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 Sunday, Jan. 7 58 08:00  Continental B 548 
HOOGE, M.D.*; TYLER, S.Non-muscle actin in sclerotic components of the female reproductive system of acoel turbellarians
 Sunday, Jan. 7 58 08:20  Continental B 227 
CAVEY, M.J.*; WILKENS, J.L.F-actin in the Amuscular Arteries of the American Lobster
 Sunday, Jan. 7 58 08:40  Continental B 541 
THOMPSON, J.T.The ontogeny of squid mantle structure and function
 Sunday, Jan. 7 58 09:00  Continental B 292 
SCHAACK, S.*; CHAPMAN, L.J.Cascading effects of hypoxia on the functional morphology, ecology, and diversification of an African cyprinid.
 Sunday, Jan. 7 58 09:20  Continental B 255 
BARKER, J.U.; ASHLEY-ROSS, M.A.*The effect of fiber type heterogeneity on work and power output of hindlimb muscles of the tiger salamander
 Sunday, Jan. 7 58 09:40  Continental B 487 
Wyneken, J.*; Steinberg, F.The Use of CT and Functional MRI to Examine Cardiopulmonary Structure and Function in Ecologically Distinct Species of Turtles.
 Sunday, Jan. 7 59 10:20  Continental B 252 
Sedlmayr, J.C.*; Witmer, L.M.The Avian Suborbital Air Sac and its Potential Role in Brain Cooling in Birds and Other Dinosaurs
 Sunday, Jan. 7 59 10:40  Continental B 254 
CLIFFORD, A.B.*; WITMER, L.M.The Narial Anatomy of Hooded Seals (Cystophora cristata) with Respect to other Carnivora.
 Sunday, Jan. 7 59 11:00  Continental B 648 
Watts, P.*; Fish, F.Fluid Dynamic Role of Tubercles on Humpback Whale Flippers
 Sunday, Jan. 7 59 11:20  Continental B 138 
ROMMEL, S.A.*; PABST, D.A.; MCLELLAN, W.A.Convergent evolution in the vascular systems of three marine mammals
 Sunday, Jan. 7 59 11:40  Continental B 476 
Powell, K.P.*; Rommel, S.A.Reproductive Anatomy of the Female Florida Manatee (Trichechus manatus latirostris).
 Sunday, Jan. 7 60 13:00  Continental B 841 
 Sunday, Jan. 7 60 13:20  Continental B 465 
WILLEY, J.S.*; REILLY, S.M.; BIKNEVICIUS, A.R.The mechanics of a semi-erect posture: Locomotor force studies in Alligator
 Sunday, Jan. 7 60 13:40  Continental B 45 
FISH, F.E.; FRAPPELL, P.B.; BAUDINETTE, R.V.; MACFARLANE, P.M.Energetics of terrestrial locomotion of the platypus: Metabolic inefficiencies due to aquatic adaptation
 Sunday, Jan. 7 60 14:00  Continental B 199 
LAMMERS, A.R.The effects of incline and branch diameter on the kinematics of arboreal locomotion
 Sunday, Jan. 7 60 14:20  Continental B 454 
REILLY, S.M.*; WHITE, T.D.Abdominal motor dynamics in mammal locomotion I: Asymmetrical modulation of "cross-couplet" body support in trotting opossums
 Sunday, Jan. 7 60 14:40  Continental B 596 
WHITE, T.D.*; REILLY, S.M.Abdominal motor dynamics in mammal locomotion II: Integration of ventilation with "cross-coupled" body support and footfall patterns in trotting opossums
 Sunday, Jan. 7 61 15:20  Continental B 412 
Girard, I.*; McAleer, M. W.; Rhodes, J. S.; Garland, T., Jr.Increased intermittency of locomotion in house mice selectively bred for high voluntary wheel running.
