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 Friday, Jan. 5 21 08:00  Continental B 774 
Lee, D. V.Relating limb geometry to ground reaction force in running quadrupeds: A design for stability?
 Friday, Jan. 5 21 08:20  Continental B 826 
Hsieh, S.T.Ontogenetic 3-D kinematics of water running in green basilisk lizards (Basiliscus plumifrons)
 Friday, Jan. 5 21 08:40  Continental B 553 
 Friday, Jan. 5 21 09:00  Continental B 422 
CARRANO, M. T.Homology and the evolution of non-avian dinosaur locomotion
 Friday, Jan. 5 21 09:20  Continental B 160 
Higham, T.E.*; Davenport, M.; Mattingly, W.B.; Jayne, B.C.Effects of turning angle on sprinting performance of three ecomorphs of arboreal lizards
 Friday, Jan. 5 21 09:40  Continental B 231 
IRSCHICK, D.J.*; JAYNE, B.C.A comparative field study of the arboreal locomotion of lizards
 Friday, Jan. 5 22 10:20  Continental B 482 
DALEY, M.A.; CARD, G.; BIEWENER, A.A.Effective Mechanical Advantage of the guinea fowl hindlimb during steady and variable speed running
 Friday, Jan. 5 22 10:40  Continental B 261 
Roberts, T.J.*; Scales, J.A.The Source of Power for Acceleration in Turkeys.
 Friday, Jan. 5 22 11:00  Continental B 555 
DIAL, K.P.On the Origin and Ontogeny of Bird Flight: Developing Wings Assist Vertical Running
 Friday, Jan. 5 22 11:20  Continental B 657 
Bundle, M.W.*; Dial, K.P.The metabolic cost of flight in budgies: revisiting an outlier
 Friday, Jan. 5 22 11:40  Continental B 440 
Hedrick, T.L.*; Tobalske, B.W.; Biewener, A.A.3D Kinematic Analysis of Lift Production Over a Range of Speeds in Ring-necked Doves and Cockatiels
 Friday, Jan. 5 23 13:00  Continental B 747 
MILLER, L.A.A mathematical model of insect flight: The immersed boundary method with fling
 Friday, Jan. 5 23 13:20  Continental B 28 
Usherwood, J. R.Aerodynamics and energetics of animal flight based on propeller models
 Friday, Jan. 5 23 13:40  Continental B 591 
Sane, S.P.*; Dickinson, M.H.Unsteady aerodynamic forces are important for production of force moments by flapping wings.
 Friday, Jan. 5 23 14:00  Continental B 615 
MORENO, C.A.*; TU, M.S.; DANIEL, T.L.Visual-motor feedback in the tracking behavior of hovering Manduca sexta.
 Friday, Jan. 5 23 14:20  Continental B 763 
COMBES, S.A.*; TRIMBLE, A.C.; DANIEL, T.L.Spatial profiles of wing stiffness in hawkmoths and dragonflies
 Friday, Jan. 5 23 14:40  Continental B 321 
BIRCH, J.M.*; DICKINSON, M.H.Dynamic stall of a flapping appendage in the absence of a spiral vortex
 Friday, Jan. 5 24 15:20  Continental B 346 
Jindrich, D. L.*; Full, R. J.Dynamic Stabilization of Rapid Hexapodal Locomotion
 Friday, Jan. 5 24 15:40  Continental B 395 
ANDERSON, B.D.*; FULL, R.J.; GARCIA, M.A Spring-Mass Model of Centipede Locomotion
 Friday, Jan. 5 24 16:00  Continental B 775 
KIRKTON, S.D.*; HARRISON, J.F.Effects of Allometric Growth on Oxygen Sensitivity and Jumping Performance in the American Locust
 Friday, Jan. 5 24 16:20  Continental B 558 
AHN, A.N.Using in vivo stimulation and strain conditions to explain how two muscles function differently under identical conditions
 Friday, Jan. 5 24 16:40  Continental B 398 
SRYGLEY, R.B.Locomotor Mimicry among Passion-vine Butterflies Heliconius
 Friday, Jan. 5 25 08:00  Continental C 153 
Thomas, F.I.M.; Bolton, T.F.Mechanical forces imposed on echinoid eggs during spawning: mitigation of force by fibrous networks within egg extracellular layers
 Friday, Jan. 5 25 08:20  Continental C 234 
Koehl, M.* A. R. *; Hadfield, M.G.; Cooper, T.; Reidenbach, M.A.; Koseff, J.R.Can Larvae of Benthic Animals Use Dissolved Chemical Cues in Wave-Driven Flow?
