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Svetlana Maslakova

Evolution of Larval Development in Nemerteans
Nemerteans (Phylum Nemertea) belong to the protostome clade the Trochozoa, which includes annelids, mollusks, sipunculids, echiurids and entoprocts. All trochozoan phyla, except nemerteans, have been shown to possess a trochophore larva characterized by the prototroch, a pre-oral belt of specialized ciliated cells derived from the specific founder cells called the trochoblasts. Prototroch is the primary locomotory organ of many larvae and is also often involved in feeding. Nemerteans possess a wide diversity of larval body plans, but until now no nemertean had been shown to possess a trochophore larva or a prototroch, which hampers comparisons between the larval development of nemerteans and other trochozoans. Members of the nemertean clade Pilidiophora develop via a highly specialized planktonic pilidium larva, which undergoes catastrophic metamorphosis, while members of the sister clade to Pilidiophora - the order Hoplonemertea, and the basal palaeonemerteans have uniformly ciliated "planuliform" larvae, which develop into juvenile without a drastic change of the body plan. The answer to which type of development - with or without pilidium - is primitive for the nemerteans has implications for the evolution and loss of novel complex larval forms (such as pilidium). In collaboration with Mark Martindale (University of Hawaii) and Jon Norenburg (Smithsonian Institution) we used intracellular labeling markers, cLSM and SEM to demonstrate that uniformly ciliated larva of a palaeonemertean Carinoma tremaphoros possesses a hidden prototroch which is derived from the same cell lineage as prototrochs of other Trochozoans. This finding refutes the homology between the pilidium and the so-called larval ectoderm previously reported from some palaeonemertean larvae – the main support for idea that pilidial development is ancestral for the phylum and instead suggests that pilidium is an elaboration on the trochophore groundplan, uniquely derived within nemerteans. Additionally, the inferred ancestral presence of a trochophore in nemerteans fills the gap in the distribution of trochophore larvae among the Trochozoa and allows a meaningful comparison between larval development of nemerteans and other trochozoans.

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Maya deVries  UC Berkeley 
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Maria Diaz  Museo Marino de Margarita 
Bradley Dickerson  University of Washington 
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Evelyn Dickinson  Bowdoin College 
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Richard Grosberg  University of California, Davi 
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Daniele Guinot  MNHN, Paris 
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Steve Haddock  MBARI 
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Steven Hand  Louisiana State Univ 
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Frederick W. Harrison  Journal of Morphology 
Michael Hart  Simon Fraser University 
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Catherine Drew Harvell  Cornell University 
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Justin Havird  Auburn University 
Scott D. Hawke  Willamette University 
Kenneth A. Hayes  Smithsonian Inst Nat'l Mus of Nat Hist 
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Hilary Hayford  U Washington 
Jennifer Head  UNLV 
Elizabeth Heath-Heckman  Univ of Wisconsin-Madison 
Esprit Heestand  Univ of Louisiana at Lafayette 
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Steven Hein  University of Texas at Tyler 
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Kayla Knoll  Northern Michigan University 
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Vanessa Knutson  San Francisco State University and California Academy of Sciences 
Markus Koch  University of Bonn 
Mimi Koehl  Univ. of California, Berkeley 
Joris Koene  VU University Amsterdam 
Alan Kohn  University of Washington 
Talina Konotchick  Scripps Institution of Oceanography 
Azar Kordbacheh   
Kostya Kornev  Clemson University 
Ellen Kosman  Florida State University 
Anita Krause  Iowa State University 
Sindhu Krishnankutty   
Dian-Han Kuo  National Taiwan University 
Lena Kupriyanova  U of Adelaide 
Samantha Kushner   
Akela Kuwahara  Humboldt State University 
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Christina Kwapich  Florida State University  
Michael LaBarbera  University of Chicago Organismal Biology & Anatomy 
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Rene LaFont  Universite Pierre et Marie Curie 
Harry H. Laidlaw  University of California, Davis Department of Entomology 
David Lambert  Rochester 
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Adolfo Lara   
Claire Larroux  U of Queensland 
Don Larson   
Diana LaScala-Gruenewald  Hopkins Marine Station 
Howard Lasker  University at Buffalo 
Mara Laslo  Harvard University 
Christopher Laumer  Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology 
Dennis Lavrov   
Chris Law  Scripps Institution of Oceanography 
Ronald Lawler   
John M. Lawrence  University of South Florida 
Hilary Lease  Univ of New Mexico 
Sung Gu Lee  Colorado State Univ. 
