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  Thursday, Jan. 3  1 08:00  Orange County Ballroom 4 1.1 LIGHTON, JRB; DUNCAN, FDD; TURNER, RJShaken, not stirred: Of ants and earthquakes 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  1 08:20  Orange County Ballroom 4 1.2 TRAMPUS, Franc I.The Effect of Unrelated Workers on Colony Perfomance in a Brood Raiding Leptothoracine ant 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  1 08:40  Orange County Ballroom 4 1.3 PAPKE, R.S.*; RUTOWSKI, R.L.Reinforcement in the butterfly, Colias eurytheme. 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  1 09:00  Orange County Ballroom 4 1.4 LEONARD, J.L.; PEARSE, J.S.*Sex in banana slugs: Different clades do different things 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  1 09:20  Orange County Ballroom 4 1.5 EDWARDS, D.D.Does Host Sex Enhance the Transmission Dynamics Of Parasites? A Study of Mites and Midges 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  1 09:40  Orange County Ballroom 4 1.6 IYENGAR, E.V.Kleptoparasitism: Prevalence in nature and factors promoting its evolution 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  10 10:40  Orange County Ballroom 5 10.2 LAPPIN, A.K.*; NISHIKAWA, K.C.; PIEROTTI, D.J.A proposed mechanism for high power output during feeding in toads 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  10 11:00  Orange County Ballroom 5 10.3 ERICKSON, G.M.; LAPPIN, A.K.; VLIET, K.Ontogeny of bite-force performance of the American alligator, Alligator mississippiensis 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  10 11:20  Orange County Ballroom 5 10.4 SPONBERG, S.; HANSEN, W.; PEATTIE, A.; AUTUMN, K.Dynamics of Isolated Gecko Setal Arrays 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  10 11:40  Orange County Ballroom 5 10.5 MOON, B.R.*; URQUHART, M.R.; LINDSTEDT, S.L.; CONLEY, K.E.Long tendons reduce muscle shortening in rattlesnake tails 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  11 13:00  Orange County Ballroom 5 11.1 WAINWRIGHT, P.C.*; FERRY-GRAHAM, L.A.; WALTZEK, T.B.; HULSEY, C.D.; CARROLL, A.M.; SVANBACK, R.Evaluating suction feeding performance in fishes 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  11 13:20  Orange County Ballroom 5 11.2 SWANSON, B.O.Intra-specific competition in a polymorphic cichlid, Herichthys minckleyi: Does variation in jaw morphology lead to resource partitioning? 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  11 13:40  Orange County Ballroom 5 11.3 FERRY-GRAHAM, L.A.; WAINWRIGHT, P.C.; LAUDER, G.V.Sources of fluid flow during feeding in bluegill sunfish as identified using DPIV 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  11 14:00  Orange County Ballroom 5 11.4 PLATT, J.P.*; TURINGAN, R.G.Kinematic and behavioral consequences of diet-induced phenotypic plasticity in the feeding morphology of sheepshead, Archosargus probatocephalus  
  Thursday, Jan. 3  11 14:20  Orange County Ballroom 5 11.5 MONROY, J.A.; ANDERSON, C.W.; NISHIKAWA, K.C.Neural control of feeding in microhylid frogs 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  12 15:00  Orange County Ballroom 5 12.1 MEYERS, J.J.; HERREL, A.; MEAD, J.Morphology of the feeding apparatus of the Australian thorny devil (Moloch horridus) 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  12 15:20  Orange County Ballroom 5 12.2 METZGER, K.A.*; HERREL, AInertial feeding in reptiles: the role of skull mass reduction 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  12 15:40  Orange County Ballroom 5 12.3 MCBRAYER, L.D.