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 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1   Northeast Exhibit Hall 4417 
SARGAZI M.; ROBERTS N.B.; SHENKIN A.Cytotoxic studies of Fe and Zn compared with Hg on a monolayer of renal proximal tubular cells (PTC) and the evaluation of cytoprotectants
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1   Northeast Exhibit Hall 4421 
Noren, S.R.*; Lacave, G.; Wells, R.S.; Williams, T.M.Development of Blood Oxygen Stores in Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus)
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1   Northeast Exhibit Hall 4427 
NOREN, D.P.*; WILLIAMS, T.M.Effects of Environmental Regime and Body Condition on Resting Metabolic Rates in Northern Elephant Seal Pups: Does RMR Measured in Ambient Air Represent True RMR?
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1   Northeast Exhibit Hall 4432 
DE LA PAZ, K.L.; HOYT, D.F.; WICKLER, S.J.; COGGER, E.A.Does Muscle Function Explain Preferred Speed?
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1   Northeast Exhibit Hall 4433 
Trinachartvanit, W.; DeVries, A.L.; Cheng, C.- H. C.Antifreeze glycoproteins (AFGPs) are secreted into the digestive tract from the pancreas in Antarctic notothenioid fishes.
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1   Northeast Exhibit Hall 4434 
MUELLER, P.J.*; STEYERMARK, A.S.Constraint of small cages turns California mice into couch potatoes.
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 9 
MARTINEZ, A.-S.; TOULLEC, J.-Y.; SHILLITO, B.; CHARMANTIER-DAURES, M. *; CHARMANTIER, G.Osmotic and ionic regulation in the hydrothermal vent crab Bythograea thermydron
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 17 
Clark, T.M.*; Hutchinson, M.J.; Moffett, D.F.Apical surface morphology of the stomach region of the larval mosquito midgut.
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 25 
WHEATLY, M.G.*; ZHANG, Z.; STINER, L.T.M.Characterization and localization of crayfish Ca pump and exchanger.
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 32 
BELDEN, L.K.*; MOORE, I.T.; BLAUSTEIN, A.R.Survival and the physiological stress response in Cascades frog tadpoles exposed to ambient UV-B radiation in the field
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 56 
HAMMOND, K.A.*; KRISTAN, D.M.; CHAPPELL, M.A.Aerobic performance in deer mice (Peromyscus maniculatus)
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 92 
BONINE, K.E.*; GLEESON, T.T.; GARLAND, T. Jr.Phrynosomatid Lizards Show Parallel Variation in Sprint Speed and Muscle Fiber-Type Properties
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 93 
BOILY, P.* P.; KNIGHT, F.M.Cold-induced hyperthermia and maximum metabolic rate in the nine-banded armadillo
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 96 
DOELLER, J.E.*; KRAUS, D.W.Sulfide-mediated feedback inhibition of endogenous substrate oxidation in Geukensia demissa gill mitochondria?
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 97 
DEVRIES, A.L.*; CHENG, C.-H.CFreezing avoidance strategies differ in Antarctic and Arctic fishes
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 100 
REIBER, C.L.*; HARPER, S.L.; NEWELL, C; LAUNDRIE, NCardiac regulation in the grass shrimp (Palaemonetes pugio): larvae to adult.
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 103 
STEGALL, V.S.*; KINSEY, S.A.; MCLELLAN, W.A.; DILLAMAN, R.M.; PABST, D.A.Biochemical changes in locomotor muscle of harbor porpoise, Phocoena phocoena, during starvation.
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 107 
Reese, S. A.*; Crocker, C. E.; Carwile, M. E.; Jackson, D.C.; Ultsch, G.R.Habitat selection and the physiology of hibernation in common map turtles (Graptemys geographica)
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 110 
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 111 
BAUMANN, N.L.*; LIGHT, D.B.Purinergic Receptor Activation Leads to a Calcium-Sensitive Volume Decrease in Mudpuppy Erythrocytes
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 115 
COSTANZO, J.P.; JONES, E.J.*; LEE, R.E.Physiological Responses to Supercooling and Anoxia in the Hatchling Painted Turtle
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 147 
GALE,H.H.Intermittent breathing in very large mammals.
