SICB Division of Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry (DCPB)

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Stephen Secor

Measuring blood flow in a python
Stephen Secor and a graduate student (Shelley Spann) and an undergraduate student (Jason Barton) measuring blood flow through the superior mesenteric artery and hepatic portal vein of a 12 kg python crawling down the hallway in the Biology Building at the University of Alabama. This measurement is part of a study to investigate the differential allocation of blood flow during exercise and digestion in pythons. For this snake, blood flow through those vessels decreased by 50% during exercise, but increased by 800% to 1500% during digestion.

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Student Awards for the SICB Annual Meeting

Two awards will be given in the Best Student Paper competition at the Annual Meeting, one for the best oral presentation and one for the best poster presentation. Each year the award will be titled in honor of a distinguished comparative physiologist or biochemist. The name of the honored person will be selected by the DCPB Executive Committee. Each award will include a certificate and monetary prize. Undergraduate students and graduate students who have not yet been awarded the PhD are eligible for the award, as are new PhD's who have received the degree no more than 12 months prior to the meeting. The work must be original and must be carried out principally by the student presenting the paper or poster. A student who applies must be a member of the Division of Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry. In any one year, a student can enter either the oral or poster competition. A student awarded either the top DCPB poster or talk prize is not eligible for future DCPB student presentation contests. The DCPB Chair will appoint a DCPB member to chair the student competition and, in consultation with that member, will select the other judges.


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Chair 01/2014-01/2016 Stephen Secor
Past Chair 01/2014-01/2016 Donald Mykles
Program Officer 01/2013-01/2015 Jonathon Stillman
Secretary 01/2014-01/2016 Deborah Lutterschmidt
Student/Postdoc Rep. 01/2014-01/2017 Natalie Pitts

DCPB Memberlist

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Sarah Aamidor  Jacob Blaustein Ins for Desert Rsrch 
Roger Adams   
Nikki Adams  Cal Polytechnic State Univer 
James Adelman  Virginia Tech 
Stephen Adolph  Harvey Mudd Coll 
Anna Ahn  Harvey Mudd College 
Daniel Akuma  Kenyon College 
Erik Albach  St. Mary's University 
Melissa Ann Albers  UCI 
R. McNeill Alexander  University of Leeds 
Bassem Allam  Stony Brook University 
Efren Almeida Mansilla   
Douglas Altshuler  University of British Columbia 
Neel Aluru  Woods Hole Oceanographic Insti 
Beau Alward  Johns Hopkins University 
Jon Amberg  University of Idaho 
Chris Amemiya  Benaroya Research Inst at Virginia Mason 
Oren Amitai  Ben Gurion Univ 
Roger Anderson  Western Washington University 
Gretchen Anderson   
Nigel Andrew  University of New England 
John Andrew  George Fox University 
Anthony Annunziato  Boston College 
Scott Applebaum  University of Southern California 
Anthony Arena  NAU 
Eric Armstrong  UC Berkeley 
Catherine Arnold   
Paulina Artacho  Universidad Austral de Chile 
Noah Ashley  Western Kentucky University 
Lee Astheimer  University of Wollongong Department of Biomedical Science 
Kellar Autumn  Lewis Clark College, Biology Dept 
Ayesha Awan   
Lisa Marie Axtman  Colorado State Univ 
Leslie Babonis  University of Florida 
Gwen Bachman  University of Nebraska 
Brandon Bader   
Brian Bagatto  University of Akron 
John Bailey  University of Southern Miss. 
Elizabeth Bailey  Denison University 
Shirley M. Baker  University of Florida 
George Bakken  Indiana State Univ 
Mallory Ballinger  University of Minnesota Duluth 
Mallory Ballinger  University of Minnesota Duluth 
Marilyn R. Banta  Texas State University 
Brian Barnes  University of Alaska 
Franklin Barnwell  University of Minnesota Dept of Ecology Evolution & Behavior 
Ligia Bastea  UNF/ Mayo Clinic 
Carolyn Bauer  Tufts University 
Christopher Bayne  Oregon State University 
Steven J. Beaupre  Univ of Arkansas 
Richard Beckwitt  Framingham State University 
Christine Bedore  Duke University 
Bruce E. Beekman   
Jody Beers  U Maine 
Spencer Behmer  Texas A&M University 
Jim Belanger  West Virginia Univ 
Jim Belanger   
Jonathan Belanich  University of Alabama 
Jennie Lanett Beltran  The George Washington University 
Elad Ben-Ezra  McGill 
Miriam Ben-Hamo   
Miriam F. Bennett  Colby College Department of Biology 
Albert F. Bennett  University of California Irvine 
meghan bennett   
Wayne Bennett  Univ. West Florida 
Jeri Berlin   
Joseph Bernardo  Texas A&M University 
Nancy Berner  University of the South 
Elena Bernick  WA State Univ 
Marvin Bernstein  New Mexico State University 
Marlies Betka  Marical 
Alfred Beulig  New College of FL 
Catherine Bevier  Colby College Department of Biology 
Ashwin Bhandiwad   
James Biardi  Fairfield University 
Taylor Biddulph   
Patricia M. Biesiot  U of S Mississippi 
Peggy Biga  University of Alabama at Birmingham 
William Biggers  Wilkes University 
Susanna Elizabeth Bird   
Ruediger Birenheide   
Brittany Bjelde  San Francisco State University 
Neil Blackstone  Northern Illinois University 
Jason Blank  Cal Poly State Univ 
Tara Blank  University of North Texas 
Barbara Block  Stanford University Hopkins Marine Station 
Leigh Boardman  Dept ConsEnt, Stellenbosch University 
Jonathan Bobek  Arizona State University 
Patrice Boily  West Conn St Univ 
Sara Boles  University of California, Davi 
Kent Bollfrass  LSU Agricultural Center 
Rebecca Bollinger  Univ of Arkansas Fayetteville 
Niels Bols  U of Waterloo 
Calhoun Bond  Greensboro College 
Kevin Bonine  Arizona 
Christina M Booher Schmidt  Auburn University 
Charles Booth  Eastern Connecticut State Univ 
David T. Booth  University of Queensland 
Kimberly Booth  North Dakota State University 
Jan Boratynski  Nicolaus Copernicus University 
Kimberly Borley  U Maine 
Russell J. Borski  North Carolina State University Department of Zoology 
George Bourne  Univ of Calgary 
Rachel Bowden  Illinois State University 
Melissa Bowlin  University of Michigan-Dearborn 
Julia Bowsher  North Dakota State University 
Michael Boyle  Smithsonian Marine Station 
Francisco Bozinovic  Universidad Catolica de Chile 
Timothy Bradley  UC Irvine 
Sylvia Branum   
Jake Brashears   
Claire M Brett  Univ of St Andrews 
Jason Breves  Skidmore College 
Douglas Brim   
Sara Brinda  Kenyon College 
Eric Britt  UC Irvine 
George Austin Brooks  University of California 
Richard Emerson Broughton  University of Oklahoma 
Stine Brown  University of New England Department of Life Sciences 
Holly Brown  University of Connecticut 
Ernest Nolan Brownlee  North Texas University 
Alan Brush  University of Connecticut Emeritus 
Roger A Bryne  State University of New York 
Theresa L. Bucher   
Emily Buchholtz  Wellesley College 
David Buchwalter  North Carolina State Universit 
C. Buck  Univ of Alaska 
Leslie Thomas Buck  Univ of Toronto Zoology 
Katherine Buddemeyer   
Alexis Bueno Correa  Cal State Fullerton 
Rochelle Buffenstein  UTHSCSA 
Joanna Bujak  University of Arkansas 
Kendra Burdett  Colorado State 
Warren Burggren  University of North Texas 
Brett J. Burk   
Pawel Burkhardt  UC Berkeley 
Gary Burness  Trent University 
Louis Burnett  College of Charleston 
Karen G. Burnett  Grice Marine Lab 
Nicholas Burnett  UC Berkeley 
Jennifer M. Burns  University of Alaska Dept of Biological Sciences 
Darren John Burns  Jacob Blaustein Inst for Desert Rsrch 
Michael Butler  Lafayette College 
William Buttemer  Deakin University 
David Byman  Penn State University Worthington Scranton Campus 
Roger A. Byrne  SUNY Fredonia 
Jason Bystriansky  DePaul University 
Amber Cable  Colorado State Univ 
Jing Cai  University of Pennsylvania 
Roy Caldwell  Univ of CA Berkeley 
Elisabeth Calhoon  Ohio State University 
Ian P. Callard  Boston University 
Piero Calosi  University of Plymouth 
Noemi Camacho  George Fox University 
Robert Cameron  California Institute of Technology 
John S. Cameron  Wellesley College 
Ariel Camp  Brown University 
Joseph Paul Campanale   
Joseph Canepa  George Fox University 
Theresa Cantu   
Jillian Capdevielle   
Marissa Cardillo   
Charleve Carey  Southern Illinois University 
Sharon L Carlisle  University of Oklahoma 
Margaret Carroll  Medger Evers College/CUNY 
Luis Castañeda   
Laura Castellanos   
Edward Catapane  Medgar Evers College 
Joyce Caughron  Radford University 
grisel cavieres  Universidad de Chile 
Mary E. Chamberlin  NSF 
Cory Champagne  National Marine Mammal Found. 