*; REILLY, S.M.Testing amniote models of prey transport kinematics: a quantitative analysis of mouth opening patterns in lizards 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  12 16:00  Orange County Ballroom 5 12.4 SMITH, T.L.; KARDONG, K.V.Poststrike chemosensory trailing in rattlesnakes: Kinematics and function of tongue-flicking 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  12 16:20  Orange County Ballroom 5 12.5 LADUC, T. J.; DUDLEY, R.Striking differences between six species of rattlesnakes? A comparative study into body size effects on the predatory strike of rattlesnakes 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  12 16:40  Orange County Ballroom 5 12.6 HERREL, A; O'REILLY, J.C.; RICHMOND, A.M.Ontogenetic and evolutionary scaling of bite performance in turtles 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  13 08:00  Grand Ballroom J/K 13.1 WALTER , Rebecca MKinematics of 90 Degree Running Turns in Wild Mice 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  13 08:20  Grand Ballroom J/K 13.2 GILLIS, G.B.*; FLYNN, J.P.; BIEWENER, A.A.In Vivo Patterns of Strain and Activity in Thigh Muscles of Goats During Locomotion 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  13 08:40  Grand Ballroom J/K 13.3 HUTCHINSON, J.R.*; FAMINI, D.; KRAM, R.; LAIR, R.Do elephants run? 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  13 09:00  Grand Ballroom J/K 13.4 POLK, J.D.Limb length, body mass and musculoskeletal design 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  13 09:20  Grand Ballroom J/K 13.5 WUNDERLICH, R.E.*; SCHAUM, J.C.; KILKENNY, P.; SINOPOLI, M.C.Hindlimb kinematics during bipedalism in Propithecus 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  14 10:00  Grand Ballroom J/K 14.1 HALE, M. E.The neural basis of aquatic locomotion: Examining neuron activity and behavior with functional imaging. 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  14 10:20  Grand Ballroom J/K 14.2 WESP, H. M.; GIBB, A. C.*Do endangered razorback suckers have poor larval escape performance relative to introduced cold-water fishes? 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  14 10:40  Grand Ballroom J/K 14.3 MUSSI, M.*; SUMMERS, A. P.; DOMENICI, P.Gait transition speed, pectoral fin beat frequency, and amplitude in three species of surfperch (Embiotocidae). 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  14 11:00  Grand Ballroom J/K 14.4 BLOB, R.W.*; SCANGA, E.L.; WESTNEAT, M.W.Locomotion in juvenile turtles: effects of size on hindlimb kinematics and muscle function 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  14 11:20  Grand Ballroom J/K 14.5 WYNEKEN, Jeanette; KELSO, Kate; NGUYEN, ThinhRange of Movement, Morphological Constraint, and Swimming Performnace in Marine Turtle Flippers.  
  Thursday, Jan. 3  15 13:00  Grand Ballroom J/K 15.1 IRSCHICK, DUNCAN J.*; BOCCHI, STEVE; FULL, ROBERT J.Does Power Limit Climbing Performance? Loading Small Climbing Lizards 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  15 13:20  Grand Ballroom J/K 15.2 VANHOOYDONCK, BIEKE*; JIMENEZ, MARTIN; IRSCHICK, DUNCAN J.Effects of surface diameter on acceleration in arboreal lizards 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  15 13:40  Grand Ballroom J/K 15.3 PARCHMAN, Andrew J.*; REILLY, Stephen M.Locomotion in a semi-erect mammal: Whole body mechanics and gait patterns in the Pygmy Opossum, Monodelphis Domestica 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  15 14:00  Grand Ballroom J/K 15.4 ESSNER, RLA Comparison of Locomotor Behavior and Habitat Use in Gliding and Nongliding Squirrels 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  15 14:20  Grand Ballroom J/K 15.5 LAMMERS, A.R.Stability on arboreal substrates: the interaction between branch diameter and limb kinematics 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  16 15:00  Grand Ballroom J/K 16.1 USHERWOOD, J.R.; LARSON, S.G.; BERTRAM, J.E.A.Mechanisms of force and power production in unsteady ricochetal brachiation 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  16 15:20  Grand Ballroom J/K 16.2 HOLLIDAY, C.M.; RIDGLEY, R.C.; SEDLMAYR, J.C.; WITMER, L.M.The Articular Cartilage of Extant Archosaur Limb Bones: Implications for Dinosaur Functional Morphology and Allometry 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  16 15:40  Grand Ballroom J/K 16.3 REILLY, Stephen M.*; WILLEY, Jeffrey S.; BIKNEVICIUS, Audrone R.Locomotory dymanics of a Semi-erect posture: Correlating kinematics with kinetics in walking alligators.  