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 152 
LI, T.*; ROER, R.D.Effect of salinity on gill Na+, K+-ATPase activity in juvenile and adult Callinectes sapidus
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 159 
MYKLES, D.L.*; MULDER, E.P.; MEDLER, S.A.; CHANG, E.S.Developmentally-regulated fiber-type switching in claw muscles of American lobster, Homarus americanus
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 164 
Locklair, M.R.*; Glas, P.S.Chitin Type Substances Associated With the Embryonic Coat of the Grass Shrimp, Palaemonetes Pugio
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 169 
Pressman, E.*; Temple, J. G.An Examination of the Thermoregulatory Response of the Garter Snake Thamnophis radix radix to the bacterium Aeromonas hydrophila
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 174 
HALBROOK, K.E.*; ROER, R.D.; SHAFER, T.H.; PIERCE, D.C.; BUTLER, K.D.Partial purification of a postmolt cuticular glycosidase from Callinectes sapidus and its putative role in mineralization
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 175 
BUDD, S.J.*; ROER, R.D.; KINSEY, S.T.Energetic cost of osmoregulation as a function of size and salinity in Callinectes sapidus
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 176 
PATE, S.E.*; CHECK, J.F.; ROER, R.D.; MOUSTAKAS, C.T.Effects of size and salinity on sodium and water permeability in Callinectes sapidus
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 179 
Grove, T.J.*; Sidell, B.D.Signature Motif and Fatty Acid Selectivity of Fatty Acyl CoA Synthetase in Antarctic Fishes
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 208 
HENRY, R.P.Suppression of salinity-sensitive branchial carbonic anhydrase induction by a compound in the eyestalk of the euryhaline green crab, Carcinus maenas.
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 210 
NORENBURG, J.L.*; ROE, P.New Sticky Things in Holopelagic Nemerteans
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 236 
MEYER, H.A.Tardigrada of Arkansas and Louisiana
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 239 
Scruggs, J.R.*; Glas, P.S.Protein Changes in the Embryonic Coat During Development of the Grass Shrimp, Palaemonetes pugio
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 251 
COSTANZO, J.P.*; LITZGUS, J.D.; IVERSON, J.B.; LEE, R.E.Cold Hardiness and Desiccation Resistance in Hatchling Turtles
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 256 
DAVIS, E.C.Thermal stresses in the intertidal on acorn barnacles (Balanus glandula and Semibalanus cariosus)
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 258 
Finkler, M.S.*; Sugalski, M.T.; Claussen, D.L.Sex-Related Differences in Locomotor Performance and Metabolism in Breeding Spotted Salamanders (Ambystoma maculatum).
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 262 
Christman, T.M.*; Finkler, M.S.Overwintering Energetics of the Red-backed Salamander, Plethodon cinereus.
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 295 
STEYERMARK, A.C.*; LAM, M.; DIAMOND, J.Functional design of the gut
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 297 
HANKISON, S.J.*; LEE, R.E.Water content of the gall regulates susceptibility to inoculative freezing in larvae of the goldenrod gall fly, Eurosta solidaginis
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 306 
Chapman, L.The Respiratory Ecology of Benthic Macroinvertebrates in a Swamp-River System in East Africa
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 310 
TWEEDIE, E.P.*; SHAFER, T.H.Purification and characterization of mucin-like glycoproteins from the cuticle of the blue crab Callinectes sapidus.
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 312 
DOUGHERTY, B.E*; MCNAMER, A.N.; CROCKETT, E.L.Inverse Compensation for Fluidity in Mitochondrial Membranes from Thermally Acclimated Earthworms
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 313 
BACHMAN,G.C.Changes in leukocyte counts in hibernators from spring through summer.
