2017 Mark Denny
Secretary 01/2016-01/2018 Andrea Ward
Program Officer 01/2016-01/2018 Jake Socha
Student/Postdoc Rep. 01/2016-01/2019 Sandy Kawano

DCB Memberlist

Click on name for contact details

Arkhat Abzhanov  Harvard University 
Kathleen Ackert  Siena College 
Danielle Adams   
Khaled Adjerid  Virginia Tech 
Aida Adlimoghaddam   
Dominique Adriaens  Ghent University 
Jeffrey Aguilar   
Brett Aiello  University of Chicago 
Otar Akanyeti   
Florence Albert-Davie   
R. McNeill Alexander  University of Leeds 
Teressa Alexander  Harvard University 
Angela Alicea-Serrano   
Justine Allen  Brown University 
Douglas Altshuler  University of British Columbia 
Jean Alupay  University of Southern California 
Gaurav Amarpuri  University of Akron 
Erik Anderson  Grove City College 
Philip Anderson  University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 
Christopher Anderson  Brown University 
Tanner Anderson  Florida Atlantic University 
Aria Armendariz Peavy  HSU 
Melissa Armstrong  University of British Columbia 
Miriam Ashley-Ross  Wake Forest University 
Henry Astley  Georgia Tech 
Isabell Augenstein   
Manny Azizi  Univ. of California, Irvine 
Marc Badger  University of California, Berkeley 
Joseph Bahlman  University of British Columbia 
John Bailey  University of Southern Mississippi 
Eileen Baker   
Jordan Balaban  UC Irvine 
Vikram Baliga  University of California Santa Cruz 
Bora Banjanin   
Andrew Barrios   
Ian Bartol  Old Dominion University 
Nicholas Battista  UNC-Chapel Hill 
Grant Baumgardner  Virginia Tech 
Jim Belanger   
Matthew Benoit   
Otto Berg   
Philip Bergmann  Clark University 
Zachary Berlant  Bucknell University 
Elena Bernick  University of Baltimore 
John Bertram  Univ of Calgary 
Kiran Bhattacharyya  Northwestern University 
Bhart-Anjan Bhullar  Yale University 
Andrew Biewener  Harvard University 
April Bird  Sierra College 
Ruediger Birenheide   
Aleksandra Birn-Jeffery  University of Cambridge 
Peter Bishop  Griffith University 
Todd Blackledge  University of Akron 
Richard Blob  Clemson University 
Alexandra Boden  Tufts University 
David Boerma  Brown University 
Raj Bolla  Cal State Fullerton 
Michael Boller  St. John Fisher College 
Richard Bomphrey  The Royal Veterinary College 
Calhoun Bond  Greensboro College 
Matthew Fredrick Bonnan  Richard Stockton College 
Samuel Borstein  University of Tennessee, Knoxville 
Beth Bowers   
Melissa Bowlin  University of Michigan-Dearborn 
Douglas Boyer  Duke University 
Kelly Boyle  Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle 
Elizabeth L. Brainerd  Brown Univ 
Erin Brandt   
Noah Bressman  Cornell University 
Kenny Breuer  Brown University 
Sarah Burcher  Northern Arizona University 
Sam Burden  Univ. of Washington, Seattle 
Louis Burnett  College of Charleston 
Nicholas Burnett  UC Berkeley 
Morgan Burnette  Wake Forest University 
Mercedes Burns   
Jorge Bustamante  University of Washington 
Michael Butcher  YSU 
Marguerite Butler  University of Hawaii 
Greg Byrnes  Siena College 
Margaret Byron   
Ariel Camp  Brown University 
Eric Campos  University of Washington 
Jennifer Carr  Harvard University 
David Carrier  Univ of Utah 
Tyler Carrier   
Andres Carrillo  UC Irvine 
Ariel Carter  CSU Fullerton 
Casey Carter   
Aja Carter   
Yessi Castro  Valdosta State University 
Edward Catapane  Medgar Evers College 
Ann Cespedes  University of New Orleans 
Anna Chabokdast  University of Oxford 
Brad Anthony Chadwell  Northeast Ohio Medical Univ. 