Alex Champagne  The Ohio State University 
Stephanie Chan  UC Davis 
Tammy Chan  University of North Texas 
Ernest Chang  University of California 
Erica Chao   
Susan B. Chaplin  University of St. Thomas 
Mark Chappell  University of California 
Guy Charmantier  Universite Montpellier 2 France 
Chih-Wei Chen  Auburn University 
Zachary Cheviron  University of Illinois, Urbana 
Spenser Chicoine   
Ariel Chipman  The Hebrew Univ of Jerusalem 
Esteban Chittester   
Helen Chmura  Swarthmore College 
Il-Gyu Cho   
Keith P. Choe  Vanderbilt University Medical Center 
Ana Christensen  Lamar University 
Keith Christian  Charles Darwin University 
Julian K. Christians  Simon Fraser University 
Jay P. Christofferson   
Gerald Claghorn  UC Riverside 
Thomas M. Clark  Indiana University South Bend 
Julia Clarke  Univ of Texas Austin 
Dennis Lee Claussen  Miami University 
Sabrina Clavijo  Universidad de Chile 
James Clegg  Univ California Bodega Marine Laboratory 
Michelle Elaine Clement  Ohio State University 
Sharon Clemmensen  University of Tennessee 
Fiona Clissold  Sydney University 
Melissa Coates  UCLA 
Teddy Cogley  University of Florida 
William Bret Cohn  Texas A&M Univ 
Sean Collins  U Mass Lowell 
Kelsey Condell  California State University Long Beach 
Kelsey Condell   
Sara Conner  University of Louisiana at Lafayette 
Elisabeth Cook  CSUSB 
Steven Cooke  Carleton University 
Robin L. Cooper  University of Kentucky 
Paul Cooper  Australian National University 
Clara Cooper-Mullin   
Christina Coppenrath   
Keely Corder  Miami University 
Shawn Corrigan  Central Wash Univ 
Kathy Cosenza  Colorado State University 
David Coughlin  Widener University 
Joseph Covi  UNCW at Wilmington 
David Cowles  Walla Walla University 
Beverly L. Cox   
Robert Cox  University of Virginia 
Christian Cox  The University of Virginia 
Douglas Crawford  University of Miami 
Karen Crawford   
Jose Crespo  University of Utah 
Daniel Crocker  Sonoma State University 
Sarah Crocker-Buta  University of Mississippi 
Elizabeth Crockett  Ohio University 
Tim Crombie   
Glenn T Crossin  Simon Fraser University 
Dane Crossley  University of North Texas 
Jenna Crovo  Auburn University  
Ana Almisa Cuevas   
Alistair Cullum  Creighton University 
Kristin Culpepper  Portland State University 
Gregory Cunningham  St. John Fisher College 
Paul Cupp  Eastern KY Univ 
Nicholas Curtis  Rollins College 
Dan Curtis  UNLV 
Paul A Cziko  U of OR 
Liliana D'Alba  College of Wooster 
Maria Da Silva   
Elizabeth Dahlhoff  Santa Clara Univ 
Anne Cecilia Dalziel  University of British Columbia 
Nicole Danos  Tufts University 
Nicole Danos   
Michael Zachary Darnell  Nicholls State University 
Todd Dart   
Dean Daskalantonakis  University of Texas at Austin 
Goggy Davidowitz  University of Arizona 
Tina Davis   
Kiyya Davis  Medgar Evers 
William R. Dawson  University of Michigan Museum of Zoology 
Jeffery W Dawson  Carelton Univ 
David Dayan  University of Miami 
Costanza De Palma  University of Pisa 
Mason Dean  Max Planck Institute of Colloids & Interfaces 
Michael Thomas Deans  Freelance 
Lewis Deaton  Univ of Louisiana at Lafayette 
Stephen Deban  University of South Florida 
Melissa L. DeBoer   
Peter deFur  VCU 
George Delahunty  Goucher College 
Dale DeNardo  AZ State Univ 
Peter Derbyshire  UWA 
Becca Derex  College of Charleston 
Elissa Derrickson  Loyola University Maryland 
H William Detrich  Northeastern Univ 
Mary Devian  Cal Poly SLO 
Valentina Di Santo  Harvard University 
Morag Dick  University of Western Ontario 
Michael H. Dickinson  California Institute of Technology 
Gary Howard Dickinson  Duke Marine Lab 
Kathy Dickson  CSU Fullerton 
Walter J. Diehl  Mississippi State University 
Michael Dillon  Univ of Wyoming 
Geoffrey Dilly  UC Santa Barbara 
Steve Dinkelacker  Univ of Arkansas 
James L. Dively   
Elizabeth Dlugosz  Ben-Gurion University 
William E. Dobson   
Michael R. Dohm  Chaminade University 
Jamie Dolan  UC Riverside 
Avery Dominguez   
Presephanie Dones  Western New England University 
Jeanine Donley  California State U 
Grayson Donley   
Edward Robert Donovan   
Matthew Donovan   
Nicole Doorly  Vassar College 
Hector Douglas  Univ of Alaska, Fairbanks 
Wes Dowd  Loyola Marymount University 
Cynthia Downs  Univeristy of Nevada Reno 
Gordon Harold Dowton   
Charles M Drabek  Whitman College 
Heather Drebitko  Widener University 
Michelle D Drewry  Univ of North Florida 
Benjamin Dubansky  LSU 
Karine Dubois   
Robert Dudley  University of California, Berkeley 
Paige Duffin  University of North Florida 