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 315 
Piermarini, P.M.*; Choe, K.P.; Evans, D.H.Morphological and immunochemical properties of the urinary bladder in female Atlantic stingrays (Dasyatis sabina)
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 336 
Moore, M.M.*; White, J.V.; Williams, E.E.Docosahexaenoic acid in cell membranes: vital for fish and fatal for cancer.
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 351 
JENKINS, J.L.*; SWANSON, D.L.Liver Glycogen and Freezing Survival in the Chorus Frog (Pseudacris triseriata).
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 357 
HOFER, S.C.*; DRACKETT, M.; WATTS, S.A.Low temperature tolerance of GMTTM tilapia,Oreochromis niloticus.
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 373 
Thurman, C.L.* Variance in Osmoregulation among Sympatric Fiddler Crabs, genus Uca, from Texas
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 374 
RIDGWAY, R.L.*; CHEUNG, M.B.; BARLAM, I.Hemocyte Activation in Molluscs is Inhibited in the Presence of a Ca2+-chelating Buffer
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 377 
BEAULIEU, L.; ALLEN, S.; BURNETT, K.; BURNETT, L.*Low pH Effects on the Killing Activity of Oyster Hemocytes
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 378 
BURNETT, K.; ILIFF, S.; BURNETT, L.*Chronic Sub-lethal Hypoxia Increases Susceptibility of Litopenaeus vannamei to Bacterial Challenge
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 1800 
Middle, L.B.*; Barnes, B.MOverwintering strategies of the wood frog, Rana sylvatica, in interior Alaska
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 382 
CUNNINGHAM, S.L.*; MARIS, R.C.The Employment of Mini-Biocells for the Bioremediation of Petroleum-Contaminated Soil over a Two-Week Period
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 394 
GORDON, S.D.*; STEVENSON, RLong-term Mass Gains relative to Meal Size and Sugar Concentration in Two Species of Butterflies, Pieris rapae and Manataria maculata
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 419 
BAGATTO, B.*; WOLOSZYN, L.; BURGGREN, W.3-D Visual Assessment of Cardiovscular Function in Zebrafish Larvae
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 420 
TYLER, S.*; HOOGE M.D.Squeezing through tight spaces--functional morphology of musculature of Gnathostomula armata
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 426 
CIURA, S.M.; BIBEAU, M.R.; SCHULTE, P.M.*Intraspecific variation in heat shock proteins and thermal tolerance
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 432 
WINSTEAD, C. J.*; CLAUSSEN, D. L.Cardiorespiratory responses of the Asian prawn, Macrobrachium rosenbergii to temperature and hypoxia
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 434 
Shreve, S.M.*; Kelty, J.D; Lee, R.E.The Preservation of Reproductive Behaviors during Chilling by a Rapid Cold-Hardening Process in Drosophila melanogaster
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 435 
SHAFER, T.H.*; MONTOYA, L.M.; HOFFMAN, G.G.Developmental and Environmental Expression of the Gene for a Na/K/2Cl Cotransporter in the Blue Crab (Callinectes sapidus)
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 447 
BIRCHARD, G.F.*; DAUGHERTY, C.H.Energetic of Development in the Fairy Prion (Pachyptila turtur)
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 452 
FOURNIER, F.*; KARASOV, W.H.; MEYER, M.W.The effect of feather development on the pharmacokinetics and oral bioavailability of methylmercury in common loon chicks
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 455 
Quinn, N.J.*; Newell, P.Subsurface sea water temperatures and the year 2000 coral bleaching event in Fijian waters
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 457 
D.F.MOFFETT*; S.B.MOFFETT; M.F.ROMEROImmunolocalization of Na+-dependent anion exchanger (NDAE1) in anterior stomach of mosquito larvae (Aedes aegypti): relevance to gut alkalinization.