  Thursday, Jan. 3  16 16:00  Grand Ballroom J/K 16.4 HSIEH, S.T.*; LAUDER, G.V.Running on water: quantitative flow visualization of basilisk lizard locomotion 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  16 16:20  Grand Ballroom J/K 16.5 KORFF, W.L.Slip slidin' away: Comparative kinematics of two sand dwelling lizard species 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  16 16:40  Grand Ballroom J/K 16.6 GOLDMAN, J.A.The effect of the free water surface on animals that jump out of water 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  17 08:00  Grand Ballroom C/D 17.1 MEYER, E.*; HAAG, A.L.; MANAHAN, D.T.Ontogenetic changes in expression of putative amino acid transporter genes in sea urchins measured by immunoblotting 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  17 08:20  Grand Ballroom C/D 17.2 ELLINGTON, W.R.*; BUSH, J.Cloning and Expression of an Echiuroid Lombricine Kinase 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  17 08:40  Grand Ballroom C/D 17.3 MOORE, M.; MANAHAN, D.T.Genotype dependant utilization of lipid and protein reserves in oyster larvae 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  17 09:00  Grand Ballroom C/D 17.4 ANDERSON, M.J.; SMITH, S.D.; MILLER, J.T.; WILLIAMS, E.E.The lipid composition of hypodermal microvilli from the carapace of the blue crab (Callinectes sapidus) changes during the molt cycle. 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  17 09:20  Grand Ballroom C/D 17.5 PAGE, A.J.*; MCNEILL, J.M.; VANDERGON, T.L.; RIGGS, C.K.; RIGGS, A.F.Cerebratulus lacteus Body Wall and Neural Hemoglobins Associate to Form Dimers or Tetramers. 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  17 09:40  Grand Ballroom C/D 17.6 GOODWIN, C.R.; DENZEL, S.A.; AMAN, S.A.; WOHLGEMUTH, S.E.; JULIAN, D.*Free radical scavengers decrease toxic effects of hydrogen sulfide in vitro 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  18 10:20  Grand Ballroom C/D 18.1 PRUITT, Nancy L.; SHAPIRO, CraigEvidence for a cryoprotective protein in freeze tolerant larvae of the goldenrod gall fly, Eurosta solidaginis 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  18 10:40  Grand Ballroom C/D 18.2 POSNER, M.*; LOW, S.; RUNKLE, S.; KANTOROW, M.; HORWITZ, J.Chaperone function of the small heat shock protein alpha crystallin in the zebrafish, Danio rerio 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  18 11:00  Grand Ballroom C/D 18.3 BLANK, J.M.*; MORRISSETTE, J.M.; MASSAROTI, H.; BLACKWELL, S.B.; BLOCK, B.A.Physiology & Biochemical Characteristics of Pacific & Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Hearts  
  Thursday, Jan. 3  18 11:20  Grand Ballroom C/D 18.4 JOHNS, G.C.*; SOMERO, G.N.Evolution of A4-lactate dehydrogenase in warm-stenothermal environments: investigating biochemical adaptation in damselfishes (Pomacentridae). 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  18 11:40  Grand Ballroom C/D 18.5 MUELLER, P.J.Desert rodents stockpile food in the form of body fat. 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  19 13:00  Grand Ballroom C/D 19.1 MCKECHNIE, A.E.; LOVEGROVE, B.G.Thermoregulation in mousebirds (Coliiformes): the role of clustering behavior. 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  19 13:20  Grand Ballroom C/D 19.2 CLEARY, M.E.; MARSH, R.L.; ELLERBY, D.J.; BUCHANAN, C.I.Maximal oxygen consumption in running Guinea fowl. 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  19 13:40  Grand Ballroom C/D 19.3 CHAPPELL, Mark A; HAMMOND, Kimberly AMaximal aerobic capacity in combined cold and exercise in deer mice 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  19 14:00  Grand Ballroom C/D 19.4 O'CONNOR, T.P.; SCHULTERS, R.; ANDZIAK, B.A.; PIERCE, V.A.Effect of cold-acclimation on metabolism, body composition and glycolytic enzymes in mice 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  19 14:20  Grand Ballroom C/D 19.5 KORINE, C*; VATNICK, I; VAN TETS, I. G.; PINSHOW, BCan Egyptian fruit bats (Rousettus aegyptiacus) alter their urine composition in response to environmental change?  