Jennifer Legere  Dalhousie Univ 
Erik Lehnert   
Lucy Leid  Medgar Evers 
Esther Leise  UNCG Dept of Biology 
Howard M. Lenhoff   
Petra Lenz  University of Hawaii at Manoa 
Janet Leonard  University of California-Santa Cruz 
Michael Lesser  University of New Hampshire 
Nicolas Lessios  Arizona State University 
Harilaos Lessios  Smithsonian Tropical Research  
Mark Levine-Weinberg   
Brianna Levinson  University of California, SD 
Don Richard Levitan  Florida State Univ 
Oren Levy   
Sylvia Lewis  C of C 
Sally Leys  University of Alberta 
Lisa Limeri  University of Pittsburgh 
Hui-Chen Lin  Tunghai University Department of BIology 
Huai-Ti Lin  Tufts University 
Chih-Chieh Lin  Providence Univ 
Huai-Ti Lin  HHMI Janelia Farm 
David Richard Lincicome   
David Lindberg  University of California 
Annie Lindgren  UCSB 
Sara Lindsay  U Maine 
Morgan Linney   
Danielle Liubicich  Los Medanos College 
Kristin Lobo  St Josephs Univ 
John H. Lochhead   
Jan M. Locke   
Jacob Lockey  Case Western Reserve 
Kenneth Lohmann  University of North Carolina 
Skye Long  University of Massachusetts 
Stephen H. Loomis  Connecticut College 
Nicole Lopanik  Georgia State University 
Alessandra Inez Lopez  California State Polytechnic Univ 
Paola Lopez-Duarte  Scripps Inst Ocn 
Giancarlo Lopez-Martinez  New Mexico State University 
Tito Monteiro de Cruz Lotufo  Universidade Federal do Ceara 
Eric Lovely  Arkansas Tech University 
Donald Lovett  Dept of Biology, The College of NJ 
Elijah Lowe  Michigan State University 
Danielle Ludeman  University of Alberta 
Lara Luzak  Hofstra University 
Jeremy Lynch  UIC 
Deidre Lyons  Duke University 
John Maddux  University of Illinois at U-C 
Casey Magana   
Tara Magi  Walla Walla Univ 
Roxane Magnus   
Christopher L. Mah  National Museum of Natural History 
Andrew Mahon  Central Michigan University 
Heidi Mahon  Old Dominion Univ 
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Gabriela Martinez  U of New Hampshire 
Vladimir Mashanov  UPR 
Paul Matson  UC Santa Barbara 
Shayle Matsuda  California Academy of Sciences 
David Matus  Duke University 
Mikhail Matz  University of Texas at Austin 
Tim Maugel  University of Maryland 
William Mausbach  Oklahoma State University 
Amy B Maxmen  Harvard University 
Melissa May  University of Maine 
Maria Mazzillo Mays  Auburn University 
Justin McAlister  College of the Holy Cross 
Sarah McAnulty  University of Connecticut 
William McBlair   
Michael Mccann  Stony Brook University 
Marion McClary  Fairleigh Dickinson 
James McClintock  UAB 
John McConaugha  Old Dominion University 
Adam M McCoy  Hopkins Marine Station 
Kwanza McCoy  Medgar Evers College 
Kyle McCulloch  UC Irvine 
Catherine S. McFadden  Harvey Mudd College 
Wendy McFarlane  Manhattanville College 
Iain James McGaw  Memorial Univ of Newfoundland 
Nature McGinn  Univ of California, Davis 
Tamara McGovern  Limestone College 
Matthew J McHenry  U. C. Irvine 
Amberle McKee  University of Calif., Irvine 
Shelley McLarty   
Ellen W. McLaughlin  Samford University 
Robert F. McMahon  U Texas Arlington 
Matthew J Medeiros  UC Berkeley 
Scott Medler  SUNY Fredonia 
Scott Medler   
Nalong Mekdara  CSU Fresno 
Lorenzo Menzel  University of Florida 
Neil A. Mercando  Penn State University Abington College 
Sara Merlie  Winthrop U. 
