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 Saturday, Jan. 6 33 08:00  Williford B 338 
WALLACE, B.D.*; HAMMER, H.S.; WATTS, S.A.; LAWRENCE, J.M.; LAWRENCE, A.L.The effects of dietary protein concentration on growth of juveniles of the sea urchin Lytechinus variegatus .
 Saturday, Jan. 6 33 08:20  Williford B 268 
Hammer, H.S.*; Watts, S.A.; Lawrence, J.M.; Lawrence, A.L.; McClintock, J.B.The effect of dietary protein concentration on gonad composition and gametic condition in the sea urchin Lytechinus variegatus
 Saturday, Jan. 6 33 08:40  Williford B 634 
TELANG, A.*; CHAPMAN, R.F.; WHEELER, D.E.Sexual differences in protein and carbohydrate utilization by larval tobacco budworm, Heliothis virescens (F.).
 Saturday, Jan. 6 33 09:00  Williford B 527 
HAZARD, L.C.*; SHEMANSKI, D.R.; NAGY, K.A.Digestibility of native and exotic food plants eaten by juvenile desert tortoises
 Saturday, Jan. 6 33 09:20  Williford B 158 
SECOR, S.M.*; NAGY, T.R.Postprandial response of plasma lipds and the hormone leptin in pythons
 Saturday, Jan. 6 33 09:40  Williford B 749 
Stein, R.W.*; Williams, T.D.; Place, A.R.; del Rio, C.M.Age-related differences in digestive function during migration in the Western Sandpiper (Calidris mauri)
 Saturday, Jan. 6 34 10:20  Williford B 460 
CAVIEDES-VIDAL,E.; KARASOV,W.H.*Developmental changes in digestive enzymes of nestling house sparrows, Passer domesticus
 Saturday, Jan. 6 34 10:40  Williford B 815 
MCWILLIAMS, S.*; W. KARASOV; J. LEAFLOOR; E. CAVIEDES-VIDALDigestive adjustments in geese to reduced forage quality and its ecological implications.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 34 11:00  Williford B 467 
MORRIS, K.A.*; KARASOV, W.H.; CAVIEDES-VIDAL, E.Does digestive physiology limit refueling rates in migratory yellow-rumped warblers (Dendroica coronata)?
 Saturday, Jan. 6 34 11:20  Williford B 64 
Buchanan, J. S.*; Cranford, J. A.Changes in energy utilization, food processing, and gastrointestinal morphology of voles under differing environmental conditions
 Saturday, Jan. 6 34 11:40  Williford B 217 
PARSONS, J.L.*; HELLGREN, E.C.; LOCHMILLER, R.L. (deceased); LESLIE, D.M., JR.; JORGENSEN, E.E.Protein nutrition of Southern Plains small mammals: Comparative nitrogen requirements for reproduction
 Saturday, Jan. 6 35 13:00  Williford B 551 
TOMANEK, L.*; SOMERO, G.N.Heat-shock protein (hsp) 70 and promoter sequences in species of the genus Tegula from widely differing thermal environments
 Saturday, Jan. 6 35 13:20  Williford B 789 
REES, B.B.*; SCHULTE, P.M.Is intron 2 of the Fundulus lactate dehydrogenase B gene a hypoxia responsive element?
 Saturday, Jan. 6 35 13:40  Williford B 247 
KHAN, H.R.*; MATSUSHIMA, O.; ALKINDI, A.Y.A.; SALEUDDIN, A.S.M.Effects of serotonin, FMRFamide-related and vasopressin-related neuropeptides on free amino acid mediated osmoregulation in a pulmonate snail.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 35 14:00  Williford B 462 
Boettger, S.A.*; McClintock, J.B.The effects of organic and inorganic phosphate on muscle contraction and acetyl cholinesterase activity of the nearshore echinoid Lytechinus variegatus.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 35 14:20  Williford B 808 
Bernal, D.*; Dickson, K.; Graham, J.Convergence for high performance swimming in lamnidsharks and tunas. Thermoregulation and metabolic biochemistry.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 35 14:40  Williford B 481 
HANCOCK, T.V.*; CROCKER, C.E.; GLEESON, T.T.Contributions to elevated metabolic rates during recovery, the excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), in the desert iguana (Dipsosaurus dorsalis).