 Friday, Jan. 5 25 08:40  Continental C 161 
SHERRARD, K.M.Limits to early juvenile suspension feeding performance in sea squirts
 Friday, Jan. 5 25 09:00  Continental C 375 
PRATT, M.C.Growth and survival of an erect and encrusting bryozoan in different flow habitats
 Friday, Jan. 5 25 09:20  Continental C 464 
MOORE,A.M.F.*; CHIU,H.; LAWRENCE,B.A.Mechanical Characterization of Egg Case Silk in the Black Widow Spider (Latrodectus hesperus)
 Friday, Jan. 5 25 09:40  Continental C 428 
LABARBERA, M. Physical constraints in scallop swimming: take-off and swimming mechanics
 Friday, Jan. 5 26 10:20  Continental C 732 
FRANCIS, JR., A.W.*; TURINGAN, R.G.Functional implications of asymmetrical feeding biomechanics in pleuronectiform fishes
 Friday, Jan. 5 26 10:40  Continental C 29 
Courtland, H.W-.*; Wright, G. M.; DeMont, M. E.Physical Properties of Noncollagenous Lamprey Cartilages
 Friday, Jan. 5 26 11:00  Continental C 170 
ELLERBY, D.J.*; SPIERTS, I.S.Y.; ALTRINGHAM, J.D.Slow muscle power output of yellow- and silver-phase European eels (Anguilla anguilla, L.): changes in muscle performance prior to migration
 Friday, Jan. 5 26 11:20  Continental C 415 
EIDIETIS, L.*; WEBB, P.W.; FORRESTER, T.L.The abilities of two morphologically different fishes to counteract rolling disturbances
 Friday, Jan. 5 26 11:40  Continental C 529 
Moon, B.R.*; Urquhart, M.R.; Conley, K.E.In vivo shortening in the superfast tailshaker muscle of rattlesnakes
 Friday, Jan. 5 27 13:00  Continental C 709 
Meijer, K*; Libby, T.M.; Full, R.J.Passive stability provided by the musculo-skeletal properties of an insect leg.
 Friday, Jan. 5 27 13:20  Continental C 629 
DUDEK, D.M.*; FULL, R.J.Spring-like behavior of the legs of running insects
 Friday, Jan. 5 27 13:40  Continental C 4367 
Carello, C. A.*; Scheunemann, T. L.; Heitmann, D. M.How body size affects the metabolic efficiency and lower limb joint kinematics of quail running on an incline
 Friday, Jan. 5 27 14:00  Continental C 702 
HOYT, D.F.*; WICKLER, S.J.; COGGER, E.A.; GOEHRING, M.EA Reexamination Of The Trot-Gallop Transition: Insights From The Study Of Locomotion On An Incline.
 Friday, Jan. 5 27 14:20  Continental C 681 
Demes, B.*; Chiu, J.; Truong, C.; Qin, Y.; Larson, S.The role of the primate fibula in weight-bearing of the leg
 Friday, Jan. 5 27 14:40  Continental C 424 
COX, D.E.*; BERTRAM, J.E.A.Hypothesis testing as a lab exercise: a simple walking study
 Friday, Jan. 5 28 15:20  Continental C 847 
BRAMBLE, D.M.*; LIEBERMAN, D.E.; DALEY, M.A.Mechanics of Head-Neck Stabilization in Running Humans: Implications for Hominid Evolution
 Friday, Jan. 5 28 15:40  Continental C 445 
THOMPSON,E.N.*; BIKNEVICIUS,A.R.A Biomechanical Analysis of the Development of the Masticatory Apparatus of Monodelphis domestica
 Friday, Jan. 5 28 16:00  Continental C 729 
Hulsey, C.D.*; Wainwright, P.C.; Grubich, J.R.Theoretical and Empirical Diversity of Anterior Jaw Functional Feeding Morphology
 Friday, Jan. 5 28 16:20  Continental C 113 
GREAVES, W.S.Modeling the location of the mammalian tooth row
 Friday, Jan. 5 28 16:40  Continental C 477 
LANDRY, S.O.The Carnivore Skull as a Clinker-Built Hull.