John G. Duman  University of Notre Dame 
Robin Dunkin  UCSC 
Sarah DuRant  Oklahoma State 
David Durica  U of Oklahoma 
Darren J Dutto  Eastern OR Univ 
Jaysen Dyal  Cal Poly San Luis Obispo 
Edward Dzialowski  University of North Texas 
Tom Ecay  ETSU-QCOM 
Peter Edmunds  California State University 
Sue Edwards  Appalachian State University 
Thomas Egdorf  Southern Illinois University 
Casey Ehlinger   
Donald R. Ekberg   
Leanne Elder   
Holland Elder   
Michelle Elekonich  NSF 
Pamela K. Elf  U of MN Crookston 
Erika Eliason  University of British Columbia 
W. Ellington  Florida State Univ 
Charles P. Ellington  Cambridge University 
Kyle Elliott  Univ of Manitoba 
Gordon W. Ellis   
Hugh Ellis  University of San Diego 
Steven Ellis  National Science Foundation 
James Alec Ellison  Auburn University 
Laura Elsberry  CalState Fullerton 
Simey Emerson   
Sophia Engel  Lund University 
Franz Engelmann  University of California Dept. of Organismic Biology, Evol., & Ecology 
Margaret England  Roanoke College 
David Ensminger  Sonoma State University 
Laura Enzor  University of South Carolina 
Zoe A. Eppley   
Jeffrey Erickson   
Priscilla Ashley Erickson   
Robert Espinoza  CSU Northridge 
Nathaniel Evans  University of Florida 
Alan Faber  Kalamazoo College 
Nann Fangue  University of California Davis 
CG Farmer  Utah Art Heart Inst 
Eugenia S. Farrar  Iowa State University 
Vincent Fasanello  Bucknell University 
Carol Fassbinder-Orth  Creighton University 
Zen Faulkes  The University of Texas-Pan American 
Martin E. Feder  University of Chicago Dept. of Organismal Biology & Anatomy 
Krista Felbinger  California State University, San Bernardino  
Ashley Margaret Fenn   
John Ferguson  Eckerd College 
Laura Ferguson  Western University 
William Fernandez  Eastern Illinois University 
Ronaldo P. Ferraris  New Jersey Medical School UMDNJ Dept. of Pharmacology & Physiology 
Abbie Ferris   
Jeremy Fields  University of San Diego 
Peter Fields  Franklin & Marshall 
Kevin Fielman  Auburn University 
Milton Fingerman   
Michael Finkler  Indiana University Kokomo 
Frank E. Fish  West Chester University Department of Biology 
Jeffrey Fites  Van 
Andrew Flies  University of South Australia 
Gregory Florant  Colorado State University 
Erin Flynn  San Francisco State University 
Bobby Fokidis  Arizona State Univ 
Bobby Fokidis  Rollins College 
G. Edgar Folk  University of Iowa Department of Physiology, BSB 
Donna G. Folk  William and Mary 
Neil Ford  UT Tyler 
Dawn Ford  College of Osteopathic Medicine 
Kristy Forsgren  Cal State University Fullerton 
Timothy Fort  Valdosta State University 
Kathleen Foster  University of California, Riverside 
Melinda Fowler  Simon Fraser University 
Trevor Fox   
Jessica Marie Francl   
Craig Frank  Fordham University 
Stephen Roy Frazee  University of Central Oklahoma 
Melanie R. Frazier  University of Washington 
Markus Frederich  Univ New England 
Susannah French  Utah State Univ 
Christopher Friesen  Oregon State University 
Wenasa Frifer  University of North Taxes 
Anthony Friscia  UCLA 
Jacob Froehlich  University of Alabama at Birmi 
Adam Fudickar  Indiana University 
Ashley Fulk  Millikin University 
Robert Full  UC of California at Berkeley 
Rene Fuqua   
Marosh Furimsky  Westminster College 
Margaret H. Fusari   
Megumi Fuse  San Francisco State University 
Maelanie M Galima  Univ of Texas at Austin 
Gracie Galindo  Central Wa Univ 
Joanna Galindo  Central Wa Univ 
Nick Galt  University of Alabama at Birmi 
Purnachandra Ganji  Emory University 
Roberta Garcia   
David Garfield  Duke University 
Theodore Garland  University of California 
Michael Garland  Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo 
Gabriel Gartner  University of California 
Robert E. Gatten  University of North Carolina, Greensboro 
Eran Gefen  U of Haifa, Israel 
Alyssa-Lois Gehman  University of Georgia 
Gary Wayne Gerald  Miami University 
Donovan German  U of Florida 
Donovan German  University of California 
Alexander Gerson  University of New Mexico 
Allen G Gibbs  University of Nevada 
Matthew Gifford  University of Central Arkansas 
Sandra Gilchrist  New College of Florida 
Christopher Gillen  Kenyon College 
Gary Gillis  Mt Holyoke College 
Todd Edward Gillis  University of Guelph 
Kathleen Gilmour  University of Ottawa 
Isabelle Girard  UW-Madison 
Peter R Girguis  Harvard Univ 
Susma Giri   
Adrian Gleiss  Stanford University 
Jeffrey Goessling  Auburn University 
Shana Goffredi  Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Inst. 
