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 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3   Northeast Exhibit Hall 4416 
REITZEL, A.M.; MINER, B.G.Spawning Times and the Importance of Development Time in Life History Models of Marine Invertebrates
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3   Northeast Exhibit Hall 4419 
Pesavento, Jim J. *; Near, Thomas J.; Cheng, Chi-Hing C.The Phylogenentic Investigations of the Perciformes (Actinopterygii) and the Origin of the Antarctic Notothenioidei: Inferences for Mitochondrial and Nuclear DNA Sequences.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3   Northeast Exhibit Hall 4422 
Remage-Healey, L.; Romero, L.M.Corticosterone and insulin interact to regulate glucose and lipid concentrations during stress in starlings undergoing molt.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3   Northeast Exhibit Hall 4423 
KRAJNIAK, KG.*; LU, J.; EDER, S.Immunohistochemical Localization of Serotonin in the Zebra Mussel,Dreissena polymorpha
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3   Northeast Exhibit Hall 4424 
Perfito, N*; Meddle, S.L.; Sharp, P.J.; Wingfield, J.C.Seasonal gonadal recrudescence in song sparrows (Melospiza Melodia): response to temperature cues
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3   Northeast Exhibit Hall 4428 
Carstens, B. C.*; Lundrigan, B. L.A phylogeny of the American nectar-feeding bats (Chiroptera, Phyllostomidae) based on morphological characters.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3   Northeast Exhibit Hall 4430 
LOEWEN, M. A.; SAMPSON, S. D.Hindlimb ontogeny in the Late Jurassic theropod dinosaur Allosaurus fragilis
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3   Northeast Exhibit Hall 4435 
Gilchrist, M.A.*; Sasaki, A.Host-Parasite Coevolution based on Models of Within-Host Dynamics
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3   Northeast Exhibit Hall 4436 
LANDYS, M.M.; RAMENOFSKY, M.; PIERSMA, T.; WINGFIELD, J.C.Regulation of Potentially Conflicting Behavior and Physiology during Migration
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 14 
MOORE, I.T.*; WINGFIELD, J.C.Latitudinal gradient in sensitivity of the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis to gonadotropin-releasing hormone.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 1 
Barriga-Sosa, I.*; Arredondo-Figueroa, J. L.Morphological and allozyme variation in Chirostoma grandocule Steindachner (Pisces:Atherinopsidae) from Lake Ptzcuaro, Mxico.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 6 
WIGGINS, R.C.*; McCLELLAND, S.Trackway of a Pennsylvanian Tetrapod (Amphibian?)
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 36 
Hochberg, R.*; Litvaitis, M. K.The Nervous and Muscular System of Dactylopodola baltica from a Phylogenetic Perspective
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 49 
Spees, J.L.*; Chang, S. A..; Snyder, M. J.; Chang, E. S.Interactive effects of osmotic and thermal stress on stress-responsive gene expression in the American lobster, Homarus americanus
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 50 
GLENNEMEIER, K.A.; DENVER, R.J.*A Physiological Mediator of the Response to Intraspecific Competition in Rana pipiens Tadpoles
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 59 
YANG, P.-F.; WANG, H.-Y.; LEE, C.-Y.*Involvement of 5- hydroxytryptamine-enhanced release of crustacean hyperglycemic hormone in stress-induced hyperglycemia
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 76 
LARSON, E.T.*; WINBERG, S.; BROWN, C.L.; LARHAMMAR, D.Differences in distribution of NPY and NPY receptors in a sex changing fish.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 78 
SIMON WESTENDORF, S.*; PALMER, B.D.Seasonal pattern of plasma steroid levels and ovarian growth in the adult female slider turtle, Trachemys scripta scripta.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 88 
Robeson II, M.S.*; Garey, J.R.The mitochondrial genome of the rotifer Brachionus plicatilis.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 101 
Van Winkle, D.H.*; Blackstone, N.W.Ontogenetic changes in competitive behavior & ability in colonial hydroids
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 116 
PANKO, L.J.How to distinguish the basal Triassic cynodonts Galesaurus and Thrinaxodon from one another using rib morphology