Kit Yu Karen Chan  HKUST 
Jeremy Chang   
william chapple  University of Connecticut 
Chen Chen  Northwestern University 
Jorn Cheney  Brown University 
Diana Chin  Stanford University - Lentink 
victor china   
Kelly Christianson   
Robert Cieri  University of Utah 
Chris Clark  UC Riverside 
Andrew Clark  College of Charleston 
Chris Clark  UC Riverside 
Andrew Clark   
Christofer Clemente  University of Sunshine Coast 
Glenna Clifton   
C. Sarah Cohen  Romberg Tiburon Center, SFSU 
Kami Cole  University of Idaho 
David Collar  UMass Boston 
Anna Collett  College of Charleston 
Clint Collins  University of California, Riverside 
Stacey Combes  U.C. Davis 
Anna Conrades  Truman State University 
W. James Cooper  Washington State University 
Aaron Corcoran  Wake Forest University 
Joseph Corcoran  Swarthmore College 
Katherine Corn  Cornell University 
Marco Corrales-Ugalde  University of Oregon 
David Coughlin  Widener University 
Noah Cowan  JHU 
James Crall  Harvard University 
Kristen Crandell  University of Montana 
Rachel Crane  Duke University 
Shelby Creager   
Stephanie Crofts  NJIT 
Joshua Cullen  Texas A&M University 
David Cundall  Lehigh University 
Judith D'Aleo   
Jin Dai   
Monica Daley  Royal Veterinary College 
Chris Julian Dallmann  Department of Biological Cybernetics, Bielefeld University 
Nicole Danos  Tufts University 
Julian Davis  University of Southern Indiana 
Inés Dawson  University of Oxford 
Steven Day  Rochester Inst of Technology 
Mason Dean  Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces 
Michael Thomas Deans  Freelance 
Jennifer Dearolf  Hendrix College 
Stephen Deban  University of South Florida 
Paul C. Dechow  Baylor College of Dentistry Texas A & M Health Science Center 
Marc Deetjen  Stanford University - Lentink 
Alyce DeMarais  University of Puget Sound 
Brigitte Demes  Stony Brook University 
Mark Denny  Stanford University 
Peter Derbyshire  UWA 
Maya deVries  Scripps Inst. of Oceanography 
Valentina Di Santo  Harvard University 
Kenneth Dial  University of Montana 
Kelly Diamond   
Taylor Dick  Simon Fraser University 
Bradley Dickerson  University of Washington 
Patsy S. Dickinson  Bowdoin College 
Michael Dillon  Univ of Wyoming 
Petra Ditsche  Friday Harbor Laboratories 
Robert Ditter  Florida International Universi 
Cassandra Donatelli  Tufts University 
Presephanie Dones  Western New England University 
Haibo Dong   
Seth Donoughe  Harvard University 
Kelly Dorgan  Dauphin Island Sea Lab 
Lindsey Dougherty  UC Berkeley 
Regan Downey   
Brooke Dubansky  Tarleton State University 
Robert Dudley  University of California, Berkeley 
Meghan Duell  Arizona State University 
Elizabeth Dumont  Univ of Massachusetts 
Donald C. Dunbar  University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine 
Annika Eberle  University of Washington 
David Edwards  BGSU 
Joel Eklof  University of Puget Sound 
Laura Ekstrom (Macesic)  Wheaton College MA 
David Ellerby  Wellesley College 
Olaf Ellers  Free Lance 
Carolyn Eng  Brown University 
Brian Esty   
Alistair Evans  Monash University 
Hannah Evans   Royal Veterinary College  
Peter Falkingham  Royal Veterinary College 
Stacy Farina  Harvard University 
Michael Fasano   
Michael Fath  Temple University 
Carl Favata  Eastern Illinois University 
Kara Feilich  Harvard University 
Daniel Field  Yale University 
Alexander Finden  Northern Arizona University 
Frank E. Fish  West Chester University 
Brooke Flammang  NJIT/Rutgers 
Mike Fleuren  Wageningen UR 
Alexander Fodor   
Derrick Fokala   
Kathleen Foster  University of California, Riverside 
Adam Foster  NEOMED 
Jessica Fox  Case Western Reserve Univ 
Austin Francis, Jr.  Armstrong State University 
Anthony Friscia  UCLA 
David Frost  Georgia Tech 
Douglas Fudge  University of Guelph 