Maia Goguen   
Neeraj Gohad  Clemson University 
David Goldstein   
Paulina Gonzalez-Gomez   
Walter G. Goodman  University of Wisconsin 
Reba Goodman  Columbia Univ 
Malcolm Gordon  UCLA 
Clayton Gorman  New Mexico State 
Katherine Goulder   
Nicole Goulding-Wagner  Trent Univ 
Sarah Goy Sirsat  University of North Texas 
Robert A Graham  Rubino Academy 
Jessica Graham  North Dakota State University 
Judith Grassle  Rutgers State Univ of NJ 
E. Gordon Grau  University of Hawaii, Manoa Institute of Marine Biology 
Clark Gray   
Emilie Gray  Colorado College 
Jonathan Green  Roosevelt University Department of Biology 
Susan Michele Green   
Christopher Green  Louisiana State University 
Michael Greenberg  Whitney Laboratory (Univ of Florida) 
Kendra Greenlee  North Dakota State U 
Brian Gregory   
Jeffrey Grim  University of Tampa 
Jennifer Grindstaff  Oklahoma State University 
Eileen Grogan  St Joseph's University 
Derrick Groom  University of Toronto 
Theresa Grove  Valdosta State University 
Christopher Guglielmo  U Western Ontario 
Jennifer Gunderson   
Lumir Gvozdik  Institute of Vertebrate Biology, AS CR 
Christopher Habeck   
Thomas Hahn  UC Davis 
Daniel Hahn  Univ of Florida 
Dan Hahn  Univ of Florida 
James C. Hall   
Brian Hall  Dalhousie University 
David J Hall  Univ of Alabama 
Emilie Hall  Plymouth University 
Fanny Hallot   
Patricia M. Halpin  UC Santa Barbara 
Carl S. Hammen   
Kimberly Hammond   
Steven Hand  Louisiana State Univ 
Kristin Hardy  CalPoly, San Luis Obispo 
Matt Harms  UCSB 
James Harper  Sam Houston State University 
Robert Harris  University of British Columbia 
Jon Harrison  Arizona State Univ 
Bradley Hartman Bakken  Univ of Wyoming 
Lynn Hartzler  Wright State University 
Savhannah Haslett   
Kent A. Hatch  Brigham Young University 
Kent Hatch  Long Island University Post 
John Hatle  Univ of North FL 
Alf Haukenes  UAPB 
Mark Haussmann  Bucknell University 
Justin Havird  Auburn University 
Scott D. Hawke  Willamette University 
Wilbur F. Hayes  Wilkes University 
Jack P Hayes  University of Nevada Reno 
Lisa Hazard  Montclair State University 
Jennifer Head  UNLV 
Talia Head  Colorado State University 
Julie Heath  Boise State University 
Elizabeth Heath-Heckman  Univ of Wisconsin-Madison 
Harold F. Heatwole  North Carolina State University Department of Zoology 
Matthew Heck   
Michael Hedrick  California State University, East Bay 
Jennifer Heffron  Florida State University 
Erica Heinrich  University of California, Irvine 
Bryan Helm  North Dakota State University 
Barbara Helm   
Brian Henen   
Joanna Henry  Arizona State University 
Raymond Henry  Auburn University 
Miriam Henze   
John Hermanson  Cornell University 
Raymond Hernandez   
Clyde F. Herreid  SUNY at Buffalo 
Laurel Hester   
Stefan Hetz  Humboldt University / Department of Animal Physiology 
Andreas Heyland  University of Guelph 
Sara Hiebert Burch  Swarthmore College 
Tim Higham  University of California 
Robert B. Hill  University of Rhode Island Department of Biological Sciences 
Geoffrey Hill  Auburn University 
Anthony Himes  University of New England 
Dao Ho  Univ of North Texas 
Michael Hobensack  Auburn University 
Luke Hoekstra   
Gregg G Hoffman  Florida State University 
Jacob Hoffman  Colorado College 
Gretchen Hofmann  UC Santa Barbara 
Brianna Hogan  Millikin University 
Lindsey Holcomb   
Kenneth Holford  Purdue North Central 
Maranda Holley  Univ of South Florida 
Charles W. Holliday  Lafayette College 
David Hollis  Furman University 
Jeremy Dale Holman  Lousiana State University 
Wendy Hood  Auburn University 
Mildred A Hoover  Salem State College 
William Hopkins  Virginia Tech 
Sagiri Horisawa  U of CA Berkeley 
Mike Horn  Cal State Univ 
Francis Ray Horne  Texas State University 
Angela Horner  Cal State University 
Michael Horst  Mercer University 
Helen Hougen  Swarthmore College 
Dorian Houser  SSU 
Kembra Howdeshell  NIEHS 
John M. Hranitz  Bloomsburg Univ 
Kimberly Hruska  University of British Columbia 
Cody Hubble  Millikin University 
Susie Huber  Cal Poly Pomona 
Sarah Huber  Millikin University 
Dennis Hudson  Prevea Clinic & St Vincent Hospital 
David M Hudson  Atlanta Metropolitan State Col 
Raymond Huey  Univ of Washington 
Kristal Huggins  Auburn University 
Lily Hughes  George Washington University 
Jerome Hui   
Kathleen Hunt  New England Aquarium 
Ione Hunt von Herbing  UNT 
John Hutchinson  Royal Veterinary College 
Victor Hutchison  University of Oklahoma 
Linda Hyde  Gordon College 
Mark Hylarides   
Kelly Hyndman  Med College of GA 
Kate E Ihle  Arizona State Univ 
Kailee Imperatore  Univ of Florida 
Louis Neal Irwin  University of Texas at El Paso 
Jason T. Irwin  Central Washington University 
Haruhiko Itagaki  Kenyon College 
William Jackman  Bowdoin College 
Heather Jamniczky  Faculty of Medicine, U of Calgary 
Christine Janis  Brown University Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 
Mark Jankowski  Los Alamos Nat Lab 
Whitney Jean Janzen  CSU Fresno 
Ronald A. Javitch  R.A. Javitch Natural Science Rare Book Foundation 
Bruce Jayne  U of Cincinnati 
Tiphaine Jeanniard-du-Dot  University of British Columbia 
Jennifer Jeffrey  University of Ottawa 
Malgorzata Jefimow  Nicolaus Copernicus University 
Brian Jensen  The College of Saint Rose 
Deidra Jensen  Northern Arizona University  
Jeong-Min Jeon   
Natalie Jeremijenko   
Corey Jew  Scripps Institution of Oceanog 
Ana Jimenez  Loyola Marymount University 
Alicia Jodrey  Georgia Southern University 
Henry John-Alder  Rutgers Univ 
Sonke Johnsen  Duke University 
Bruce Johnson  Cornell University 
Erik Johnson  Wake Forest 
Sarah Johnson  Cal Poly 
Benjamin Johnson   
Maria Johnson  UAB 
James W. Johnston  Winthrop University 
Nichole Johnston  University of California, Berkeley 
Richard Jones  Texas A&M University 
Shaun Jones  University of N Texas 
Ian Jones  University of Maine, Orono 
Barbara Joos  Sable Systems 
barbara Joos  Sable Systems International In 
Dina Jordan  Univ of Florida 
Darwin Jorgensen  Roanoke College 
Robert K. Josephson   
Jennifer Jost  U of New England 
Timothy Judd  SE Missouri State Univ 
David Julian  Univ of Florida 
Steven H. Jury  Marical 
Alexander Kaiser  Midwestern University 
Kristine Kaiser  UC Riverside 
Aaron Kammer  Univ of Alaska 
Brittany Kammerer  UC Davis 
Hye-Eun Kang   
Martin Kapper  Central CT State Univ 
William Karasov  Univ Wisconsin-Madison 
Mutahammis Kareem  Univ of VI 
Michael Kaufer  College of NJ 
Eric Keller  University of Alaska Southeast 
Amanda Kelley  Portland State University 
Diane Kelly  University of Massachusetts 
Scott Kelly   
Ellen Ketterson  Indiana University 
Anton Khalilieh  Albert Katz International Scho 
Irina Khokhlova  Ben-Gurion University 
Jane Khudyakov  Sonoma State University 
Celeste Kidd  Univ of Texas 
George W Kidder  MT Desert Island 
William Kier  UNC - Chapel Hill 
Tess Killpack  Tufts Medical Center 
Hyun Woo Kim  Pukyong National University 
GyungRyul Kim   
Ah ran Kim   
bokwang kim   
Morgan Kincheloe  Millikin University 
Peter King  Francis Marion University 
Alison Jane King  Dalhousie University 
Candice King  Medgar Evers 
Stephen Kinsey  UNC Wilmington 
Madeline Kinsey   
Scott Kirkton  Union College 
Leonard B. Kirschner  Washington State University 
Andor Joseph Kiss  Miami University 
Jordan Klaiman  University of Guelph 