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 119 
JOHNSON, G.W. *; JOHNSON, J.D.; IRWIN, L. N.A Comparison of Random Genetic Variation in Bisexual and Unisexual Lizards.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 120 
CUNYUS, V.L.; GOMEZ, A. L.; JOHNSON, G. W.; JOHNSON, J.D.; IRWIN, L.N.*Taxonomic Utility of Random Genetic Variation in Lizards
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 124 
WRIGHT, M.L.*; DUFFY, J.L.; GUERTIN, C.J.; SZATKOWSKI, M.C.Diurnal profiles of adrenal cortical steroids in the plasma of bullfrog (Rana catesbeiana) tadpoles.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 126 
CHAN, S.-M.; GU, P.-L.Molecular characterization of a cDNA encoding for a shrimp Cellular Retinoic Acid/Retinol Binding Protein
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 129 
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 136 
Park, S.C.*; Cho, S.J.; Lee, M.S.; Cho, P.Y.; Koh, K. S.Developmental Changes of Blastema and Proteinase Activities during Earthworm Tail Regeneration
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 141 
MENON, J.; ROBERTS, R.*; DAVILA, I.Influence of peroxisome proliferator activated receptor (PPAR) and retinoid receptor agonists on tail epidermis and limb buds of Xenopus laevis in vitro.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 157 
SCAPPATICCI, A.A.*; KASS-SIMON, G.Nematocyst Discharge: The Response of Prey Capturing Desmonemes to Chemical and Mechanical Stimulation.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 162 
GOLEMAN, W.L.*; URQUIDI, L.J.; MCMURRY, C.S.; ANDERSON, T.A.; KENDALL, R.J.; CARR, J.A.Amphibian Metamorphosis is Inhibited by Environmentally Relevant Concentrations of Ammonium Perchlorate
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 185 
SHERMAN, M.L.*; MOORE, P.A.Boundary-layer Effect on the Chemical Signal Movement along the Body of the Brown Bullhead
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 195 
GARB, J.E.*; GILLESPIE, R.G.Parallel patterns in the Pacific? A comparison of phylogenetic diversification in crab spiders (Araneae: Thomisidae) across three Polynesian archipelagos.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 211 
MCEDWARD, L.R.*; MINER, B.G.Diversity and evolution of larval patterns in ophiuroid echinoderms
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 214 
MINER, B.G*; MCEDWARD, L.R.Diversity and evolution of larval patterns in holothuroid echinoderms
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 218 
NINOMIYA,H.*; ELINSON,R.P.The geometry of mesoderm formation in the direct developer Eleutherodactylus coqui, a frog with big eggs
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 230 
SPRAFKA, J.B.; CHANG, E.S.; SNYDER, M.J.*Insulin-Like Growth Factor I (IGF-I) Treatment Results in Time- and Dose-Dependent Increases in Tissue Glucose Levels in the Penaeid Shrimp Sicyonia ingentis
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 235 
Tuberty, S.R.*; Nates, S.F.; McKenney Jr., C.L.Polyclonal antisera against estuarine crustacean vitellins: a molecular approach to reproductive endocrinology and toxicology.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 240 
HOFFART, C.*; HILL, P.S.M.Morphological and Molecular Phylogenetic Analyses of the Gryllotalpidae: What Came First, the Chirp or the Trill?
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 253 
Zigler, K.S.The sea urchin sperm protein bindin is conserved throughout the echinoids
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 257 
NEPHEW, B.C.*; ROMERO, L.M.Peripheral arginine vasotocin (AVT) increases corticosterone, but decreases behavior in European Starlings (Sturnus vulgaris)
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 269 
Moshel-Lynch, S.*; Collier, J.Conservation of Mesodermal-specific Genes in Molluscs
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 280 
Taylor,M.H.*; Callaway, S.B.Comparative analysis of ovarian contraction in some teleost fish.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 289 
DAVIDSON, B.J.*; MOODY, W.; SWALLA, B.Metamorphic Competence in the Urochordates: Cloning of a Potential Competence Factor Involved in EGF Signaling
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 291 
SANTINI, F.Historical Biogeography of Coral Reefs Organisms: is the Indonesian Region a Center of Origin?