David Merritt  The University of Queensland 
Rachel Merz  Swarthmore College 
Arianne Messerman  Kenyon College 
Eli Meyer  Oregon State University 
John Meyer  Univ of NH 
Christopher Meyer  Smithsonian NMNH 
Abrial Meyer   
Constantine I Michaelidis  Swathmore College 
Christian Millan-Hernandez  Interamrican University of PR 
E. Morton Miller   
Stephen A. Miller  College of the Ozarks 
Laura Miller  University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill 
Luke Miller  Stanford University 
Nathan Miller  Albion College 
Wyatt Austin Miller   
Abraham Miller  Univ of Tampa 
Claudia Mills  Friday Harbor Labs 
Robert Miranda  Univ of Incarnate Word 
Patricia Mire  UL Lafayette 
Michael J. Misamore  Texas Christian U 
Brittany Misercola  St Lawrence Univ 
Tetsuto Miyashita  University of Alberta 
Toni Mizerek  San Diego State University 
Ortal Mizrahy   
Andrew Mobley  UAB 
Stacia Moffett  Washington State University 
Yamile Molina   
Nuzhat Z Momin  Clayton State University 
Emilee Monson  UAA 
Richard Mooi  California Academy of Sciences 
T. Aran Mooney  Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst. 
T. Aran Mooney  Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst. 
Anne M. Moore  Univ of the Pacific 
Paul Moore  Bowling Green U 
Jenna Moore  Florida Museum of Natural History 
Sara Moore   
Amy Moran  University of Hawaii at Manoa 
Corrie Moreau  Field Museum of Natural History 
Steven Morgan  University of California Davis 
gen morinaga  Clark University 
Leonid Moroz  University of Florida 
Cheryl Morrison  USGS Leetown WV 
Christine Morrow   
M. Patricia Morse   
John Morse  UT-Arlington 
Beth Mortimer   
Morgan Mouchka  Cornell University 
Nancy Muehllehner  Cal State Univ N 
Tonya Muller   
Charles Mulligan  University of Florida 
Lauren Mullineaux   
Angelica Munguia   
Yonatan Munk  University of Washington 
Catriona Munro   
Barbara Musolf  Clayton State University 
Laura Mydlarz  University of Texas 
Emily Mydlowski  Northern Michigan University 
Marie Myrthil  Medgar Evers College 
Lisa Nagy  University of Arizona 
Savithri Nair  Clemson University 
Nagayasu Nakanishi  University of Queensland 
Erica Namigai   
Annalise M. Nawrocki   
Brian Nedved  Univ of Hawaii Dept Zoology/PBRC 
Matthew Nelson  NIWA 
Michael S. Newel  University of Calgary 
Peter Ng  NUS 
Stephanie Nicholas   
Scott Nichols  University of California 
Scott Nichols  University of Denver 
Michael Nickel  Institut fuer Spezielle Zoologie und Evolutionsbiologie, FSU Jena 
Matthew Nicotra  University of Pittsburgh 
Alexandria Niebergall   
Julia Nikrad   
Sukkrit Nimitkul  UC Davis 
Zia Nisani  Antelope Valley College 
Michele Nishiguchi  New Mexico State University 
