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University of Akron: PhD Student Positions - Comparative Biomechanics/Biorobotics

(posted 2017-12-05)

The Astley Lab at the University of Akron’s Biomimicry Research and Innovation Center (BRIC) is recruiting enthusiastic Ph.D. students from biology and engineering, starting in Fall 2018. Opportunities include BRIC Biomimicry Ph.D. Fellowships and the Integrated Bioscience Ph.D. program

The Astley Lab focuses on comparative biomechanics, functional morphology, and biomimetic robotics, studying a wide range of animal taxa and robotic models to gain a deeper understanding into the mechanics and control of animal movement. Of particular interest is how muscle physiology interacts with animal morphology, behavior and environmental physics to produce locomotion, and how interactions between two or more of these aspects can lead to novel solutions to functional challenges and neuromechanical control. Current areas of interest include limbless locomotion in diverse habitats, power-amplified jumping in anurans, biomimetic robotics, early tetrapod locomotion and more.

Students will interact with a diverse group of faculty across the university (from Biology to Polymer Science to Art) with opportunities to explore collaborative, interdisciplinary projects. Additional local resources include the Cleveland Zoo, Cleveland Museum of Natural History, NEOMED, and NASA Glenn Research Center. Students in the Astley Lab have the opportunity to learn a wide range of state-of-the-art techniques, including high-speed video, biomimetic robotics, motion capture, 3D printing (hard and elastic materials), in vitro muscle physiology, sonomicrometry, electromyography, computer vision programming, and inverse dynamics.

For more information, see The Astley Lab website at and send a copy of your CV and research interests to Dr. Henry C. Astley at