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Virginia Tech: Graduate Student Positions

(posted 2017-09-08)

Graduate Program in Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior
Virginia Tech Department of Biological Sciences
Blacksburg, VA

Faculty studying Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior in the Department of Biological Sciences at Virginia Tech are seeking graduate students for fall 2018. As a collaborative group of faculty and students we offer training in interdisciplinary research and prioritize mentorship. We value diversity and seek to support students from all backgrounds.

Our students take advantage of many resources at Virginia Tech, including the Genomics Sequencing Center (, the Fralin Life Science Institute (, and the Global Change Center (

Although students are encouraged to pursue extramural funding opportunities, accepted Ph.D. students are guaranteed 5 years of funding (including summers) through a combination of teaching assistantships and graduate research assistantships. Our students have received fellowships through the Interfaces of Global Change program (, Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science program (, and NIH funded IMSD program (

The following faculty members are currently recruiting graduate students:

Frank Aylward: microbial ecology, bioinformatics, and genomic sciences
Lisa Belden: community ecology, disease and the microbiome
Dana Hawley: wildlife disease ecology
Erin Hotchkiss: freshwater ecosystem ecology and biogeochemistry
Kate Langwig: disease ecology and evolution, conservation and disease
Joel McGlothlin: evolutionary genetics and evolutionary ecology
Meryl Mims: population, community, and conservation ecology of freshwater systems
Ignacio Moore: behavioral endocrinology and physiological ecology
Martha Muñoz: macroevolutionary physiology, morphology, and biomechanics
Erik Nilsen: plant physiological ecology
John Phillips: neuroethology, sensory basis of behavior
Kendra Sewall: environmental impacts on the brain and behavior
Josef Uyeda: phylogenetics and macroevolution
Susan Whitehead: plant-animal interactions and chemical ecology

Prospective students are encouraged to contact potential mentors, directly, to learn more about the research opportunities in their labs. The deadline for receipt of all application materials for the Ph.D. program is December 1st, 2017, although earlier submission is encouraged to ensure full consideration for available fellowships. Information about applications can be found at: