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  Friday, Jan. 4  25 08:20  Grand Ballroom G/H 25.1 JOHNSEN, SHidden in plain sight: cryptic and conspicuous coloration in the pelagic environment 
  Friday, Jan. 4  25 08:40  Grand Ballroom G/H 25.3 FINGERUT, J.T.; ZIMMER, C.A.; ZIMMER, R.K.From host to host: interaction of behavior and the environment during parasite transmission  
  Friday, Jan. 4  25 09:00  Grand Ballroom G/H 25.4 SPERRY, T.S.*; WINGFIELD, J.C.Effects Of The Antiandrogen Flutamide Upon Territorial Aggression In Male Free-Living Song Sparrows  
  Friday, Jan. 4  25 09:20  Grand Ballroom G/H 25.5 ROGOWITZ, G. L.Influences of age and reproductive status on locomotor performance of mice. 
  Friday, Jan. 4  25 09:40  Grand Ballroom G/H 25.6 SCHANK, JeffreyIs Pseudoreplication a Pseudoproblem? 
  Friday, Jan. 4  26 10:20  Grand Ballroom G/H 26.1 COHEN, J.H.*; FORWARD, JR., R.B.Alteration of the shadow response in a larval crab by ctenophore kairomones 
  Friday, Jan. 4  26 10:40  Grand Ballroom G/H 26.2 RIORDAN, JR., T.J.; LINDSAY, S.M.*Functional labeling of peripheral sensory cells in the spionid polychaete, Dipolydora quadrilobata 
  Friday, Jan. 4  26 11:00  Grand Ballroom G/H 26.3 COWART, J.D.Sometimes It’s Good to Taste Bad: Palatability of Pteraster tesselatus (Echinodermata: Asteroidea) Adults and Offspring 
  Friday, Jan. 4  26 11:20  Grand Ballroom G/H 26.4 MEAD, K.S.; WILEY, M.B.How Do Benthic Crustaceans Trace Odor Plumes In Waves?: Integrating Fine-Scale Odor Structure With Animal Behavior. 
  Friday, Jan. 4  26 11:40  Grand Ballroom G/H 26.5 SCHAR, D.W.*; KRUG, P.J.; ZIMMER, R.K.The scent of danger: Chemical alarm signals and escape from cannibalism in newts 
  Friday, Jan. 4  27 13:00  Grand Ballroom G/H 27.1 HOESE , W. J.; WEISS, S. L.The Relationship Between Student Engagement and Student Performance in an Introductory Biology Course that Emphasizes Active Learning 
  Friday, Jan. 4  27 13:20  Grand Ballroom G/H 27.2 WORCESTER, Suzanne E.*; WOOD, Swarup E.; PERRY, Renée R.; KIBAK, HenrikRetaining Students In Biology: Enriching Introductory Courses With Ecological Restoration Projects 
  Friday, Jan. 4  27 13:40  Grand Ballroom G/H 27.3 OSBORN, D.A.; PEARSE, J.S.; ROE, C.A.; HEFFINGTON, J.B.; KEEDY, K.D.Seymour Intertidal Monitoring Program 
  Friday, Jan. 4  27 14:00  Grand Ballroom G/H 27.4 BOUDRIAS, Michel A. *; BOLENDER, James P.Field Reseach at the Core of an Interdisciplinary Science Course 
  Friday, Jan. 4  27 14:20  Grand Ballroom G/H 27.5 RYAN, W.L.Experimental Design in the Teaching Lab: Prey Density and Feeding Stimuli in the Sea Anemone Aiptasia  
  Friday, Jan. 4  27 14:40  Grand Ballroom G/H 27.6 WHEATLY, M.G.*; WOOD, T.DNA Isolation: Making an Introductory Biology Lab Universally Accessible. 