Robert Full  UC of California at Berkeley 
Molly Gabler  University of North Carolina Wilmington 
Theodore Garland  University of California 
Austin Garner  The University of Akron 
Joel Garrett  Virginia Tech 
Stephen Gatesy  Brown University 
Brad Gemmell   
Andrew George  University of Chicago 
Matthew George   
Justin Georgi  Midwestern University 
Gary Gerald  Nebraska Wesleyan University 
Shannon Gerry  Fairfield University 
Colby Gerth  Eastern Illinois University 
Noah Ghossein   
Francesca Giammona   
Joshua Gibson  Department of Entomology, UIUC 
Nicholas Gidmark  University of Chicago 
Paul Gignac  Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences 
Cole Gilbert  Cole University 
Gary Gillis  Mt Holyoke College 
William Gillly  Stanford University 
Casey Gilman  UMass Amherst 
Kiran Girdhar  University of Illinois  
Zachary Glenn   
Jeremy Goldbogen  Stanford University 
Valentina Gomez-Bahamon   
Chaohui Gong   
Brett Goodman  University of Adelaide 
Aaron Goodman  UC Davis 
Katherine Goodrich  Widener University 
Malcolm Gordon  UCLA 
William Gough   
Francois Gould  NEOMED 
Michelle Graham   
Nick Gravish  Harvard University 
Molly E. Grear  University of Washington 
Patrick Green  Duke University 
Alex Greff  Blackburn College 
Derrick Groom  University of Toronto 
David Grossnickle  University of Chicago 
Sander Gussekloo  Wageningen University 
Eric Gutierrez  Stanford University - Lentink 
Maria Laura Habegger   
Alexander Hackmann  University of Cambridge 
Travis Hagey  University of Idaho 
Melina Hale  Univ of Chicago 
Maxwell Hall  CSU Fresno 
Jorg U Hammel  Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht 
Shanna Hanes  Martin Methodist College 
Austin Haney  Valdosta State University 
Mary Colleen Hannon   
Shannon Hansen   
Michael Hanson   
Adam Hardy  University of Chicago 
Jon Harrison  Arizona State Univ 
Jacob Harrison  University of California Santa Cruz 
John Harshbarger   
Todd Harvey   
Richard Harvey  Royal Veterinary College 
Tom Hata   
Ross Hatton  Oregon State University 
Hilary Hayford  U Washington 
Tyson Hedrick  UNC at Chapel Hill 
Ashley Heers  American Museum Nat History 
Steve Heim   
John Hermanson  Cornell University 
John Hermanson   
L Patricia Hernandez  George Washington University 
Andrea Hernandez  Florida Atlantic University 
Anthony Herrel  CNRS 
Susan W. Herring  University of Washington Department of Orthodontics 
Anthony Hessel  Northern Arizona University 
Keith Heyde   
Ben Higgins   
Tim Higham  University of California 
Ben Hightower  Stanford University - Lentink 
John G. Hildebrand  University of Arizona, Dept. of Neuroscience 
Jennifer Hill  University of Bristol 
Sarah Hoffmann  Florida Atlantic University 
Luke Holbrook  Rowan University 
Maranda Holley  Univ of South Florida 
Casey Holliday  University of Missouri 
Natalie Holt  UC Irvine 
Roi Holzman  Tel Aviv University 
Dominique Homberger  Louisiana State University 
Alexander Hoover  UNC - Chapel Hill 
Angela Horner  Cal State University 
Darren Howell   
Nickolay Ivanov Hristov  Winston-Salem State University, Center for Design Innovation 
Tonia Hsieh  Temple University 
David Hu  Georgia Tech 
Miranda Huang  Whitman College 
Tatjana Hubel  Royal Veterinary College 
Daniel Huber  The University of Tampa 
Christian Hubicki   
Dennis Hudson  Prevea Health 
Jerome Hui   
Darrin Hulsey  University of Konstanz 
Stuart Humphries  University of Lincoln 
Nathaniel Hunt   
John Hunter  Ohio State University Newark 
John Hutchinson  Royal Veterinary College 
John Hutchinson  The Royal Veterinary College 
Joel Hutson   
Gabe Ibanez  University of Cincinnati 
Rivers Ingersoll  Stanford University - Lentink 
Danielle Ingle   
Jose Iriarte-Diaz  University of Illinois at Chicago 
