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  Friday, Jan. 4  S1 08:40  Grand Ballroom F S1.11 RUSSELL, A.P.Scaling the spandrels of San Marco: Integrative functional morphology of the gekkotan adhesive system. 
  Friday, Jan. 4  S1 09:20  Grand Ballroom F S1.12 AUTUMN, K.The Gecko Effect: Dynamic Dry Adhesive Microstructures 
  Friday, Jan. 4  S1 10:20  Grand Ballroom F S1.13 JAGOTA, Anand; BENNISON, Stephen J.Gecko Feet Viewed from the Perspective of Elastomeric Adhesion 
  Friday, Jan. 4  S1 11:00  Grand Ballroom F S1.14 ISRAELACHVILI, JacobDirect Measurement of Adhesion Forces: Implications for Understanding Bioadhesion 
  Friday, Jan. 4  S3 08:30  Marquis Ballroom Northeast S3.18 WAGGONER, B.M.The Ediacara biota in space and time 
  Friday, Jan. 4  S3 09:00  Marquis Ballroom Northeast S3.19 GERSHWIN, L.*; LIPPS, J. H.Some new thoughts on some old animals 
  Friday, Jan. 4  S3 09:30  Marquis Ballroom Northeast S3.20 DZIK, J.Anatomical information content in the Ediacarian fossils 
  Friday, Jan. 4  S3 10:20  Marquis Ballroom Northeast S3.21 FEDONKIN, M.A.Megascopic trace and body fossils of the oldest metazoans 
  Friday, Jan. 4  S3 10:50  Marquis Ballroom Northeast S3.22 CLAPHAM, M.E.*; NARBONNE, G.M.; GEHLING, J.G.Community ecology of Ediacaran fossil assemblages at Mistaken Point, Newfoundland 
  Friday, Jan. 4  S3 11:20  Marquis Ballroom Northeast S3.23 RUNNEGAR, B.; GEHLING, J.G.Understanding the Ediacarans in the context of early animal evolution 
  Friday, Jan. 4  S5 13:00  Grand Ballroom F S5.1 GEIGER, D.L.Russel Zimmer's contribution to the biology of non-tentaculates; a malacological perspective 
  Friday, Jan. 4  S5 13:20  Grand Ballroom F S5.2 FAUCHALD, K.Facial tubercles in scale worms (Aphroditacea; Polychaeta; Annelida) 
  Friday, Jan. 4  S5 13:40  Grand Ballroom F S5.3 STRATHMANN, R.R.Selection of Sites for Deposition of Benthic Eggs 
  Friday, Jan. 4  S5 14:00  Grand Ballroom F S5.4 HADFIELD, M. G.*; KOEHL, M. A. R.Dissolved cues to invertebrate larval settlement: do they work in moving water? 
  Friday, Jan. 4  S5 14:20  Grand Ballroom F S5.5 NEDVED, B.T.*; HADFIELD, M.G.Fate of larval muscles during metamorphosis of Hydroides elegans 
  Friday, Jan. 4  S5 15:00  Grand Ballroom F S5.6 PILGER, J. F. *; MARTINDALE, M. Q.Hox and ParaHox Genes in the Echiura and Sipuncula 
  Friday, Jan. 4  S5 15:20  Grand Ballroom F S5.7 JAECKLE, W.; TWANOW, C.; BALSER, E.Nutrient assimilation and distribution pathways in planktotrophic larvae of echinoid echinoderms. 
  Friday, Jan. 4  S5 15:40  Grand Ballroom F S5.8 TEMKIN, , M.H.A Comparison of Gymnolaemate Bryozoan Sperm Waveform Dynamics 
  Friday, Jan. 4  S6 13:40  Marquis Ballroom Northeast S6.1 SARKAR, SEvolutionary Models of Phenotypic Plasticity and Reaction Norms: A History 
  Friday, Jan. 4  S6 14:00  Marquis Ballroom Northeast S6.2 NIJHOUT, H. FREDInsect Polyphenisms and Adaptation 
  Friday, Jan. 4  S6 14:20  Marquis Ballroom Northeast S6.3 CARROL, Sean B.*; KOPP, A.; WITTKOPP, P.; WILLIAMS, BThe genetic architecture of the evolution of pigmentation patterns in Drosophila 
  Friday, Jan. 4  S6 14:40  Marquis Ballroom Northeast S6.4 SCHLICHTING, Carl D.On the Origins of Differentiation: Development as a Reaction Norm 
  Friday, Jan. 4  S6 15:20  Marquis Ballroom Northeast S6.5 SULTAN, S.E.Phenotypic Plasticity and Ecological Breadth in Plants 
  Friday, Jan. 4  S6 15:40  Marquis Ballroom Northeast S6.6 GILBERT, JJTwo Types of Phenotypic Plasticity Control a Rotifer Life Cycle 
  Friday, Jan. 4  S6 16:00  Marquis Ballroom Northeast S6.7 MÜLLER, G.B.Activity-Induced Cartilage and Bone Formation: A Factor in Evolutionary Innovation 
