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 Friday, Jan. 5 P2   Northeast Exhibit Hall 4415 
Tytell, E.D.; Ellington, C.P.The vortex wake of the hawkmoth, Manduca sexta: Simulation and Reynolds number effects
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2   Northeast Exhibit Hall 4413 
DRUZISKY, K.*; BRAINERD, E.L.Buccal oscillation in the aquatic turtle Platysternon megacephalum
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2   Northeast Exhibit Hall 4414 
Kymbr L. Wright; Dr. Stan KuczajThe Effects of Time of Day on Mother-Infant Association Patterns of Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in Captivity
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2   Northeast Exhibit Hall 4418 
FUDGE, D.S.*; GOSLINE, J.M.Mechanical and Optical Properties of Hagfish Slime Threads
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2   Northeast Exhibit Hall 4420 
SUMMERS, A.P.; ROWE, T.; KETCHAM, R.A.Ontogeny of the hornshark chondrocranium and the evolution of trabecular cartilage
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2   Northeast Exhibit Hall 4425 
Mara S. ZimmermanVariation in brook stickleback (Culaea inconstans) size and shape associated with different predator communities
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2   Northeast Exhibit Hall 4426 
KAVANAGH, K.D.*; MORGAN, B.A.Regulating differentiation in vertebrates: Functional homology and evolutionary co-option in Ikaros family genes
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 10 
CASOTTI, G.Microvilli within the lower intestine of sparrows
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 23 
Pavlov, V.Morphological Adaptation of Dorsal Fin of Harbour Porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) to Swimming and Thermal Regulation Function
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 71 
MARSHALL, C.D.*; HERRING, S.W.Motor Control of Perioral Muscles: Somatotopic Organization in the Pig Facial Nucleus.
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 94 
Park, D.S.*; Propper, C. R.Purification and Action of a Repelling Pheromone from Male Red-spotted Newts
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 95 
Cupp, P.V.Spatial Distribution and Site Fidelity in Green Salamanders, Aneides aeneus.
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 108 
Sanders, N.K.*; Mayo, M.; Stuart, J.Truman State University students and evolution: a survey.
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 121 
SCHAUB, M.J.*; ZALISKO, E.J.; SCHAEFER, J.C.Another Advantage of Long Sauropod Necks: Reaching Out and Over Hazardous Environments.
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 133 
IYENGAR, E.V.To steal or not to steal? That is the question. Suspension feeding versus kleptoparasitism in a marine snail.
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 154 
BECK, S.L.Skeletal Variation By "Batch" Among CD-1 Mice Reveals Continuing Genetic Heterogeneity.
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 168 
ALKINDI, A.Y.A.; MAHMOUD, I.Y.; AL-GHEILANI, H.M.H.; AL-HABSI, A.A.; ALKIYUMI, A.A.; KHAN, H.*The degree of crowding and its effect on the nesting behavior in the green turtle Chelonia mydas in Oman.
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 171 
ELLERBY, D.J*; SPIERTS, I.L.Y.; ALTRINGHAM, J.D.Fast muscle function in the European eel (Anguilla anguilla, L.) during aquatic and terrestrial locomotion
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 186 
KRAUS-EPLEY, K.E.*; MOORE, P.A.The Effects of Antennal Lesions on Orientation Behavior of the Crayfish, Orconectes rusticus
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 190 
Wolf, M.C. *; Moore, P.A.Affects of the Herbicide Metolachlor on Perception of Chemical Stimuli by Crayfish, Oroconectes rusticus.
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 198 
TOBALSKE, B.W.*; BIEWENER, A.A.; ZIMMERMAN, B.B.Scaling of Takeoff Mechanics in Doves (Columbidae)
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 220 
ARDELEAN, A.*; FAUTIN, D.G.; HUNSINGER, K.Managing taxonomic synonyms
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 223 
SECORD, D.*; RUPP, J.Interpreting Marine Invasive Species for the Public: A University-Aquarium Collaboration
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 232 
SHADWICK, R.E.*; STEFFENSEN, J.F.The cost and efficiency of aerobic locomotion in the chub mackerel (Scomber japonicus).
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 241 
BRANTLEY, S.*; HILL, P.S.M.Lekking in Gryllotalpa major, the Prairie Mole Cricket: a Test of the "Hotshot Hypothesis".