Jordan Klinger   
CJ Klok  Arizona State University 
Francis M. Knapp   
Rosemary Knapp  University of Oklahoma 
Kathryn Knight  J Exp Biol 
Hideshi Kobayashi   
Kevin Kohl  Univ of Utah 
Zachary Kohl  University of North Texas 
Alan Kohn  University of Washington 
Erik Kolb  University of Southern California 
Matthew Kolmann  University of Toronto 
Masakazu Konishi  California Institute of Technology Division of Biology 
Wyatt L. Korff  Caltech 
Spencer Koury   
Aleksandra Kovacevic  Arizona State University 
Kevin Krajniak  SIUE 
Jacob Krans  Western New England University 
Deborah Kristan  California State U San Marcos 
Aaron Krochmal  Washington College 
Annie Krueger   
Christopher Krum  Bloomsburg 
Aurelia Kucera  North Dakota State University 
Omer Kucuk  Emory University 
Dietmar Kueltz  Univ of CA Davis 
Dietmar Kultz  University of California Davis 
Thomas H. Kunz  Boston University 
Masutaro Kuwabara   
Christina Kwapich  Florida State University  
Marta Labocha  UNR 
Pascal J Lafontant  DePauw University 
Matthew Landau   
Kathleen Langland  George Fox University 
Adolfo Lara   
Matthew Larkin  University of Alabama 
Don Larson   
Christine Lattin  Yale University PET Center 
Manfred Laubichler  Arizona State Univ 
George Lauder  Harvard Univ 
Ronald Lawler   
John M. Lawrence  University of South Florida 
Jack R. Layne  Slippery Rock University 
Jelica Lazarevic  Institute for Biological Research 
Floyd Leaders  Botanical Enterprises Inc 
Aubrey Learner  Univ of Akron 
Hilary Lease  Univ of New Mexico 
Cris Ledon-Rettig  NC State University 
Richard Lee   
Tsung-Han Lee  National Chung-Hsing University Department of Zoology 
Kelly Lee  University of California 
Trixie Lee  Harding University 
Ji Hyun Lee   
Won Se Lee  Pukyong National University 
Soorin Lee   
Fritz O. Lehmann  BioFuture Research Group 
Erin M Lehmer  Fort Lewis College 
Michael Lelevier   
Sean Lema  CalPoly, San Luis Obispo 
Michael Lesser  University of New Hampshire 
Danielle Levesque  University of KwaZulu-Natal 
Steven Levin  Acara Global 
Melissa Lewallen   
Sally Leys  University of Alberta 
John Lighton  Sable Systems 
Day Ligon  Missouri State University 
Hui-Chen Lin  Tunghai University Department of BIology 
David Richard Lincicome   
Alicia Linquist  University of North Florida 
Lauren Linsmayer   
Heather Liwanag  Adelphi University 
Andy LiWang  University of California, Merc 
John H. Lochhead   
Brent Lockwood   
Richard Londraville  Univ of Akron 
Pauline K. Long   
James A. Long  Boise State Univ 
John Long  Vassar College 
Jennifer Ann Long  Husson College 
Stephen H. Loomis  Connecticut College 
Giancarlo Lopez-Martinez  New Mexico State University 
Catherine Loudon  U. of California Irvine 
Oliver Love  University of Windsor 
Eric Lovely  Arkansas Tech University 
Matthew Lovern  Oklahoma State Univ 
Donald Lovett  Dept of Biology, The College of NJ 
Sue Lowery  Univ San Diego 
Lynn Lucas  University of Arizona 
Blair Lunceford   
Susan Genesta Lund  University of Regina 
Rachel Luoma   
William Lutterschmidt  Sam Houston State University 
Deborah Lutterschmidt  Portland State University 
Bram Lutton   
Brett Marc Macey  Grice Marine Lab 
Duncan MacKenzie  Texas A & M University 
Kyle MacLea  University of New Hampshire-Manchester 
Christine Madliger  University of Windsor 
Edward Mager  University of Miami, RSMAS 
Roxane Magnus   
Erica Mai  San Francisco State University 
Russell Main  Purdue University 
Christopher Mallery  University of North Texas 
Donal Manahan  Univ. of Southern California 
Linda Mantel   
Michael Markham  The University of Oklahoma 
Daniel Markowski  College of NJ 
Chris Marks  U of Akron 
Richard L. Marsh  Northeastern Univ 
Adam Marsh  Univ Delaware 
Heather Marshall  U Mass Dartmouth 
Karen Martin  Pepperdine Univ 
Lynn Martin  University of South Florida 
Adam Martin  Univ of Florida 
Kesha Martin  Medgars Evers College 
Carlos Martinez del Rio  University of Wyoming 
Svetlana Maslakova  University of Oregon 
Robert Mason  Oregon State University 
Heather Masonjones  Univ of Tampa 
Cindy Mathiasen  U of New Mexico 
William J. Mautz  University of Hawaii, Hilo 
Spiro Mavroidis  University of Mount Union 
Spiro Mavroids  Univ of Mount Union 
Melissa May  University of Maine 
Ashley Maynard  CSU East Bay 
William McBlair   
Shelly McCain  University of Alabama 
Marion McClary  Fairleigh Dickinson 
Ryan J.R. McCleary  Univ of Florida Dept of Zoology 
Blinda McClelland  U of Texas at Austin 
Elzie McCord  New College of Florida 
Stephen McCormick  USGS Conte Anadromous Fish Research Center 
Krista McCoy  East Carolina University 
Kwanza McCoy  Medgar Evers College 
Marshall McCue  Department of Biological Sciences St. Mary's University 
Marshall McCue  St. Mary's University 
Erin McCullough  Univ of Montana 
Audrey Anne McDonald  Colorado State University 
Margaret McFall-Ngai  Dept. of Medical and Microbiology & Immunology 
Jay McFarlan  Univ of Guelph 
Wendy McFarlane  Manhattanville College 
Iain James McGaw  Memorial Univ of Newfoundland 
Nature McGinn  Univ of California, Davis 
Polly McGuigan  University of Bath 
Katherine Mclean   
Robert F. McMahon  U Texas Arlington 
James McMichael   
David McMillan  Santa Clara University 
F. M. Anne McNabb  Virginia Tech 
Duane McPherson  SUNY at Geneseo 
Todd McWhorter  Univ of Adelaide 
Scott McWilliams  University of Rhode Island 
Erin Meagher  Univ of North Carolina at Wilmington 
Scott Medler  SUNY Fredonia 
Scott Medler   
Rita Mehta  Univ of California 
Jessica Meir  Harvard Medical School 
Nelson Membreno   
Fernando Mendez  UNT 
Mary Mendonca  Auburn Univ 
Michael Menze  Eastern Illinois University 
Lorenzo Menzel  University of Florida 
Allison Merkey  UNLV 
Justin W. Merry  Saint Francis Univ 
Rebeka R. Merson  Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution 
Lee Meserve  Bowling Green State University 
Megan Meuti  The Ohio State University 
Eli Meyer  Oregon State University 
Krijn Michel   
Teresa Mika   
Myriam Milbergue   
Donald Miles  Ohio University 
Christian Millan-Hernandez  Interamrican University of PR 
Kirk Miller  Franklin & Marshall College 
Nathan Miller  Albion College 
Wyatt Austin Miller   
Nate Miller   
William Milsom  Uof British Columbia 
Sarah Milton  Florida Atlantic University 
Patrick Mineo  Miami University 
Patricia Mire  UL Lafayette 
William C Mitchell  Ramapo College of New Jersey 
Reed Mitchell   
Binyamin Mittelman   
Ortal Mizrahy   
Karla Moeller  Arizona State University 
Timothy S Moerland  Florida State University 
Stacia Moffett  Washington State University 
David F. Moffett  Washington State University Department of Zoology 
Svetlana Mojsov  The Rockefeller University Cellular Physiology and Immunology 
Michelle Y Monette  Univ of Mass 
Jenna Monroy  Denison University 
Kristi Montooth  Indiana University 
Ricardo Monzon  Saint Xavier University 
Holly Moore  Blackburn College 
Colby Moore  Baylor University 
Leonid Moroz  University of Florida 
Taylor Morris  University of the South 
Randall Morrison  McDaniel College 
Martin L Morton  University of Texas-Pan American 
Morgan Mouchka  Cornell University 
Spencer Mukai  York University 
Daniel Munro   
Bonnie Blossman Myer  University of North Texas 
Donald Mykles  Colorado State Univ 
Marie Myrthil  Medgar Evers College 
Kenneth Nagy  University of California, L.A. 