Marie-Therese Noedl   
Suegene Noh   
Jon Norenburg  Smithsonian Institution 
Ahmed Nuhar  Medgar Evers College 
Albert Charles Nyack  URI 
James W. Nybakken  Moss Landing Marine Laboratories 
Spencer Nyholm  University of Connecticut 
Micha J O'Donne   
Michael O'Donnell  Friday Harbor Laboratories 
Brian O'Meara  NESCent 
Todd Oakley  UC Santa Barbara 
Jumoike Ogunnoiki  Medgar Evers College 
AdeGbenga Adekunle Okuwoga  Epetedo senior High School 
Julia Olszewski  UNC Chapel Hill 
Horst Onken  Washington State 
Brian Ortman  UNH 
Jeb Owen  Washington State University 
Fernanda Oyarzun  UCSC Chile 
Busra Ozpolat  University of Maryland 
Dianna K. Padilla  Stony Brook University 
Louise Page  Univ of Victoria 
Michal Pakes  UC Berkeley 
Emma Palacios Theil  ULL 
A. Richard Palmer  University of Alberta 
Molly Pankey  UCSB 
Eric G Pante  Univ of Louisiana at Lafayette 
Austin Parrin  Northern Illinois University 
Megan Partyka  Tulane University 
Yale Passamaneck  Kewalo Marine Lab 
Sheila Patek  Duke University 
Darshan Patel  Swarthmore College 
Anthony Patelunas   
Ash Pathak  Penn State University 
Steven Patten  Walla Walla Univ 
Gustav Paulay  University of Florida 
Ansel Payne   
John S. Pearse  University of California Santa Cruz Institute of Marine Sciences 
Vicki Pearse   
Jan Pechenik  Tufts University 
Nancy Pelaez  Purdue University Bio Sci 
Peltin Pelep  UH at Manoa 
Andrew Pemberton  Univ of Zurich 
D. Carolina Penalva-Arana  Indiana University 
Kelly Pennoyer   
Mary-Alice Perdichizzi   
Yamel Perdomo  Medgar Evers 
RACHEL PEREZ  New Mexico Institute of Mining 
Kaipo Perez III   
Marcos Perez-Losada  BYU 
Laurie Perino  Stony Brook Univ 
Bruno Pernet  California State Univ/Long Beach 
Elizabeth Perotti  Univ of Hawaii 
Erica Perry  San Francisco State University 
Mario Pestarino  Dip.Biologia-Universita di Genova 
Emily Petchler  Muhlenberg College 
Kevin Peters  UAB 
Mary Elizabeth Petersen  Darling Marine Center 
Michael Peterson  UC Berkeley 
Nadine Peyri  CNRS 
Sujal Phadke  University of Houston 
Michael Phelps   
Nicole Phillips  Victoria University of Wellington 
Mark Phuong  UCLA 
Nicholas Piedmonte   
Sidney Pierce  Univ South Florida 
Natalie Pilakouta  University of Edinburgh 
John F. Pilger  Agnes Scott College 
Tia Renee Pilikian   
Tania Pineda-Enriquez  University of Florida 
Jorge Pinzon  U of Texas Arlington 
Anthony Pires  Dickinson College 
Marina Piscitelli  UBC 
Sean Place  U South Carolina 
David Plachetzki  University of New Hampshire 
Robert Podolsky  College of Charleston 
Megan Porter  University of South Dakota 
Lisa Portis  Colby College 
Mickie Powell  UAB 
Marney C. Pratt  Mt Holyoke College 
Robert S. Prezant  Montclair State University 
