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  Thursday, Jan. 3  S1 08:30  Grand Ballroom F S1 Autumn, K.Opening Remarks
  Thursday, Jan. 3  S1 08:40  Grand Ballroom F S1.1 KIER, W.M.*; SMITH, A.M.The Structure and Adhesive Mechanism of Octopus Suckers 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  S1 09:20  Grand Ballroom F S1.2 WAITE, JHProbing the Requirements for Adhesion in Marine Mussels 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  S1 10:20  Grand Ballroom F S1.3 SMITH, A.M.The use of mucous gels as glues 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  S1 11:00  Grand Ballroom F S1.4 FLAMMANG, P.Tube feet and Cuvierian tubules: two different adhesive systems from echinoderms 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  S1 13:00  Grand Ballroom F S1.5 HAMMER, D.A.*; KING, M.R.; TEES, D.F.J.; RODGERS, S.D.; EVANS, E.A.; CAMPHAUSEN, R.T.Dynamics and Biomechanics in Leukocyte Adhesion: from molecular properties to the behavior of many cells 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  S1 13:40  Grand Ballroom F S1.6 CALLOW, J.A.Cellular and materials characterisation of the Enteromorpha spore adhesive  
  Thursday, Jan. 3  S1 14:20  Grand Ballroom F S1.7 GAY, C.M.J.Stickiness 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  S1 15:20  Grand Ballroom F S1.8 GORB, S.N.Structural Design and Biomechanics of Attachment Devices in Insects 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  S1 16:00  Grand Ballroom F S1.9 EIGENBRODE, S. D.Attachment by Predatory Insects to Waxy Plant Surfaces: Mechanisms and Ecological Implications 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  S1 16:40  Grand Ballroom F S1.10 FEDERLE, W; FULL, RJThin Liquid Films and Ant Adhesion 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  S2 07:50  Marquis Ballroom Northwest S2 Helmuth, B., Tomanek, L.Opening Remarks
  Thursday, Jan. 3  S2 08:00  Marquis Ballroom Northwest S2.1 WETHEY, D. S.Microclimate and biogeography: The barnacle Chthamalus fragilis in New England 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  S2 08:30  Marquis Ballroom Northwest S2.2 STILLMAN, J.H.Physiological Tolerance Limits in Intertidal Crabs 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  S2 09:00  Marquis Ballroom Northwest S2.3 SANFORD, E.The effect of variation in water temperature on the keystone predator Pisaster ochraceus 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  S2 09:30  Marquis Ballroom Northwest S2.4 DAHLHOFF, E.P.Biochemical and physiological indicators of metabolic variability in rocky intertidal organisms 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  S2 10:30  Marquis Ballroom Northwest S2.5 HALPIN, P. M. The effect of tide height, season, and water column productivity on the heat shock response in intertidal organisms 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  S2 11:00  Marquis Ballroom Northwest S2.6 HOFMANN, G.E.Molecular chaperones in intertidal organisms: Biochemical function and gene expression  
  Thursday, Jan. 3  S2 11:30  Marquis Ballroom Northwest S2.7 TOMANEK, L.The heat-shock response and patterns of vertical zonation in intertidal Tegula congeners  
  Thursday, Jan. 3  S2 13:00  Marquis Ballroom Northwest S2.8 BENSON, K.R."The study of vertical zonation on ricky intertidal shores--A historical perspective 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  S2 13:30  Marquis Ballroom Northwest S2.9 HELMUTH, BrianHow do we measure the environment? Linking ecology and physiology through biophysics 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  S2 14:00  Marquis Ballroom Northwest S2.10 CARRINGTON, E.Predicting Disturbance to Mussel Beds: Physiological Response to a Variable Wave Climate 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  S2 14:30  Marquis Ballroom Northwest S2.11 SEBENS, Kenneth PEnergetic Constraints and Size Gradients in Intertidal and Subtidal Marine Invertebrates. 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  S2 15:30  Marquis Ballroom Northwest S2.12 RAND, D.M; SACKTON, T.B.; SPAETH, P.S.; SCHMIDT, P.S.Ecological Genetics of the Mpi polymorphism in the Acorn Barnacle, Semibabalnus balanoides 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  S2 16:00  Marquis Ballroom Northwest S2.13 SOMERO, George N.Thermal Physiology of Intertidal Animals: Optima, Limits, and Adaptive Plasticity 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  S2 16:30  Marquis Ballroom Northwest S2.14 MENGE, B. A.Environmental Stress, Bottom-up Effects and Community Dynamics: Molecular-Physiological Approaches Open New Vistas 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  S3 07:50  Marquis Ballroom Northeast S3 Tyler, S.Opening Remarks