 Friday, Jan. 5 29 08:00  Williford A 130 
PACKARD, M.J.*; PACKARD, G.C.Why Hatchling Painted Turtles Overwinter in Their Nest
 Friday, Jan. 5 29 08:20  Williford A 383 
JANZEN, F.J.Constraints on the Microevolution of Type II Temperature-Dependent Sex Determination
 Friday, Jan. 5 29 08:40  Williford A 274 
KRENZ, J.G.*; JANZEN, F.J.Turtle Phylogeny: Insights from a Nuclear Gene
 Friday, Jan. 5 29 09:00  Williford A 682 
Schwartz, T.S.*; Karl, S.A.Genetic Structure of Florida Gopher Tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus) Populations
 Friday, Jan. 5 29 09:20  Williford A 520 
Horne, B. D.Comparative morphology of three populations of mexican mud turtles, Kinosternon leucostomum
 Friday, Jan. 5 29 09:40  Williford A 42 
Parham, J.F.New perspectives on the origin(s) of marine turtles
 Friday, Jan. 5 30 10:20  Williford A 182 
PFENNIG, K.S.*; TINSLEY, R.C.Parasites, female mating behavior and sexual selection on male traits
 Friday, Jan. 5 30 10:40  Williford A 684 
WELCH, A.M.What is good about "good genes" in gray tree frogs: How is call duration linked with larval quality?
 Friday, Jan. 5 30 11:00  Williford A 751 
QUINN, V.S.*; HEWS, D.K.Species variation in female preference for male behavioral and morphological signaling traits
 Friday, Jan. 5 30 11:20  Williford A 606 
PETERSON, C.C.*; HUSAK, J.Sexual selection and dimorphism of morphology and locomotor performance I n a polygynous, territorial lizard lizard
 Friday, Jan. 5 30 11:40  Williford A 368 
Croll, G.A. *; McClintock, J.B.Sexual dimorphism, cheliped assymetry and selection pressure in , Uca spp.
 Friday, Jan. 5 31 13:00  Williford A 285 
SANTINI, F.Origin and Evolution of the Tetraodontiformes (Teleostei, Pisces), with an Analysis of the Patterns of Speciation of the Family Triacanthodidae.
 Friday, Jan. 5 31 13:20  Williford A 772 
SHEIL, C.S.Amniote Phylogeny Inferred from Morphology
 Friday, Jan. 5 31 13:40  Williford A 192 
HUTCHINSON, J.R.2-D quasi-static simulations of stance and gait in Tyrannosaurus and other tetrapods
 Friday, Jan. 5 31 14:00  Williford A 286 
PADIAN, K.*; HORNER, J.R.; de RICQLES, A.Dinosaurian life history strategies: Evidence of differential growth rates from bone histology
 Friday, Jan. 5 31 14:20  Williford A 493 
JONES, T.D.*; RUBEN, J.A.Feather origins and the myth of “feathered dinosaurs”
 Friday, Jan. 5 31 14:40  Williford A 673 
Katz, E.P.*; Hillman, S.S.Cross-Sectional Area of the Nasal Passages of the Odontoceti. Implications for Paleophysiology
 Friday, Jan. 5 32 15:20  Williford A 801 
WHIDDEN, H.P.*; WOODS, C.A.Assessment of sexual dimorphism in the Antillean insectivoran Nesophontes
 Friday, Jan. 5 32 15:40  Williford A 530 
Theodor, J. M.*; Janis, C. M.; Boisvert, B.Camelid foot morphology and the evolution of the pacing gait
 Friday, Jan. 5 32 16:00  Williford A 397 
SWIDERSKI, D.L.Diversity of patterns of variation in the lower jaw of tree squirrels.
