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 Sunday, Jan. 7 S10b 11:00  Waldorf 63 
Thompson, J.N.*; Nuismer, S.L.Coevolution and Maladaptation
 Sunday, Jan. 7 S10b 11:20  Waldorf 769 
SORENSON, M.D.*; PAYNE, R.B.Molecular Genetic Perspectives on the Coevolution of Avian Brood Parasites and their Hosts
 Sunday, Jan. 7 S10b 13:00  Waldorf 1796 
Lutzoni, F.*; Pagel, M.; Reeb, V.Contribution of the lichen symbiosis to the diversification of fungi: A new approach to determining confidence levels for ancestral character states
 Sunday, Jan. 7 S10b 13:40  Waldorf 821 
NORRIS, R.D.,Evolution of Photosymbiosis in Planktic Foraminifera
 Sunday, Jan. 7 S10b 15:20  Waldorf 221 
Bruns, T.D.*; Bidartondo, M.I.; Taylor, D.L.Interactions of Ectomycorrhizal Fungi and Ectomycorrhizal Epiparasites
 Sunday, Jan. 7 S10b 16:00  Waldorf 813 
Faeth, S.H.Fungal endophytes and host plant symbioses: mutualism, neutralism, or antagonism?
 Sunday, Jan. 7 S11b 08:00  Continental A 602 
FULL, R.J.Stability and maneuverability in sprawled posture, legged locomotion.
 Sunday, Jan. 7 S11b 08:40  Continental A 44 
ALEXANDER, R.McN.Stability and Manoeuvrability of Terrestrial Vertebrates
 Sunday, Jan. 7 S11b 09:20  Continental A 865 
CRUSE, H.*; SCHUMM, M.The influence of changing substrate conditions on swing movement trajectories
 Sunday, Jan. 7 S11b 10:20  Continental A 877 
PRATT, G.Low impedance robotics
 Sunday, Jan. 7 S11b 11:00  Continental A 480 
 Sunday, Jan. 7 S14 08:40  Marquette 15 
SHI, Y.B.Mechanism and developmental function of gene regulation by thyroid hormone receptors in Xenopus laevis.
 Sunday, Jan. 7 S14 09:20  Marquette 783 
Furlow, J.D.*; Lim, W.; Ermio, D.J.; Chiellini, G.; Scanlan, T.S.Molecular mechanisms underlying thyroid hormone induced gene expression cascades during amphibian metamorphosis
 Sunday, Jan. 7 S14 10:20  Marquette 40 
DENVER, R.J.Transcriptional Regulatory Networks Induced by Thyroid Hormone During Metamorphosis of the Amphibian Central Nervous System
 Sunday, Jan. 7 S14 11:00  Marquette 294 
Marsh-Armstrong, N.*; Brown, D.D.Transgenic studies of metamorphic changes in the nervous system of Xenopus laevis
 Sunday, Jan. 7 S14 13:00  Marquette 77 
MENON J.*; FRESSE, D.Effects of hormones/morphogens in anuran metamorphosis
 Sunday, Jan. 7 S14 13:40  Marquette 242 
WRIGHT, M.L.Circadian aspects of hormonal regulation of metamorphosis in Rana catesbeiana.
 Sunday, Jan. 7 S14 14:20  Marquette 67 
KALTENBACH, J.C.ATPase immunoreactivity and lectin binding in gills of larval amphibians and fish
 Sunday, Jan. 7 S14 15:20  Marquette 743 
BUCHHOLZ, D.*; HAYES, T.Evolution of Diversity in Anuran Tadpoles: Accelerated metamorphosis in spadefoot toads
 Sunday, Jan. 7 S14 16:00  Marquette 508 
WASSERSUG, R.J.Problems in Metamorphosis Above the Molecular Level
 Sunday, Jan. 7 S15 08:00  Williford C 810 
WOLF, B.O.Using stable isotopes approaches to explore animal physiological ecology
 Sunday, Jan. 7 S15 08:40  Williford C 222 
HATCH, K.A.*; PINSHOW, B.; SPEAKMAN, J.R.Stable sotopes in exhaled CO2 and the assessment of substrate metabolism in flying birds
 Sunday, Jan. 7 S15 09:20  Williford C 879 
Piersma, T.*; van Gils, J.; Dekinga, A.; Spaans, B.; Dietz, M.W.; Visser, G.H.Physiology-based trade-offs in diet and habitat selection of a small shorebird
 Sunday, Jan. 7 S15 10:20  Williford C 543 
Williams, J.B.*; Tieleman, B.I.Evolutionary Physiology of larks
 Sunday, Jan. 7 S15 11:00  Williford C 876 
HENEN, B.T.Reproductive effort and reproductive nutrition of female desert tortoises: essential field methods
 Sunday, Jan. 7 S15 13:00  Williford C 518 
GRASMAN, K.A.Assessing Immunological Function in Toxicological Studies of Fish-Eating Birds
 Sunday, Jan. 7 S15 13:40  Williford C 780 
KETTERSON, E.D.*; NOLAN, Jr., V.; CASTO, J.M.; NEUDORF, D.L.; GRINDSTAFF, J.L.; PARKER-RENGA, I.Using Hormones to Explore Adaptation and Constraint in a Songbird
 Sunday, Jan. 7 S15 14:20  Williford C 118 
WINGFIELD, J.C.*; SOMA, K.K.Autumn and Spring Territoriality: Same Behavior, Different Mechanisms
 Sunday, Jan. 7 S15 15:20  Williford C 203 
VLECK, C.*; VLECK, D.Physiological condition and reproductive consequences in Adelie penguins
 Sunday, Jan. 7 S15 16:00  Williford C 866 
FEDAK, M.*; LOVELL, P.; MCCONNELL, B.; HUNTER, C.Methods for overcoming the constraints of long range telemetry of biological information from animals: getting more useful data from small packages

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