  Thursday, Jan. 3  19 14:40  Grand Ballroom C/D 19.6 SORENSEN, JS; MCLISTER, J; DEARING, MDThe impact of dietary toxins on locomotion in mammalian herbivores 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  2 10:20  Orange County Ballroom 4 2.1 YOUNG, B.A.; MORAIN, M.Prey Localization by Vibration Detection in Saharan Sand Vipers (Cerastes) 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  2 10:40  Orange County Ballroom 4 2.2 KROCHMAL, A.R.; BAKKEN, G.S.Western Diamond-backed Rattlesnakes (Crotalus atrox) Use Their Facial Pits To Mediate Thermoregulatory Behavior 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  2 11:00  Orange County Ballroom 4 2.3 ANGILLETTA, M.J.*; PRINGLE, R.M.Thermal Requirements of Offspring Drive the Nesting Behavior of Fence Lizards 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  2 11:20  Orange County Ballroom 4 2.5 COSTA, DP; BURNS, JM; CROCKER, DE; FEDAK, MA; TRUMBLE, S; GALES, NWinter Foraging Ecology of Crabeater Seals 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  20 15:20  Grand Ballroom C/D 20.1 BISHOP, Renee E.; GEIGER, Stephen P.; MC CULLON, Joseph Jr.Phronima Energetics: Life of a planktonic stowaway 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  20 15:40  Grand Ballroom C/D 20.2 GINSBURG, D.W.; MANAHAN, D.T.Biochemical bases of metabolic intensity during sea urchin development 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  20 16:00  Grand Ballroom C/D 20.3 MORAN, A.L.*; MANAHAN, D.T.Energy metabolism during larval development of two abalone species, Haliotis fulgens and H. sorenseni 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  20 16:20  Grand Ballroom C/D 20.4 BRADLEY, TJ; HETZ, SSpecific Dynamic Action in the Insect Rhodnius prolixus 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  20 16:40  Grand Ballroom C/D 20.5 HUNT VON HERBING, IGrowth in the fast lane: metabolic scaling and activity in developing fishes.  
  Thursday, Jan. 3  21 08:40  Grand Ballroom G/H 21.2 SOCKMAN, K.W.*; GENTNER, T.Q.; BALL, G.F.Experience modulates forebrain response to mate choice cues 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  21 09:00  Grand Ballroom G/H 21.4 HOLLIS, D.M.; BOYD, S.K.Neurosteroid Modulation and Subunit Isolation of a GABA-A-like Receptor in the Amphibian Brain. 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  21 09:20  Grand Ballroom G/H 21.5 BURMEISTER, S.Social Context Influences Androgenic Effects on Calling in the Green Treefrog 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  22 10:00  Grand Ballroom G/H 22.1 ØVERLI, Ø*; POTTINGER, TG; WINBERG, SEffects of Selection for Stress Responsiveness on Behaviour and Brain Monoamines in Rainbow Trout 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  22 10:20  Grand Ballroom G/H 22.2 ZOZZARO, P.E.; CARR, J.A.Peripheral Administration of Ovine Corticotropin-releasing Hormone Activates the Sympathetic Nervous System in Toads. 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  22 10:40  Grand Ballroom G/H 22.3 WARD, C. K.*; MENDONCA, M. T.The Effect of Coal Fly Ash on Corticosterone, Testosterone and Weight in the Southern Toads, Bufo terrestris 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  22 11:00  Grand Ballroom G/H 22.4 HAYWARD*, L.S.; WINGFIELD, J.C.Laying Japanese Quail transfer corticosterone to egg yolk 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  22 11:40  Grand Ballroom G/H 22.6 NEPHEW, B.C.; KAHN, S.A.; ROMERO, L.M.Heart rate and behavior change independently of corticosterone following acute auditory and visual stressors  