 Friday, Jan. 5 32 16:20  Williford A 299 
HAUSSMANN,M.F.*; VLECK,C.M.; BRENNER,S.A.Aging animals using telomere length - a novel approach.
 Friday, Jan. 5 37 08:00  Joliet 414 
MAPLE, M.M.Direct and indirect effects of maternal rearing site choice on tadpole survival in the strawberry arrow poison frog, Dendrobates pumilio
 Friday, Jan. 5 37 08:20  Joliet 771 
LYNN, S.E.*; BENOWITZ-FREDERICKS, Z.M.; HAYWARD, L.S.; WINGFIELD, J.C.Testosterone influences male behavior during incubation but not during the parental phase in a temperate passerine
 Friday, Jan. 5 37 08:40  Joliet 834 
CHRISTIANS, J.K.; WILLIAMS, T.D. *Effects of porcine follicle-stimulating hormone on the reproductive performance of female zebra finches (Taeniopygia guttata)
 Friday, Jan. 5 37 09:00  Joliet 13 
PRETE, F.R.*; HURD, L.E.; JONES, T.; PORTMAN, R.; SINGH, T.B.; CO, J.E.Scent of a Woman: The First Identification and Assay of a Mantid Pheromone
 Friday, Jan. 5 37 09:20  Joliet 524 
OLIVER,S.J.*; LOBEL,P.S.Female mate choice based on male acoustic displays in domino damselfish, Dascyllus albisella
 Friday, Jan. 5 37 09:40  Joliet 229 
BIXLER, A.; TANG-MARTINEZ, Z.*Mate choice in prairie voles: effects of genetic relatedness and familiarity
 Friday, Jan. 5 38 10:20  Joliet 349 
DAVIS, E.S.Forced Copulation as an Evolutionary Epiphenomenon
 Friday, Jan. 5 38 10:40  Joliet 505 
MORGAN, S.M.*; ASHLEY-ROSS, M.A.; ANDERSON, D.J.Incubation in Masked Boobies
 Friday, Jan. 5 38 11:00  Joliet 759 
FOUGEROLLE, M.F.*; TURINGAN, R.GThe effects of prey type on the feeding biomechanics of Archosargus probatocephalus.
 Friday, Jan. 5 38 11:20  Joliet 670 
HIGGINS, C.L.; BUTLER, P.J.; STRAUSS, R.E.*Discrimination of foraging paths produced by different search models
 Friday, Jan. 5 38 11:40  Joliet 498 
FRANK, C.L.The nutritional ecology of food hoarding by red squirrels
 Friday, Jan. 5 39 13:00  Joliet 604 
HOESE, W.J.*; MOONEY, R.; NOWICKI, S.Neural Encoding of Multiple Song Types in the Swamp Sparrow HVc
 Friday, Jan. 5 39 13:20  Joliet 362 
SPARKES, T.C.*; YAN, H.Y.; PRATER, C.; AKAMATSU, TCondition-dependent acoustic signals and their importance for resolving aggressive conflicts in the skunk loach (Botia morleti): integrating sensory and behavioral approaches
 Friday, Jan. 5 39 13:40  Joliet 446 
KAATZ, I.M.Structurally divergent sound producing mechanisms in a clade of arioid catfishes function in different behavioral contexts
 Friday, Jan. 5 39 14:00  Joliet 205 
WARKENTIN, K.M.Hatching as a defense against egg predators: the role of vibrational cues
 Friday, Jan. 5 39 14:20  Joliet 47 
Bee, M.A.*; Gerhardt, H.C.Getting to Know You: Habituation as a Mechanism for Territorial Neighbor Recognition
 Friday, Jan. 5 39 14:40  Joliet 165 
PERRY, G.*; GARLAND, T., JR.Lizard home ranges revisited: traditional and phylogenetic perspectives
 Friday, Jan. 5 40 15:20  Joliet 827 
FRYE, M.A.*; DANIEL, T.L.Mechanical encoding properties of the wing hinge stretch receptor in the hawkmoth
 Friday, Jan. 5 40 15:40  Joliet 717 
THEOBALD, J.C.*; O'CARROLL, D.Neural strategies that optimize motion detection in the crepuscular hawkmoth Manduca sexta
 Friday, Jan. 5 40 16:00  Joliet 585 
Tarsitano, M. *; Dickinson, M.Visual-Olfactory Fusion in the Flight Behavior of Drosophila
 Friday, Jan. 5 40 16:20  Joliet 617 
TAMMERO,L.F.*; DICKINSON,M.H.The Pattern of Optic Flow Determines Flight Behavior in Freely Flying Drosophila
 Friday, Jan. 5 40 16:40  Joliet 307 
SCOTT, M.P.Hormonally-Mediated Cues for Mate Recognition by Burying Beetles
 Friday, Jan. 5 53 08:00  Williford B 330 
FOLK,D.F.*; BRADLEY,T.J.How Does Selection for Desiccation Resistance Affect the Distribution of Water in Drosophila melanogaster?
