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We encourage members to join our DCE Facebook group. This is a great place to post announcements about jobs, grants, meetings, and other items of interest to our integrative and comparative endocrinology community.

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Proposed Bylaw Changes
View Proposed 2019 DCE Bylaw Changes (PDF)

Guidelines for applying for the Aubrey Gorbman competition for Best Student Oral Presentations.

Two awards will be given in the Best Student Presentation competition at the SICB Annual Meeting: one for the best oral presentation, the Aubrey Gorbman Award, and one for the best poster presentation, the Lynn Riddiford Award. In addition to a certificate, the winners will receive a cash prize. Students must be members of SICB. Students who have not yet been awarded a Ph.D. are eligible for these awards, as are new Ph.D.’s who have received the degree no more than 12 months prior to the meeting and are presenting a paper on their graduate research. The work must be original and must have been carried out principally by the student presenting the paper or the poster. In order to be considered for either competition (oral or poster), the Best Student Presentation Program box must be checked on the SICB abstract submission form.

The Aubrey Gorbman Award

DCE will group all the students competing for the Aubrey Gorbman Award in a single oral session. By the time the SICB Program Committee convenes to lay out the meeting schedule (late September or early October), a committee of 5 judges will have selected up to eight students for the oral competition. The committee will consist of judges chosen by the divisional Program Officer, who is the head judge (

Each student in the competition will give a 15 minute talk, including 3 minutes for questions. The 5-judge panel will attend all presentations and decide on a winner during the meeting. The winner will be announced at the DCE social.

Applicants not selected for the final oral competition will be contacted by the divisional Program Officer and given the option of giving an oral presentation during a regular session or presenting a poster and entering the Lynn Riddiford Best Student Poster Competition.

The Lynn Riddiford Award

The Lynn Riddiford Award competition for Best Student Poster Presentation will be open to all student applicants.

From the DCE Researchers Database

Robert Denver

Hormone action in animal development
We study hormone action in animal development. Much of our research focuses on animals with complex life cycles (i.e., metamorphosing amphibians) because they provide unique opportunities to study the molecular basis for hormone action, environmental effects on development (phenotypic plasticity) and life history evolution.
We are interested in how the environment influences the production of neurohormones, and consequently how neurohormones control the stress and thyroid axes. We also investigate the molecular mechanisms by which stress (corticosteroid) and thyroid hormones influence development of the brain and pituitary gland, and the long-term phenotypic consequences (neural, physiological and behavioral) of exposure to stress hormones early in life.
Our research is multidisciplinary, spanning cellular and molecular biology, neurobiology, development, ecology and evolution.
Denver Lab Homepage:

Click here for a complete listing of the DCE Researchers Database.

Howard Bern Lecturers

2002 - Howard Bern (inaugural, Anaheim Meeting)
2003 - Hubert Vaudry (Toronto Meeting)
2004 - Yoshi Nagahama (New Orleans Meeting)
2005 - Jim Truman (San Diego Meeting)
2006 - Stacia Sower (Orlando Meeting)
2007 - Nancy Sherwood (Phoenix Meeting)
2008 - Peter Thomas (San Antonio Meeting)
2009 - Peter Sharp (Boston Meeting)
2010 - Carl Schreck (Seattle Meeting)
2011 - John Wingfield (Salt Lake City Meeting)
2012 - Lynn Riddiford (Charleston Meeting)
2013 - Ellen Ketterson (San Francisco Meeting)
2014 - Louis J. Guillette, Jr. (Austin Meeting)
2015 - Randy Nelson (West Palm Beach Meeting)

The 2015 Bern Lecturer, Dr. Randy Nelson.

2016 - Elizabeth Adkins-Regan (Portland Meeting)

The 2016 Bern Lecturer, Dr. Elizabeth Adkins-Regan.

2017 - David Crews (New Orleans Meeting)

The 2017 Bern Lecturer, Dr. David Crews.

2018 - David Norris (San Francisco Meeting)

The 2018 Bern Lecturer, Dr. David Norris.

2019 - L. Michael Romero (Tampa Meeting)
The 2019 Bern Lecturer, Dr. L. Michael Romero.

The Howard A. Bern Lecture, which each year highlights the work of an influential comparative endocrinologist, has been an excellent forum for presenting the newest breakthroughs and synthetic themes in the field. This lecture is named in recognition of one of the founding fathers of Comparative Endocrinology and a member of the National Academy of Science.