Peter N. Nassar  University of Pennsylvania 
Kristen Navara  The University of Georgia 
Roberto Nespolo  Universidad Austral de Chile 
James Nestler  Walla Walla University 
Courtney Neumeyer  University of North Texas 
Ashley Neway  MLML 
Michael S. Newel  University of Calgary 
Lauren Nicastro  Widener University 
Justin Nicholas   
Matthew Nicotra  University of Pittsburgh 
Amanda Niehaus  Univ of Queensland 
Kiisa Nishikawa  Northern Arizona University Department of Biological Sciences 
Hiroko Nishimura  U of Tennessee Memphis Dept of Physiology & Biophysics 
Lindsey Norbeck  North Dakota St U 
Shawn Noren  IMS-UCSC 
Carolina Noronha  University of São Paulo 
David Norris  Univ of Colorado 
Brian Scott Nunez  Utexas Marine Science Institute 
Sara Nutter  George Fox University 
Albert Charles Nyack  URI 
Michael O'Connor  University of Pennsylvania 
Constance O'Connor   
Shannon O'Grady  Univ of Utah 
John Lin O'keeffe  Boise State Univ 
Katie O'Reilly  University of Portland 
James O'Reilly  Univ of Miami 
Daniel K. Odell  Hubbs-Sea World Research Institute 
AdeGbenga Adekunle Okuwoga  Epetedo senior High School 
John Olson  Villanova University 
Jennifer Olson  University of Richmond 
Christopher Olson  OHSU 
Horst Onken  Washington State 
Clinton Onyemaechi  University of North Texas 
Julieanna Orczewska  Univ of Alaska 
Edward Orlando  University of Maryland 
Rudy M. Ortiz  Tulane University 
Nicholas Osman  University of South Florida 
Brian David Ott  Univ of Alabama 
Christopher Oufiero  Towson University 
Jeff Overton  UNCW 
Tomasz Owerkowicz  California State University 
Austin Owings   
Douglas Pace  Cal State - Long Beach 
Randall Packer  George Washington University 
Kevin Padian  UC Berkeley 
Ryan Paitz  Illinois State University 
Maria Gabriela Palacios  Iowa State Univ 
Nicole Palenske  Central College 
Emmanuelle Pales Espinosa  Stony Brook University 
Francis Pan  Univ. Southern California 
Elize Papineau  San Francisco State University 
Lynne Parenti  National Museum of Natural History 
M Rockwell Parker  Oregon State Univ 
Scott Landsborough Parker  The University of Sydney 
M. Rockwell Parker  Washington and Lee University 
Andrew Parmelee   
Leah Parrilla  CSULB 
Jennifer Parsons  Mississippi State University 
Christina Pasparakis   
Ash Pathak  Penn State University 
Tara Patrick  Saint Xavier University 
Steve Patterson  University of Montana 
Sam Patterson  Auburn University 
Joshua Patterson  University of Florida 
Shawn D. Pearcy  Wayne State College 
Nancy Pelaez  Purdue University Bio Sci 
Ryan Pelis  Univ of Arizona 
Yamel Perdomo  Medgar Evers 
Maria Pereyra  University of Texas - Pan American 
Eddie Perez-Claudio  University of Puerto Rico 
Justin Perrault  Mote Marine Laboratory 
Christopher Peters  USD 
Christopher Petersen  Indiana University  
Ann Petersen   
Charles C. Peterson  Hofstra University 
James Peterson  Clemson University 
Laura Petes  Florida State Univ Coastal & Marine Lab 
Magali Petit   
Aaron Petty   
Suzanne Peyer  U Wisc Madison 
Michelle Phillips   
George V. Pickwell   
Claudio Piechnik  UFPR  
Sidney Pierce  Univ South Florida 
Barbara Pierce  Sacred Heart University 
Peter Marc Piermarini  Yale University School of Medicine 
Agustin O. Pineda  Washington University School of Medicine 
Berry Pinshow  Ben Gurion University of the Negev 
Gilbert Pitts  Austin Peay State U 
Natalie Pitts  Colorado State University 
Sean Place  U South Carolina 
David Podlesak  Los Alamos Nat Lab 
Jason Podrabsky  Portland State University 
Paul Ponganis   
Steven Portugal  Royal Veterinary College 
Mason Posner  Ashland Univ 
F. Harvey Pough  Rochester Institute of Technology 
Mickie Powell  UAB 
Donald Richard Powers  George Fox Univ 
Sean Powers  George Fox University 
Devaleena Pradhan  University of California, Los Angeles 
Kristin Louise Pratt   
Nicole Prentice   
Kenneth Prestwich  College of the Holy Cross 
Benjamin Michael Pri-Tal  Portland State University 
Edwin Price  University of North Texas 
John Pringle  Stanford University 
Nora Prior  University of British Columbia 
Nancy L. Pruitt  Colgate University Department of Biology 
Karl Pruitt  Lawson State College 
Hollie Putnam  University of Hawaii 
Richard Puzdrowski  University of Houston Clear Lake 
Michael Quinlan  Midwestern University Department of Physiology 
Jeremy Rabinowitz   
Jonathan Rader  University of North Carolina 
Norman Ragg  Cawthron Institute 
Greg Ragland  University of Notre Dame 
Robert F. Rakowski  Ohio University 
Jeffrey L. Ram  Wayne State University 
Chrales Kolo Rathburn   
Barnett A. Rattner  USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center 
Michael Alan Reaid  Florida State University 
Holland Reaves Pierce  Univ of Alabama 
Bernard Rees  University of New Orleans 
Katherine Regelson   
Carl L. Reiber  UNLV 
Peter Reiser  Ohio State University 
John Reiss  Humboldt State University Department of Biology 
Janet Remus  Danisco Animal Nutrition 
Stephen Ressel  College of the Atlantic 
Kelly S Reyna  University of North Texas 
Julie Reynolds  Ohio State University 
Justin S. Rhodes  Universtiy of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 
Christopher Richardson  Northeastern University 
Julie Richmond  University of North Florida 
Melanie Richter  UAF & UAA 
Lynn Riddiford  Howard Hughes Medical Institute 
Nada Rifai  Colorado State University 
Claire Riggs  Portland State University 
Larry G. Riley  California State University at Fresno 
Todd A. Rimkus  Marymount University 
David A. Ringle   
Clare Rittschof  Pennsylvania State Univ 
Emily Rivest   
Alison Roark  Furman University 
Thomas Roberts  Brown University 
Stephen P. Roberts  UNLV 
Jessica Roberts  University of Melbourne 
William E. Robinson  University of Massachusetts, Boston 
Jeff Robinson  Dartmouth College 
Morris Rockstein   
Ken Rodnick  Idaho State Univ 
Robert Roer  UNC Wilmington 
Louise Rollins-Smith  Vanderbilt Univ 
L. Michael Romero  Tufts University 
Amie Romney   
Ivo Ros  Harvard University 
Roberto Rosa  Stonehill College 
Paul M. Rosenblum  The Citadel 
Hannah Rosenblum  Vassar College 
