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 Thursday, Jan. 4 08:00  Continental C 626 
GOLDMAN, E.B.*; DANIEL, T. L.Material properties shape dynamical responses of hydrozoan jellyfish
 Thursday, Jan. 4 08:20  Continental C 99 
MCHENRY, M.J.Force generation by undulatory swimming at intermediate Reynolds numbers in tunicate larvae (Botrylloides, sp.)
 Thursday, Jan. 4 08:40  Continental C 828 
ANDERSON, E.J.*; MCGILLIS, W.R.; GROSENBAUGH, M.A.Boundary Layer Flow in Fish and Squid
 Thursday, Jan. 4 09:00  Continental C 327 
BARTOL, I.K.*; GORDON, M.S.Flow patterns around boxfishes: Role of body keels in dynamic stability
 Thursday, Jan. 4 09:20  Continental C 277 
Wesp, H.M.*; Gibb, A.C.Escape Response Performance in the Larval Razorback Sucker, Xyrauchen texanus
 Thursday, Jan. 4 09:40  Continental C 84 
Hale, M.E.Fast Start Behaviors of Fish Lacking Mauthner Neurons
 Thursday, Jan. 4 10 10:20  PDR 2 39 
ANGILLETTA, M.J.*; LEE, V.; SILVA, A.C.How Do Embryos Incubated at Higher Temperatures Spend Less Energy During Incubation?
 Thursday, Jan. 4 10 10:40  PDR 2 584 
Ligon, D.B.*; Peterson, C.C.Physiological Variation in Estivation among Mud Turtles (Kinosternon spp.)
 Thursday, Jan. 4 10 11:00  PDR 2 193 
VEZINA, F.*; SALVANTE, K.G.; WILLIAMS, T.D.The Metabolic Cost of Yolk Precursor Production
 Thursday, Jan. 4 10 11:20  PDR 2 884 
COSTA, D.P.*; GALES, N.J; GOEBEL, M.A.The Role of Physiology in the Behavior of Diving Mammals
 Thursday, Jan. 4 10 11:40  PDR 2 741 
Lancaster, W.C.*; Ward, S.; Jones, G.; Speakman, J.R.Energetics of Biosonar Vocalization in Stationary Insectivorous Bats
 Thursday, Jan. 4 11 13:00  PDR 2 511 
Riehle, M. M.*; Bennett, A.F.; Long, A.D.Genetic analysis of the adaptation to temperature stress: a role for gene duplications
 Thursday, Jan. 4 11 13:20  PDR 2 259 
LERMAN, D.N.*; BETTENCOURT, B.R.; YI, C.H.; KIM, I.; FEDER, M.E.Response of an hsp70 gene cluster to laboratory and natural selection in Drosophila melanogaster.
 Thursday, Jan. 4 11 13:40  PDR 2 4371 
ROBERTS, S. P.*; FEDER, M.E.; POSLUSZNY, J.ADevelopmental and fitness consequences of natural thermal stress and hsp70 copy number in Drosophila melanogaster
 Thursday, Jan. 4 11 14:00  PDR 2 189 
ZANI, P.A.*; BRADSHAW, W.E.; HOLZAPFEL, C.M.; LUCERO, K.D.The Thermal Tolerance of the Pitcher-Plant Mosquito, Wyeomyia smithii
 Thursday, Jan. 4 11 14:20  PDR 2 463 
BENNETT, V.A.*; KUKAL, O.; LEE, R.E.Seasonal metabolic depression and mitochondrial degradation in Arctic woollybear caterpillars, Gynaephora groenlandica
 Thursday, Jan. 4 11 14:40  PDR 2 226 
Shillington, C.Energy Metabolism and Thermal Ecology of Male Tarantulas (Araneae: Theraphosidae)
 Thursday, Jan. 4 12 15:20  PDR 2 641 
Helmuth, B.*; Hofmann, G.E.Defining thermal stress in the rocky intertidal: linking ecology and physiology through biophysics
 Thursday, Jan. 4 12 15:40  PDR 2 437 
O'Connor, M.P.*; Zimmerman, L.C.; Spotila, J.R.Effects of behavior, physiology, and habitat on thermoregulation in desert tortoises.