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 314 
Grasso, F.W.*; Basil, J.A.Antennule Morphology and Olfactory Sampling strategy: Lessons from the lobster.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 320 
LOVEJOY, C.O.; RENO, P.L.*; MCCOLLUM, M.A.; HAMRICK, M.W.; MEINDL, R.S.; COHN, M.J.The Evolution of Primate Hands: Growth scaling registers with posterior HOXD expression
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 340 
REMAGE-HEALEY, L.; ROMERO, L.M.*Effects of Insulin and Corticosterone on Stress in Captive Starlings: Daily and Seasonal Variations in Metabolite Responses.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 347 
GALIMA, M.*; KELLEY, K.M.Relationship Between the Physiological Stress Response, Serum IGFBPs, and Growth in the Jack Mackerel,
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 359 
HOLBERTON, R.L.*; WILSON, C.M.; HUNTER, M.J.; LEE, A.W.An Endocrine Basis of Different Migratory Strategies in Long- and Short-distance Neotropical Migrants.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 372 
PARKER, S.C.J.; daSILVA, J.; STELLWAG, E.J.*Computational Method for Identification of Functionally Significant Non-Coding Sequences: Studies of Hox Cluster Organization
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 404 
PARMENTIER, E.*; LAGARDERE, F.; DIOGO, R.; VANDEWALLE, P.Study of the otoliths and otic area in Carapidae fishes : Eco-morphological implications ?
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 406 
CROWLEY, M.C.*; HATLE, J.D.; ANDREWS, A.L.; JULIANO, S.A.Inter-population differences in reproductive tactics in lubber grasshoppers
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 407 
KRENZ, J.G.*; HASELKORN, T.S.; BRODIE, E.D., III; BRODIE, E.D., JR.; JANZEN, F.J.Molecular Phylogeography of Common Garter Snakes (Thamnophis sirtalis) in Western North America
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 410 
ANDREWS, A.L.*; HATLE, J.D.; CROWLEY, M.C.; JULIANO, S.A.Hemolymph protein profiles during egg production in three populations of the Eastern lubber grasshopper
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 1805 
Garey, J. R.; Campbell, T. G.*Acanthocephelan and Rotifer Relationships Revisited.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 427 
McIntyre, J.C.*; Moore, P.A.Boundary-layer Effect on the Chemical Signal Movement Across the Antennae of the Male Antherea polyphemus
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 443 
LEONARD,C.M.*; MAYS, L.; BRANDONI, C.; MONTES,C.; MENON, J.The Role Of Nitric Oxide In Amphibian Development
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 448 
Nichols, P. Brent*; Garey, James R.Tardigrade Evolutionary Relationships
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 456 
DZIALOWSKI, E.*; VON PLETTENBERG, D.; ELMONOUFY, N.; BURGGREN, W.Chronic Hypoxic Effects on Metabolism and Hematology in Developing Chicken Embryos
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 461 
GAINEY, JR., L.F. *; CHICOINE, D.; WALTON, J.; GREENBERG, M.J.Hydrogen sulfide potentiates muscle contraction in clam gills
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 485 
ASAY, M.J.*; BOYD, S.K.Distribution of arginine vasotocin in the brain of a non-vocalizing anuran (Ascaphus truei)
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 486 
ZIVKOVIC, B.D.*; STEELE, C.T.; UNDERWOOD, H.; SIOPES, T.Critical photoperiod and reproduction in female Japanese quail: Role of the eyes and pineal
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 496 
WIBBELS, T.*; MURDOCK, C.Interclutch variability of sex ratios produced at pivotal temperature in a turtle with temperature-dependent sex determination
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 497 
LAYNE, J. R. JR.; KUHARSKY, D. K.Physiological consequences of supercooling and freezing for overwintering insects.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 507 
Castro, J.M.*; Parker-Renga, I.M.; Ketterson, E.D.; Val Nolan Jr.Experimentally elevated testosterone in male dark-eyed juncos suppresses cell-mediated immune function of social mates and offspring.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 516 
PFISTERMUELLER, R.*; TYLER, S.Actin-rich sensory receptors in Convoluta pulchra (Platyhelminthes, Acoelomorpha) identified by correlative electron and fluorescence microscopy
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 517 
Huang, L.; Bartel, R.C.*; Denver, R.J.Thyroid Hormone Promotes Cell Proliferation, Migration and Differentiation in the Xenopus laevis Tadpole Brain.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 535 