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 244 
FOWLER, E.*; HILL, P.S.M.Individual Identification of the Prairie Mole Cricket, Gryllotalpa major.
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 265 
SHADWICK, R.E.; SYME, D.A.*Mechanical Power Production by Red and White Swimming Muscles of Yellowfin Tuna (Thunnus albacares)
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 266 
ANDERSON, C.W.Anatomical evidence for brainstem circuits mediating hypoglossal motor output in the leopard frog, Rana pipiens
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 270 
Crawford, B.J.*; Pang, T.; Campbell, S.S.Development of the hyaline layer of the asteroid Pisaster ochraceus.
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 290 
Sheets, D.H.*; Zelditch, M.L.Studies of Shapes with Bilateral Symmetry
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 296 
JOHNSON,J.I.*; SUDHEIMER,K.D.; DAVIS,K.K.; WINN,B.M.Brain Atlas of the Sheep on the Internet for Courses in Neurobiology
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 305 
BLACKBURN, D.G.*; JOHNSON, A.R.; PETZOLD, J.L.Histology of the extraembryonic membranes of the oviparous corn snake, Elaphe guttata.
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 318 
Korzan, W.J.*; Summers, T.R.; Miner, H.M.; Martin, M.L.; Flynn, M.B.; Summers, C.H.Manipulating a Visual Signal of Sympathetic Activity: Influences on Social Status and Plasma Catecholamines
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 319 
Muller, U.K.*; Stamhuis, E.J.; Ellington, C.P.Quantifying the leading-edge vortex of a hovering robotic insect during the downstroke
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 323 
Itzick Vatnick*; Bruce GrantPrinciples of Design for a Research-Centered Biology Curriculum
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 334 
Knutzen, M.Turtles in Minature: An Investigation into Hatchling Size Manipulation
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 341 
EDWARDS, D.D.Increased fluctuating asymmetry among chironomid midges in repsonse to ectoparasitic water mites: implications for fluctuating asymmetry theory.
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 344 
SHARDO, J.D.*; GRANDE, T.Morphology and Development of the Postcranial Axial Skeleton of the American Shad, Alosa sapidissima
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 345 
Bishop, K. BishopEvolutionary Patterns in Bat Wing Shape
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 355 
BECK, A.L.*; BLOB, R.W.; HOPSON, J.A.Morphological indicators of sprawling and non-sprawling limb posture in tetrapods.
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 361 
Hubbard, J.M.Bringing Active Science to Classroom and Community with Antarctic Chemical Ecology Research
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 367 
DAVIS, A.P.*; TOBALSKE, B.W.Effect of Distance on Flap-Bounding Flight Performance
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 370 
ZIMMERMAN, B.B.*; TOBALSKE, B.W.Effect of Flight Distance on Take-Off Mechanics in Zebra Finch
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 371 
Ashraf, M.; Nesbitt, R. A.; Lee, C.* M.*Positioning of Kinetoplasts in Trypanosoma musculi and Trypanosoma lewisi During the Development in-vitro
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 384 
GILCHRIST,S.L.Resetting the system: Dynamics of hermit crab shell cycling after Hurricane Mitch
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 389 
WINNE, C.T.*; KECK, M.B.Daily Activity Patterns in Cnemidophorus inornatus and C. septemvittatus: A Programmed Behavior?
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 390 
MCCLARY, JR., M.Distribution of living barnacles in the tidal Hackensack River
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 396 
STARCK, M.J.*; HELM, B.; SALZER, U.Developmental Asymmetry in Growing Japanese Quail (Coturnix japonica)
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 400 
OLSON, W.M.*; HALL, B.K.Heart morphogenesis and neural crest cell migration in cardia bifida chick embryos.
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 411 
BERTRAM, J.E.A.*; RUINA, A.; COX, D.E.; KATSANOS, C.S.Speed, step length and frequency in human walking: evaluating the optimization criteria.