 Saturday, Jan. 6 36 15:20  Williford B 37 
Wilkens, J.L.; Yazawa, T.; Shinozaki, T.; ter Keurs, HEDJSites and mode of action of proctolin and F2 on lobster cardiac muscle
 Saturday, Jan. 6 36 15:40  Williford B 616 
Hunt von Herbing, I.*; Cashon, B.Sickling in fish red blood cells
 Saturday, Jan. 6 36 16:00  Williford B 736 
 Saturday, Jan. 6 36 16:20  Williford B 478 
COTTER, P.A.*; EVERSON, J.J.; RODNICK, K.J.What comes in must go out:Ventricular blood flow patterns in the Rainbow Trout
 Saturday, Jan. 6 36 16:40  Williford B 425 
HOAGLAND, T.M.*; HANCOCK, T.V.; HILLMAN, S.S.Systemic Vascular Compliance in Two Amphibians
 Saturday, Jan. 6 41 08:00  Continental B 364 
CROLL, S.L.*; WATTS, S.A.The effect of temperature on feeding characteristics in two sympatric crayfish species
 Saturday, Jan. 6 41 08:20  Continental B 1801 
Young, C. M.*; Vazquez, E.How carnivorous deep-sea ascidians catch their prey.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 41 08:40  Continental B 728 
TURINGAN, R.G.Functional and morphological bases of prey-capture performance in marine-fish larvae.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 41 09:00  Continental B 196 
WILLINK, P.W.The intertwining influences of prey, head shape, and attack behavior on gill raker morphology
 Saturday, Jan. 6 41 09:20  Continental B 640 
Waltzek, T.B.*; Wainwright, P.C.The Functional Morphology of Jaw Protrusion Among Neotropical Cichlids
 Saturday, Jan. 6 41 09:40  Continental B 24 
SANDERSON, S.L.*; CHEER, A.Y.; GOODRICH, J.S.; GRAZIANO, J.D.; CALLAN, W.T.How do gill rakers function in suspension-feeding fishes?
 Saturday, Jan. 6 42 10:20  Continental B 746 
JANOVETZ, J.Feeding in Serrasalmine Fishes: A Comparison of Suction and Biting Prey Capture
 Saturday, Jan. 6 42 10:40  Continental B 795 
HUSKEY, S.H.*; TURINGAN, R.G.Variation in prey-resource utilization and oral jaw gape between two populations of largemouth bass, Micropterus salmoides.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 42 11:00  Continental B 451 
DURIE, C.J.*; TURINGAN, R.G.Relationship between durophagy and feeding functional design in marine fishes: intraspecific variation in ecological morphology
 Saturday, Jan. 6 42 11:20  Continental B 273 
Porter, H.T.*; Motta, P.J.A Comparison of Prey Capture Behavior and Kinematics in Three Ram Feeding Fishes
 Saturday, Jan. 6 42 11:40  Continental B 590 
MCGOWAN, C.P.*; O'REILLY, J.C.; NISHIKAWA, K.C.Scaling of the Feeding Mechanism in the Colorado River Toad
 Saturday, Jan. 6 43 13:00  Continental B 687 
LAPPIN, A.K.*; NISHIKAWA, K.C.; PIEROTTI, D.J.Isometric contractile properties of anuran jaw muscles and their relationship to feeding mechanics
 Saturday, Jan. 6 43 13:20  Continental B 685 
DESROCHERS, D.M.*; NISHIKAWA, K.C.Hypoglossal sensory feedback control during feeding in the toad Bufo alvarius
 Saturday, Jan. 6 43 13:40  Continental B 722 
CARRE-O, C.A.*; NISHIKAWA, K.C.Does morphology correlate with prey capture kinematics in leptodactylid frogs?