Frances Irish  Moravian College 
Michael R. Isaacs  UNLV 
Brandon Jackson  Longwood University 
Mackenzie Jacoby   
Farid Jafari  Virginia Tech 
Kevin Jagnandan  University of California, Riverside 
Steven Jasinski  University of Pennsylvania 
Rachel Jastrebsky  Old Dominion University 
Kaushik Jayaram  Univ. of California Berkeley 
Bruce Jayne  U of Cincinnati 
Megan Jensen   
Houshuo Jiang  Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution 
Yordano Jimenez   
Judy Jinn   
Jeremy John   
Amy S Johnson  Bowdoin College 
Andrew Johnson   
Laura Johnson  University of Arizona - COMP  
Taylor Jones  Salem College 
Jessica Joneson  Cal State San Bernardino 
Sunghwan Jung  Virginia Tech 
Elska Kaczmarek  University of Miami 
Stephen M. Kajiura  Florida Atlantic University 
Emily Kane  Colorado State University 
Suzanne Kane  Haverford College 
Kenneth Kardong  Washington State Univ 
Hilary Katz  University of Chicago 
Sandy Kawano  National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis 
Diane Kelly  University of Massachusetts 
Christopher Kenaley  Boston College 
Melissa Kenny   
William Kier  UNC - Chapel Hill 
Mackenzie Kirchner-Smith  Fort Hays State University 
Brett Klaassen Van Oorschot  Univ of Montana 
Kayla Knoll  Northern Michigan University 
Mimi Koehl  Univ. of California, Berkeley 
Matthew Kolmann  University of Toronto 
Matthew Kolmann  Univ of Toronto 
Nicolai Konow  Brown University 
Keith Korsmeyer  Hawaii Pacific University 
Adit Kothari  UC Berkeley 
Elaine Kozma   
Jacob Krans  Western New England University 
Dallas Krentzel  University of Chicago 
Daniel Kress  Stanford University - Lentink 
Paul Krueger  SMU 
Matthew Kulpa   
Chi-Yun Kuo   
Sharon Kuo  University of Missouri 
Matthew Kvalheim  U Michigan 
Daniel Kvistad  Wheaton College 
Michael LaBarbera  University of Chicago Organismal Biology & Anatomy 
Philip Lai   
Simon Lailvaux  University of New Orleans 
Andrew Lammers  Cleveland State University 
Amy Lang  University of Alabama 
Brian Langerhans  NC State University 
Yashesvini Lanka  University of Chicago 
A Kristopher Lappin   
Diana LaScala-Gruenewald  Hopkins Marine Station 
George Lauder  Harvard Univ 
Scott LaValva  Franklin & Marshall College 
Chris Law  UC Santa Cruz 
Pierre Le Pabic  UCI 
Jessica Lee   
Crystal Lee  UC Berkeley 
Andrea Lehn  MIT 
Justin Lemberg  University of Chicago 
Pierre Lemelin  University of Alberta 
David Lentink  Stanford University 
Krista LePiane   
Chen Li  University of California, Berkeley 
Gen Li  Chiba University 
James Liao  Whitney Lab/UF 
Tom Libby  UC Berkeley 
kayla liebman  Blackburn College 
Huai-Ti Lin  HHMI Janelia Research Campus 
Hanlin Liu   
Jacob Lockey  Case Western Reserve 
Jeremy Lomax   
John Long  Vassar College 
Catherine Loudon  U. of California Irvine 
Leeann Louis  Univ. of Cali., Berkeley 
Kaitlyn Lowder   
Kelsey Lucas  Harvard University 
Alexander Mackie  Western New England University 
Masateru Maeda  Chiba University 
Shagun Maheshwari  Duke University 
Anabela Maia  Eastern Illinois University 
Russell Main  Purdue University 
Armita Manafzadeh  Univ. of California, Berkeley 
Madhur Mangalam  University of Georgia 
Bruce Manion  Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science 
Kyle Mara  University of Southern Indiana 
Andres Marmol  Universidad Cátolica Ecuador 
Richard Marsh  Northeastern University/Brown University 
Christopher Marshall  Texas A and M University 
Christopher Martin  University of North Carolina a 
Christopher Martin  UNC Chapel Hill 
Shelby Martin   
Christopher Michael Martinez  American Museum of Natural History 
Brendan Martino  Siena College 
Hamid Marvi  Arizona State University 
Laura Matloff  Stanford University 
Stephanie Matthews   
Christopher Mayerl   