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 429 
ADAMS, J.A.*; MOORE, P.A.Attraction of Conspecifics to Molt Signals in Crayfish
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 433 
Kozlowski, C.P.*; McIntyre, J.C.; Moore, P.A.The Winning Effect in Agnostic Encounters of Crayfish is a Time Dependment Phenomenon
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 438 
SANSTAD, E.A.; JARZAB, D.M.; LeCLAIR, E.E.A cDNA catalog of turtle shell development
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 469 
LOPEZ, Y.; MOORE, A.M.F.Assessing the Weight that Black Widow Gumfoot Lines Can Pick Up
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 471 
Budick, S.B.*; O'Malley, D.M.Minimal Behavioral Deficits Are Observed After Laser-ablation of the nMLF in Larval Zebrafish
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 488 
HUMFELD, S.C.Satellite male green treefrogs are competitively inferior
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 492 
SAVAGE, R.M.*; MEIKLEJOHN, D.A.hunchback Homologues in Annelids.
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 500 
MEDINA, C.L.; KOESTER, D.M.*; LUER, C.Development of the electric organ of the skate, Raja eglanteria
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 509 
NICOLAY, C.W.*; SHERWOOD, R.J.Eigenshape and Biomechanical Analysis of the Phyllostomid Mandibular Symphysis
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 515 
MADIGAN, P.A.; WATERS, K.A.; HARRIS, L.G.*Juvenile Growth Variation in the Green Sea Urchin, Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis: Possible Roles for Larval History, Behavior and Genetics.
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 522 
GREGG, C.S.*; NELSON, P.G.; TUCKER, M.C.; GRASSLE, J.P.Development of a DNA Probe for the Identification of Early-Stage Mercenaria mercenaria (Hard Clam) Larvae
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 532 
CHARLESWORTH, T.D.; LEHMAN, A.H.*; BLACKBURN, D.G.Cytology and ultrastructure of the extraembryonic membranes of the quail, Coturnix coturnix.
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 549 
BENNETT, V.A.; STEED, J.N.*; LEE, R.E.; KUKAL, O.A description of Gynaephora groenlandica hibernacula sites and behavioral preferences for light, temperature, and soil moisture related to microhabitat selection
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 554 
Cusack, B.J.*; Niewiarowski, P.H.Variation In Endurance In The Fence Lizard, Sceloporus undulatus: The Effect Of Temperature, Behavior, And Morphology
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 563 
LONDRAVILLE, R.L.*; NIEWIAROWSKI, P.H.; MCCONNELL, D.A.; ORCUTT, F.S.Cooperative Learning in Large Undergraduate Science Classes.
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 564 
ESSNER, R.L.Comparison of Takeoff Kinematics in Gliding and Nongliding Squirrels
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 565 
WILMOT, A.*; DIDIER, D.; WEBB, J.Morphology of the Lateral Line Canals of the Head in Chimaerid Fishes (Family Chimaeridae)
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 572 
SELCER, K.W. *Field ecology laboratory: What to do on a rainy day.
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 588 
WELCH, J.M.* *; WALTERS, L.J.; YOUNG, C.M.Effects of flow on larval release behavior of the bryozoan Bugula neritina
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 589 
RIORDAN, T.J.*; LINDSAY, S.M.Chemically stimulated deposit-feeding in the spionid polychaete, Polydora quadrilobata
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 600 
Walter, R. *; Otterstrom, J.; Carrier, D.Effects of Body Morphology on Vertebrate Rotational Inertia
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 605 
Reinsel, K.A.*; Rittschof, D.; Foran, E.; Forward, Jr., R.B.Larval release behaviors of decapod crustaceans: similar responses in shrimp and crabs
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 610 
Kari L. Long*; Paul A. MooreAttraction To Maternal Odor By Juvenile Crayfish, Orconectes rusticus
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 611 
BOLDUC, M.*; BLIER, P.U.; DUTIL, J.-D.The impact of mitochondial thermal sensitivity on the swimming capacity of Arctic charr
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 614 
SKENE, J.A.*; FISCHER, I.M.; HUBER, M.H.; HEDRICK, T.; STOCKWELL, E.S.; SWARTZ, S.M.Three-dimensional kinematics of level flight in the Egyptian Fruit Bat, Rousettus aegyptiacus
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 619 
MIDDLETON, K.M.Influence of hallucal reversion on terrestrial locomotion in birds
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 631 
O'BRYANT, E.L.*; WADE, J.Sexual Dimorphisms in Neuromuscular Junction Morphology in the Green Anole Lizard
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 643 
RICHARDSON, J.F.*; ERNST, H.H.; SATTERLIE, R.A.Pleural Ganglion Asymmetry in the Sexually Immature and Mature Pteropod Mollusc, Clione limacina
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 652 
ERNST, H.H.*; RICHARDSON, J.F.; SATTERLIE, R.A.Morphological Changes in an Asymmetric Neuron of the Right Pleural Ganglion in the Sexually Mature Vs. Immature Pteropod Mollusk
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 658 
MABEE, P.M.; CROTWELL, P.L.*; BIRD, N.C.Models to explain directions of development and evolution of fin skeletons.