  Friday, Jan. 4  28 15:20  Grand Ballroom G/H 28.1 MYERS, M.J.*Exposing Undergraduates to Statistics in an Introductory Biology Course 
  Friday, Jan. 4  28 15:40  Grand Ballroom G/H 28.2 STAUB, N.L.*; PAUW, P.G.Digital Portfolios Are Required of Biology Majors.  
  Friday, Jan. 4  28 16:00  Grand Ballroom G/H 28.3 MEYERS, R.; GEOFFRION, L.Web-HUMAN: A Comprehensive Systems Physiology Teaching Simulation Is Available On the Web. 
  Friday, Jan. 4  28 16:20  Grand Ballroom G/H 28.4 WOODWARD, Denise M; HARRIS COTNER, Sehoya; HAYES, C Nelson; CYR, R JGetting beyond the large-class problem Part I: Can we measure and improve student engagement in introductory biology? 
  Friday, Jan. 4  28 16:40  Grand Ballroom G/H 28.5 HARRIS COTNER, Sehoya; WOODWARD, Denise M; HAYES, C Nelson; CYR, R JGetting beyond the large-class problem Part II: Can we better tailor science education to the individual student? 
  Friday, Jan. 4  29 08:00  Grand Ballroom A/B 29.1 RUTA, M. *; COATES, M.I.; QUICKE, D.L.J.Early Tetrapod Relationships Revisited 
  Friday, Jan. 4  29 08:20  Grand Ballroom A/B 29.2 GATESY, J.E.The Influence of Fossils on the Stability of Phylogenetic Relationships among Extant Taxa: A Preliminary Empirical Assessment in the Age of Genomics 
  Friday, Jan. 4  29 08:40  Grand Ballroom A/B 29.3 BUCHHOLZ, D.R.*; ESPIRA, A.; BARBER, P; HAYES, T.B.Juvenile patterns and sexual dichromatism in the endemic African reedfrog family, Hyperoliidae 
  Friday, Jan. 4  29 09:00  Grand Ballroom A/B 29.4 COX, R.M.*; SKELLY, S.L.; JOHN-ALDER, H.B.A comparative test of adaptive hypotheses for sexual size dimorphism in lizards. 
  Friday, Jan. 4  29 09:20  Grand Ballroom A/B 29.5 KOEPFLI, K-P.*; WAYNE, R.K.Genomic Tools for Molecular Systematics: A Molecular Phylogeny of the Mustelidae (Mammalia: Carnivora) Inferred from Multiple Sequence-Tagged Sites 
  Friday, Jan. 4  30 10:00  Grand Ballroom A/B 30.1 ALFARO, M. E.; ZOLLER, S.; LUTZONI, F.Comparative performance of the bootstrap and Bayesian MCMC sampling in assessing phylogenetic confidence: a simulation study 
  Friday, Jan. 4  30 10:20  Grand Ballroom A/B 30.2 BLOMBERG, S.P.; IVES, A.R.; GARLAND, T.Detecting Phylogenetic Signal in Comparative Data 
  Friday, Jan. 4  30 10:40  Grand Ballroom A/B 30.3 JEFFERY, J.E.*; BININDA-EMONDS, O.R.P.; COATES, M.I.; RICHARDSON, M.K.Using Heterochrony to Reconstruct Phylogeny 
  Friday, Jan. 4  30 11:00  Grand Ballroom A/B 30.4 THACKER, R.W.*; STARNES, S.Host Specificity of Symbiotic Cyanobacteria in Marine Sponges 
  Friday, Jan. 4  30 11:20  Grand Ballroom A/B 30.5 DALY, MWhat’s in a name? Taxonomy, usage and circumscription in the genus Anthopleura (Cnidaria: Anthozoa: Actiniaria) 
  Friday, Jan. 4  30 11:40  Grand Ballroom A/B 30.6 COLE, A.G.; HALL, B.K.Non-vertebrate cartilage: A phylogenetic analysis 
  Friday, Jan. 4  31 13:00  Grand Ballroom A/B 31.1 O'STEEN, S.*; EBY, S.L.; BUNCE, J.A.Sex and speed: do courtship locomotor skills predict skills when escaping predators? 
