SICB 2015 Meeting
January 3-7, 2015
West Palm Beach, FL

Newsletter Fall 2014

The parrotfish Chlorurus sordidus on a Red Sea coral reef (Photo by Andrew Hoey).
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Featured Highlight

Experiences in Integrative and Comparative Biology
by Peter Wainwright
Progress in Science: SICB, Research and People

"It was while looking at these specimens, drying in the shade outside the lab, when parrotfish jaws finally began to click for me."

Libbie H. Hyman Memorial Scholarship

The Libbie H. Hyman Memorial Scholarship program now accepts applications.
Deadline: February 9, 2015. Click here for information and online application form.

SICB 2014 Elections

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SICB Science News: Stories by Student Journalists from the 2014 Annual Meeting (Austin)

Vertebrate reproductive evolution is laid bare by the ever-erect, spring-loaded alligator penis. By Justin Havird, Department of Biological Sciences, Auburn University

The "Old Friends" hypothesis: Reopening a can of worms. By Brenna Doheny, Marine Biomedicine and Environmental Sciences, Medical University of South Carolina

The softer side of nature: caterpillars inspire new-age robots. By Beth Mortimer, Department of Zoology, Oxford University

Sexy single female fruit fly in search of experienced male. By Casey Gilman, Biology Department, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

SICB 2014 Annual Meeting Headlines


  • Annual meeting attendance was robust despite travel woes.
  • Executive Committee Actions:
    • SICB forms a new Division of Ecoimmunology and Disease Ecology
    • New Orleans chosen as the 2017 annual meeting site.
  • SICB presents honorary memberships to Plenary speaker Randy Olson and Moore lecturer Ross Nehm.
  • Mike Hadfield receives the first “M. Patricia Morse Award for Excellence and Innovation in Science Education.”
  • Dan Warner presents Bart lecture.
  • Lou Guillette presents Bern lecture.
  • Connie O’Connor wins Dorothy Skinner Award.
  • SICB announces search for new editor of Integrative and Comparative Biology as Editor Hal Heatwole steps down in 2016 after ten years of service.

Best Student Presentation Winners receive awards sponsored by Wiley/Blackwell. Award winners are announced.

Meeting Highlights

Oxford University Press offers a 25% discount to SICB members