  Thursday, Jan. 3  S3 08:00  Marquis Ballroom Northeast S3.1 MÜLLER, W.E.G.The Urmetazoa: The hypothetical ancestral animal 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  S3 08:30  Marquis Ballroom Northeast S3.2 JACOBS, David K; GATES, Ruth DIs reproductive signaling antecedent to metazoan sensory and neural organization? 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  S3 09:00  Marquis Ballroom Northeast S3.3 LEYS, S.P.The hexactinellid body plan: syncytial metazoans 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  S3 09:30  Marquis Ballroom Northeast S3.4 DEWEL, R.A.*; CONNELL, M.U.; DEWEL, W.C.Bridging morphological transitions to the Metazoa 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  S3 10:20  Marquis Ballroom Northeast S3.5 RIEGER, RM; LADURNER, PWhat do we know about the origin and evolution of mesoderm among the lower Metazoa? 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  S3 10:50  Marquis Ballroom Northeast S3.6 TYLER, Seth; SMITH, Julian P.S., IIIEvolution of the metazoan integument 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  S3 11:20  Marquis Ballroom Northeast S3.7 MARTINDALE, m.q.*; FINNERTY, J.Developmental patterning in "pre-bilaterians": Can we get there from here? 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  S3 13:00  Marquis Ballroom Northeast S3.8 WAGNER, G PWhat are morphological characters and how may they originate?  
  Thursday, Jan. 3  S3 13:30  Marquis Ballroom Northeast S3.9 MICHOD, RECooperation and Conflict in the Evolution of Multicellularity  
  Thursday, Jan. 3  S3 14:00  Marquis Ballroom Northeast S3.10 MCSHEA, D.W.Three Provocative Patterns in Hierarchical Evolution 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  S3 14:30  Marquis Ballroom Northeast S3.11 CARTWRIGHT, PaulynHox genes, Hydroids, and Colonial Integration 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  S3 15:20  Marquis Ballroom Northeast S3.12 HAGEMAN, S.J.Growth patterns and complexity in colonial (modular) organisms 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  S3 15:50  Marquis Ballroom Northeast S3.13 BENGTSON, StefanBiomineralized skeletons - when, where, and why did they evolve? 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  S3 16:20  Marquis Ballroom Northeast S3.14 VALENTINE, J.W.The Evolutionn of Genomic and Morphological Complexity in Metazoans: The Topology of Gene Activities 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  S3 18:30  Marquis Ballroom Northeast S3.16 CONWAY MORRIS, S.The Cambrian explosion: what's the problem? 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  S4 13:00  Orange County Ballroom 2/3 S4 Wake, M.H.Opening Remarks
  Thursday, Jan. 3  S4 13:20  Orange County Ballroom 2/3 S4.1 HOSHI, M.; KOBAYASHI, K.; ARIOKA, S.; HASE, S.; MATSUMOTO, M.Switch From Asexual To Sexual Reproduction 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  S4 14:00  Orange County Ballroom 2/3 S4.2 KIRK, David L.Seeking the Ultimate and Proximate Causes of Volvox Multicellularity 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  S4 15:00  Orange County Ballroom 2/3 S4.3 MCFALL-NGAI, M.J.; KIMBELL, J.R.The Euprymna scolopes-Vibrio fischeri symbiosis: From genes to demes 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  S4 15:40  Orange County Ballroom 2/3 S4.4 DONOGHUE, M.J.The Integrative Nature of Historical Biogeography  
  Thursday, Jan. 3  S4 16:20  Orange County Ballroom 2/3 S4.5 MOUNOLOU, J.C.Integrative approach of the science and the management of genetic resources. 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  S4 17:00  Orange County Ballroom 2/3 S4 Pearse, J.S.Closing Remarks

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