 Thursday, Jan. 4 12 16:00  PDR 2 381 
KROCHMAL, A.R.*; BAKKEN, G.S.Evidence for the Use of Facial Pits for Behavioral Thermoregulation In the Western Diamondback Rattlesnakes (Crotalus atrox)
 Thursday, Jan. 4 12 16:20  PDR 2 627 
LIKNES, E.T.*; SWANSON, D.L.Seasonal Metabolic Acclimatization in the American Goldfinch Revisited: To What Extent Does Summit Metabolism Vary Seasonally?
 Thursday, Jan. 4 12 16:40  PDR 2 568 
MEAGHER, E.*; PABST, D.A.; MCLELLAN, W.; WESTGATE, A.; WELLS, R.Heart rate, respiration and heat flux across the dorsal fin in wild bottlenose dolphins, Tursiops truncatus
 Thursday, Jan. 4 13 08:00  Williford A 540 
McGinn, N.A.*; Walker, C.W.Vitellogenesis in the green sea urchin, Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis: Localization of vitellogenin protein in gonadal tissue
 Thursday, Jan. 4 13 08:20  Williford A 151 
CHEEK, A.O.*; BROUWER, T.H.; CARROLL, S.; MANNING, S.; MCLACHLAN, J.A.; BROUWER, M.Experimental evaluation of vitellogenin as a predictive biomarker for reproductive disruption
 Thursday, Jan. 4 13 08:40  Williford A 453 
SELCER, K.W.*; DAY, A.M.; VERBANIC, J.D.Northern Leopard Frog (Rana pipiens) Vitellogenin: Purification, Development of an Immunoassay, and Characterization of Induction Following Immersion in Diethylstilbestrol
 Thursday, Jan. 4 13 09:00  Williford A 1804 
MAYER, L.P* and; DYER, C. A.; PROPPER, C. R.Sexual dimorphism in gonadal steroidogenic factor 1 (SF-1) expression during sexual differentiation and the effects of octylphenol on the differentiation process in the American bullfrog Rana catesbeiana.
 Thursday, Jan. 4 13 09:20  Williford A 730 
 Thursday, Jan. 4 13 09:40  Williford A 796 
Howdeshell, K.L.*; Ruhlen, R.L.; Welshons, W.V.; vom Saal, F.S.Serum regulation of estrogenic endocrine-disrupting chemicals during mouse neonatal development
 Thursday, Jan. 4 14 10:20  Williford A 51 
COSTANTIO,D.*; KOZAK, K.; LECAUDE, S.; ALRUBAIAN, J.; DORES, R.M.Cloning of a proopiomelanocortin cDNA from the pituitary of the urodele amphibian, Aphiuma means.
 Thursday, Jan. 4 14 10:40  Williford A 854 
MANZON, L.A.*; LAUDET, V.; YOUSON, J.H.Cloning and Expression of Sea Lamprey (Petromyzon marinus) Thyroid Hormone and Retinoid X Receptors.
 Thursday, Jan. 4 14 11:00  Williford A 646 
GRINDSTAFF, R.D.*; PYLES, R.A.Thyroid and prolactin hormones in metamorphic and paedomorphic species of ambystomatid salamanders
 Thursday, Jan. 4 14 11:20  Williford A 506 
MCCLEARY, R.J.R.*; MCFARLAND, E.C.; GRASMAN, K.A.; MCNABB, F.M.A.Ontogeny of UDP-GT activity in Japanese quail and effects of PCB 126 on UDP-GT activity in chicken embryos.
 Thursday, Jan. 4 14 11:40  Williford A 552 
McNABB, F.M.A.*; FOWLER, L.A.; PARSONS, C.M.; GRASMAN, K.A.; FOX, G.A.Thyroid Function in Herring Gulls from PCB-contaminated Great Lakes sites.
 Thursday, Jan. 4 15 13:00  Williford A 325 
HOLLIS, D.H.*; BOYD, S.K.Characterization and distribution of [3H]muscimol binding to a GABA-A-like receptor in the bullfrog brain.