Nicole Mazouchova  Temple University 
Nicole Mazouchova   
Eric McCloud   
Charlene McCord  University of Chicago 
Owen McCrossan  Drexel University 
Matthew McCurry  Monash University 
Eric McElroy  College of Charleston 
Craig McGowan  University of Idaho 
Matthew J McHenry  U. C. Irvine 
Brianna McHorse   
Benjamin McInroe  UC Berkeley 
Amberle McKee  University of Calif., Irvine 
Connor McLaughlin  Bucknell University 
Rita Mehta  Univ of California 
Nalong Mekdara  Madera Community College  
Prasong Mekdara   
Leah Mendelson  MIT 
Rachel Merz  Swarthmore College 
Krijn Michel   
Kevin Middleton  University of Missouri School of Medicine 
Michel Milinkovitch  Laboratory of Artificial & Natural Evolution 
Laura Miller  University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill 
Luke Miller  San Jose State University 
Michael Minicozzi   
Emily Mistick  Harvard University 
Hanna Mitchell  Radford University  
Carissa Miyano  Northern Arizona University 
Thomas Mohren  University of Washington 
Daria Monaenkova   
Jean-Michel Mongeau  University of California - Los Angeles 
Jenna Monroy  Denison University 
Stephane Montuelle  Ohio University 
Brad Moon  Univ. Louisiana at Lafayette 
Talia Moore  Harvard University 
Alexis Moore  UNLV 
Clinton Moran  Fairfield University 
gen morinaga  Clark University 
Leonid Moroz  University of Florida 
Jeremy Morris  University of Utah 
Andrew Mountcastle  Harvard University 
Ritwika Mukherjee  Tufts University 
Ulrike K. Muller  CSU Fresno 
Tonya Muller   
Paul Mundell  Haverford College 
Alexon Munson-Catt  Longwood University 
Emily Murakami   
Marcella Myers  St. Catherine University, Department of Biology 
Brian Myers   
Jason Nadler  Georgia Tech Research Institut 
Shilpa Naik  UC Berkeley 
Arjun Nair  UC Irvine 
Arjun Nair  Univ. of California, Irvine 
Toshiyuki Nakata  The Royal Veterinary College 
Izaak Neveln  Northwestern University 
Laura Newcomb  University of Washington 
Bao-Quang Nguyen-Phuc   
Robert Niese  University of Montana 
Kiisa Nishikawa  Northern Arizona University Department of Biological Sciences 
Christopher Noto  Univ of Wisconsin-Parkside 
Mary O'Donnell  University of South Florida 
Danielle Oberg   
Patrick OConnor  Ohio University 
Jeffrey Olberding  University of South Florida 
Aaron Olsen  University of Chicago 
Rachel Olson   
Courtney Orsbon  University of Chicago 
Victor Ortega Jimenez  UC Berkeley 
Tomasz Owerkowicz  California State University 
Cinnamon Pace  Northern Arizona University 
Kevin Padian  UC Berkeley 
Dianna K. Padilla  Stony Brook University 
Jonathan Page  University of Oxford 
EW Misty Paig-Tran  CSU Fullerton 
A. Richard Palmer  University of Alberta 
Olga Panagiotopoulou  The University of Queensland 
Noel Park  Brown University 
Ben Parslew   
Sheila Patek  Duke University 
Henil Patel  University of Toronto (UTSC) 
Ash Pathak  Penn State University 
Robert Paul   
Hodjat Pendar   
Louis Penrod   
Rachel Pepper   
Crystina Perez  College of Charleston 
Benjamin Perlman  Stanford University 
Mario Pestarino  Dip.Biologia-Universita di Genova 
Ashley Pete  Stanford University - Lentink 
Susan Peters  Univ of NC at Charlotte 
Jacob Peters  Harvard University 
Ashley Peterson  Univ. of California, Irvine  
Nadine Peyri   
Janne Pfeiffenberger  Temple University 
Nathan Phillips  Royal Veterinary College 
Stephanie Pierce   
Alan Pinder  Dalhousie University 
Aaron Place  Northwestern OSU 
Delyle T Polet  University of Alberta 
Laura Porro  Royal Veterinary College 
Marianne Porter  Florida Atlantic University 
Michael Porter  Clemson University 
Jean Potvin  Saint Louis University 
Brandon Pratt  University of Washington 
James Proffitt  University of Texas at Austin 
Jenna Pruett   
Feifei Qian  Georgia Institute of Tech. 