  Friday, Jan. 4  S7 07:50  Marquis Ballroom Northwest S7 Kelley, K.M., Duan, C.Opening Remarks
  Friday, Jan. 4  S7 08:00  Marquis Ballroom Northwest S7.1 KELLEY, Kevin M.Comparative Biology of the Insulin-like Growth Factor-binding Protein (IGFBP) 
  Friday, Jan. 4  S7 08:30  Marquis Ballroom Northwest S7.2 MOHAN, S*; BAYLINK, D.J.IGF Binding Proteins (IGFBPs) Are Multifunctional And Act Via IGF-Dependent and IGF-Independent Mechanisms  
  Friday, Jan. 4  S7 09:00  Marquis Ballroom Northwest S7.3 COHEN, PIntracellular and Nuclear Interactions of IGFBPs 
  Friday, Jan. 4  S7 10:20  Marquis Ballroom Northwest S7.5 TALAMANTES, Frank; ORTIZ, RudyStructure and Regulation of Expression of The Mouse Growth Hormone Binding Protein 
  Friday, Jan. 4  S7 10:50  Marquis Ballroom Northwest S7.6 SCHREIBER, GThe Evolutionary and Integrative Roles of Transthyretin in Thyroid Hormone Homeostasis 
  Friday, Jan. 4  S7 11:20  Marquis Ballroom Northwest S7.7 GONZALEZ-FERNANDEZ, FedericoEvolution and Functions of Retinoid-binding Proteins "RBPs": The interphotoreceptor "IRBP" 
  Friday, Jan. 4  S7 13:00  Marquis Ballroom Northwest S7.8 SEASHOLTZ, A.F.Corticotropin-Releasing Hormone-Binding Protein: In vivo Roles in the Pituitary and CNS 
  Friday, Jan. 4  S7 13:30  Marquis Ballroom Northwest S7.9 BREUNER, Creagh W.Plasma Binding Proteins As Mediators Of Corticosteroid Action In Vertebrates 
  Friday, Jan. 4  S7 14:00  Marquis Ballroom Northwest S7.10 ROSNER, W.; HRYB, D.J.; KAHN, S.; KHAN, M.S.; NAKHLA, A.M.; ST. GEORGE, J.Sex Hormone-binding Globulin as an Intermediate in Sex Steroid Signaling at the Cell Membrane 
  Friday, Jan. 4  S7 14:30  Marquis Ballroom Northwest S7.11 BAKER, M.EAlbumin, Steroid Hormones, and the Origin of Vertebrates 
  Friday, Jan. 4  S7 15:30  Marquis Ballroom Northwest S7.12 COOKE, N.E.*; LIEBHABER, S.A.; WHITE, P.Vitamin D binding Protein in Homone Transport and Host Defense 
  Friday, Jan. 4  S7 16:00  Marquis Ballroom Northwest S7.13 RIFKIN, dbTGF-ß activation; Normal and Pathological Consequence 
  Friday, Jan. 4  S7 16:30  Marquis Ballroom Northwest S7.14 BIER, E.; SRINIVASAN, S.Extracellular Modulation of BMP Signaling 
  Friday, Jan. 4  S8 08:00  Grand Ballroom E S8.1 KRASNE, F.B. ; EDWARDS, D.H.Modulation of crayfish escape reflexes I. Neural circuitry of escape and modulatory systems  
  Friday, Jan. 4  S8 08:25  Grand Ballroom E S8.2 EDWARDS, D.H.; KRASNE, F.B.Modulation of crayfish escape reflexes II. Neuroethology of serotonergic modulation during dominance hierarchy formation. 
  Friday, Jan. 4  S8 09:00  Grand Ballroom E S8.3 KRISTAN, W.B.How the leech nervous system chooses among behaviors. 
  Friday, Jan. 4  S8 09:25  Grand Ballroom E S8.4 ESCH, T.*; KRISTAN, W.B.How the leech decides to swim or crawl 
  Friday, Jan. 4  S8 10:30  Grand Ballroom E S8.5 CAREW, T.J.*; SHERFF, C.M.Mechanistic analysis of multiple memory phases in Aplysia 
  Friday, Jan. 4  S8 11:55  Grand Ballroom E S8.6 SHERFF, C.M.*; CAREW, T.J.Mechanistic analysis of multiple memory phases in Aplysia II: Long-term memory 
  Friday, Jan. 4  S8 13:00  Grand Ballroom E S8.7 NORTHCUTT,, R.G.What Do We Want to Know About Vertebrate Brain Evolution? 
  Friday, Jan. 4  S8 13:25  Grand Ballroom E S8.8 BULLOCK, T.H.An Agenda for Research on Evolution in Brain Complexity 
  Friday, Jan. 4  S8 14:00  Grand Ballroom E S8.9 SYME, DA*; JOSEPHSON, RKHow to Build Fast Muscles I. Synchronous Muscle.  
  Friday, Jan. 4  S8 14:25  Grand Ballroom E S8.10 JOSEPHSON, Robert K.; SYME, Douglas A.How to build fast muscles. II. Asynchronous muscle--a design breakthrough 

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