 Thursday, Jan. 4 15 13:20  Williford A 122 
LOVERN, M.B.*; MCNABB, F.M.A.; JENSSEN, T.A.Developmental effects of testosterone on behavior in male and female green anole lizards.
 Thursday, Jan. 4 15 13:40  Williford A 22 
ROSEN, G.*; WADE, J.Androgen metabolism in the green anole lizard brain
 Thursday, Jan. 4 15 14:00  Williford A 188 
Moore, M.C.*; Painter, D.; Woodley, S.K.; Lacy, E.L.; Jennings, D.H.; Wikelski, M.Neuroendocrine mechanisms of alternative male reproductive tactics in marine iguanas
 Thursday, Jan. 4 15 14:20  Williford A 353 
WOODLEY, S.*; PAINTER, D.; MOORE, M.; WIKELSKI, M.Daily rhythm of basal corticosterone levels is not synchronized with feeding activity in Marine Iguanas
 Thursday, Jan. 4 15 14:40  Williford A 4365 
Mendonša, M. T.Effects of temperature, testosterone, and flutamide on mating in male big brown bats
 Thursday, Jan. 4 16 15:20  Williford A 450 
LONDRAVILLE, R.L.*; DUVALL, C.S.Fish Respond to Murine Leptin Injections by Increasing Intracellular Fat Metabolism.
 Thursday, Jan. 4 16 15:40  Williford A 723 
Beckman, B.R.*; Fairgrieve, W.; Cooper, K.A.; Mahnken, C.V.W.; Dickhoff, W.W.Endocrine Correlates of Growth in Ocean Dwelling Coho Salmon
 Thursday, Jan. 4 16 16:00  Williford A 656 
 Thursday, Jan. 4 16 16:20  Williford A 503 
SCHMIDT, K.E.*; LEAL, R.; DESAI, P.; KELLEY, K.M.Proposed Growth-Inhibitory Role of a Membrane-Associated Insulin-like Growth Factor-Binding Protein (IGFBP) in an Iguanid Heart Cell
 Thursday, Jan. 4 16 16:40  Williford A 824 
VAN CLEEFF, J.*; BLACHE, D.; MARTIN, G.Early castration of male emus (Dromaius novaehollandiae) reduces their feed efficiency and attenuates vernal fattening without impairing appetite
 Thursday, Jan. 4 17 08:00  Williford B 142 
Pfennig, D. W.*; Harcombe, W. R.; Pfennig, K. S.Coral snake mimics are protected only when they occur with their model
 Thursday, Jan. 4 17 08:20  Williford B 444 
DINKELACKER, S.A.; WILSON, T. P.; HOWARD, J. H.Spatial Ecology of Syntopic Bog (Clemmys muhlenbergii), Spotted (Clemmys guttata) and Snapping (Chelydra serpentina) Turtles in Maryland
 Thursday, Jan. 4 17 08:40  Williford B 311 
Pedersen, S.P.The impact of volcanic eruptions on the bat populations of Montserrat, BWI.
 Thursday, Jan. 4 17 09:00  Williford B 704 
Smallwood, P.D.*; Terzaghi, W.B.; Steele, M.A.; Carlson, J.E.; Mank, J.EFurther investigations into the interactions between small vertebrates and oaks: An interdisciplinary approach
 Thursday, Jan. 4 17 09:20  Williford B 859 
Judd, T.M.*; Herbers, J.M.The effects of moisture and time of year on the foraging preferences of the ant Pheidole ceres.
 Thursday, Jan. 4 17 09:40  Williford B 204 
ILSE, L.M.*; HELLGREN, E.C.Porcupines, Pinyon Pines, and Pine Engravers: What's the Connection?
 Thursday, Jan. 4 18 10:20  Williford B 622 
Satterlie, R.A.*; Nolen, T.G.The Small Number of Swim Pacemakers in Cubomedusae May Promote Biphasic Modulation of Swimming Activity
 Thursday, Jan. 4 18 10:40  Williford B 700 
COATES, M.M.*; THOMPSON, S.H.Vision in a cubozoan jellyfish.