 Saturday, Jan. 6 43 14:00  Continental B 287 
Zepnewski, E.*; Nishikawa, K.Connective tissue in ballistic tongues
 Saturday, Jan. 6 43 14:20  Continental B 369 
Monroy, J.A.*; Nishikawa, K.C.Aiming during prey capture in microhylid frogs
 Saturday, Jan. 6 43 14:40  Continental B 363 
Price, C.L.*; Meyers, J.J.; Herrel, A.; Nishikawa, K.C.Scaling and kinematics of tongue projection in chameleons
 Saturday, Jan. 6 44 15:20  Continental B 439 
McBrayer, L.D.*; Reilly, S.M.The variation in feeding behavior of scleroglossan and autarchoglossan lizards
 Saturday, Jan. 6 44 15:40  Continental B 62 
MEYERS, J.J.*; HERREL, A.; NISHIKAWA, K.C.Morphological Specializations of the Feeding System in Horned Lizards (Phrynosoma)
 Saturday, Jan. 6 44 16:00  Continental B 790 
DEUFEL, A.*; CUNDALL, D.Feeding in stiletto snakes
 Saturday, Jan. 6 44 16:20  Continental B 479 
LADUC, T.J.Effects of body size on the predatory strike of the western diamondback rattlesnake ( Crotalus atrox )
 Saturday, Jan. 6 44 16:40  Continental B 167 
STARCK, J.M.Morphological Flexibility of the Intestine of Snakes
 Saturday, Jan. 6 45 08:00  Continental C 385 
Woodard, A.*; Shardo, J.Morphological changes associated with the development of feeding in red snapper (Lutjanus campechanus).
 Saturday, Jan. 6 45 08:20  Continental C 693 
Maglia, A.*; Buchholz, D.R.Heterochrony and patterns of osteogenesis in pelobatoid frogs
 Saturday, Jan. 6 45 08:40  Continental C 466 
SMITH, M.H.; WILLIAMS, N.L.; STELLWAG, E.J.; SCEMAMA, J.L.*Characterization of a novel Hox group gene 1 from Morone saxatilis
 Saturday, Jan. 6 45 09:00  Continental C 293 
CARL, T.F.*; KLYMKOWSKY, M.W.; HANKEN, J.Multiple functions for the gene Slug in Xenopus laevis
 Saturday, Jan. 6 45 09:20  Continental C 207 
NGUYEN, L*; LECLAIR, E.E.Ontogenetic expression of plunc, a mouse marker for selected derivatives of the pharyngeal epithelium.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 45 09:40  Continental C 574 
DEAROLF, J.L.*; MCLELLAN, W.A.; PABST, D.A.; HERMANSON, J.W.Diaphragm muscle development in bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus)
 Saturday, Jan. 6 46 10:20  Continental C 545 
McCauley, D.W.*; Bronner-Fraser, M.Cranial neural crest cell migration in the lamprey Petromyzon marinus
 Saturday, Jan. 6 46 10:40  Continental C 401 
CARL, T. F.; HANKEN, J.*Neural-crest derivation of the ossified skull in amphibians revealed by vital labeling with GFP.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 46 11:00  Continental C 459 
GILBERT, S.F.*; LOREDO, G.A.; BRUKMAN, A.; TUAN, R.Studies in Turtle Shell Development: Osteogenesis of an Evolutionarily Novel Structure
 Saturday, Jan. 6 46 11:20  Continental C 316 
STEWART, J.R.*; HEULIN, B.Ontogeny of the Extraembryonic Membranes in Oviparous Viviparous Lizards, Lacerta vivipara.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 46 11:40  Continental C 510 
JERNVALL, J.*; KERčNEN, S.V.E.; THESLEFF, I.Quantifying evolutionary modification of development in mammalian molar topography
 Saturday, Jan. 6 47 13:00  Continental C 105 
Golenberg, E.M.Floral Developmental Regulation and Sexual Lability in Spinach
 Saturday, Jan. 6 47 13:20  Continental C 781 
deMaintenon, M.J.Patterns of reproductive system development in the caenogastropods; systematic and evolutionary implications.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 47 13:40  Continental C 881 
NEDERBRAGT, A.J.*; DICTUS, W.J.A.G.; VANLOON, A.E.Conserved Gene Networks in Development: The Engrailed and Dpp Homologues in Molluscan Shell Development
 Saturday, Jan. 6 47 14:00  Continental C 724 