John Pringle  Stanford University 
Dina Proestou  Univ of Rhode Island 
Rachel Przeslawski  Stony Brook University 
Tamara Pulpitel   
Judit Pungor   
Sakshi Puri  Univ of Texas -Pan American 
Jonathan Puritz  U of Hawaii (HIMB) 
Hollie Putnam  Univ of Hawaii 
Michael Quinlan  Midwestern University Department of Physiology 
Diego Quirola   
Clifton Ragsdale  University of Chicago 
Raghu Ramesh   
Desmond Ramirez  UCSB 
Brenda Rascon  Arizona State Univ 
Sridhar Ravi   
Paul Rawson  University of Maine School of Marine Sciences 
Maggie Ray  NC State University 
Maria Reccia  CAS 
JeAnna Redd  University of Central Oklahoma 
Niamh Redmond  Smithsonian Institution 
Abigail Reft   
Carl L. Reiber  UNLV 
Chris Reinhard  Univ of Kansas 
Kathleen Reinsel  Wittenberg University 
Karen Zich Reiss  College of the Redwoods 
Xiaoyun Ren  UC Berkeley 
Miguel Reyes  Clark University 
Patrick Reynolds  Hamilton College 
Michael A. Rice  University of Rhode Island 
Stanley A. Rice  University of Tampa 
Ammon Rice  CSU Fresno 
Earl R. Rich  University of Miami Department of Biology 
Courtney Richmond  Rowan University 
Megan Riley  University of South Carolina 
Marc Daniel Rinehart   
Raphael Ritson-Williams  Smithsonian 
Raphael Ritson-Williams  University of Hawaii 
Ajna Rivera  University of the Pacific 
Jose Rivera  UMET Puerto Rico 
Trevor Rivers  Bowdoin College 
John L. Roberts  University of Massachusetts, Amherst Department of Biology 
Larry S. Roberts  Florida International Univ 
Sonia Roberts  University of Pennsylvania 
William E. Robinson  University of Massachusetts, Boston 
Eve Robinson  Univ of California, Berkeley 
Jeff Robinson  Dartmouth College 
Noel Robson   
Meghan Rock  California State University: Monterey Bay 
Matthew Rockman  NYU - CGSB 
Morris Rockstein   
Pedro Augusto Rodrigues   
Estefania Rodriguez  Am Museum of Nat History 
Maurico Rodriguez-Lanetty  Oregon State University 
Keisha Rogers  Medgar Evers College 
Constance Lynn Rogers-Lowery  Catawba College 
Rhiannon Rognstad  Univ of So California 
Suzanne Rohrback  Kenyon College 
Marissa Roman   
Sandra L. Romano  University of the Virgin Islands 
Jocelyn Romano  Duke University 
Melissa Romero  CSU, Los Angeles 
Peter Roopnarine  CAL ACAD SCI 
Emily Rose   
Emily Rose   
Emily Rose   
Rebeca Rosengaus  Northeastern Univ 
Darcy Ross   
Gregory Rouse   
Tania Rozario   
Taylor Rupp  Saginaw Valley State Univ. 
Avery Russell   
Louise Russert-Kraemer  University of Arkansas 
Kevin Alexander Ryan  Winthrop University 
Joseph Ryan   
Nathan Rycroft  Old Dominion Univ 
Krystal Rypien  Scripps Institution of Oceanography 
Mary Beth Saffo   
Kenneth S. Saladin  Georgia College and State Univ. Dept. of Biological & Environ. Sci. 
