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Youngstown State University: MS Graduate Student Positions - Functional Morphology/Muscle Biomechanics

(posted 2017-11-14)

Looking for two Master’s level students for research projects in functional morphology and biomechanics starting in Summer 2018. Students must apply to Youngstown State University, and upon their acceptance, students will be eligible to receive a tuition waiver and stipend (TA) for two years. There are other opportunities for exceptional students to apply for a graduate fellowship that includes a Summer assistantship (RA) for research. Summer research may involve field data collection in Costa Rica or Argentina. The projects for prospective students are (but not limited to) the following:

1) Sloth muscle biomechanics/physiology associated with suspensorial locomotion

2) Muscle architectural properties in armadillos and anteaters

3) Ecomorphology (bone/muscle morphometrics) in The Xenarthra

4) Opossum and spider monkey tail muscle fiber types and function

Students interested in the positions should meet the qualifications for entrance into the Master’s Program at YSU. For more information, contact Michael Butcher, Ph.D. in the Department of Biological Sciences by email:, and put “Masters Research” in the subject line. You can additionally interact with Dr. Butcher on twitter @BiomechanicsYSU. Dr. Butcher will be present at the meeting of the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology and can be contacted there for an in person meeting. Dr. Butcher’s current graduate students also will be in attendance at SICB and you are encouraged to interact with them to learn more about his lab.