SEAVER, E.C.*; PAULSON, D.; IRVINE, S.Q.; MARTINDALE, M. Q.Sequence and developmental expression of the engrailed gene in the polychaete Chaetopterus
 Saturday, Jan. 6 47 14:20  Continental C 755 
Pizer, M.*; Wray, G.A.The Evolution and Development of Left-Right Asymmetry in Echinoderms
 Saturday, Jan. 6 47 14:40  Continental C 38 
FREEMAN, G.A Developmental Basis for the Cambrian Explosion: Evidence from Extant Brachiopods
 Saturday, Jan. 6 48 15:20  Continental C 156 
MCCLINTOCK, J.M.*; JOZEFOWICZ, C.; CARLSON, R.; MANN, D.J.; PRINCE, V.E.Hox gene patterning and fish evolution
 Saturday, Jan. 6 48 15:40  Continental C 74 
WOURMS, J.P.Rudimentary trophotaeniae of Ataeniobius embryos: an evolutionary intermediate of teleost trophotaenial placentae.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 48 16:00  Continental C 145 
JEFFERY, J.E.*; BININDA-EMONDS, O.R.P.; COATES, M.I.; RICHARDSON, M.K.Heterochrony in Amniote Evolution
 Saturday, Jan. 6 48 16:20  Continental C 264 
GALIS, F.Modularity and the conservation of characters determined in the phylotypic stage
 Saturday, Jan. 6 48 16:40  Continental C 504 
SHAPIRO, M.D.Developmental morphology and gene expression in lizard digit reduction
 Saturday, Jan. 6 49 08:00  Williford A 778 
EARLS, K.D.Skeletal diversity and morphology in Anseriformes: an explicitly phylogenetic analysis
 Saturday, Jan. 6 49 08:20  Williford A 607 
HALL, M.I.Another look at Leuckart's Law
 Saturday, Jan. 6 49 08:40  Williford A 705 
BOSTWICK, K.S.Sexual selection for wing-sounds associated with convergent wing shape evolution between three clades of manakins (Aves: Pipridae
 Saturday, Jan. 6 49 09:00  Williford A 58 
VANHOOYDONCK, B.*; VAN DAMME, R.; AERTS, P.Trade-offs in the evolution of locomotor performance: are speed and stamina correlated in lacertid lizards?
 Saturday, Jan. 6 49 09:20  Williford A 83 
WARNER, D.A.*; ANDREWS, R.M.Maternal and Environmental Contributions to Hatchling Phenotypes and Survival of the Lizard Sceloporus undulatus
 Saturday, Jan. 6 49 09:40  Williford A 573 
Niewiarowski, P.H.*; Angilletta, Jr., M.J.; Leache, A.D.; Porter, W.P.Phylogenetically-based Comparative Analysis of Life History Variation Among Populations of Sceloporus undulatus
 Saturday, Jan. 6 50 10:20  Williford A 560 
MUELLER, R.L.Who needs a nucleus? Red blood cells in the genus Batrachoseps
 Saturday, Jan. 6 50 10:40  Williford A 86 
TRACY, C. R.*; DIAMOND, J.Altitudinal variation in effects of hibernation and feeding on nutrient uptake in chuckwallas (Sauromalus obesus: Iguanidae)
 Saturday, Jan. 6 50 11:00  Williford A 787 
Owerkowicz, T.*; Brainerd, E. L.; Carrier, D. R.Electromyographic pattern of the gular pump in monitor lizards.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 50 11:20  Williford A 512 
Filoramo, N.I.*; Schwenk, K.Ultrastructure of the lingual surface in anguimorph lizards and snakes: evolutionary and functional implications.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 50 11:40  Williford A 388 
WINNE, C. T. *; KECK, M. B.The Historical Evolution of Thermal Physiology in the Diamondback Watersnake, Nerodia rhombifer
 Saturday, Jan. 6 51 13:00  Williford A 35 
Hochberg, R.Function and systematic distribution of helicoidal muscles in Gastrotricha
 Saturday, Jan. 6 51 13:20  Williford A 735 
Hayes, K.H.*; Karl, S.A.Evolution of the ýCorona Complexţ Within the Genus Melongena (Gastropoda:Melongenidae): Evidence From Internal Transcribed Spacers and Microsatellite Data
 Saturday, Jan. 6 51 13:40  Williford A 421 
DAHLGREN, T.G.; WEINBERG, J.R.; HALANYCH, K.M.*Phylogeography of the ocean quahog (Arctica islandica): influences of paleoclimate on genetic diversity and species range
 Saturday, Jan. 6 51 14:00  Williford A 843 
