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 Friday, Jan. 5 S5 08:30  Waldorf 11 
Feder, M.E.Plant and animal comparative physiology/biochemistry, evolutionary physiology, ecological physiology, and physiological ecology: opportunities for synergy
 Friday, Jan. 5 S5 08:40  Waldorf 835 
Ehleringer, J.*; Cerling, T.Possible relationships between atmospheric carbon dioxide and mammalian grazers
 Friday, Jan. 5 S5 09:10  Waldorf 436 
Porter, W.* P.; Budaraju, S.; Stewart, W.E.; Ramankutty, N.Physiology on a landscape scale: applications in ecological theory and conservation practice
 Friday, Jan. 5 S5 10:20  Waldorf 750 
SCHULTZ, J.C.Shared signals and the potential for phylogenetic espionage between plants and animals
 Friday, Jan. 5 S5 10:50  Waldorf 172 
Lutz, P.* L Lutz; Prentice, H.Sensing and responding to hypoxia, molecular and physiological mechanisms
 Friday, Jan. 5 S5 11:20  Waldorf 811 
Sage, R.F.How Plants Sense, Signal, and Respond to Carbon Dioxide
 Friday, Jan. 5 S5 13:50  Waldorf 624 
Hairston, Jr., N.G.Temporal dispersal: ecological and evolutionary implications of prolonged egg diapause
 Friday, Jan. 5 S5 14:30  Waldorf 851 
HUEY, R.B.Behavior as a buffer of environmental change
 Friday, Jan. 5 S5 15:20  Waldorf 402 
HOLBROOK, N.M.*; ZWIENIECKI, M.A.; MELCHER, P.J.The dynamics of "dead" wood: Hydrogel-mediated changes in xylem hydraulic properties
 Friday, Jan. 5 S5 15:50  Waldorf 31 
Crowe, J.H.*; Crowe, L.M.Anhydrobiosis: A Unique Biological State
 Friday, Jan. 5 S6 08:00  Continental A 201 
ASHLEY-ROSS, M.A.*; GILLIS, G.B.A brief history of functional morphology
 Friday, Jan. 5 S6 08:40  Continental A 637 
COUGHLIN, D. J.A Molecular Mechanism for Variations in Muscle Function in Rainbow Trout
 Friday, Jan. 5 S6 09:20  Continental A 224 
Gibb, A. C.; Dickson, K. A.Functional morphology and biochemistry: Is there a correlation between metabolic enzyme activity and swimming performance?
 Friday, Jan. 5 S6 10:20  Continental A 581 
FARMER, C.G.Myocardial Oxygenation and the Evolution of the Vertebrate Cardiopulmonary System
 Friday, Jan. 5 S6 11:00  Continental A 163 
KELLY, D. A.The Functional Morphology of Penile Erection: Tissue Designs That Make the Floppy Stiff
 Friday, Jan. 5 S6 11:40  Continental A 701 
HERNANDEZ, L.P.Functional morphology and developmental biology of zebrafish: Reciprocal illumination from an unlikely couple
 Friday, Jan. 5 S6 13:00  Continental A 562 
WALKER, J.A.Swimming in air, flying under water: Physical constraints on the design of oscillating wings, fins, legs, and feet at intermediate Reynolds numbers
 Friday, Jan. 5 S6 13:40  Continental A 213 
DRUCKER, E.G.Experimental hydrodynamics of fish locomotion: functional insights from wake visualization
 Friday, Jan. 5 S6 14:20  Continental A 645 
MEAD, K. S.An Interdisciplinary, Multilevel Approach To Olfaction In Stomatopods
 Friday, Jan. 5 S6 15:20  Continental A 150 
FERRY-GRAHAM, L.A.*; WAINWRIGHT, P.C.Using Functional Morphology to test General Ecological Theory
 Friday, Jan. 5 S6 16:00  Continental A 276 
IRSCHICK, D.J.Evolutionary approaches for studying functional morphology: Examples from studies of performance capacity
 Friday, Jan. 5 S7 08:00  Marquette 850 
GAREY, J.R.The Lesser Known Protostome Taxa
 Friday, Jan. 5 S7 08:30  Marquette 52 
HIGGINS, R.P.; NEUHAUS, B.*Kinorhyncha
 Friday, Jan. 5 S7 09:00  Marquette 875 
SCHMIDT-RHAESA, A.The two dimensions of biodiversity research exemplified by Nematomorpha and Gastrotricha
 Friday, Jan. 5 S7 09:30  Marquette 202 
 Friday, Jan. 5 S7 10:20  Marquette 861 
KRISTENSEN, R.M.An Introduction to Loricifera, Cycliophora, and Gnathometazoa
 Friday, Jan. 5 S7 11:00  Marquette 601 
NELSON, D.R.Current status of the Tardigrada
 Friday, Jan. 5 S7 11:30  Marquette 886 
GRENIER, J.K.Minor Phyla Fill the Gaps: Priapulida and Onychophora
 Friday, Jan. 5 S7 13:00  Marquette 75 
WALLACE, R.L.Rotifers: exquisite metazoans
 Friday, Jan. 5 S7 13:30  Marquette 756 
Near, T.J.Phylogeny of the Acanthocephala and insights to the evolution of parasitism
 Friday, Jan. 5 S7 14:00  Marquette 887 
HALANYCH, K.M.*; McHUGH, D.; Dahlgren, T.G.Evidence that some lesser-known "phyla" are annelids
 Friday, Jan. 5 S7 14:30  Marquette 696 
ARP, A.J.The Ecology and Physiology of the Marine Echiuran Worm, Urechis Caupo: a model animal for demonstration of physiological principles.