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 659 
WEBSTER, M.D.*; CHAPLIN, S.B.Student initiated projects in animal physiology lab instruction.
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 660 
PIRTLE, T.J.*; SATTERLIE, R.A.Ionic currents underlying the activity of swim interneurons of Clione limacina
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 669 
MOFFETT, S.B.*; MARTUS, J.M.; GELPERIN, A.Ablation of a slug's procerebral lobe blocks its ability to discriminate water sources that are dangerous for rehydration.
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 672 
MEAD, K. S.The Mechanisms Of Turbulent Action: How Does Hydrodynamic Shear Stress Affect Fertilization And Development In Sea Urchins?
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 690 
BRAINERD, E.L.; LANDBERG, T.*Ventilatory Mechanics of an Elongate Aquatic Salamander: Amphiuma tridactylum
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 697 
Carroll, A.M.*; Wainwright, P.C.Functional morphology of prey capture in the pallid sturgeon (Scaphirhynchus albus).
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 711 
Beachum, C.*; Strange, R.an evaluation of phylogeny inference programs and packages
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 713 
STEWART, H.LMorphological heterogeneity among zooids of encrusting colonies of Membranipora membranacea induces passive flow through the colony.
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 714 
Stakebake, E.F.; Meyers, R.A.*The albatross shoulder lock: A biomechanical and immunohistochemical study.
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 726 
O'REILLY, J.C.*; KLEY, N.J.; RICHMOND, A.M.; BRAINERD, E.L.Prey Capture Kinematics in Chelus fimbriatus (Testudines: Pleurodira)
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 731 
KLEMENHAGEN, K.C.*; RAND, M.S.An Investigation of Opioid Involvement in the Modulation of Reproductive Behavior in the Whiptail Lizard Cnemidophorus velox
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 745 
GALLARDO, L.I.*; NISHIKAWA, K.C.Ecomorphology and locomotion of Sceloporus
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 762 
QUINN, V.S.; HEWS, D.K.*Dermal melanin density explains variation in a phylogenetically labile color signal in Sceloporus lizards: correlational and experimental evidence
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 764 
KIDD, C.*; BRAINERD, E.L.Abdominal pressure during high speed locomotion in the Texas spiny lizard, Sceloporus olivaceus
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 773 
MAIN, R. P.*; GRIFFIN, T. M.; FARLEY, C.T.Biomechanics of quadrupedal walking: How do four-legged animals walk like inverted pendulums?
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 794 
HANNAFORD, S.J.Role of venation in the support and deformabilty of Dipteran wings during flight
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 797 
Lawrence, K.A.; Strange, R.M.Allometric neuroanatomy among percids: correlation with adaptive trends?
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 802 
SMITH, T.L.*; KARDONG, K.V.Cues used during poststrike trailing in rattlesnakes
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 804 
Edsinger-Gonzales, E.*; van der Zee, M.; Dictus, W.J.A.G.; van den Biggelaar, J.A.M.The development of radialized and twinned gastropod embryos and its implication for spiralian development
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 817 
Betz, O.*; Mumm, R.The predatory legs of Philonthus marginatus (Coleoptera,Staphylinidae): Functional morphology and tarsal ultrastructure
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 825 
Nowicki, J.L.*; Takimoto, R.; Foley, A.B.; Burke, A. C.Global Patterning Information In The Lateral Plate Mesoderm
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 878 
Sherman, R.L.*; Sulikowski, J.; R.E. SpielerSimilarities and differences in fine gill vasculature among batiod elasmobranchs
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 4369 
McALEER, M. W.*; GIRARD, I.; RHODES, J. S.; GARLAND, JR., T.Motivation of House Mice Artificially Selected for High Wheel Running
 Friday, Jan. 5 P2 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 4366 
Heitmann, D.M.*; Scheunemann, T.L.; Carello, C.A.The effect of surface grades on the joint kinematics of quail during running

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