Daniel Quinn  Stanford University - Lentink 
Diego Quirola   
Jonathan Rader  University of North Carolina 
Jason Ramsay  University of Rhode Island 
Jeffery Rankin  The Royal Veterinary College, University of London 
Sridhar Ravi   
Matthew J. Ravosa  Department of Biological Sciences 
Emily Rayfield  University of Bristol 
Lindsey Reader  University of Utah 
Joshua Reece  Valdosta State University 
David Reed  Univ. of Illinois, Chicago 
Jeremy Rehm  Brown University 
Peter Reiser  Ohio State University 
Karen Zich Reiss  College of the Redwoods 
John Reiss  Humboldt State University Department of Biology 
Dana Reuter  University of Oregon 
Shai Revzen  University of Michigan 
Miguel Reyes  Clark University 
Crystal Reynaga  UC Irvine 
Kate Reynolds  University of Oxford 
Gal Ribak  Tel Aviv University 
Aaron Rice  Bioacoustics Research Program 
Jenniffer Riley  WSSU 
Angela Rivera  West Chester University 
Gabriel Rivera  Creighton University 
Jose Rivera  UMET Puerto Rico 
Thomas Roberts  Brown University 
Stephen P. Roberts  UNLV 
Sonia Roberts  University of Pennsylvania 
Alexus Roberts   
Eve Robinson  Univ of Hawai'i at Manoa 
Meghan Rock  California State University: Monterey Bay 
Chris Roh   
Isaac Romero   
Ivo Ros  Harvard University 
Callum Ross  University of Chicago 
Eatai Roth   
Alexander Rubin   
Warren Ruder  Virginia Tech 
Warren Ruder  Virginia Tech 
Andrea Rummel   
Avery Russell   
Kristi Ruvina  GVSU 
William Ryerson  Saint Anselm College 
Mary Salcedo  Harvard University 
Julia Samson  UNC Chapel Hill 
Elischa Sanders  University of Washington 
Sanjay Sane  NCBS 
Christopher Sanford  Hofstra University 
Sharlene Santana  University of Washington 
Arvind Santhanakrishnan  Oklahoma State University 
Nir Sapir  University of Haifa 
Erik Sathe   
Noah Sawyer  University of Chicago 
Jeffrey Scales  Univ of South Florida 
Emma Schachner  Louisiana State University 
Rudolf Schilder   
Gerhard Schlosser  Natnl Univ of Ireland (NUI) Galway 
Gerhard Schlosser  Natnl Univ of Ireland (NUI) Galway 
Manuela Schmidt  Friedrich Schiller University 
Adam Schmidt   
Julie Schram   
Margot Schwalbe  Tufts University 
Nicolas Schwartz  CSUSB 
Anthony Scibelli  Tufts University 
Bradley Scott  University of Rhode Island 
Scott Seamone   
Jesse Seger   
Paolo Segre  University of British Columbia 
John Segreto   
Swara Shah  University of Toronto (UTSC) 
Osman Sharifi  CSU East Bay 
Osman Sharifi  CSU East Bay 
Neelima Sharma  Yale University 
Alana Sharp  University of New England 
Catherine Shine  Univeristy of Idaho 
Rochelle Silverman  Virginia Tech 
Mark Simms  Wake Forest University 
Erin Simons  Midwestern University 
Emily Singleton  University of North Carolina Wilmington 
Dimitri Skandalis   
David Sleboda   
Andrew Smith  Ithaca College 
Benjamin Smith  Royal Veterinary College 
Cierra Smith  Blackburn College 
Amanda Smolinsky  University of Missouri 
Tara Snyder  Montclair State University 
Jake Socha  Virginia Tech 
Bonnie Song   
Alberto Soto   
Joseph Spagna  William Paterson Univ 
Nathan Speckhart  Blackburn College 
Andrew Spence  Temple University 
Thomas Spencer  Georgia Institute of Technolog 
Simon Sponberg  Georgia Tech 
Manoj Srinivasan  The Ohio State University 
Katie Staab  McDaniel College 
Kathryn Stanchak   
Emily Standen  University of Ottawa 
Alyssa Stark  University of Louisville 
Tristan Stayton  Bucknell University 
Bailey Steinworth   
William Stewart  University of Florida 
Thomas Stewart  Yale University 
Tyler Stigall  Allegheny College 
Charlotte Stinson  University of South Florida 
Michelle Stocker  Virginia Tech 