  Friday, Jan. 4  31 13:20  Grand Ballroom A/B 31.2 DRIES, L.A.Swords, Roots and Reliability: the DNA Phylogeny of Xiphophorus revisited 
  Friday, Jan. 4  31 13:40  Grand Ballroom A/B 31.3 PFENNIG, K.S.Differential Selection to Avoid Hybridization and its Role in Speciation by Reinforcement 
  Friday, Jan. 4  31 14:00  Grand Ballroom A/B 31.4 KUCHTA, S RColor pattern evolution in a ring species: Does Ensatina eschscholtzii xanthoptica mimic newts (genus Taricha)? 
  Friday, Jan. 4  31 14:20  Grand Ballroom A/B 31.5 TRACY, C.R.Geographic variation in sexual dimorphism of chuckwallas (Sauromalus obesus: Iguanidae): natural selection vs. sexual selection? 
  Friday, Jan. 4  32 15:00  Grand Ballroom A/B 32.1 SANTINI, F.Speciation in the Sea  
  Friday, Jan. 4  32 15:20  Grand Ballroom A/B 32.2 MCFADDEN, C.S.*; HUTCHINSON, M.B.Hybrid Origin of Soft Coral Species Suggested by Ribosomal DNA Sequence Heterogeneity 
  Friday, Jan. 4  32 15:40  Grand Ballroom A/B 32.3 RAWSON, P*; SLAUGHTER, C; YUND, PAsymmetric Gametic Incompatibility Among Two Species of Marine Mussel 
  Friday, Jan. 4  32 16:00  Grand Ballroom A/B 32.4 KURPIUS, J.W.Panmixia or genetic differentiation? : Phylogeographic patterns of a planktonic dispersing gastropod in the Eastern Pacific. 
  Friday, Jan. 4  32 16:20  Grand Ballroom A/B 32.5 WALKER, J.M.*; HOPKINS, T.S.Morphological Analysis of Melongena corona Gmelin, 1791 Populations from the Gulf of Mexico (Gastropoda, Melongenidae) 
  Friday, Jan. 4  33 08:00  Grand Ballroom C/D 33.1 BURIAN, R.M.Modularity, Development, and Genotype-Phenotype Maps 
  Friday, Jan. 4  33 08:20  Grand Ballroom C/D 33.2 KURATANI, S.; SHIGETANI, Y.; KAWAKAMI, Y.; SUGAHARA, F.; MURAKAMI, Y.Evolution of the vertebrate jaw through ontogenetic repatterning 
  Friday, Jan. 4  33 08:40  Grand Ballroom C/D 33.3 DAVIS, M.C.The evolution of paired fin development: Insights from the basal actinopterygian Polyodon  
  Friday, Jan. 4  33 09:00  Grand Ballroom C/D 33.4 WOURMS, J.P.Evolutionary trends in gut and trophotaenia-based embryonic nutrition in viviparous teleosts. 