Donate to the Howard A. Bern Endowment Fund
This fund began with an initial contribution by Elsevier, publisher of General and Comparative Endocrinology, but donations are needed to ensure the continuation of this vital part of the SICB annual meeting. All proceeds from the fund will be used exclusively to support the lecture. Contributions can be made at:

Officers & Representatives

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Chair 01/2018-01/2020 C. Loren BUCK
Chair-Elect 01/2018-01/2020 Kathleen Hunt
Program Officer 01/2018-01/2020 Brian Walker
Program Officer-Elect 01/2019-01/2020 Sara O'Brien
Secretary 01/2019-01/2021 Timothy Greives
Student/Postdoc Representative 08/2019- Carla Madelaire

DCE Memberlist

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Elizabeth Addis  Gonzaga University 
James Adelman  The University of Memphis 
Elizabeth Adkins-Regan  Cornell University 
rita akinkuotu  Auburn University 
Valentina Alaasam   
Ciro Amato  East Carolina University 
Medhavi Ambardar  Fort Hays State University 
Christopher Anderson  University of South Dakota 
Anthony Annunziato  Boston College 
Ivy Antunes   
Noah Ashley  Western Kentucky University 
Suzanne Austin   
Erik Axlid   
Leslie Babonis  University of Florida 
Dianne Baker  University of Mary Washington 
Nicole Baran  Georgia Tech 
Brian Barnes  University of Alaska 
Devon Barnhart  SUNY New Paltz 
Carolyn Bauer  Adelphi University 
Abby Beatty  Auburn University 
Michelle Beck  Rivier University 
Bruce E. Beekman   
Morgan Benowitz-Fredericks  Bucknell University 
George Bentley  UC Berkeley 
Vanessa Bentley  Colorado State University 
Sara Berk   
Hannah Beyl  University of Montana 
Ruediger Birenheide   
Michael Black  Georgia State Univ 
Samantha Bock  University of Georgia 
Jordan Boersma  Washington State University 
Calhoun Bond  Greensboro College 
Frances Bonier  Queen's University 
Ashley Booth  Nicholls State University 
Rachel Bowden  Illinois State University 
Michael Boyle  Smithsonian Marine Station 
Creagh Breuner  Univ of Montana 
Jason Breves  Skidmore College 
Hans Briegel   
Anne Bronikowski  Iowa State University 
C. Loren BUCK  Northern Arizona University 
Sabrina Burmeister  University of North Carolina 
Gary Burness  Trent University 
Louis Burnett  College of Charleston 
Michael Butler  Lafayette College 
Luke Butler  The College of New Jersey 
James Caglianone   
Paige Caine   
Rebecca Calisi  University of California, Davis 
Rebecca Calisi   
Robert Cameron  California Institute of Technology 
Ariel Camp  University of Liverpool 
Nicole Campbell  Illinois State University 
Sarah Carp  University of Nebraska, Omaha 
James Carr  Texas Tech University 
Stefania Casagrande  Max Planck Institute Orn 
Joseph Casto  Illinois State University 
Sonia Cavigelli  Pennsylvania State University 
Ernest Chang  University of California 
Guy Charmantier  Universite Montpellier France 
Shauna Cheesman  Georgia State University 
Ariel Chipman  The Hebrew Univ of Jerusalem 
Ava Chrisler  St. Mary's College of Maryland 
Emma Churchman   
Natalie Claunch   
Darla Clowser  OSU-Cascades 
Aubrey Converse  UTMSI 
Jamie Cornelius  Oregon State University 
Victoria Coutts   
Joseph Covi  UNCW  
Robert Cox  University of Virginia 
Christian Cox  Georgia Southern University 
Danielle Crain  Baylor University 
Karen Crawford   
Erica Crespi  Washington State University 
David Crews  University of Texas at Austin 
Daniel Crocker  Sonoma State University 
Sarah Crocker-Buta  University of Mississippi 
Dane Crossley  University of North Texas 
Jenna Crovo  Auburn University 
Caroline Cummings  University of Georgia 
James Curry  University of Georgia 
Brad Davidson  St. Mary's College of Maryland 
Jason Davis  Radford University 
Robert de Bruijn  Chapman University 
Peter deFur  Environ Stewards Consulting 
Gregory Demas  Indiana University 