MENDONCA, M.T.; TRUCKS, K.T.Comparison of aromatase activity in female yellow-blotched map turtles from contaminant impacted vs. reference sites
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 539 
HAIGWOOD, J.T.; PEREZ, M.*; KELLEY, K.M.Effects of Glucagon and Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 (GLP-1) on Glycemic Status and Glucose Production in the Isletectomized Diabetic Goby
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 542 
MURDOCK, C.*; WIBBELS, T.Use of a quantitative competitive RT-PCR to evaluate aromatase expression in a turtle
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 546 
BOWDEN, R.M.*; EWERT, M.A.; LIPAR, J.L.; NELSON, C.E.Hormones in Yolk Layers and Offspring Sex Ratios Vary Seasonally in Turtles
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 547 
Roberts, S.A.*; Moore, P.A.; Huber, R.; Heckman, C.; Cayer, M.Immunocytochemical Localization of Met-enkephalin in Crayfish Eye Stalk
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 557 
Hauswaldt, J.S.*; Glenn, T.C.Population genetic structure of the Diamondback terrapin, Malaclemys terrapin centrata, using microsatellite DNA markers
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 566 
KLOHR, S.D.*; EDER, S.; KRAJNIAK, K.G.Localization and Effects of FMRFamide Related Peptides in the Earthworm Crop-Gizzard
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 570 
Baker, P.J.Ontogenetic changes in plastral callosities of the Senegal flapshell turtle, Cyclanorbis senegalensis
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 571 
LUKER, L.A.*; HATLE, J.D.; JULIANO, S.A.The effects of photoperiod on the length of the oviposition cycle of the grasshopper, Romalea microptera
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 576 
Buck, C.L.*; Barnes, B.M.Influence of Staged Encounters on Testosterone and Corticosterone in Free-living Arctic Ground Squirrels
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 580 
FASANO, C.*; QUACKENBUSH, L.S.Growth of juvenile blue crabs,Callinectes sapidus.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 583 
JOZEFOWICZ, C.J.*; MCCLINTOCK, J.M.; PRINCE, V.E.Duplication and evolution of vertebrate Hox genes: hoxa1a and orthologs
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 595 
GRINDSTAFF, J.L.Dietary protein restriction does not suppress humoral immune function or maternal antibody transfer in Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica)
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 609 
Place, S.P.*; Hofmann, G.E.Temperature-protein interactions of the molecular chaperone Hsc70 purified from a eurythermal goby
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 613 
Soto, N.E.*; Marshall, C.; Cheng, C.-H.C.The Trypsinogen-like protease ancestor of the Antarctic notothenioid antifreeze glycogen is a novel serine protease
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 620 
KIRKTON, R*; THORN, R.S.Turning On Smell: Nitic Oxide and the Maturation of the Honeybee Olfactory System
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 621 
Yang, C.*; Cheng, C.-H.C.Antifreeze Glycoprotein Genes in Arctic Cod: Gene Dosage, Structure, Organization and Evolution
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 623 
SUMIDA, S.S.*; DEVLIN, K.R.Features of Transitions between Vertebrate Major Groups of Terrestrial Vertebrates
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 630 
Han, D.W.*; Watson, R.D.Presence and potential roles of G-proteins in Y-organs of the blue crab.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 647 
Elf, P.K.*; Fivizzani, A.J.Changes in Sex Steroid Levels in the Yolks of the Leghorn Chicken, Gallus domesticus, During Embryonic Development
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 649 
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 653 
DRUZINSKY,R.E.Sciuromorphy and Protrogomorphy in extant and fossil Rodentia.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 654 
Leonard, J.B.K.*; Plisetskaya, E.M.; Silverstein, J.T.Effect of season and age on the hypothalamic neuropeptide Y mRNA response to fasting in channel catfish
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 662 
Swanson, C.A.Positive effect of increasing egg mass size on juvenile success in the apple murex snail, Phyllonotus pomum
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 671 
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 674 
KELTY, J.D.*; NOSEWORTHY, P.; FEDER, M.E.; ROBERTSON, R.M.; RAMIREZ, J.M.Effect Of Heat Pretreatment On Spontaneous Glutamatergic And Glycinergic Synaptic Transmission During Subsequent Thermal Stress In The Mouse Pre-B-tzinger Complex