 Thursday, Jan. 4 18 11:00  Williford B 490 
EDWARDS, D.R.*; WOODIN, S.A.Should worms of a feather stink together? The effects of prey density and aggregation on predator deterrence
 Thursday, Jan. 4 18 11:20  Williford B 278 
TROWBRIDGE, C.D.* ; HIRANO, Y.J.Marine specialist herbivores on high-diversity shores: Ecological notes of Japanese Ascoglossan (= Sacoglossan) Opisthobranchs.
 Thursday, Jan. 4 18 11:40  Williford B 339 
Burnaford, J. L.The physiology of positive interactions: effects of shade and season on endogenous levels of hsp70 in field populations of the black chiton Katharina tunicata
 Thursday, Jan. 4 19 13:00  Williford B 144 
POWELL, J.S.*; RAFFA, K.F.The effect of feeding specificity on the fate of terpenoids in Lymantriidae (Lepidoptera)
 Thursday, Jan. 4 19 13:20  Williford B 194 
COWART, J.D.Palatability of Pteraster tesselatus (Echinodermata: Asteroidea) Eggs
 Thursday, Jan. 4 19 13:40  Williford B 61 
JOHNSEN,S.Protection or Concealment? Ultraviolet Absorption in Transparent Animals
 Thursday, Jan. 4 19 14:00  Williford B 379 
KUFFNER, I.B.Effects of ultraviolet radiation and water motion on the reef coral Porites compressa: A transplantation experiment
 Thursday, Jan. 4 19 14:20  Williford B 68 
VONESH, J. R. *; DE LA CRUZ, O.Modeling the effect of UV-B induced egg-stage mortality on the population dynamics of the Common Toad
 Thursday, Jan. 4 19 14:40  Williford B 337 
EDBLOM, T.L.*; KARASOV, W.H.Solar Ultraviolet-B Radiation Does Not Affect Hatching Success of Rana pipiens (Northern Leopard Frog) Eggs Under Natural Conditions Along a Contamination Gradient
 Thursday, Jan. 4 10:20  Continental C 69 
FREUND, E.V.*; DEWAR, H.; CROLL, D.A.Locomotor Tracking of the Spine-tailed Devil Ray, Mobula japanica
 Thursday, Jan. 4 10:40  Continental C 820 
Lauritzen, D.V.*; Hertel, F.; Gordon, M.S.Kinematics of Salmon Leaping Up Waterfalls
 Thursday, Jan. 4 11:00  Continental C 178 
LIAO, J.Locomotion in needlefish: anguilliform swimming with fins
 Thursday, Jan. 4 11:20  Continental C 215 
DRUCKER, E.G.*; LAUDER, G.V.Function of the teleost dorsal fin: experimental analysis of wake forces in sunfish
 Thursday, Jan. 4 11:40  Continental C 322 
NAUEN, J.C.*; LAUDER, G.V.Small-scale flow around the finlets and caudal peduncle of free-swimming chub mackerel (Scomber japonicus)
 Thursday, Jan. 4 20 15:20  Williford B 431 
Trapido-Rosenthal, H.G.*; Zengler, K.; Ritter, J.E.Multiple Species of Archaea, Cyanobacteria, and Eubacteria Live in Association with the Sponge Chondrilla nucula
 Thursday, Jan. 4 20 15:40  Williford B 628 
Lickliter, C.L.*; Nishiguchi, M.K.Phylogenetic characterization of the genus Vibrio based on morphological and molecular data.
 Thursday, Jan. 4 20 16:00  Williford B 391 
NISHIGUCHI, M.K.*Reverse physiological patterns between sepiolid squids and their luminous bacterial symbionts: Host specificity examined from down under.