Michael Salmon  Florida Atlantic University Department of Biological Sciences 
Julia Samson  UNC Chapel Hill 
Dahniel Samuel  Medgar Evers/CUNY 
Allen Sanborn  Barry University 
Juan Sanchez  Los Andes Univ 
Matthew Sanders  CEFAS 
Steven Sanders   
Elischa Sanders  University of Washington 
Thomas Sandor   
David Sandstrom  University of Maryland, USG 
Rachel Sanford  University of Florida 
Scott Santagata  Long Island University-Post 
Arvind Santhanakrishnan  Oklahoma State University 
Amanda Santoni   
Bernardo Santos  American Museum of Natural His 
Daniel Sasson   
Noriyuki Satoh  Kyoto University Department of Zoology 
Sara Sawyer  Glenville State College 
John Scarpa  Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi 
Lindsay Schamel  St Joseph's Univ 
John I. Scheide  Central Michigan University 
Steve Contos Schenk  Truckee Meadows Community College 
Bernd Schierwater  ITZ, Ecology & Evolution 
Josef Schmitz  Bielefeld University 
Christine Schnitzler  NHGRI/National Institutes of Health 
David Scholnick  Pacific University 
Frederick R. Schram  Burke Museum 
Julie Schram   
Julie Schram   
Paul C. Schroeder  Washington State University 
George Schulte  Truman State University 
Tom Schultz  Denison University 
Anja Schulze   
Daniel Schwab  Indiana University 
Megan Schwartz  Seattle University 
Ryan Schwarz  Univ of New Mexico 
Justin Scioli  UC San Diego 
Erik John Scully  Villanova University 
Kenneth Sebens  University of Washington 
Jeanne Serb  Iowa State University 
Davin Setiamarga  The University of Tokyo 
Brett Seymoure  Arizona State University 
Paul Shamble  Cornell University 
Nathan Shapiro  California State Univ East Bay 
Osman Sharifi  CSU East Bay 
Osman Sharifi  CSU East Bay 
Prashant Sharma  AMNH 
Neelima Sharma   
Asaf Shechter  Ben Gurion Univ 
Elizabeth Sheets   
Matan Shelomi  University of California-Davis 
Truman Sherk   
Kristin M Sherrard  Friday Harbor Laboratories 
J. Malcolm Shick  University of Maine School of Marine Sciences 
Chris Shields  Clemson University 
Vonnie Shields  Towson University 
Nicholas Shikuma  Univ of Hawaii 
Cara Shillington  Eastern Michigan U 
Carissa Shipman  California Academy of Sciences 
Thomas C. Shirley  Harte Research Institute 
Kartick Shirur  University of Mississippi 
Stanley Shostak  University of Pittsburgh 
Shigeno Shuichi  University of Chicago 
Sandra E. Shumway  Uconn 
Stephen Shuster  Northern Arizona University 
Julia Sigwart  Queen's University Belfast 
James Sikes  University of San Francisco 
Joana Zanol Silva  George Washington University 
Vania Simmons  University of Hawaii at Manoa 
Andrew Simpson  UC Riverside Paleo 
Anne Simpson  Univ of Maine - Darling Marine Cnt 
Eric Leaders Singletary  UTPB 
Emily Singleton   
Laura King Sirot  Cornell University 
Owen E Sitton  Element Markets LLC 
Michael Ian Sitvarin   
Rachel Slatyer  University of Melbourne 
Nancy Sloan  Florida Institute of Technology 
Leah Sloan  University of Alaska Fairbanks 
Amy Slott   
Delbert Smee   
Julian Smith  Winthrop University 
Melanie Smith  North Carolina State Univ 
Amanda Smith  Illinois Wesleyan University 
Frank Smith  UNC Chapel Hill 
Hilary Smith  University of Notre Dame 
Samantha Smoot  Auburn U  
Tara Snyder  Montclair State University 
amanda sobel   
Jake Socha  Virginia Tech 
Kenneth Soda  Florida State University 
Inna Sokolova  Univ of North Carolina at Charlotte 
Vanna Sombatsaphay   
Sarah Song  College of Charleston 
Diara Spain  Dominican U of CA 
Trisha Spears  Florida State Univ 
Daniel Speiser  University of South Carolina 