Anna Ross  Christian Brothers University 
Ashlee Rowe  University of Texas @ Austin, Section of Neurobiology 
Michael Rowe  Univ of the West Indies 
Ieva Roznere  The Ohio State University 
Jonas Rubenson  Biology Department 
Jodie Rummer  James Cook University 
Gregory A Russell  University of California 
Wendy L. Ryan  Kutztown University 
Lauren Ryan  UNC Wilmington 
Kyle Ryan  Stonehill College 
Kathleen Sak  CSU Long Beach 
Allen Sanborn  Barry University 
Ben Sandkam  Simon Fraser University 
Amy Savitski  Bloomsburg Univ 
Sara Sawyer  Glenville State College 
Stephanie Sbong   
John Scarpa  Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi 
Paul Schaeffer  Miami Univ 
John I. Scheide  Central Michigan University 
Jill Schneider   
Stephan Schoech  University of Memphis 
David Scholnick  Pacific University 
Robert Schorr   
Julie Schram   
Alex Schreiber  St Lawrence University 
Rebecca Schroeder  George Fox Univ 
Patricia Schulte  UBC 
George Schulte  Truman State University 
Eric Schultz  U Conn 
Hanna Schulz   
Tonia Schwartz  University of Alabama at B'ham 
Jodi Schwarz  Vassar College 
Anthony Scibelli  Tufts University 
Tara Scully  George Washington University 
Michael Sears  Clemson University 
Stephen Secor  University of Alabama 
William L. Seddon  Frostburg State University Department of Biology 
Frank Seebacher  University of Sydney 
Kyle W. Selcer  Duquesne Univ 
Thomas Shafer  UNC WILMINGTON 
Natasha Jayna Sharp  Grice Marine Lab 
Ciaran Shaughnessy  DePaul University 
Matthew Shawkey   
Kimberly Sheldon  Univ of Wyoming 
Truman Sherk   
Robin Sherman  Nova Southeastern University 
Michelle Shero  University of Alaska Anchorage 
Nancy Sherwood  University of Victoria 
J. Malcolm Shick  University of Maine School of Marine Sciences 
Brenda Shields  Villanova, HHMI 
Cara Shillington  Eastern Michigan U 
Michael Shipley  Midwestern State University 
Thomas C. Shirley  Harte Research Institute 
Kartick Shirur  University of Mississippi 
Sandra E. Shumway  Uconn 
Bruce D. Sidell  University of Maine 
Joseph F. Siebenaller  Louisiana State University 
Rachael Silverberg   
Dee Silverthorn  UT Austin 
Brent Sinclair  U Western Ontario 
Walter B. Sinnamon  Southern Wesleyan University 
Aubrey Sirman   
Laura King Sirot  Cornell University 
Tushar Sirsat  University of North Texas 
Dimitri Skandalis  University of British Columbia 
Michele Skopec  Weber State University 
Megan Skrip  Univ of Rhode Island 
garett slater   
Christopher Slay  UC Irvine 
John Slovak  TAMU Commerce 
Jennifer Smith  Michigan State U 
Jeff Smith  Southern Illinois Univ 
Wendy Smith  Northeastern University 
Tara Snyder  Montclair State University 
Inna Sokolova  Univ of North Carolina at Charlotte 
Kathleen Sokolowsky  Lafayette College 
George Somero  Stanford University Department of Biological Sciences 
Olav Sorensen  Idaho State University 
Abraham Sosa   
Amanda Leah Southwood  UNCW 
Stacia Sower  Univ New Hampshire 
Eugene Spaziani  University of Iowa 
John Speakman  IBES 
Jennifer L. Specker  Univ of Rhode Island 
Daniel Speiser  University of South Carolina 
John Spicer  Plymouth University 
Kamiel Spoelstra  EEB, Princeton U 
James R. Spotila  Drexel University School of Environmental Science 
Manoj Srinivasan  The Ohio State University 
Marie St Louis  Blackburn College 
Maria Stager  University of Illinois 
Zachary Stahlschmidt  Georgia Southern University 
Robert Stavn  University of North Carolina 
Tristan Stayton  Bucknell University 
Christopher Todd Steele  North Carolina U 
Vicki K. Stegall  Alaska Dept of fish and Game 
Robert D. Stevenson  University of Massachusetts Boston 
Shaina Stewart  Kenyon College 
Anthony C Steyermark  Univ of St Thomas 
Jonathon Stillman  SFSU & Berkeley 
Ashley Stoehr  Univ. of Mass. Dartmouth 
Glenn Stokes  Columbus State University 
Matthew Stone  Kutztown University 
Kristin Stover   
James Strother  Janelia Farm Research Campus 
Raul K. Suarez  University of California 
Adam P. Summers  Friday Harbor Laboratories 
Luke Sundquist   
Cory Suski  University of Illinois 
David Swanson  Univ South Dakota 
Brook Swanson  Gonzaga Univ 
Eli Swanson  University of Minnesota 
Justin C Swart  University of North Dakota 
Sharon Swartz  Brown University 
Karen Sweazea  Arizona State University 
Alison Sweeney  University of Pennsylvania 
Kyle Lea Sykes  Middle Tenn State Univ 
Andre Szejner Sigal   
Amanda Szucsik  UC Irvine 
Uzma Tahir  Northern Arizona University 
Naokuni Takeda  Chuo University Tama Campus Faculty of Commerce 
Colleen R. Talbot  California State University, San Bernardino Department of Biology 
William Talbot  Univ of New Mexico 
Sherry Tamone  University of Alaska Southeast 
David Tapley  Salem State University 
Morris Tate  Inman Hall 
Kevin Tate   
Glenn Tattersall  Brock University 
Hiroshi Tazawa  Univ of North Texas 
Nicholas Teets  University of Florida 
Rory Telemeco  University of Washington 
John Temple  North Carolina Wesleyan College 
Carolyn Tepolt  Stanford University 
Nora Terwilliger  Univ of Oregon OIMB 
Joshua Tewksbury  Univ of Washington 
J. Ulrich Theopold  Stockholm University 
Lindy Thibodeaux  Grice Marine Lab 
Nicole Thometz  UC Santa Cruz 
David Thompson  Northern Kentucky University 
Amy Thomson  Widener University 
Kevin Thonkulpitak   
Carl Thurman  University of Northern Iowa 
William J. Tiffany   
Michael Tift  Scripps Inst. of Oceanography 
Christian Tipsmark  University of Arkansas 
Anne Todgham  San Francisco State University 
Lars Tomanek  California Poly State University 
Claudia Tomas Miranda  SFSU 
Thomas E. Tomasi  Southwest Missouri State University Department of Biology 
Anna Tommerdahl   
Thomas R. Tosteson  University of Puerto Rico Maxaguez 
David W. Towle  MDI Biol Lab 
Christopher Tracy  California State University Fullerton 
C. Tracy  U of Nevada Reno 
David G. Trainer  East Stroudsburg 
Lisa Treidel  Illinois State University 
Terry Trier  Grand Valley State University 
James W Truman  Howard Hughes Medical Institute 
Stephen Trumble  Baylor University 
Yi-chieh Tsai  Tunghai U 
Henry Tsai  University of Missouri 
Jack Tseng  American Museum of Nat. His. 