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 678 
LEE, K.J.*; WATSON, R.D.Production of Antipeptide Antibodies for Detection of Crustacean Molt-Inhibiting Hormone
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 695 
Fentress, J.A.*; Brouwer, T.H.; Brouwer, M.; McLachlan, J.A.; Cheek, A.O.Examination of a potential environmental anti-estrogen
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 698 
JOHNSON, B. D.The Phylogeography of the Western Hognose Snake
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 712 
ROIG-LOPEZ, J.L.*; SANTIAGO, P.; NIEVES, L.; JIMENEZ, B.; GARCIA-ARRARAS, J.E.Differential expression of actin isoforms during intestinal regeneration in the sea cucumber Holothuria glaberrima.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 715 
Durica, D.S.*; Anilkumar, G.; Wu, X.; Hopkins, P.M.A Search for EcR and RXR A/B Isoform Gene Expression During Crustacean Limb Regeneration and Oogenesis
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 721 
Cooper, R.L. *; Tabor, J; Chase, R.J.Altered responsiveness to 5-HT at the crayfish neuromuscular junction: receptor up- & down-regulation
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 725 
BARAGONA, M.A.*; HAIG-LADEWIG, L.A.; WANG, S.Y.Multiple Paternity in the Grass Shrimp Palaemonetes pugio
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 737 
Coombs, S.*; Anderson, E.J.; Braun, C.B.; Grosenbaugh, M.A.How fish body parts alter local hydrodynamic stimuli to the lateral line.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 760 
Cappola, V.A.; Fautin, D.G.*The status of Corallimorpharia (Cnidaria, Anthozoa) based on molecular data from mitochrondrial 16S rDNA and nuclear 28S rDNA
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 761 
TOSTE, A.M.*; BAUER, D.K.; TSUKIMURA, B.Reproductive properties of the Chinese mitten crab Eriocheir sinensis
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 766 
Temkin, M. H.*; Nelson, M. L.; Snell, A.; Erickson, J. M.Genetic Variation In The Freshwater Mussel Elliptio complanata From Northern New York
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 782 
Jacobs, M.W.*; Davis, J.M.; Swalla, B.J.The Evolution of Coloniality in Stolidobranch Ascidians: a Phylogenetic Analysis
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 784 
Rex Meade StrangeEvolution of sexual dimorphisms in spottail darters (teleostei: percidae): fitness sets, phylogenetics, and a test of the egg-mimic hypothesis
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 785 
HOOD, C.S.*; ASKAR, M.Sexual dimorphism in cranial size and shape: Miopithecus talapoin (Primates, Cercopithecidae)
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 786 
HOUCK, L.D.; WURST, G.Z.*; MOORE, F.L.Androgen levels in breeding Utah tiger salamanders
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 793 
REES, B.B*; SUDRADJAT, F.A.; LOVE, J.W.Acclimation to hypoxia increases survival time of zebrafish during lethal hypoxia
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 798 
WALSH, E.J.*; DE LA RIVA, V.Molecular systematics of the Brachionidae (Phylum Rotifera) based on internal transcribed spacers (ITS) of the nuclear ribosomal gene complex.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 799 
CHENG, C.-H.C.Antifreeze glycoprotein genes in temperate water Notothenioid fish infer an Antarctic origin of speciation
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 839 
CHUNFA, W.; PATINO, R.*; DAVIS, K.B.Cellular Distribution of Estrogen Receptor ALPHA and BETA Transcripts in the Testis of Channel Catfish
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 844 
HILL, A.L.*; HILL, M.S; LIUBICICH, D.M.Insights into early animal evolution: developmental genes in sponges
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 845 
JOHN-ALDER, H.B.*; CARSIA, R.V.Partial Characterization of Adrenocortical Cells from the Eastern Fence Lizard (Sceloporus undulatus)
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 860 
MANZON, R.G.*; YOUSON, J.H.In vitro Inhibition of Thyroidal Activity in the Larval Lamprey Endostyle by Potassium Perchlorate.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 880 
NEDERBRAGT, A.J.*; LESPINET, O.; DICTUS, W.J.A.G.; VANLOON, A.E.; ADOUTTE, A.; VANDENBIGGELAAR, J.A.M.Twist and Snail Homologues in the Gastropod Mollusk Patella Vulgata: A New Twist for an Old Gene Network?
 Saturday, Jan. 6 P3 All day (Poster)  Northeast Exhibit Hall 4412 
MEYLAN, S.*; CLOBERT, J.; de FRAIPONT, M.maternal stress and juvenile dispersal in the common lizard

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