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General & Audiovisual Equipment Information

As you make final preparations for your presentation at the SICB meeting in Anaheim in January, please use the following information to prepare.

  1. Every session at the meeting will be furnished with an overhead projector, a slide projector and a computer projector. You MUST bring your own computer and disk, CD, etc. in order to present using PowerPoint or other computer projection. It is strongly suggested that you bring back-up overheads in case of equipment failure.
  2. You MUST come to the Ready Room (Newport Beach/Rancho Las Palmas and San Diego) to have the student in the Ready Room check you in and to practice your presentation--especially if using computer projection . There will be a computer projector, overhead projector and caromate projector (for slides) so that you can practice using the equipment that will be in each session room. If you have any difficulties, tell the student in the Ready Room and he or she will have an audio visual technician meet with you to resolve the problem. It is suggested that you come to the Ready Room at least one time slot prior to your presentation.
  3. The sessions listed below will have VCRs added to the equipment above. These have been added according to the requests when abstracts were submitted. If you requested a VCR at that time and find that you no longer need this equipment, please let us know by email.
Sessions with VCRs:
Thursday: Symposium 3 (MetaComp); Symposium 4 (Integrative Biology); Sessions 1-4; Sessions 9-12; Sessions 13-16; Sessions 21-24
Friday: Symposium 7 (Hormone Binding); Symposium 8 (Neurobiology); Sessions 25-28; Sessions 37-40; Sessions 41-44; Sessions 45-48
Saturday: Symposium 6, Part 2 (EcolDev); Symposium 11 (Swimming & Flying); Symposium 12 (Tendon); Sessions 63-66
Sunday: No VCRs ordered

We look forward to your presentation -- safe travels to Anaheim.

Presentation Tips

Some links to advice on what to do and how to present at professional meetings, oral and poster presentations, etc.