  Thursday, Jan. 3  23 13:00  Grand Ballroom G/H 23.1 KAJIMURA, S.; UCHIDA, K.; YADA, T.; HIRANO, T.; GRAU, E.G.Interaction between Insulin-like growth factors (IGF-I and IGF-II) and growth hormone in the euryhaline tilapia, Oreochromis mossambicus 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  23 13:20  Grand Ballroom G/H 23.2 RODGERS, Buel D; WEBER, Gregory M; KELLEY, Kevin M; LEVINE, Michael ANutritional regulation of myostatin mRNA in the tilapia 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  23 13:40  Grand Ballroom G/H 23.3 RILEY, L. G.*; HIRANO, T.; RICHMAN III, N. H.; GRAU, E. G.Growth Regulation in the Tilapia: Effect of Salinity and 17&alpha-Methyltestosterone (MT) Treatment 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  23 14:00  Grand Ballroom G/H 23.4 POWELL, Mickie/L*; SOWER, Stacia/ASeasonal Estradiol Production in Three Size Classes of Atlantic Hagfish 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  23 14:20  Grand Ballroom G/H 23.5 JOHN-ALDER, Henry B.; COX, Robert M.; LEO, Angela; SKELLY, StephanieGrowth Inhibition by Testosterone in Eastern Fence Lizards (Sceloporus undulatus) 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  23 14:40  Grand Ballroom G/H 23.6 WEISS*, S.L.; MOORE, M.C.Testosterone and progesterone activate aggression in male tree lizards 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  24 15:20  Grand Ballroom G/H 24.1 ELF, P.K.*; LANG, J.W.; FIVIZZANI, A.J.Dynamics of Exogenous 3H Estradiol Uptake in Turtle Eggs During Development. 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  24 15:40  Grand Ballroom G/H 24.2 LYNN, S.E*; WINGFIELD, J.C.Sensitivity to supplementary testosterone during the parental phase in a high arctic breeding passerine 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  24 16:00  Grand Ballroom G/H 24.3 OWEN-ASHLEY, N.T.*; BUTLER, L.K.; ROHWER, S.; WINGFIELD, J.C.The Role of Testosterone in a Moving Avian Hybrid Zone 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  24 16:20  Grand Ballroom G/H 24.4 PERFITO, N; TRAMONTIN, A.D.; MEDDLE, S.L.; WINGFIELD, J.C.Environmental and endocrine regulation of reproduction in song sparrows along an altitudinal gradient. 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  24 16:40  Grand Ballroom G/H 24.5 PLACE, N.J.; DREA, C.M.; HOLEKAMP, K.E.; WELDELE, M.L.; COSCIA, E.M.; GLICKMAN, S.E.Sex differences and effects of prenatal anti-androgens on LH secretion in spotted hyenas 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  3 13:20  Orange County Ballroom 4 3.2 HUMFELD, SARAH C.*; GERHARDT, H. CARLMale Acoustic Preferences Parallel Female Mate Choice Preferences 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  3 13:40  Orange County Ballroom 4 3.3 KORZAN, W.J.*; SUMMERS, T.R.; SUMMERS, C.H.Live or Reflected Aggression 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  3 14:00  Orange County Ballroom 4 3.4 HAHN, T. P. *; KELSEY, T. R.; PEREYRA, M. E.Geographic variation in flight calls of a nomadic cardueline finch, the evening grosbeak (Coccothraustes vespertinus). 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  3 14:20  Orange County Ballroom 4 3.5 KARASOV, W.H.; MCSWAN, E.L.; WRIGHT, J.Begging and digestion by nestling Pied flycatchers in relation to short- and long-term nutritional need 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  4 15:20  Orange County Ballroom 4 4.2 DICKEY, B. F.*Quantification of 'Consistency' in Social Interactions 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  4 15:40  Orange County Ballroom 4 4.4 KAATZ, I.M.*; LOBEL, P.S.Intra- and Interspecific Differences in Sound Production in the Neotropical Catfish Genus Corydoras (Callichthyidae) 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  4 16:00  Orange County Ballroom 4 4.5 RAJAKARUNA, R.S.*; BROWN, J.A.; KAUKINEN, K.; MILLER, K.M.MHC genes influence the kin recognition in juvenile Atlantic salmon 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  5 08:00  Grand Ballroom A/B 5.1 HOMBERGER, D.G.Functional Morphology of a Predator-Prey relationship: Australian Cockatoos and Woody Fruits 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  5 08:20  Grand Ballroom A/B 5.2 SMITH, KathleenJ. P. Hill and Katherine Watson's studies of neural tube and neural crest development in marsupials.  
