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California State University, Long Beach: Master's of Science Program

(posted 2018-01-01)

Applications are currently being accepted for the Master's of Science in Biology program at California State University, Long Beach. Successful applicants would be invited to join the Fins and Limbs Lab, led by Dr. Sandy Kawano, and would lead research projects related to Comparative Animal Physiology and Biomechanics. Information about the Master's program, including the prerequisites, is available on the following webpage:

Common research themes in the Fins and Limbs lab include:

- Locomotor biomechanics and functional morphology of amphibious vertebrate animals
- Escape responses and predator-prey interactions in fishes
- Evolution and ecology of bone mechanical properties

Prospective applicants are strongly encouraged to contact the PI (Sandy Kawano: well before the deadline. In your email, please include:

A short description of your research interests
A summary of your previous research experience (if any)
A copy of your CV, including relevant coursework (with grades), GPA, and GRE scores (or date you intend to take the GREs)
A brief description of potential research projects you may be interested in pursuing
Brief explanation of what you hope to accomplish during graduate school (e.g., how does it contribute to your overall career goals)
Applications are due March 15 of each year, but those submitted before February 15th may receive preference for financial support. Stipends are available through Department Graduate and Teaching Assistantships.

Additional information can be found on the recruitment flyer posted here:

NOTE: The Fins and Limbs Lab will be attending the 2018 national SICB meeting in San Francisco! Please feel free to contact the PI via email ( or Twitter (@MorphoFun) to schedule a time to chat!