 Thursday, Jan. 4 20 16:20  Williford B 106 
OKAMURA, B.*; ANDERSON, C.L.; CANNING, E.U.An ancient clade of myxozoans parasitic in freshwater bryozoans
 Thursday, Jan. 4 20 16:40  Williford B 667 
O'BRIEN, J.J.*; BOETTCHER, A.A.; BOONE, E.; SHERMAN, T.D.Chemical cues and vulnerable hosts: An investigation into factors affecting settlement of Loxothylacus texanus, a rhizocephalan barnacle parasitizing portunid crabs in the Gulf of Mexico
 Thursday, Jan. 4 13:00  Continental C 651 
ROSENBERGER, L.* J.; WALKER, J. A.; COLLAR, D.; WESTNEAT, M. W.Effects of fin shape and fin motion on labriform swimming performance
 Thursday, Jan. 4 13:20  Continental C 491 
Castro-Santos, T.*; Haro, A.Optimal sprint speeds of fish traversing velocity barriers: further thoughts on burst-swimming data.
 Thursday, Jan. 4 13:40  Continental C 260 
SYME, D.A.*; SHADWICK, R.E.Mechanical Power Production by Internal Red Muscle at Different Longitudinal Body Positions in Skipjack Tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis) in Relation to Swimming
 Thursday, Jan. 4 14:00  Continental C 317 
WESTNEAT, M.W.*Mechanical design for swimming in big fish: Locomotor function in tunas and relatives.
 Thursday, Jan. 4 14:20  Continental C 592 
MOTANI, R.Using models of extant swimmers to infer aspects of locomotion in thunniform ichthyosaurs.
 Thursday, Jan. 4 14:40  Continental C 309 
WILGA, C.D.*; LAUDER, G.V.Function of the heterocercal tail in sharks: quantitative wake dynamics during steady horizontal swimming and vertical maneuvering.
 Thursday, Jan. 4 15:20  Continental C 275 
SCHOENFUSS, H.L.*; BLOB, R.W.Kinematics of vertical climbing in Hawaiian freshwater gobies
 Thursday, Jan. 4 15:40  Continental C 386 
AZIZI, E.*; LANDBERG, T.; BRAINERD, E.L.Kinematics and Performance of the Escape Response in an Aquatic Salamander, Eurycea bislineata.
 Thursday, Jan. 4 16:00  Continental C 883 
Nauwelaerts, S.*; Aerts, P.Gait patterns in frog locomotion: why use alternate-leg swimming?
 Thursday, Jan. 4 16:20  Continental C 352 
PACE, C.M.*; BLOB, R.W.; WESTNEAT, M.W.Comparative kinematics of the forelimb during swimming in red-eared slider and spiny softshell turtles.
 Thursday, Jan. 4 16:40  Continental C 328 
BLOB, R.W.*; PACE, C.M.; WESTNEAT, M.W.Testing functional correlates of habitat specialization: swimming and walking in spiny softshell and slider turtles.
 Thursday, Jan. 4 08:00  Marquette 365 
MCFADDEN, C.S.*; TULLIS, I.; HUTCHINSON, M.B.; WINNER, K.Rates of Evolution of Cnidarian Mitochondrial Genes
 Thursday, Jan. 4 08:20  Marquette 744 
Guralnick, R.P.Reconnecting cell and animal lineages: A synthetic approach to Spiralian evolution and development
 Thursday, Jan. 4 08:40  Marquette 393 
BEGOVIC, E.Feeding Specialization and Diversification Patterns of Eastern Pacific Patellogastropoda
 Thursday, Jan. 4 09:00  Marquette 753 
Stach, T.*; Turbeville, J. M.Reconstruction of tunicate phylogeny using molecular and morphological data
 Thursday, Jan. 4 09:20  Marquette 416 
PASSAMANECK, Y.J.*; HALANYCH, K.M.Lophotrochozoan relationships inferred from 28S rDNA sequences
 Thursday, Jan. 4 09:40  Marquette 272 
ANDERSON, F.E.*; FOSTER, P.G.Tests of ecdysozoan monophyly using molecular sequence data
 Thursday, Jan. 4 10:20  Marquette 594 
CARTER, T.L.*; ERICKSON, L.B.; ELLIOTT, J.K.The influence of hybridization on anemonefish evolution
 Thursday, Jan. 4 10:40  Marquette 788 
BRAINERD, E.L.*; MURRAY, S.S.Patterns of genome size evolution in tetraodontiform fishes
 Thursday, Jan. 4 11:00  Marquette 575 
HILTON, E.J.Morphological Complexity and Simplicity of the Axial Skeleton of Teleostei
 Thursday, Jan. 4 11:20  Marquette 593 
SMITH, W.L.; WEBB, J.F.*Phylogenetic Variation in the Morphology of the Laterophysic Connection in Butterflyfishes of the Genus Chaetodon
 Thursday, Jan. 4 11:40  Marquette 525 
Boyle, H.J.*; Graham, J.B.Acquisition of Characters Facilitating Amphibious Behavior in the Oxudercine Fishes
 Thursday, Jan. 4 13:00  Marquette 840 
VAGELLI, A.A.New observations on the asexual reproduction of Aurelia aurita (Cnidaria, Scyphozoa) with comments on its daptative significance.