  Thursday, Jan. 3  5 08:40  Grand Ballroom A/B 5.3 SEARS, KarenAdult morphological variation in mammalian limbs: Evidence for evolutionary constraint? 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  5 09:00  Grand Ballroom A/B 5.4 SWIDERSKI, D.L.Independence of divergence and diversification in the evolution of scapula shape in squirrels: possible evidence of the lability of constraints. 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  5 09:20  Grand Ballroom A/B 5.5 NORIEGA, K.C.*; REGA, E.A.Heretofore undocumented variation of an intrinsic hand muscle in a juvenile baboon 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  5 09:40  Grand Ballroom A/B 5.6 GEIST, N. R.*; JONES, T. D.; RUBEN, J. A. ; HILLENIUS, W. J.; FREY, E. D.Lung Ventilation Mechanisms of Pterodactyloid Pterosaurs 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  6 10:20  Grand Ballroom A/B 6.1 MOORE, A.M.F.; SPAGNA, J.C.; THOR, D.; LAWRENCE, B.A.Molecular Structure and Material Properties in Tarantula Silk 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  6 10:40  Grand Ballroom A/B 6.2 ARONOWSKY, A.Trends in clade-level morphology: a geometric morphometric study of the Naticidae (Mollusca: Caenogastropoda) 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  6 11:00  Grand Ballroom A/B 6.3 HICKMAN, C.S.Comparative evolutionary, functional, and developmental morphology of the gastropod sensory epithelium 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  6 11:20  Grand Ballroom A/B 6.4 NISHIGUCHI, M.K.*; BOLETZKY, S.v.Enlightenment of old ideas from new investigations: The evolution of bacteriogenic light organs 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  6 11:40  Grand Ballroom A/B 6.5 KIMBLE, M.*; COURSEY, Y.; AHMAD, N.; HINSCH, G.W.Behavior of the yolk nuclei during embryogenesis, and development of the midgut diverticulum in the horseshoe crab, Limulus polyphemus.  
  Thursday, Jan. 3  7 13:00  Grand Ballroom A/B 7.1 GRUBICH, Justin R.Ecomorphological convergence of pharyngeal durophagy in marine teleost fishes 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  7 13:20  Grand Ballroom A/B 7.2 CROTWELL, P.L.*; MABEE, P.M.Gdf5 expression in late-stage zebrafish (Danio rerio) median fins 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  7 13:40  Grand Ballroom A/B 7.3 DOWIS, Hawkins; DICKSON, KathrynSwimming kinematics of the eastern Pacific bonito (Sarda chiliensis): Testing hypotheses about the evolution of thunniform locomotion 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  7 14:00  Grand Ballroom A/B 7.4 SEDLMAYR, J CEncephalic Blood Vessels and Evolution of the Archosaur Braincase  
  Thursday, Jan. 3  7 14:20  Grand Ballroom A/B 7.5 DAWSON*, Beth; SNEARY, MichaelMorphology of the Cochlear Duct and Saccule of Amphisbaenians 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  7 14:40  Grand Ballroom A/B 7.6 JACKSON, KateEvolution of the snake venom-delivery system 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  8 15:20  Grand Ballroom A/B 8.1 SEAVER, Elaine C; PAULSON, Dave A; IRVINE, Steve Q; MARTINDALE, Mark QVariation in Segment Formation in Polychaetes and its Relationship to Life History Characteristics 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  8 15:40  Grand Ballroom A/B 8.2 WILLIAMS, T.A.; NULSEN, C.; NAGY, L.M.A complex role for Distal-less in the development of branched crustacean limbs 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  8 16:00  Grand Ballroom A/B 8.3 SCHMIDT-OTT, U.Evolution of Hox3 in flies 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  8 16:20  Grand Ballroom A/B 8.5 SWALLA, BJOrigin of the Vertebrates from........ Worms? 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  9 08:00  Orange County Ballroom 5 9.1 MAIN, R.P.*; DONOVAN, C.M.; BIEWENER, A.A.Bone strain, bone geometry, and histology in the radii of goats through ontogeny 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  9 08:20  Orange County Ballroom 5 9.2 CHI, K.-J.*; SCHMITT, D.How can a heel pad perform multiple mechanical roles? 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  9 08:40  Orange County Ballroom 5 9.3 MCGOWAN, C.P.; CARD, G.; BIEWENER, A.A.Muscle Work in Hopping Wallabies 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  9 09:00  Orange County Ballroom 5 9.4 LANDRY, S.O.Bipedal Upright Stance in Ground Sloths. 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  9 09:20  Orange County Ballroom 5 9.5 SHEFELBINE, SJ; CARTER, DREffects of mechanical loads on morphological changes in the femur during development 
  Thursday, Jan. 3  9 09:40  Orange County Ballroom 5 9.6 FISH, F.E.*; SMELSTOYS, J.; BAUDINETTE, R.V.; REYNOLDS, P.S.Fur doesn't fly, it floats: buoyancy of hair in semi-aquatic mammals 

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