Dale DeNardo  AZ State Univ 
Peter Dijkstra  Central Michigan University 
Hector Douglas  Grambling State University 
Wes Dowd  Washington State University 
Rose Driscoll  Reed College 
Dharmindra Dulal  Radford University  
Fernanda Duque  Georgia State University 
Sarah DuRant  University of Arkansas 
David Durica  U of Oklahoma 
Edward Dzialowski  University of North Texas 
Ryan Earley  University of Alabama 
Marietta Easterling  Washington State University 
Kent Edmonds  Indiana University Southeast 
Katherine Edwards   
Phoebe Edwards   
Emily Elderbrock  North Dakota State University 
Michelle Elekonich  NSF 
David Ensminger   
Rodolfo Estrada  Tufts University 
Nathaniel Evans  Smithsonian 
Paul Falso   
Jenna Farmer  Bucknell University 
Victoria Farrar  University of California Davis 
Zen Faulkes  U. Texas Rio Grande Valley 
Stephen Ferguson  University of Kentucky 
Colin Finerty   
John Finger  Auburn University 
Travis Flock  University of South Florida 
Brianna Flood  SUNY New Paltz 
Laura Flores   
Bobby Fokidis  Rollins College 
Sarah Foltz   
Paul Forlano  CUNY Brooklyn College and Grad 
Kristy Forsgren  Cal State University Fullerton 
Timothy Fort  Valdosta State University 
Rebecca Fox  Transylvania University 
Nikole Freeman  University of Guelph 
Susannah French  Utah State Univ 
Caitlin Friesen  University of Texas at Austin, 
Anthony Friscia  UCLA 
Rory Fuller  Tufts University 
Megumi Fuse  San Francisco State University 
Matthew Fuxjager  Wake Forest University 
Eric J. Gangloff  Ohio Wesleyan University 
Purnachandra Nagaraju Ganji  Emory University 
Alyssa-Lois Gehman  University of British Columbia 
Elizabeth George  Indiana University 
Sandra Gilchrist  New College of Florida 
Jeffrey Goessling  Eckerd College 
Cory Goff  Texas State University 
Wanda Lynn Goleman  Northwestern State University 
Paulina Gonzalez-Gomez   
Brenna Gormally  Tufts University 
Ted Grabarz  Antioch University 
Jacquelyn Grace  Texas A&M University 
Jessica Graham  North Dakota State University 
Melissa Graham  Clark University 
Avery Grant   
Delbert Green  University of Michigan-Ann Arb 
Timothy Greives  North Dakota State University 
Luca Grifo-Hahn   
Jennifer Grindstaff  Oklahoma State University 
Eileen Grogan  St Joseph's University 
Sarah Guindre-Parker  Kennesaw State University 
Thomas Hahn  UC Davis 
Daniel Hahn  Univ of Florida 
Matthew Hale  University of Georgia 
Rachel Hanauer  Indiana University 
Kristin Hardy  California Polytechnic State U 
James Harper  Sam Houston State University 
Breanna Harris  Texas Tech University 
John Hatle  Univ of North FL 
Alf Haukenes  WDFW 
Mark Haussmann  Bucknell University 
Taylor Hawkins  Radford University 
Virginia Hayssen  smith college 
Britt Heidinger   
Holly Hennin  University of Windsor 
Jerad Henson   
Jennifer Heppner  Pennsylvania State University  
Jessica Hernandez  Virginia Tech 
Diana Hews  Indiana State University 
Sara Hiebert Burch  Swarthmore College 
Shyann Hines   
Alex Hoffman   
Kenneth Holford  Purdue University Northwest 
Nicholas Holloway  Texas A&M University 
Brooke Hoover  Oklahoma State University 
Sydney Hope   
William Hopkins  Virginia Tech 
Brent Horton  Millersville University 
Jennifer Houtz  Cornell University 
Kathleen Hunt  George Mason U / Smithsonian 
Linda Hyde  Gordon College 
Haruhiko Itagaki  Dr. 
William Jackman  Bowdoin College 
Heather Jamniczky  U of Calgary 
Jodie Jawor  NSF 
Brian Jensen  The College of Saint Rose 
Henry John-Alder  Rutgers Univ 
Elizabeth Johnson  The University of Alabama 
Blake C Jones  Florida State University 
Blake Jones  Florida State University 
Barbara Joos  Sable Systems 
Chloe Josefson  Auburn University 
Jane C. Kaltenbach  Mount Holyoke College Department of Biological Sciences 
Meghan Kelley  Auburn University 
Joseph Kennedy  University of Mississippi 
Ellen Ketterson  Indiana University 
Sarah Khalil  Tulane University 