Heather Spence  George Washington University 
Andrew Spence  Temple University 
Larry Thomas Spencer  Plymouth State University 
Erik Sperling  Harvard University 
Narrissa Spies  University of Hawaii at Manoa 
Simon Sponberg  Georgia Tech 
Carlen Stacy  University of Texas Arlington 
Stephen E. Stancyk  Department of Biological Sciences University of South Carolina 
Theodore Stankowich  Univ Mass Amherst 
Daniel Stanton  University of Florida 
Alyssa Stark  University of Louisville 
Matthew Starr  University of Louisiana at Laf 
Matthew Steffenson  Adams State University 
Bailey Steinworth   
Tiffany Stephens  Friday Harbor Labs 
Wolfgang E. Sterrer  Bermuda Natural History Museum 
Irene Steves  UC Berkeley 
Rebecca Liv Stirnemann  Trinity College 
Brent Stoffer   
Ben Stranges  Bowdoin College 
Richard R. Strathmann  University of Washington 
James Strother  Janelia Farm Research Campus 
Torsten Hugo Struck  University of Osnabrueck 
Meghan Sturgill   
Jennifer Stygles   
Christie Sukhdeo  University of New Orleans 
Mindi Summers  Scripps Inst. of Oceanography 
Robin Sunsong  Univ of Incarnate Word 
Robin Sunsong  Univ of Incarnate Word 
Michelle Sutton  USC Beaufort 
Billie Swalla  University of Washington 
Eli Swanson  University of Minnesota 
Alison Sweeney  University of Pennsylvania 
Marilyn F. Switzer-Dunlap  University of Hawaii, Manoa Pacific Biomedical Research Center 
Josh Swore  University of Washington 
Anna Syme  UCSB 
Daniel Symonds  University of Texas at Tyler  
Joseph Thomas Szczebak  Auburn University 
John Andrew Szczepanski  University of Rhode Island 
Alina M. Szmant  UNC 
Greg Szulgit  Hiram College 
Kimberly Takagi  University of Georgia 
David Tapley  Salem State University 
Ann Tarrant   
Sharon Tatem  Old Dominion Univ 
Maurice J. Tauber   
Carolina Tavares  Museu Nacional 
Jennifer Taylor  Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne 
Barbara Taylor  Univ of Georgia 
Cynthia Tedore  Duke University 
Paula Teichholtz   
Michael Temkin  St Lawrence Univ 
Jonathan Steed Terblanche  Univ of Stellenbosch 
Nora Terwilliger  Univ of Oregon OIMB 
Matthew Teutimez   
Robert Thacker  U Alabama at Birmingham 
Jamie Theobald  Florida International Universi 
Jana Thoma  UL Lafayette 
Florence Thomas  Univ of Hawaii 
Kara Sue Thomas  Colorado State University 
William Thomas  University of HawaiÊ»i 
Joseph Thompson  Franklin and Marshall College 
Larry Thompson   
Kevin Thonkulpitak   
Ben Thorne   
Daniel Thornhill  Bowdoin College 
Ann Tierney  Colgate University Department of Psychology 
Matt Tietbohl  Wake Forest University 
William J. Tiffany   
Andrea Tilden  Colby College 
Oive Tinn  UC Santa Barbara 
Sophia Tintori   
Stacy Trackenberg   
Cawa Tran  Stanford University 
James Traniello  Boston University 
Nikki Traylor-Knowles  Boston Univ 
Terry Trier  Grand Valley State University 
John R. Tripp  Florida Southern College 
Cynthia Trowbridge  Oregon Institute of Marine Biology 
Lisa Truong  Wellesley College 
Marlene Tsie  U of Maine 
Brian Tsukimura  California State Univ Fresno 
Diane Tulipani  San Diego 
Richard L. Turner  Florida Institute of Technology 
Betty M. Twarog   
Kenyon S. Tweedell  University of Notre Dame Department of Biological Sciences 
Seth Tyler  University of Maine 
Catherine R.C. Unabia  Hawaii Pacific University 
Theodore Uyeno  Valdosta State University 
Alberto Valero-Gracia  Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn 
Jacob Valk  Occidental College 
Jenna Valley  Appalachian State 
Linnea van Griethuijsen  Tufts University 
Leigh M. Van Valen  University of Chicago Department of Ecology & Evolution 
