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 Saturday, Jan. 6 S10 08:20  Waldorf 703 
SAFFO, M.B.Symbiosis: a Complex and Delicate Balance
 Saturday, Jan. 6 S10 08:40  Waldorf 862 
HIRSCH, A.M.What are the Conserved Elements in Symbiotic Associations between Plants and Microbes?
 Saturday, Jan. 6 S10 09:40  Waldorf 387 
KARR, T.L.The microbe that roared: Wolbachia rescue of a lethal Drosophila mutation
 Saturday, Jan. 6 S10 11:00  Waldorf 499 
Esch, G.; Barger, M.; Fellis, J.Transmission of Parasitic Helminths: Style, Elegance, Complexity
 Saturday, Jan. 6 S10 13:00  Waldorf 303 
BREZNAK, J.A.Phylogenetic Diversity and Physiology of Termite Gut Spirochetes
 Saturday, Jan. 6 S10 13:40  Waldorf 177 
Mackie, R.I.Mutualistic Fermentative Digestion in the Gastrointestinal Tract:Diversity and Evolution
 Saturday, Jan. 6 S10 14:00  Waldorf 183 
White, B.A.Comparative microbial diversity in the gastrointestinal tracts of food animal species
 Saturday, Jan. 6 S10 16:00  Waldorf 4372 
Werren, J.H.Evolution and Consequences of Wolbachia Symbioses in Invertebrates
 Saturday, Jan. 6 S11 08:00  Continental A 513 
FISH, F.E.Mechanisms for enhanced maneuverability in organisms of varying flexibility
 Saturday, Jan. 6 S11 08:40  Continental A 250 
WEBB, P.W.Mechanisms for the control of posture and swimming trajectories of fishes
 Saturday, Jan. 6 S11 09:20  Continental A 180 
BANDYOPADHYAY, P.R.Maneuvering Hydrodynamics of Fish and Small Underwater Vehicles
 Saturday, Jan. 6 S11 10:20  Continental A 81 
ANDERSON, J.M.*; CHHABRA, N.K.Maneuvering and Stability Performance of a Robotic Tuna
 Saturday, Jan. 6 S11 11:00  Continental A 65 
WEIHS, D.Stability versus Maneuverability in Aquatic Locomotion
 Saturday, Jan. 6 S11 13:00  Continental A 423 
DUDLEY, R.Mechanisms and Implications of Animal Flight Maneuverability
 Saturday, Jan. 6 S11 13:40  Continental A 791 
Dial, K.P.; Warrick, D.R.*; Bundle, M.W.Avian Maneuverability and Stability: Blurred Bodies, Clear Heads
 Saturday, Jan. 6 S11 14:20  Continental A 599 
SWARTZ, S.M.*; STOCKWELL, E.F.Wing architecture and maneuverability in bats: a 3-D kinematic approach
 Saturday, Jan. 6 S11 15:20  Continental A 127 
RAYNER, J. M. V. *; MAYBURY, W. J.; COULDRICK, L. B.Aerodynamic control by the avian tail
 Saturday, Jan. 6 S11 16:00  Continental A 742 
DICKINSON, M.H.The structure and function of flight trajectories in freely-flying fruit flies.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 S12 08:40  Marquette 228 
HANRAHAN, J.W.* *; ZHU, T.; DAHAN, D.; FUNG, S.; MEREDITH, J.; PHILLIPS, J.E.The cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) chloride channel
 Saturday, Jan. 6 S12 09:20  Marquette 181 
Lewis, S.A.Extracellular Modulation of Epithelial Permeability
 Saturday, Jan. 6 S12 10:20  Marquette 376 
Martin, J.E.Advances Through the Insect Hindgut
 Saturday, Jan. 6 S12 11:00  Marquette 19 
Clark, T.M.Integrative Aspects of Epithelial Transport in Larval Aedes aegypti
 Saturday, Jan. 6 S12 13:40  Marquette 206 
SPRING, J.H.*; HAZELTON, S.R.Excretion in the house cricket, Acheta domesticus: Effects of cAMP on membrane dynamics, cell ultrastructure and secretion.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 S12 14:20  Marquette 324 
CHAMBERLIN, M.E.Developmental Changes in Insect Epithelial Ion Transport and Metabolism
 Saturday, Jan. 6 S12 15:20  Marquette 449 
HARRISON, J.F.Renal and Respiratory Mechanisms of Acid-base Regulation in Grasshoppers
 Saturday, Jan. 6 S12 16:00  Marquette 281 
Patrick, M.L.*; Bradley, T.J.Salt-Lovin' Skeeters: The Osmoconforming Strategy of Mosquito Larvae
 Saturday, Jan. 6 S13 08:10  PDR 2 4437 
John JungckTBA
 Saturday, Jan. 6 S13 08:40  PDR 2 166 
Maienschein, J.Promoting Interdisciplinary Thinking through Biology and Society Programs
 Saturday, Jan. 6 S13 09:00  PDR 2 661 
Stollnitz, F. *; Woodin, T. S.NSF funding opportunities related to education.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 S13 10:20  PDR 2 822 
ROEN, D.*; WHITMER, A. C.Learner-Centered Approaches in Biology
 Saturday, Jan. 6 S13 11:00  PDR 2 863 
VON BLUM, R.How to use evaluation to improve your instructional program.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 S13 11:20  PDR 2 597 
NICHOLS, J.S.*; CUTLER, L.M.; HARRISON, J.; WHITMER, A.C.Assessing Physical Space Function in a Laboratory Classroom
 Saturday, Jan. 6 S13 11:40  PDR 2 79 
FENCL, H.S.Reaching All Students: Supporting Diversity in a Science Classroom
 Saturday, Jan. 6 S13 13:00  PDR 2 173 
Udovic, D.Rethinking Introductory Biology: The Workshop Biology Project as a Case Study in Curricular Reform
 Saturday, Jan. 6 S13 13:40  PDR 2 149 
Thomas, F.I.M. Incorporation of an educational componant into a research program: trials and successes.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 S13 14:00  PDR 2 814 
BUCKLEY, D.P.Fostering learning-centered experiences with web-based technology.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 S9b 08:00  Williford C 770 
DHABHAR, F.S.Stress & The Augmentation of Immune Function
 Saturday, Jan. 6 S9b 08:40  Williford C 1799 
Carruth, L.L.*; Jones, R.E.; Norris, D.O.Stress and pacific salmon: A new look at the role of cortisol in olfaction and home-stream migration
 Saturday, Jan. 6 S9b 09:20  Williford C 70 
CARR, J.A.*; BROWN, C.L.; MANSOURI, R.; VENKATESAN, S.Stress, neuropeptides, and feeding behavior: an evolutionary perspective.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 S9b 10:20  Williford C 1797 
Breuner, C. W.*; Hahn, T. P.Corticosterone and inclement weather: mechanisms underlying adaptive behavioral responses in mountain birds.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 S9b 11:00  Williford C 18 
SUMMERS, CLIFF HSocial Interaction over Time, Implications for Stress Responsiveness

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