Jane Khudyakov  University of the Pacific 
Sameen Khurshid   
Melanie Kimball   
Abigail Kimmitt  Indiana University Bloomington 
David King  Franklin and Marshall College 
Rosemary Knapp  University of Oklahoma 
Alan Kohn  University of Washington 
Matthew Kolmann  George Washington University 
Kevin Krajniak  SIUE 
Jesse Krause  UC Davis 
Nicole Krauss   
Randolph Krohmer  Saint Xavier University 
Samuel Lane  Virginia Polytechnic Institute 
Tracy Langkilde  Pennsylvania State University 
Mara Laslo  Harvard University 
Christine Lattin  Louisiana State University 
Hannah Lau  UC Davis 
Christopher Leary  University of Mississippi 
Elizabeth Leininger  New College of Florida 
Sean Lema  CalPoly, San Luis Obispo 
A. Kelsey Lewis  University of Florida 
Sally Leys  University of Alberta 
Andrea Liebl  University of South Dakota 
Isaac Ligocki  Ohio State University 
Day Ligon  Missouri State University 
Bernard Lohr  Univ of Maryland, Baltimore County 
Patricia Lopes  Chapman University 
Oliver Love  University of Windsor 
Matthew Lovern  Oklahoma State Univ 
Deborah Lutterschmidt  Portland State University 
Bram Lutton   
Sharon Lynn  The College of Wooster 
Scott MacDougall-Shackleton  University of Western Ontario 
Duncan MacKenzie  Texas A&M University 
Kirsty MacLeod  Pennsylvania State University 
Russell Main  Purdue University 
Jessica Malisch  St Mary's College of Maryland 
Abigail Malmborg   
Terri Maness  Louisiana Tech Univeraity 
Lisa Mangiamele  Smith College 
Michael Markham  The University of Oklahoma 
Anthony Martillotti  University of Colorado Boulder 
Lynn Martin  University of South Florida 
Viridiana Martinez  Texas A&M University 
Karen Maruska  Louisiana State University 
Svetlana Maslakova  University of Oregon 
Robert Mason  Oregon State University 
Spencer Mass  SUNY New Paltz 
Stephen McCormick  USGS Conte Anadromous Fish Research Center 
Marshall McCue  Sable Systems International 
Jeanne McDonald   
Joel McGlothlin  Virginia Tech 
Margaret McGrath  University of Scranton 
Kenneth McKenna  Duke University 
Elyse McMahon   
Elyse McMahon   
Todd McWhorter  Univ of Adelaide 
Mary Mendonca  Auburn Univ 
Krijn Michel   
Michael Minicozzi  MSU Mankato 
Erica Molina   
Ignacio Moore  Virginia Tech 
Elizabeth Morrison  Indiana University 
James Mouton  University of Montana 
Kathleen Munley  Indiana University 
Andrea Murillo  McMaster University 
Parker Murphy  Furman University 
Donald Mykles  Colorado State Univ 
Brianna Myre  Texas A&M University 
Pegah Nabili  Lake Forest College 
Brandon Nava Ultreras   
Kristen Navara  The University of Georgia 
Lori Neuman-Lee  Arkansas State University  
Amy Newman  University of Guelph 
Mikko Nikinmaa  University of Turku 
David Norris  Univ of Colorado 
Mehrnoush Nourbakhsh-Rey  The University of Oklahoma 
Sara O'Brien  Radford Universtiy 
Lauren O'Connell   
M. Teague O'Mara  Max Planck Inst of Anim Behav 
Katie O'Reilly  University of Portland 
Jenny Ouyang  University of Nevada Reno 
Kevin Padian  UC Berkeley 
Ryan Paitz  Illinois State University 
Maria Gabriela Palacios  Iowa State Univ 
Lynne Parenti  National Museum of Natural History 
M. Rockwell Parker  James Madison University 
Jonathan Perez  Univeristy of Galsgow 
Ann Petersen   
Thomas Pirtle  The College of Idaho 
Ned Place  Cornell University 
Devaleena Pradhan  Idaho State University 
Catherine Propper  Northern Arizona University 
Jake Pruett  Southeastern OK State Univ 
Zachary Quigley  UC Berkeley 
Matthew Rand  Carleton College 
Gutti Madan Mohan Rao   
Robyn Reeve   
Dustin Reichard  Ohio Wesleyan University 
John Reiss  Humboldt State University Department of Biology 
Christopher Richardson  Lesley University 
Melanie Richter  Western Kentucky University 
Lynn Riddiford  University of Washington 
Nathaniel Rieger  University of Wisconsin 
Larry G. Riley  California State University at Fresno 