 Friday, Jan. 5 53 08:20  Williford B 716 
CLAIBORNE, J.B.*; GUNNING, D.L.; WALL, B.P.; MORRISON-SHETLAR, A.I.Gill Na+/H+ antiporters (NHE) in marine fish
 Friday, Jan. 5 53 08:40  Williford B 212 
Piermarini, P.M.*; Evans, D.H.Effect of salinity on expression of the vacuolar proton-ATPase B-subunit in the gills of a euryhaline stingray (Dasyatis sabina)
 Friday, Jan. 5 53 09:00  Williford B 829 
LILLYWHITE, H.B.; TU, M.C.First Ecdysis Increases Skin Resistance to Evaporative Water Loss in Newborn Snakes
 Friday, Jan. 5 53 09:20  Williford B 739 
Lotz, C.N.Effects of nectar concentration on water balance, osmoregulation, and thermoregulation in a nectar-feeding sunbird
 Friday, Jan. 5 53 09:40  Williford B 326 
Van Voorhies, W. A.Broad oxygen tolerance in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans.
 Friday, Jan. 5 54 10:20  Williford B 1803 
 Friday, Jan. 5 54 10:40  Williford B 526 
BRADLEY,T.J.The Discontinuous Gas Exchange Cycle in Insects May Serve to Reduce Oxygen Supply to the Tissues
 Friday, Jan. 5 54 11:00  Williford B 740 
GREENLEE, K.J.*; HARRISON, J.F.; EGBERT, K. How does the respiratory response to hypoxia change throughout ontogeny in a grasshopper and a caterpillar?
 Friday, Jan. 5 54 11:20  Williford B 556 
CROSSLEY, D. A.*; HICKS, J. W.; BENNETT, A.F.Postprandial changes in cardio-respiratory responses of the Savannah monitor (Varanus exanthematicus
 Friday, Jan. 5 54 11:40  Williford B 758 
Altshuler, D.L.*; Chai, PengHovering performance of hummingbirds in hyperoxic gas mixtures
 Friday, Jan. 5 55 13:00  Williford B 812 
Sage, R.F.*; Sage, T.L.Microsites Characteristics of Muhlenbergia richardsonis, an alpine C4 Plant.
 Friday, Jan. 5 55 13:20  Williford B 131 
PACKARD, G.C.*; PACKARD, M.J.Environmentally Induced Variation in Size and Condition of Hatchling Painted Turtles
 Friday, Jan. 5 55 13:40  Williford B 688 
GUGLIELMO, C.G.*; PIERSMA, T.; WILLIAMS, T.D.Flight-Induced Muscle Damage And Avian Migration, Evidence From Two Shorebird Species
 Friday, Jan. 5 55 14:00  Williford B 680 
RUBEGA, M.A.*; HEATH, K.M.Skeletal development in hatchling avocets and stilts: the effects of salt stress on growth and ossification.
 Friday, Jan. 5 55 14:20  Williford B 677 
MartĚnez del Rio, C.*; Sabat, P.; Schondube, J. E.Stable Isotope Composition as a Covariate in Comparative Physiology
 Friday, Jan. 5 55 14:40  Williford B 495 
WEINSTEIN, R.B.*; HARTMAN, J.H.Modeling the intermittent exercise strategy of "Ride and Tie" competition

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