OAKLEY, T.H.Multiple lines of evidence support the independent origin of an arthropod compound eye
 Saturday, Jan. 6 51 14:20  Williford A 587 
Vess, T.J.*; Frederik, H. NijhoutUnraveling the Evolution of Color Pattern: Exploring Sources of Variation in Coccinellid Spots
 Saturday, Jan. 6 51 14:40  Williford A 288 
BETTENCOURT, B.R.*; FEDER, M.E.Concerted evolution and concerted degeneration at the hsp70 genes and pseudogenes of the Drosophila melanogaster species subgroup.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 52 15:20  Williford A 706 
MOTZ, A.M.; WOLCOTT, T.G.*; WOLCOTT, D.L.; HINES, A.H.Sperm Limitation and Operational Sex Ratio in Blue Crabs.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 52 15:40  Williford A 533 
HERBERHOLZ, J.; ISSA, F.A.; EDWARDS, D.H.The Role of Tailflip Behavior in Crayfish During Dominance Hierarchy Formation.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 52 16:00  Williford A 134 
MATHEWS, L.M.Evolution of social monogamy in snapping shrimp
 Saturday, Jan. 6 52 16:20  Williford A 248 
Mahon, A.R.*; Amsler, C.D.; McClintock, J.B.; Baker, B.J.Chemo-tactile predator avoidance responses of the antarctic limpet, Nacella concinna
 Saturday, Jan. 6 52 16:40  Williford A 531 
Dickey, B.Prediction and description of interaction patterns in social dominance structures
 Saturday, Jan. 6 56 13:00  Williford C 473 
Maldonado, T.M.*; Jones, R.E.; Norris, D.O.Neurodegeneration and amyloidosis in the brain of kokanee salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka kennerlyi) during sexual maturation and senescence.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 56 13:20  Williford C 54 
BOORSE, G.B.; DENVER, R.J.*Changes in Hypothalamic Corticotropin-Releasing Hormone (CRH) Content During Environmentally-Induced Metamorphosis in the Western Spadefoot Toad (Spea hammondii)
 Saturday, Jan. 6 56 13:40  Williford C 55 
HOOPFER, E.D.; DENVER, R.J.*Synergistic Upregulation of Thyroid Hormone Receptor mRNAs by Thyroid Hormone and Corticosterone in Tadpoles of Xenopus laevis
 Saturday, Jan. 6 56 14:00  Williford C 655 
CASH, W.B.*; HOLBERTON, R.L.Stress and the Slider Turtle
 Saturday, Jan. 6 56 14:20  Williford C 392 
JESSOP, T.S.A review of the rewards for the big, dumb and socially inept: Interactions between the adrenocortical stress response and life-history events of marine turtles.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 56 14:40  Williford C 442 
JENNINGS, D.H.*; WEISS, S.L.; MOORE, M.C.Ontogenetic changes in embryonic yolk steroid content in tree lizards: Transfer of hormones from the developing embryo to the yolk?
 Saturday, Jan. 6 57 15:20  Williford C 48 
VALVERDE, R.A.*; DENVER, R.J.Molecular Evolution of the Corticotropin-Releasing Hormone Binding Protein
 Saturday, Jan. 6 57 15:40  Williford C 733 
HIEBERT, S.M.*; SALVANTE, K.; RAMENOFSKY, M.; WINGFIELD, J.C.Seasonal differences in the response of corticosterone and nocturnal torpor to energy challenge in rufous hummingbirds
 Saturday, Jan. 6 57 16:00  Williford C 358 
HOLBERTON,R.*; WILSON,C.M.; SIMS,C.; CASH, W.B.The Role of Corticosterone and the Effects of its Inhibition During the Development of Migratory Condition in Dark-eyed Juncos.
 Saturday, Jan. 6 57 16:20  Williford C 279 
SALVANTE, K.G.*; WILLIAMS, T.D.Hormonal control of reproduction: Effects of corticosterone on timing of laying, egg size, clutch size, and yolk precursor levels
 Saturday, Jan. 6 57 16:40  Williford C 184 
WILSON, C.M.*; HOLBERTON, R.L.The Endocrine Basis for Trade-offs between Immediate Survival and Reproductive Success in Arctic- and Temperate-breeding Yellow Warblers

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