  Friday, Jan. 4  33 09:20  Grand Ballroom C/D 33.5 GALIS, F.; VANALPHEN, J.J.M.; METZ, J.A.J.Why five fingers? Evolutionary constraints on digit numbers 
  Friday, Jan. 4  33 09:40  Grand Ballroom C/D 33.6 SCHLOSSER, G.*Detection of Dissociated Coevolution of Characters using Heterochrony Plots: Mosaic Evolution of Brain Development in Direct Developing Frogs 
  Friday, Jan. 4  34 10:20  Grand Ballroom C/D 34.1 WOODS, HA*; HOBBIE, SE; MAKINO, W; COTNER, J; HARRISON, JF; ELSER, JJTemperature shifts cause systematic changes in biochemical composition of poikilothermic organisms 
  Friday, Jan. 4  34 10:40  Grand Ballroom C/D 34.2 MCMILLAN, D.M.; TROLL, J.V.; RANK, N.E.; DAHLHOFF, E.P.Survival, growth and effects of environmental stress in larvae of the Sierra willow beetle Chrysomela aeneicollis  
  Friday, Jan. 4  34 11:00  Grand Ballroom C/D 34.3 NEARGARDER, G.G.; DAHLHOFF, E.P.; RANK, N.E.Effect of PGI genotype and temperature exposure on thermal tolerance of the willow leaf beetle Chrysomela aeneicollis 
  Friday, Jan. 4  34 11:20  Grand Ballroom C/D 34.4 RANK, N.E.; DAHLHOFF, E.P.PGI genotype affects heat shock protein expression and freeze tolerance in the leaf beetle Chrysomela aeneicollis 
  Friday, Jan. 4  34 11:40  Grand Ballroom C/D 34.5 WILLIAMS, T.D.Is the egg size-clutch size trade-off based on a resource allocation decision? 
  Friday, Jan. 4  35 13:00  Grand Ballroom C/D 35.1 GELLER, J.B.Evolution of clonality and symbiosis in sea anemones (Anthopleura): phylogenetic and functional genomic approaches. 
  Friday, Jan. 4  35 13:20  Grand Ballroom C/D 35.2 MINSUK, S.B.*; RAFF, R.A.Inductive Signals Initiating Adult Body Plan Development in Echinoderms 
  Friday, Jan. 4  35 13:40  Grand Ballroom C/D 35.3 LINDBERG, D. R. *; GURALNICK, R. P.The Evolution of Early Development in Gastropod Molluscs 
  Friday, Jan. 4  35 14:00  Grand Ballroom C/D 35.4 OKUSU, AEmbryogenesis and Development of Epimenia babai (Mollusca Aplacophora) 
  Friday, Jan. 4  35 14:20  Grand Ballroom C/D 35.5 WEBSTER, M.Allometric patterning in trilobite ontogeny: testing for heterochrony in Nephrolenellus 
  Friday, Jan. 4  35 14:40  Grand Ballroom C/D 35.6 KAPLAN, POntogenetic and evolutionary dynamics of shape disparity in the trilobite arthropod Phacops 
  Friday, Jan. 4  36 15:20  Grand Ballroom C/D 36.1 FRAZIER, M.*; HUEY, R.B.; BERRIGAN, D.Thermal Dependence of Darwinian Fitness in Insects: Biogeographic Patterns 
  Friday, Jan. 4  36 15:40  Grand Ballroom C/D 36.2 WYNGAARD*, GA; DOMANGUE, R; GERKEN, S; RASCH, EMA Mechanistic Role for Chromatin Diminution in the Evolution of Genome Size and Life History Characteristics in Zooplankton 
  Friday, Jan. 4  36 16:00  Grand Ballroom C/D 36.3 HUEY, R.B.*; GILCHRIST, G.W.; BALANYA, J.; PASCUAL, M.; SERRA, L.Rapid Evolution Redux: a Size Cline in South American Populations of an Introduced Fly 
  Friday, Jan. 4  36 16:20  Grand Ballroom C/D 36.4 PFENNIG, D.W.Polyphenism and the Ecological Origins of Diversity 
  Friday, Jan. 4  36 16:40  Grand Ballroom C/D 36.5 RISSLER, LJEcology and Phylogenetics of Salamanders Across the Eastern Continental Divide 
  Friday, Jan. 4  37 08:00  Orange County Ballroom 2 37.1 LARSON, Peter M.; REILLY, Stephen M.Functional morphology of feeding and gill irrigation in the anuran tadpole: Electromyography and muscle function in larval Rana catesbeiana 
  Friday, Jan. 4  37 08:20  Orange County Ballroom 2 37.3 BECK, J.L.*; TURINGAN, R.G.The Effect of Prey Swimming Behavior on Prey-Capture Kinematics and Feeding Performance in Marine Fish Larvae 
  Friday, Jan. 4  37 08:40  Orange County Ballroom 2 37.4 FRANCIS, JR., A.W.*; TURINGAN, R.G.Ontogeny of Feeding Kinematics in Southern Flounder, Paralichthys lethostigma 
  Friday, Jan. 4  37 09:00  Orange County Ballroom 2 37.5 GUIGAND, C.M.; TURINGAN, R.G.Scaling of feeding kinematics and morphology of juvenile tarpon Megalops atlanticus. 