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 470 
HANCOCK, T.V.*; GLEESON, T. T.The tradeoff between endurance and metabolic costs using intermittent locomotion in the desert iguana (Dipsosaurus dorsalis).
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 474 
B.H. JENSEN*; M.H. TAYLORThe Effects of Estradiol Implants on Lipid Transport in Fundulus heteroclitus
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 501 
Castrillo, L.A.; Lee, R.E.* Jr.*; Lee, M.; Wayman, J.A.Reduction of cold hardiness in overwintering Colorado potato beetles using ice nucleating bacteria
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 502 
HOLT, S.M.; KINSEY, S.T.*Arginine kinase flux in osmoregulating muscle cells
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 519 
GEIS, A.*; WIBBELS, T.; M¡RQUEZ-M, R.; GARDU-O-D, M.; BURCHFIELD, P.; PE-A-V, J.Evaluation of hatchling Kemp's ridley sex ratios using nest incubation temperatures at Rancho Nuevo, Mexico
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 538 
Chang, M.H*; Chediack, J.G.; Caviedes-Vidal, E.; Karasov, W.H.Enhanced passive absorption in the presence of luminal nutrients in house sparrows
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 559 
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 561 
BORRELL, B.J.*; LADUC, T.J.; DUDLEY, R.Physiological cost of head-body temperature differences in snakes
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 569 
CROSSLEY, D. A.*; BAGATTO, B. P. ; HICKS, J. W.; ALTIMIRAS, J.Changes in cardiovascular control mechanisms during the embryonic development of the American alligator, Alligator mississippiensis
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 577 
HARTMAN, M.J.*; STANCYK, S.E.Distribution of an Invasive Anomuran Decapod,Petrolisthes armatus,in the North Inlet-Winyah Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve on the South Carolina Coast
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 598 
HENRY, M.Modeling Body Temperature of Intertidal Snails: Hot Mud and Hot Bodies
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 603 
TOWLE, D.W.A Proposal to Establish CRABinfo, a User-Directed Database for Crustacean Bioinformatics.
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 618 
KISS, A.J.*; CHENG, C.-H.CGamma Crystallins of Antarctic Notothenioid Fishes.
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 625 
PAULSEN, R.S.*; WEIHRAUCH, D.; LIGNOT, J.-H.; TOWLE, D.W.Na,K-ATPase in gills of the blue crab Callinectes sapidus: cDNA sequencing and salinity-related expression of ALPHA subunit mRNA and protein.
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 632 
NORDEEN, J.M.*; SHEFFIELD, E.M.; KINSEY, S.T.Size- and salinity-dependent enzyme activities in gills of the blue crab
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 635 
REED, W.L.*The plateau phase in egg metabolic rates: evidence for oxygen limitation.
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 636 
SPANINGS-PIERROT, C.; WEIHRAUCH, D.*; LIGNOT, J.-H.; CHARMANTIER, G.; TOWLE, D.W.Immunolocalization and gene expression of Na,K-ATPase in gills of the grapsid crab Pachygrapsus marmoratus .
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 638 
Stoddard, S.T.; Jin, Y.; Cheng, C.H.*; DeVries, A.L.Antifreeze Potentiating Protein in Antarctic Notothenioid Fishes
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 639 
BAKKEN, G.S.*; WILLIAMS, J.B.Effect of Wind and Growth on the Thermoregulatory Metabolism of Arctic-breeding Shorebird Chicks
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 642 
HAIR, N. L. *; MORRISON-SHETLAR, A. I.; CLAIBORNE, J. B.Detection of Na+/H+ Antiporter in the Gills of Elasmobranchs: Little Skate (Raja erinacea) and Dogfish Shark (Squalus acanthias)
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 663 
SKAGGS, H.S.*; SNYDER, E.; HENRY, R.P.Heavy metal effects on carbonic anhydrase in Callinectes sapidus and Carcinus maenas
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 683 
GEHNRICH, S.G.*; HENRY, R.P.; WEIHRAUCH, D.; TOWLE, D.W.Identification of Carbonic Anhydrase Isoforms in the Gills of the Shore Crab, and Changes in their Expression During Acclimation to Low Salinity.