 Friday, Jan. 5 S7 15:20  Marquette 807 
NIELSEN, C.The phylogenetic position of Entoprocta, Ectoprocta, Phoronida and Brachiopoda
 Friday, Jan. 5 S7 16:00  Marquette 779 
Turbeville, J. M.Recent Progress in Nemertean Biology: Phylogeny, Development, Ecology
 Friday, Jan. 5 S8 09:00  PDR 2 752 
Full, R.J.Bestowing biological inspiration and getting novel insight from engineering and entertainment.
 Friday, Jan. 5 S8 09:30  PDR 2 567 
POLCYN, D.M.From Creepy Crawlies to Cuddly Critters: Can Arthropods Really Be Tweaked Enough to Capture the Nation’s Attention?
 Friday, Jan. 5 S8 10:30  PDR 2 243 
SUMIDA, S.S.Biological Principals that Drive Digital Effects and Strategies of Animation: Trading Lessons between Vertebrate Mechanics and Commercial Entertainment
 Friday, Jan. 5 S8 11:00  PDR 2 708 
REDD, J.Modeling Fur and Feathers and the Need to Balance Perception, Science, and Entertainment
 Friday, Jan. 5 S8 11:30  PDR 2 1795 
BROCHU, C. A.Beyond Mere Morphology: Reflections of a Computed Tomography Addict
 Friday, Jan. 5 S8 13:30  PDR 2 284 
GATESY, S.M.Dinosaur Feet, Pigeon Wings, and 3-D Animation: Entertaining Science?
 Friday, Jan. 5 S8 14:00  PDR 2 300 
HALLETT, M.Anatomical Principles of Reconstructing Extinct Organisms and Their Uses in Entertainment Art
 Friday, Jan. 5 S8 14:30  PDR 2 233 
KRENTZ, D.Design of Digitally Animated Characters: Biological Solutions for Fantastic Situations
 Friday, Jan. 5 S8 15:30  PDR 2 882 
REGA, E.A.The "dynamic digital human" in research, entertainment and education
 Friday, Jan. 5 S8 16:00  PDR 2 805 
HYNEMAN, W.Creation of an animated human musculo-skeletal system
 Friday, Jan. 5 S9 08:00  Williford C 57 
Stefano, G.B.The Beginnings of the Stress Response: Opioid Modulation in Invertebrates
 Friday, Jan. 5 S9 08:40  Williford C 472 
BARTON, B.A.Stress in Fishes: A Diversity of Responses
 Friday, Jan. 5 S9 09:20  Williford C 1802 
 Friday, Jan. 5 S9 10:20  Williford C 197 
GREENBERG, N. B.Causes and Consequences of The Stress Response in Reptiles
 Friday, Jan. 5 S9 11:00  Williford C 117 
WINGFIELD, J.C.Endocrine Responses to Unpredictable Environmental Events: Stress or Anti-stress Hormones?
 Friday, Jan. 5 S9 13:00  Williford C 852 
Herman, J.P.*; Ziegler, D.R.; Cullinan, W.E.Neurocircuit Regulation of the Hypothalamo-Pituitary-Adrenocortical Axis
 Friday, Jan. 5 S9 13:40  Williford C 187 
PERRIN, M.H.; LEE, K-F.; BALE, T.*; LEWIS, K.; VAUGHAN, J.; VALE, W.Diverse Roles of Corticotropin Releasing Factor Receptors and Their Ligands
 Friday, Jan. 5 S9 14:20  Williford C 1798 
Orchinik, M.*; Breuner, C.; Gasser, P.; Jennings, D.Diversity and Plasticity in Corticosteroid Action.
 Friday, Jan. 5 S9 15:20  Williford C 16 
MOORE, F.L.*Ultimate and proximate mechanisms that control the stress-induced inhibition of reproductive behaviors.
 Friday, Jan. 5 S9 16:00  Williford C 41 
DENVER, R.J.Evolution of the Corticotropin-Releasing Hormone Signaling System and its Role in Stress-Induced Developmental Plasticity

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