  Friday, Jan. 4  37 09:20  Orange County Ballroom 2 37.6 LOEWENSTEINER, D.A.*; TURINGAN, R.G.Trophic ecomorphology of juvenile Cynoscion nebulosus (spotted seatrout): Intraspecific ontogenetic variability between Atlantic and Gulf populations of Florida. 
  Friday, Jan. 4  38 10:20  Orange County Ballroom 2 38.1 KELLY, D. A.Rapid Gonopodium Movement in the Sailfin Molly (Poecilia latipinna) 
  Friday, Jan. 4  38 10:40  Orange County Ballroom 2 38.2 TURINGAN, R. G.; BECK, J. L.Predator-prey interactions in the marine plankton: functional and morphological bases of prey-capture performance in marine fish larvae 
  Friday, Jan. 4  38 11:00  Orange County Ballroom 2 38.4 HALL, MI; ROSS, CFEye Shape and Activity Pattern in Amniotes 
  Friday, Jan. 4  38 11:20  Orange County Ballroom 2 38.5 HULSEY, C/D; HENDRICKSON, D/A; MARKS, J; COHEN, A/E; WILLIAMSON, C/ARole of Prey Functional Disparity in Maintenance of Fish Pharyngeal Jaw Polymorphism 
  Friday, Jan. 4  39 13:00  Orange County Ballroom 2 39.1 THEODOR, J. M.; VAN VALKENBURGH, B. ; FRISCIA, A.; ROWE, T.CT scan based quantitative comparison of respiratory turbinates in the Canidae and Felidae 
  Friday, Jan. 4  39 13:20  Orange County Ballroom 2 39.2 CLIFFORD, A.B.; WITMER, L.M.Proboscis Evolution in Mammalia: Preliminary Studies 
  Friday, Jan. 4  39 13:40  Orange County Ballroom 2 39.3 LIEBERMAN, DE; PEARSON, OM; POLK, JDGrowth versus repair responses to loading in mammalian limb bones 
  Friday, Jan. 4  39 14:00  Orange County Ballroom 2 39.4 DEAROLF, J.L.*; ROMMEL, S.A.; HERMANSON, J.W.Compartmentalization of the Florida manatee (Trichechus manatus latirostris) diaphragm 
  Friday, Jan. 4  39 14:20  Orange County Ballroom 2 39.5 LANDBERG, Tobias*; MAILHOT, Jeffrey; BRAINERD, Elizabeth L.Lung Ventilation during Treadmill Locomotion in Terrapene carolina. 