 Sunday, Jan. 7 61 15:40  Continental B 216 
Gillis, G.B.*; Biewener, A.A.Plasticity in Limb Muscle Function During Locomotion
 Sunday, Jan. 7 61 16:00  Continental B 765 
Griffin, T.M.*; Garcia, S.; Wickler, S.J.; Hoyt, D.F.; Kram, R.Determinants of the walk-trot transition and preferred walking speeds: Insights from intra-specific size comparisons of horses
 Sunday, Jan. 7 61 16:20  Continental B 267 
CARD, G.*; WEYAND, P.; BIEWENER, A.A.Changes in Effective Mechanical Advantage of the Human Limb during Sprint Acceleration
 Sunday, Jan. 7 61 16:40  Continental B 644 
Norcliffe, H. R.*; Watts, P.; Carrier, D. R.Comparative Study of Human Locomotion in Microgravity
 Sunday, Jan. 7 62 08:00  Continental C 148 
WENDT, D.E.Energetics of Larval Swimming and Metamorphosis in Four Species of Bugula (Bryozoa)
 Sunday, Jan. 7 62 08:20  Continental C 304 
ABGRALL, M-J.*; WALTERS, L.J.Settlement preferences and recruitment of the bryozoan Bugula neritina on drift macroalgae in Mosquito Lagoon, Florida
 Sunday, Jan. 7 62 08:40  Continental C 98 
HENDERSON, S.Y.Adult nutrition on juvenile growth in Bugula pacifica
 Sunday, Jan. 7 62 09:00  Continental C 5 
Collin, R.*; Chaparro, O. R.Loss of Feeding Larvae in Crepidula (Gastropoda: Calyptraeidae) is Not Irreversible
 Sunday, Jan. 7 62 09:20  Continental C 354 
PHILLIPS, N.E.The effects of larval nutritional history on larval condition and post-settlement juvenile growth of the mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis
 Sunday, Jan. 7 62 09:40  Continental C 430 
Podolsky, R.D.Intertidal embryos: temperature tradeoffs during early development
 Sunday, Jan. 7 63 10:20  Continental C 848 
PAGE, L.R.The Apical Sensory Organ of Gastropod Larvae: New Data on a Patellogastropod
 Sunday, Jan. 7 63 10:40  Continental C 89 
BRODIE, R.J.Ontogenetic changes in rates of water loss and shell-wearing behaviors enable land hermit crab megalopae to avoid desiccating in air
 Sunday, Jan. 7 63 11:00  Continental C 4370 
WILLIAMS. J.*; BIESIOT, P.M.Fatty Acid Profiles Associated with Diapause Egg Production in Two Species of Freshwater Calanoid Copepods
 Sunday, Jan. 7 63 11:20  Continental C 417 
WALTERS, L.J.*; ABGRALL, M.J.Impact of Drift Species (Gracilaria compressa, Zoobotryon verticillatum) on the Recruitment and Fitness of Sessile Invertebrates
 Sunday, Jan. 7 63 11:40  Continental C 754 
SANTAGATA, S.*; ZIMMER, R.L.Muscle, neural, and epithelial tissue variation between larval and presumptive juvenile structures in different species of actinotroch larvae (Phoronida).
 Sunday, Jan. 7 64 13:00  Continental C 283 
DAVIDSON, B.J.*; MOODY, W.; SWALLA, B.Tunicate Out of Body Experiences: Extra-Somatic Cell Migration and Other Insights and Observations on Urochordate Metamorphosis
 Sunday, Jan. 7 64 13:20  Continental C 219 
Heyland, A.*; Hodin, J.Endogenous Thyroxine production in Sand Dollar larvae and its implication for the evolutionary loss of larval feeding
 Sunday, Jan. 7 64 13:40  Continental C 405 
FISHER, G.R.*; DIMOCK, R.V. Jr.The Role of the Larval Mantle Cells During Metamorphosis of Utterbackia imbecillis (Bivalvia: Unionidae)
 Sunday, Jan. 7 64 14:00  Continental C 633 
Lambert, J.D.; Nagy, L.M.The role of MAPK signaling in patterning mollusc embryos
 Sunday, Jan. 7 64 14:20  Continental C 3 
BLACKSTONE, N.W.Redox State, Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), and Adaptive Growth of Hydroid Colonies
 Sunday, Jan. 7 64 14:40  Continental C 582 
MARTINEZ.G.MMuscle Development in the Long-finned Squid using Phalloidin Staining Methods.