Brian Tsukimura  California State Univ Fresno 
Alexa Tullis  University of Puget Sound 
Robbin Turner  Sable Systems 
Kay Tweeten  St. Catherine University 
Walker Ueland   
Herbert Underwood  NCSU 
Todd Uriona  University of Utah 
Jenifer Utz  University of Nevada, Las Vega 
Frank Van Breukelen  University of Nevada 
Glen Van Der Kraak  University of Guelph 
Kyle Van Dolah  UC Riverside 
James Van Dyke  University of Sydney 
Linnea van Griethuijsen  Tufts University 
Matthew Van Sant  Cameron University 
Elizabeth Van Volkenburgh  University of Washington 
Jason Vance  College of Charleston 
Jason Vance  College of Charleston 
John Vanden Brooks  Midwestern University 
Caitlin Vandermeer  Univeristy of Western Ontario 
Brian Vassallo   
Hayley Vatcher   
Itzick Vatnick  Widener University 
Katherine Veleta   
Jonathan Velotta  University of Connecticut 
Brandy Velten   
E. Alan Verde  Maine Maritime Academy 
Kristina Vetter   
Francois Vezina  Universite du Quebec Rimouski 
Jason Villarin  UC Davis 
Michele Vittadello  Medgar Evers College of CUNY 
Carol Vleck  Iowa State University 
David Vleck  Iowa State U 
Mary Beth Voltura  SUNY-Cortland 
Christina von der Ohe  Stanford University 
David Waddell  University of North Florida 
John P. Waggoner  Loyola-Marymount University 
Erica L. Wagner  Sacramento City Coll 
Katie Ann Wagner  Eastern Washington University 
Josiah Wagner  Portland State University 
Jason Waite  Univ of Alaska, SFOS 
Amelia Walcek  Ben-Gurion University 
Brian Walker  Fairfield University 
Kelsey Wallace  CSU East Bay 
Jillian Walsh  UWO 
Shi Wang  UT (Austin) 
Chelsea Krenn Ward  Auburn University 
Robin Warne  Southern Illinois University 
Matthew Warren  Auburn University 
Daniel Warren  Saint Louis University 
James S Waters  Providence College 
Tyler Paul Waterson  SFSU 
Timothy B. Watkins  Macalester College 
Rebecca R Watson   
Charles Watson  Midwestern State University 
Ryan Weaver  Auburn University 
Paul Webb  Univ of Michigan 
Matthew Webb  Cal Poly SLO 
Marcus Webster  St. John's University 
Beck Wehrle  UC Irvine 
Dirk Weihrauch   
David Weisblat  UC Berkeley 
James Welch  Wittenberg University 
Kenneth Welch  Univ. Toronto Scarborough 
Frank Wessels  Univ of Florida 
Kristen Whalen  University of California Santa Barbara 
Michele G. Wheatly  Wright State University 
Joshua White  Boise State Univ 
Audrey White  Kenyon College 
Elizabeth Whitehill   
John Whiteman  University of Wyoming 
Susan Lynn Whittemore  Keene State College 
A Carl Whittington  FSU 
Thane Wibbels  UAB 
Steven J. Wickler  CA Poly Pomona 
Murray Douglas Wiegand  University of Winnipeg Department of Biology 
Greg Wiessner  Gustavus Adolphus College 
Athula Wikramanayake  University of Miami 
Travis Wilcoxen  Millikin University 
E. Eugene Williams  Salisbury University 
Tony Williams  Simon Fraser University 
Terrie Williams  Univ of California 
Joseph Williams  Ohio State Univ 
Sidney Williams  U Texas at Austin 
Sere Williams   
Caroline Williams  U Florida 
Charles Williams  Harvard University 
Jason Williams  Southern Illinois University 
Neil Williams  Rock Creek Pharma Inc 
Lawrence E. Wineski  Morehouse School of Medicine 
John Wingfield  University of California 
Chris Winne  Savannah River Ecology Lab 
Blake Winnick  University of North Texas 
Colleen Winstead  Univ of Alabama at Birmingham 
Astrid Wittmann  Colorado State University 
Stephanie Eva Wohlgemuth  University of Florida 
Michal Wojciechowski  Nicolaus Copernicus University, Torun, Poland 
Pandora Wojnarwsky   
Donna Wolcott  NC State Univ 
Thomas Wolcott  North Carolina State University Department of MEAS 
Virginia Wolfenberger  Texas Chiropractic College 
Bernard Wone  University of Nevada, Reno 
K. Mark Wooden  Grand Canyon University 
James E. Woods  Laboratory of Developmental Endocrinology 
Sarah Woods  McGill University 
William Wright  Chapman Univ 
Patricia Wright  University of Guelph 
Jeremy Wright  UFL 
Joni Wright   
Bruce A. Wunder  Colorado State University 
Jeanette Wyneken  Florida Atlantic Univ 
Jeremiah Yahn  UW Madison 
Paul Yancey  Whitman College 
Johnny Yang   
Zvi Yaron  Tel Aviv University 
Mona Yates  Medgar Evers 
Laura Yeates  Navy Marine Mammal Program Foundation 
Shuxia Yi  Miami University of Ohio 
Tae-Ho Yoon   
Janice E. Young  McHenry County College 
Hugh P. Young  The Steritech Group 
Jr-Kai Yu  Academia Sinica 
Shinya Yuge  Michigan State University 
Louis Zachos  University of Mississippi 
Frederic Zaidan  Univ of Texas-Pan American 
Edward Zalisko  Blackburn College 
Benjamin Zalisko  University of Chicago 
William Zamer  Ntnl Science Fndtn 
Ian Zander   
Jerrold Zar  Northern Illinois University 
Eduardo Zattara  Smithsonian Institution - NMNH 
Nicholas Zavala   
Barry Zee  Swarthmore College 
Sarah Zehr  Duke Lemur Center 
Anthony Zera   
Lingling Zhang  UT (Austin) 
Mackenzie Zippay  University of South Carolina 
Enmin Zou  Nicholls State Univ