  Friday, Jan. 4  39 14:40  Orange County Ballroom 2 39.6 MORGAN, S. M. *; ASHLEY-ROSS, M. A.; ANDERSON, D. J.Foot Morphology and Water-bounding in the Nazca Booby 
  Friday, Jan. 4  40 15:20  Orange County Ballroom 2 40.1 SANFORD, C. P.*; WAINWRIGHT, P. C. Suction Feeding Performance in the Largemouth Bass Micropterus salmoides: Linking Buccal Cavity Kinematics using Sonomicrometry to Pressure 
  Friday, Jan. 4  40 15:40  Orange County Ballroom 2 40.2 MCCUE, M.D.; CHAPMAN, L.J.African Swamps and Respiratory Tradeoffs: Interdemic Variation in an Air-Breathing Catfish, Clarias Liocephalus 
  Friday, Jan. 4  40 16:20  Orange County Ballroom 2 40.4 FOUGEROLLE, M.F.*; TURINGAN, R.G.Coupled vs. decoupled feeding systems: diet-induced plasticity in the feeding mechanism of Archosargus probatocephalus 
  Friday, Jan. 4  40 16:40  Orange County Ballroom 2 40.5 HUSKEY, S.H.*; TURINGAN, R.G.Functional and morphological bases of intraspecific variation in the feeding ecomorphology of largemouth bass, Micropterus salmoides 
  Friday, Jan. 4  41 08:00  Orange County Ballroom 3 41.1 SWARTZ, S. M.; BISHOP, K. L.; ISMAEL AGUIRRE, M. F.; STOCKWELL, E. S.; SKENE, J. A.Large-scale deformations in the wing bones of flying bats 
  Friday, Jan. 4  41 08:20  Orange County Ballroom 3 41.2 BISHOP, K.L.; SWARTZ, S.M.; STOCKWELL, E.F.; SKENE, J.A.; ISMAEL-AGUIRRE, M.F.Three Dimensional Complexity of Bat Wing Movements 
  Friday, Jan. 4  41 08:40  Orange County Ballroom 3 41.3 HEDRICK, TL; TOBALSKE, BW; DIAL, KP; BIEWENER, AAPower Output of Cockatiels: A Musculo-skeletal and Aerodynamic Approach 
  Friday, Jan. 4  41 09:00  Orange County Ballroom 3 41.4 SUMIDA, S.S; REDD, J.; BRUDERLIN, A.Computer Modeling of Complex Integumentary Structures: Digitally Generated Birds and Feathers 
  Friday, Jan. 4  41 09:20  Orange County Ballroom 3 41.5 TOBALSKE, B.W.*; ALTSHULER, D.L.; POWERS, D.R.Take-off mechanics in hummingbirds (Trochilidae) 
  Friday, Jan. 4  42 10:00  Orange County Ballroom 3 42.1 ANDERSON, E.J.*; JIANG, H.; GROSENBAUGH, M.A.Jet flow in swimming squid 
  Friday, Jan. 4  42 10:20  Orange County Ballroom 3 42.2 DONLEY, Jeanine/M; SHADWICK, Robert/ESteady swimming muscle dynamics in the leopard shark (Triakis semifasciata) 
  Friday, Jan. 4  42 10:40  Orange County Ballroom 3 42.3 NAUEN, J.C.; LAUDER, G.V.Wake structure and force production during steady swimming by the chub mackerel, Scomber japonicus 
  Friday, Jan. 4  42 11:00  Orange County Ballroom 3 42.4 TYTELL, E.D.*; LAUDER, G.V.Multiple escape response patterns in Polypterus senegalus: Kinematics and electromyography 
  Friday, Jan. 4  42 11:20  Orange County Ballroom 3 42.5 LIAO, J.*; BEAL, D.N.*; LAUDER, G.V.*; TRIANTAFYLLOU, M.*Novel body kinematics of trout swimming in a von Karman trail; can fish tune to vortices?  
  Friday, Jan. 4  42 11:40  Orange County Ballroom 3 42.6 LAURITZEN, Dean V.*; HERTEL, Fritz; GORDON, Malcolm S.Experimental Studies of Jumping Preferences of Adult Migrating Pacific Salmon 
  Friday, Jan. 4  43 13:20  Orange County Ballroom 3 43.1 WARD, A.B.; AZIZI, EKinematics of the Startle Response in Elongate Fishes and Amphibians 
  Friday, Jan. 4  43 13:40  Orange County Ballroom 3 43.2 SOCHA, J.J.; O'DEMPSEY, T.A three-dimensional analysis of flying snake flight 
  Friday, Jan. 4  43 14:00  Orange County Ballroom 3 43.4 CLARKE, J. A.; GAUTHIER, J. A.; NORELL, M. A.; QIANG, JiJustified inference and the origin of an avian propatagium 
  Friday, Jan. 4  43 14:20  Orange County Ballroom 3 43.5 SANE, Sanjay P.; DICKINSON, Michael H.The isolation and modeling of wake capture during insect flight 
  Friday, Jan. 4  44 15:00  Orange County Ballroom 3 44.1 TRIMBLE, A.C.Musculoskeletal Control of Flight in the Hawkmoth Manduca sexta: a new model coupling muscle forces to wing motion. 