Lauren Vandepas  University of Washington 
Maria Vasquez  University of Florida 
Isabelle Vea  Nagoya University 
Rebecca Vega  Stanford 
Edward Venit  Duke University 
Cynthia Venn  Bloomsburg Univ 
Judith M. Venuti  LSU Health Science Center 
E. Alan Verde  Maine Maritime Academy 
Kristina Vetter   
Steven Viar  McDaniel College 
Sacha Vignieri  AAAS/Science 
Steven Vogel  Duke University 
Kristen Vollrath   
Janice Voltzow  Univ of Scranton 
Yasmin von Dassow  Duke University Marine Lab 
Amelia Walcek  Ben-Gurion University 
Lindsay Waldrop  UNC CH 
Sean Walker   
Robert Wallace  Ripon College 
Janaee Wallace   
Kelly Walsh  SFSU 
Elizabeth Walsh   
Keith Walters  Coastal Carolina University 
Linda Walters  Univ of Central Florida 
Shi Wang  UT (Austin) 
Verena Wang  UNC Wilmington 
Lingyu Wang  University of Miami 
Andreas Wanninger  University of Copenhagen 
Nancy E. Warner   
James S Waters  Providence College 
Les Watling  University of Hawaii at Manoa 
Kerry Weber   
Michele Weber  UC Berkeley 
Mark Webster  Univ of Chicago 
Katie Webster  Auburn University 
Ann M. Weigl   
Kelly Weinersmith   
Alexis Weinnig  San Francisco State University 
Judith Shulman Weis  Rutgers University 
David Weisblat  UC Berkeley 
Amelia Weiss   
James Welch  Wittenberg University 
Christopher Welsh  Medgar Evers College 
Adrian M. Wenner  UCSB 
Timothy Werner   
Ronald R. West  Kansas State University 
Terry West  East CArolina University 
Erica Westerman  University of Chicago 
David S Wethey  U South Carolina 
Kristen Whalen  University of California Santa Barbara 
Nathan Whelan   
Elizabeth Whitehill   
Naveen Wijesena  University of Florida 
Athula Wikramanayake  University of Miami 
Heather R Wilkinson  OXY 
Robert B. Willey  Rocky Mountain Biol. Laboratory 
Judith Williams  U of S Mississippi 
Heidi R Williams  Charleston Coll 
Joseph (Matt) Williams  University of North Florida 
Jason Williams  Southern Illinois University 
Patricka Williams  Medgar Evers College 
A. O. Dennis Willows  Friday Harbor Laboratories 
Nerida Wilson  Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD 
Caroline Wilson  Denison University 
Noah Wilson-Rich  Tufts University 
Pamela Windsor  University of Alberta 
Colleen Winstead  Univ of Alabama at Birmingham 
Maria Wise  Duke Marine Lab 
Julia Wittes  Swarthmore College 
Gertraude Wittig   
Donna Wolcott  NC State Univ 
Thomas Wolcott  North Carolina State University Department of MEAS 
Allan Wolfe  Lebanon Valley Col 
Wey Lim Wong  University of Kiel 
Sarah A. Woodin  Univ of SC 
Gert Worheide  LMU Munich 
William Wright  Chapman Univ 
Mary Wright  UC Berkeley 
Kerri Wrinn  Miami University 
Janie Wulff  Florida State Univ 
Russell Wyeth  St Francis Xavier University 
Charles R. Wyttenbach   
zhihua xiao   
Jiawu Xu  Brigham Young Univ 
Yoshiyuki Yamamoto  UCL 
Steve Yanoviak  Univ of Arkansas at Little Rock 
Mona Yates  Medgar Evers 
Jeanntte Yen  Georgia Institute of Technology 
Janice E. Young  McHenry County College 
Hugh P. Young  The Steritech Group 
Jr-Kai Yu  Academia Sinica 
Pauline Yu  Univ of Southern California 
Pauline Yu  UC-Santa Barbara 
Louis Zachos  University of Mississippi 
Christina Zakas  New York University 
William Zamer  Ntnl Science Fndtn 
Megan Zappe  UA Birmingham 
John Zardus  The Citadel 
Eduardo Zattara  Smithsonian Institution - NMNH 
Sarah Zehr  Duke Lemur Center 
Yu Zeng  UC Berkeley 
Lingling Zhang  UT (Austin) 
Min Zhong   
Russel Zimmer  U. Southern California 
Andrew Zink  San Francisco State University 
Robert Zinna   
Christian Zmasek