Dear Student Support Applicant:

Please read the following guidelines carefully before submitting your application to participate in SlCB's Student Support Program for the upcoming Annual Meeting. In order to be eligible for Student Support you must:
  • Be a member of SICB
  • Be a presenting author (i.e., have submitted an abstract for the 2001 Annual Meeting)
  • Complete the application form in its entirety before the deadline; failure to do so will make you ineligible for the Student Support Program
  • Fill in name and email of your member sponsor or thesis advisor
  • Submit the completed application by Friday, November 17, 2000 and
  • Provide one half-day of assistance to SICB during the Annual Meeting.
The SICB Student Support Program awards financial support in the form of housing or registration fees. Requests will be granted by the Student Support Program Committee. Students who are granted support will be notified by mail or e-mail.

Those applicants granted housing support will receive complimentary housing based on double occupancy for the four (4) nights during the Annual Meeting. Early arrivals and/or late departures are at the individual's own expense at the SICB Annual Meeting room rates. Contact Micah Sauntry for current room rates. If you are granted housing assistance, SICB will make your hotel reservations for you. Do not make your own housing reservations.

You will be required to room with another student receiving student support. If you know of another student who has applied for housing support that you would prefer as a roommate, please provide SICB with their name in the appropriate space on the application. Otherwise, SICB will be responsible for assigning roommates.

If your spouse is attending the Annual Meeting, your spouse must register for the Annual Meeting and pay the Spouse/Guest registration fee.

If you are granted support of any type through the SICB Student Support Program you are obligated to provide assistance during the meeting; failure to fulfill your obligation will cause immediate cancellation of your support.

Any inquiries can be directed to Micah Sauntry at 1-800-955-1236, extension 30, FAX 703-790-1745, or via e-mail at


Please complete this application for the Student Support Program. You are required to be the presenting author to qualify and must be a member of SICB. APPLICATION MUST BE RECEIVED BY: NOVEMBER 17, 2000.

Zip/Postal Code:
Work Phone:
Home Phone:
Abstract Title:

Please indicate primary Divisional Interest:

Animal Behavior
Comparative Endocrinology
Comparative Physiology & Biochemistry
Developmental & Cell Biology
Ecology and Evolution
Evolutionary Developmental Biology
Integrative & Comparative Issues
Invertebrate Zoology
Systematic & Evolutionary Biology
Vertebrate Morphology

The Student Support Program will award support in the form of waived registration fees OR complimentary housing (double occupancy), for the nights of January 3, 4, 5, and 6, 2001. Indicate your choice of support below:

Housing Support      Registration Support

Housing Support: If you are granted housing assistance, SICB will make your hotel reservations for you. Do not make your own housing reservations.

Name of individual to share a room with:
(both students must complete an application). Please note that if you do not indicate a name, you will be assigned a room with another student.

My spouse/guest will be rooming with me.
Spouse/Guest Name (Required):
IMPORTANT: SICB will only pay housing costs for Student Support applicants and NOT their spouse/guest.

I am a smoker.
I am a non-smoker.

I am a male.
I am a female.

I understand acceptance of a student support program award obligates me to provide one half day of assistance to SICB during the Annual Meeting at a session, in Registration or the SICB Headquarters. Please check the appropriate boxes:

I am proficient in Word or Excel programs.
I have basic audio/visual experience.
I don't have audio/visual experience.
Please try not to schedule me during sessions concurrent with:

Acknowledge acceptance of program rules by filling in your name, date, and name/email of your sponsor/advisor in the fields below.

Applicant Name:

Member Sponsor/Thesis Advisor

The deadline for applications was November 17, 2000. Thank you.