  Friday, Jan. 4  44 15:20  Orange County Ballroom 3 44.2 FLICK, K.C.; TU, M.S.; DANIEL, T.L.Flight control by steering muscles in Manduca sexta 
  Friday, Jan. 4  44 15:40  Orange County Ballroom 3 44.3 COMBES, S.A.; DANIEL, T.L.Dynamic bending in insect wings: origins and consequences of structural complexity  
  Friday, Jan. 4  44 16:00  Orange County Ballroom 3 44.4 BIRCH, J.M.*; DICKINSON, M.D.The influence of wing-wake interactions on aerodynamic force generation in insects 
  Friday, Jan. 4  44 16:20  Orange County Ballroom 3 44.5 FRY, SN *; DICKINSON, MHKinematics and aerodynamics of free flight maneuvers in Drosophila 
  Friday, Jan. 4  44 16:40  Orange County Ballroom 3 44.6 ROBERTS, SP*; FRAZIER, MR; KIRKTON, SD; HARRISON, JFTemperature Sensitivity of Drosophila Development and Flight Performance 
  Friday, Jan. 4  45 08:00  Orange County Ballroom 4 45.1 CHEDIACK, J.G.; CAVIEDES-VIDAL, E.; KARASOV, W.H.Intestinal passive absorption of hydrosoluble compounds is size dependent and modulated by luminal nutrients in house sparrows (Passer domesticus). 
  Friday, Jan. 4  45 08:20  Orange County Ballroom 4 45.2 SCHONDUBE, J.E.*Nectar digestion by flowerpiercers and hummingbirds 
  Friday, Jan. 4  45 08:40  Orange County Ballroom 4 45.3 MCWILLIAMS, Scott R.*; KEARNEY, Shannon B. ; KARASOV, William H. Diet preferences of warblers for specific fatty acids in relation to nutritional requirements and digestive capabilities. 
  Friday, Jan. 4  45 09:00  Orange County Ballroom 4 45.4 PIERCE, Barbara/J; MCWILLIAMS, Scott/REffects of Food Quality and Digestive Constraints on Recovery of Body Reserves in a Migratory Bird 
  Friday, Jan. 4  45 09:20  Orange County Ballroom 4 45.5 BARBOZA, P.S.; JORDE, D.G.Male and female black ducks respond differently to intermittent feeding in winter 
  Friday, Jan. 4  45 09:40  Orange County Ballroom 4 45.6 ROMBACH, E.P.*; BARBOZA, P.S.; BLAKE, J.E.Trace Mineral Reserves during Gestation in Muskoxen 
  Friday, Jan. 4  46 10:20  Orange County Ballroom 4 46.1 PETERSEN, A.M.; GLEESON, T.T.; SCHOLNICK, D.A.The influence of oxygen and adenosine on lizard thermoregulation 
  Friday, Jan. 4  46 10:40  Orange County Ballroom 4 46.2 GROVE*, T J; SIDELL, B DExamining Substrate Specificity of Fatty Acyl CoA Synthetase in Notothenioid Fishes 
  Friday, Jan. 4  46 11:00  Orange County Ballroom 4 46.3 GARLAND, T.*; MORGAN, M.T.; SWALLOW, J.G.; RHODES, J.S.; GIRARD, I.; CARTER, P.A.Evolution of a Small-muscle Polymorphism in Lines of House Mice Selected for High Activity Levels 
  Friday, Jan. 4  46 11:20  Orange County Ballroom 4 46.4 ETNIER, S.A.*; DEAROLF, J.L.; MCLELLAN, W.A.; PABST, D.A.Postural control of lateral flexibility in neonatal dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) 
  Friday, Jan. 4  47 13:00  Orange County Ballroom 4 47.1 BOWKER, G.B.The role of electrostatic forces in wind pollination 
  Friday, Jan. 4  47 13:20  Orange County Ballroom 4 47.2 PRATT, M.C.Evolution of colony morphology in bryozoans: Do encrusting sheets have an advantage? 