 Sunday, Jan. 7 65 15:20  Continental C 139 
CORLEY, L.S.*; STRAND, M.R.Regulation of Caste Fate in the Polyembryonic Wasp Copidosoma floridanum
 Sunday, Jan. 7 65 15:40  Continental C 80 
Kettle, C. S.; Arthur, W.Centipede embryology: conservation and change in early development within the Chilopoda and comparisons with other arthropods
 Sunday, Jan. 7 65 16:00  Continental C 132 
FRIEDRICH, M.Evolution of insect eye development: comparative and functional evidence for a conserved role of wingless in negatively controlling the spatial extent of retina differentiation
 Sunday, Jan. 7 65 16:20  Continental C 833 
DAVIS, G.K.*; JARAMILLO, C.A.; PATEL, N.H.Pax group III genes and the evolution of insect pair-rule patterning
 Sunday, Jan. 7 65 16:40  Continental C 578 
Dworkin, I.M.*; Larsen, E.WTemporal dynamics of the interaction between homothorax and Antennapedia in D. melanogaster
 Sunday, Jan. 7 66 08:00  PDR 2 146 
SNYDER, M.J.*; ROSSI, S.Alterations in Stress Proteins Correlate with Space Competition in Sessile Marine Invertebrates.
 Sunday, Jan. 7 66 08:20  PDR 2 249 
Quinn, N.J.Reef Check - Papua New Guinea's participation in a global assessment of human effects on coral reefs
 Sunday, Jan. 7 66 08:40  PDR 2 885 
BOTTON, M. L.*; LOVELAND, R. E.The Diminishing Abundance of Horseshoe Crabs in Delaware Bay: Potential Impacts on Migrant Shorebirds
 Sunday, Jan. 7 66 09:00  PDR 2 43 
Parham, J.F.*; Simison, W.B.; Kozak, K.H.; Feldman, C.R.A reassessment of some recently described Chinese turtles
 Sunday, Jan. 7 66 09:20  PDR 2 441 
Green, A.K.*; Ward, D.Dispersal of hemiparasitic mistletoe (Plicosepalus acaciae) by the Yellow-vented Bulbul (Pycnonoyus xanthopygos) among Acacia trees in Israel
 Sunday, Jan. 7 66 09:40  PDR 2 4 
LANNOO, M.J.*; NANJAPPA, P.; BLACKBURN, L.M.What Amphibian Malformations Tell Us About Causes
 Sunday, Jan. 7 67 10:20  PDR 2 523 
ZELDITCH, M.L.*; SHEETS, H.D.; FINK, W.L.Conservative ontogenetic trajectories: artifacts or data?
 Sunday, Jan. 7 67 10:40  PDR 2 534 
Peter LarsonChondrocranial development in larval Rana sylvatica (Anura: Ranidae): A morphometric analysis of cranial allometry and ontogenetic shape change
 Sunday, Jan. 7 67 11:00  PDR 2 528 
ESPINOZA, N.R.Effects of developmental temperature on musculoskeletal growth and jumping performance in the treefrog Hyla chrysoscelis.
 Sunday, Jan. 7 67 11:20  PDR 2 809 
Prum, R.O.*; Williamson, S.Models of the developmental determination of feather shape and pigmentation pattern.
 Sunday, Jan. 7 67 11:40  PDR 2 832 
Pabst, D.A.*; Koopman, H.N.; Rommel, S.A.; Potter, C.W; Read, R.J.; McLellan, W.A.Ontogenetic allometry and body composition of harbor porpoises Phocoena phocoena from the western north Atlantic
 Sunday, Jan. 7 68 08:00  Williford A 767 
ADELMAN, L.M.Integration of Research and Education: Are you ready?