Alison Roark  Furman University 
Beth Roberts  Memphis Zoo 
Alyssa Rodriguez   
Carlos Rodriguez-Saltos   
Louise Rollins-Smith  Vanderbilt Univ Med Center 
L. Michael Romero  Tufts University 
Anna Ross  Christian Brothers University 
Kimberly Rosvall  Indiana University 
Ariana Rupp  Univ Louisiana at Lafayette 
Thomas Ryan  Cornell University 
Nicholas Santangelo  Hofstra University 
Rachel Santymire  Lincoln Park Zoo 
Carl Schmidt  University of Delaware 
Jill Schneider  Lehigh University 
Stephan Schoech  University of Memphis 
Laura Schoenle  University of South Florida 
George Schulte  Truman State University 
Elizabeth Schultz  Kenyon College 
Eric Schuppe  Wake Forest University 
Tonia Schwartz  Auburn University 
Sunny Scobell  St. Edward's University 
Kyle Selcer  Duquesne Univ 
Meredith Semel  Virginia Tech 
Kimberly Sheldon  University of Tennessee 
Michelle Shero  University of Alaska Anchorage 
Alexander Shingleton  University Of Illinois At Chicago 
Stefanie Siller   
Aubrey Sirman   
Abigail Sisti  The University of Alabama 
Dimitri Skandalis   
katherine slack   
Tom Small  Bowdoin College 
Wendy Smith  Northeastern University 
Marissa Sobolewski  University of Rochester 
Stacia Sower  Univ New Hampshire 
Amanda Sparkman  Westmont College 
Austin Spence   
Jeremy Spool   
Jeremy Starkey  Idaho State University 
Nancy Staub  Gonzaga University 
Tristan Stayton  Bucknell University 
Hannah Stewart   
Christy Strand  Cal Poly 
Rosemary Strasser  University of Nebraska at Omah 
Madeline Strom   
Yuichiro Suzuki  Wellesley College 
Ryan Swanson   
Kristyn Sylvia   
Conor Taff   
Sherry Tamone  University of Alaska Southeast 
Ann Tarrant   
Maria Thaker  Indian Institute of Science 
Christopher Thawley  University of Rhode Island 
Jessica Thomas  Clarion University 
Eric Thomas  University of the Pacific 
Milinda Thompson  California State University Fullerton 
Kyi Thwin   
Derek Tokar   
Alan Tousignant  Trevor Zoo Millbrook School 
Lisa Treidel  UC Berkeley 
Gianna Tricola  Bucknell University 
Olivia Tsai   
Jack Tseng  University at Buffalo 
Brian Tsukimura  California State Univ Fresno 
Jennifer Uehling  Cornell University 
Glen Van Der Kraak  University of Guelph 
Marilize Van der Walt   
James Van Dyke  La Trobe University 
E. Alan Verde  Maine Maritime Academy 
Ben Vernasco  Washington State University 
Maren Vitousek  Cornell University 
Corina Wack  Chowan University 
Douglas Wacker  Univ of Washington Bothell 
Haruka Wada  Auburn University 
Kristina Wade  Radford Univesity 
Brian Walker  Fairfield University 
Sarah Wanamaker  Washington State University  
Robin Warne  Southern Illinois University 
Heather Watts  Washington State University 
Beck Wehrle  UC Irvine 
David Weisblat  UC Berkeley 
Joseph Welklin  Cornell University 
Catharine Wheaton  Disney's Animal Kingdom 
Katrina White  Idaho State University 
Thane Wibbels  UAB 
Athula Wikramanayake  University of Miami 
Travis Wilcoxen  Millikin University 
Tony Williams  Simon Fraser University 
Cory Williams  University of Alaska Fairbanks 
Rachel Wilson  Portland State University 
Tomoko Wilson  Northern Arizona University 
Amanda Wilson Carter  University of Tennessee 
Kathryn Wilsterman  Univ. of California, Berkeley 
John Wingfield  University of California 
Treven Winters  Portland State University 
Sarah Wolf  Indiana University 
Sarah Woodley  Duquesne University 
H. Art Woods  Univ Montana 
Karen Word  UC Davis 
Jessica Wright-Lichter   
Elizabeth Wrobel  University of Georgia 
Jeff Kang Nian Yap  Auburn University 
Zvi Yaron  Tel Aviv University 
Louis Zachos  University of Mississippi 
Edward Zalisko  Blackburn College 
Jhony Zavaleta  San Francisco State University 
Anthony Zera  University of Nebraska 
Victor Zhang  Northern Arizona University 
Lubna Ziauddin   
Cedric Zimmer  Cornell University 
Enmin Zou  Nicholls State Univ