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 689 
DARVEAU, C.-A.*; SUAREZ, R. K.; HOCHACHKA, P. W.Evolution of energy metabolism: The case of hovering insects
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 691 
COOPER, S.J.*; SAME, D.R.Ventilatory Accomodation Under Cold Stress in Seasonally Acclimatized Black-capped Chickadees
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 692 
Estes, A.M.*; Kempf, S.C.; Henry, R.P.Carbonic anhydrase induction by zooxanthellae in Cassiopea xamachana
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 694 
Guadagnoli, J.A.*; Reiber, C.L.The ontogeny of pericardial organs in the crayfish Procambarus clarkii
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 699 
BAIER, D.B.*; GATESY, S.The Role Of Avian Slow-Twitch Fibers in Turkey Tail Display
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 707 
KARPOVICH, S.*; TOIEN, O.; BARNES, B.M.Does Active Metabolic Suppression Occur During Entry into Torpor?
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 738 
PRESTON, R.L.*; Preston, E.J.D.; Middaugh, D.R.Enzymatic Racemization of Amino Acids in Marine Invertebrate Tissues
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 757 
PREEST, M.*; GONZALEZ, R.Ion Balance in the Extremely Acid-Tolerant Neon Tetra
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 776 
RYAN, W.L.*; SCATCHARD, K.; BRADY, B.Preliminary Findings from a Study of Gas Bubble Disease in Embryos and Fry of the Japanese Medaka (Oryzias latipes)
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 777 
Yu, X.L.*; Mykles, D.L.Cloning and Characterization of Skeletal Muscle Specific Calpain from Lobster (Homarus americanus)
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 792 
BOSWORTH, C.A.*; REES, B.B.Patterns of protein expression in zebrafish muscle during hypoxia
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 816 
WILSON, B.*; MCWILLIAMS, S.Diet preferences for certain fatty acids and its effect on composition of fat reserves in migratory Red-eyed Vireos
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 818 
O'CONNOR, T.P.*; GIBBS, C.L.; KUROIWA, K. Effect of Cold-Acclimation on House Finch Metabolism and Organ Sizes
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 823 
HOAGLAND, T.M.*; ROESER, M.; OLSON, K.R.Venous Function in Trout
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 837 
Hamilton, H.C.*; Garey, J.R.Applying Molecular Techniques to Environmental Studies of Meiofauna
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 849 
YIN, M.*; YANCEY, P.H.Methylamine Osmolytes Dominate in Deep-Sea Polychaetes, Pycnogonids, and Octopods
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 858 
EADS, B.D.*; HAND, S.C.Modulating Mitochondrial Transcription in Artemia franciscana Embryos
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 868 
Vogt, D.Cold-hardiness in bumblebees.
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 4408 
Bloom, A. J.; Smart, D. R.; Nguyen, D. T.Elevated Carbon Dioxide Concentrations Inhibit Nitrate Assimilation in Wheat Shoots
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 4409 
MEDLER, S.Comparative Trends in Maximum Shortening Velocity and Tetanic Tension: Influence on Skeletal Muscle Diversity
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 4410 
POWERS, D.R.*; ANDREWJESKI, P.M.; GRAMENZ, P.W.; KIMBERLY, D.J.Cutaneous water abosorption by Rough-skinned Newts (Taricha granulosa) in open terrain vs. water-soaked environments.
 Thursday, Jan. 4 P1 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 4411 
BURNESS, G.P.*; YDENBERG, R.C.; HOCHACHKA, P.W.Physiological origin and reproductive consequence of variation in daily energy expenditure: a study of breeding tree swallows

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