 Sunday, Jan. 7 68 08:20  Williford A 343 
MORSE, M.P.AIBS/Packard Review of High School Biology Instructional Materials
 Sunday, Jan. 7 68 08:40  Williford A 800 
STEVENSON, R.D.Building Conceptual Frameworks for Teaching Biology and Physiology: Theory, Examples and a New Role for SICB?
 Sunday, Jan. 7 68 09:00  Williford A 109 
Temple, J. G.Animal Magnetism: Using magnetic stir bars to learn about digestive passage rate in snakes.
 Sunday, Jan. 7 68 09:20  Williford A 26 
WHEATLY, M.G.*; WOOD, T.J.; RENICK, P.; VERNOOY, J.; TASCHENBERGER, L.; WENDELN, M.Applying what you learned in CLASS: Transforming biological laboratory education so that it is universally accessible.
 Sunday, Jan. 7 68 09:40  Williford A 301 
HOUSEMAN, J. G. *Incorporating digital media and new technologies into an Introductory Zoology course: Experiences and Reflections.
 Sunday, Jan. 7 69 10:20  Williford A 806 
AMUNDSON, R.Evo versus Devo: Methodological Conflicts in the Treatment of Variation
 Sunday, Jan. 7 69 10:40  Williford A 679 
EDWARDS, R.Cultural evolution of scientific values: grant overhead in a parasite-host model.
 Sunday, Jan. 7 69 11:00  Williford A 140 
VOGEL, S. Muscle as Engine: A Biomechanical Look at Some Ancient Tasks
 Sunday, Jan. 7 70 08:00  Williford B 114 
Harper, S.L.; Reiber, C.L.Deviants of gas exchange: adaptations of the tadpole shrimp
 Sunday, Jan. 7 70 08:20  Williford B 125 
CHAN, S.-M.; GU, P.-L.The study of shrimp CHH/MIH/GIH gene family: gene structure, expression and biological assay of recombinant neuropeptides
 Sunday, Jan. 7 70 08:40  Williford B 650 
LINDER, C.J.; TSUKIMURA, B.*Inhibitory effects of methyl farnesoate (MF) on the reproductive development of tadpole shrimp (TS), Triops longicaudatus
 Sunday, Jan. 7 70 09:00  Williford B 413 
HOLFORD, K.C.*; BORST, D.W.The effects of sinus gland extracts on transcript levels of farnesoic acid O-methyl transferase (MeT) in the lobster mandibular organ.
 Sunday, Jan. 7 70 09:20  Williford B 102 
Tilden, A.R.*; Schwartz, J.; McGann, L.Influence of Melatonin on Hemolymph Metabolites in the Fiddler Crab Uca Pugilator
 Sunday, Jan. 7 70 09:40  Williford B 748 
TSAI, P.-S.*; MALDONADO, T.A.; PAK, T.R.; ZHANG, L.Characterization of a Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone System in an Opisthobranch Mollusk, Aplysia californica
 Sunday, Jan. 7 71 10:20  Williford B 90 
HATLE, J.D.*; BORST, D.W.; ESKEW, M.R.; JULIANO, S.A.Maximum titers of vitellogenin and storage protein occur during the canalized phase of grasshopper oogensis
 Sunday, Jan. 7 71 10:40  Williford B 191 
D'AMICO, L.J.*; DAVIDOWITZ, G.; NIJHOUT, H.F.Body size evolution in a laboratory strain of Manduca sexta : Implications for studies in insect physiology and endocrinology
 Sunday, Jan. 7 71 11:00  Williford B 263 
LOTT,D.B.; ACKERMAN,R.A.*Thermal dose and embryonic sex determination in Chelydra serpentina.
 Sunday, Jan. 7 71 11:20  Williford B 544 
Rimkus, T.A.*; Siebert, C.A.; Selby, D.M.Lead analysis of snapping turtle (Chelydra serpentina) hatchlings exposed to lead nitrate at various times during incubation.
 Sunday, Jan. 7 71 11:40  Williford B 846 
JOHN-ALDER, H.B.*; HAENEL, G.J.Experimental and Demographic Analyses of Growth and Sexual Size Dimorphism in a Lizard, Sceloporus undulatus

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