Ashley Stoehr  Univ. of Mass. Dartmouth 
Kristin Stover   
Amanda Stowers  Stanford University - Lentink 
James Strother  Oregon State University 
Alexander Stubbs  Univ of California, Berkeley 
Katelyn Suchyta  Bowdoin College 
Adam P. Summers  Friday Harbor Laboratories 
Bonnie Sumner   
Diego Sustaita  Brown University 
Kelly Sutherland  University of Oregon 
Brook Swanson  Gonzaga Univ 
Sharon Swartz  Brown University 
Callin Switzer   
Natalia Taft  University Wisconsin-Parkside 
Matthew Takyi-Micah  Oklahoma State University 
Ho Kwan Tang   
Theresa-Anne Tatom-Naecker  University of Chicago 
Kathleen Tatro  Valdosta State University 
Jennifer Taylor  UC San Diego 
Kari Taylor-Burt  Harvard University 
Alexandra Techet  MIT 
Kelsey Tennett  West Chester University of PA 
Ian Thomas  Blackburn College 
Dylan Thomas   
Joseph Thompson  Franklin and Marshall College 
Justin Tickhill  North Central State College 
Matt Tietbohl  Wake Forest University 
Andrea Tilden  Colby College 
Bret Tobalske  University of Montana 
Barry Trimmer  Tufts University 
Lisa Truong  Wellesley College 
Henry Tsai  Brown University 
Jack Tseng  American Museum of Nat. His. 
Frank Tulenko   
Scott Turner  SUNY ESF 
Abigail Turney  Blackburn College 
Eric Tytell  Tufts University 
Graciela Unguez  New Mexico St 
Jim Usherwood  Royal Vet College 
Theodore Uyeno  Valdosta State University 
Floris van Breugel  Caltech 
Linnea van Griethuijsen  Tufts University 
Abigail van Hemmen   
Sam Van Wassenbergh   
Jason Vance  College of Charleston 
Christine Vega  Wake Forest University 
Brandy Velten   
Matthew Venesky  Allegheny College 
Madhusudhan Venkadesan  Yale University 
Kari Verner   
Steven Vogel  Duke University 
Janice Voltzow  Univ of Scranton 
Christopher Wagenbach   
Peter Wainwright  UC Davis 
Dylan Wainwright  Harvard University 
Marvalee Wake  University of California, Berkeley 
James Wakeling  Simon Fraser Univ 
Lindsay Waldrop  UC Merced 
Simon Walker  Oxford University 
Christine Wall  Duke University 
Robert Wallace  Ripon College 
Rebecca Walter  Bloomfield College 
Andrea Ward  Adelphi University 
Steven Warren  Florida Atlantic University 
Paul Webb  Univ of Michigan 
Daniel Weihs  Technion 
Doriane Weiler  University of California, Berk 
Talia Weiss  Virginia Tech 
Kenneth Welch  Univ. Toronto Scarborough 
Mark Westneat  University of Chicago 
David S Wethey  U South Carolina 
James Whale  University of British Columbia 
John G Whitehead   
Lisa Whitenack  Allegheny College 
Julian Whitman  Carnegie Mellon University 
Sean Wilcox  Univ. of California, Riverside 
Cheryl Wilga  University of Rhode Island 
Kit Wilkinson  University of Nevada Las Vegas 
Susan Williams  Ohio University 
Charles Williams  University of Washington 
Richard Williams   
Mark A. Willis  Case Western Reserve Univ 
Simon Wilshin  Royal Veterinary College 
Alan Wilson  The Royal Veterinary College 
Robbie Wilson  Uni of Queensland 
Peter Wilson   
Taylor Wise  Bucknell University 
Tyler Wise   
Lawrence Witmer  Ohio University 
Bradley Wood  Louisiana State University 
Hannah Wood  Smithsonian Institution 
Sarah A. Woodin  Univ of SC 
Natalie Wright   
zhihua xiao   
Nicole Xu  Caltech 
Jeremiah Yahn  UW Madison 
Stan Yavno  Tel Aviv University 
Isaac Yeaton  Virginia Tech 
Jeanette Yen  Georgia Tech 
Carly Anne York  Old Dominion University 
Jesse Young  NEOMED 
Vanessa Young    
Kakani Young  Monterey Bay Aquar. Research Inst. 
Ming-Yuan Yu   
Sharri Zamore   
Molly Zeller  Colorado State University 
Yu Zeng  UC Berkeley 
Ruijie Zhu  University of Virginia 
Mingna Zhuang