 Thursday, Jan. 4 13:20  Marquette 514 
MCGOVERN, TMSex ratio bias in the clonal brittle star Ophiactis savignyi
 Thursday, Jan. 4 13:40  Marquette 298 
Maslakova, S. A.*; Martindale, M. Q.; Norenburg, J. L.Remains of the pilidium in direct developing nemerteans?
 Thursday, Jan. 4 14:00  Marquette 200 
SCHWARTZ, M.L.; NORENBURG, J.L.Can We Infer Heteronemertean Phylogeny from Morphological Data?
 Thursday, Jan. 4 14:20  Marquette 46 
FAUCHALD, K.Distribution of scales in polynoid scale-worms (Annelida, Polychaeta)
 Thursday, Jan. 4 14:40  Marquette 87 
PADILLA, D.K.; DILGER, E.K.; DITTMANN, D.E.Phenotyic plasticity of feeding structures in species of Littorina
 Thursday, Jan. 4 15:20  Marquette 521 
SCHWENK, K.Extrinsic vs. intrinsic lingual muscles: the amniote tongue as a functional unit.
 Thursday, Jan. 4 15:40  Marquette 27 
HOGUE, A.S.*; RAVOSA, M.J.Mandibular Symphyseal Fusion in Mammals: A Test of Competing Hypotheses
 Thursday, Jan. 4 16:00  Marquette 123 
MADERSON, P.F.A.*; ALIBARDI, L.Origin and evolution of mammalian integument
 Thursday, Jan. 4 16:20  Marquette 720 
DAVIS, M.C.*; SHUBIN, N.H.; DAESCHLER, E.B.The evolution of the endochondral and dermal skeleton in fins and limbs
 Thursday, Jan. 4 16:40  Marquette 66 
CHIU, C.-H. P.*; WAGNER, G. P.*Molecular Evolution Across the Fin-Limb Transition
 Thursday, Jan. 4 08:00  PDR 2 608 
MONTOOTH, K.L.*; CLARK, A.G.; MARDEN, J.H.Physiological genetics of flight performance in Drosophila melanogaster.
 Thursday, Jan. 4 08:20  PDR 2 468 
COOKE SCHREIBER, S.M.*; JURY, S.; WATSON, W.H.Seasonal differences in behavioral thermoregulation in the lobster, Homarus americanus.
 Thursday, Jan. 4 08:40  PDR 2 475 
NICHOLSON, G.S.*; JAMISON, M.; KELLEY, K.M.Insulin-Regulated Glucose Transport in Muscle of the Goby, Gillichthys mirabilis
 Thursday, Jan. 4 09:00  PDR 2 342 
POWELL, M.L.*; WATTS, S.A.Survivor: The Energetics of Crayfish in Burrows
 Thursday, Jan. 4 09:20  PDR 2 360 
Odell, J.P.*; Chappell, M.A.Variation in aerobic capacity within and among "common-garden" populations of Trinidadian guppies (Poecilia reticulata) from different predation regimes.
 Thursday, Jan. 4 09:40  PDR 2 72 
Wilmhoff, C. D.*; McClain, W. R.; Gutzke, W. H. N.The Effect of Temperature and Stage of Development on Resting Metabolism in an Aquatic Environment

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