  Friday, Jan. 4  47 13:40  Orange County Ballroom 4 47.3 WATANABE, JEFFREY T.*; YOUNG, CRAIG M.Expanding the niche by extending the proboscis: Feeding habits of southern oyster drills, Stramonita haemastoma (Gastropoda: Muricidae), on sabellariid worm reefs 
  Friday, Jan. 4  47 14:00  Orange County Ballroom 4 47.4 PRICE, R. M.Evaluating a putative neogastropod adaptation: is there a functional relationship between columellar folds and the columellar muscle?  
  Friday, Jan. 4  47 14:20  Orange County Ballroom 4 47.5 THOMPSON, J.T.The evolution of mechanical function in the mantle of squids 
  Friday, Jan. 4  48 15:00  Orange County Ballroom 4 48.1 ALTSHULER, Douglas L.Burst flight performance and competitive ability of hummingbirds along elevational gradients. 
  Friday, Jan. 4  48 15:20  Orange County Ballroom 4 48.2 NOCA, F.Added mass in swimming and flying 
  Friday, Jan. 4  48 15:40  Orange County Ballroom 4 48.3 BUNDLE, M. W.; DIAL, K. P.The metabolic power requirements of birds in flight 
  Friday, Jan. 4  48 16:00  Orange County Ballroom 4 48.4 DALEY, M.A.; BIEWENER, A.A.In vivo analysis of work performed by two ankle extensors of the guinea fowl during locomotion: How do similar agonist muscles fulfill different mechanical roles? 
  Friday, Jan. 4  48 16:20  Orange County Ballroom 4 48.5 MARSH, R.L.*; ELLERBY, D.J.; BUCHANAN, C.I.Mechanical function of thigh muscles in running Guinea fowl. 
  Friday, Jan. 4  48 16:40  Orange County Ballroom 4 48.6 WESTNEAT, M.W.; BETZ, O.; BLOB, R.; FEZZAA, K.; COOPER, J.; LEE, W.K.A new view of insect biomechanics: Using synchrotron phase-enhanced x-ray imaging to study insect respiration, locomotion, and feeding 
  Friday, Jan. 4  49 08:00  Orange County Ballroom 5 49.1 O'DONNELL, M.J.Quantification Of Hydrodynamic Microhabitats In The Intertidal Zone Of Wave-Swept Shores.  
  Friday, Jan. 4  49 08:20  Orange County Ballroom 5 49.2 NIELSEN, K.J.*; MENGE, B.A.; LUBCHENCO, J.Fluorescing fronds: Snapshots of the physiological state of intertidal macrophytes 
  Friday, Jan. 4  49 08:40  Orange County Ballroom 5 49.3 JOHNSON, L.E.; LAMOTE, M.; LEMOINE, Y.Photosynthesis of fucoid algae during periods of emersion: ontogenetic and interspecific responses to varying levels of environmental stress. 
  Friday, Jan. 4  49 09:00  Orange County Ballroom 5 49.4 HARLEY, C.D.G.*; HELMUTH, B.S.T.Spatial variation in invertebrate upper limits, thermal stress, and effective tidal height 
  Friday, Jan. 4  49 09:20  Orange County Ballroom 5 49.5 DAHLHOFF, E.P.; FREETO, J.C.; KEIL, A.P.; MELLO, J.D.; MENGE, B.A.Biochemical indices of bottom-up effects in Pacific rocky intertidal habitats 
  Friday, Jan. 4  49 09:40  Orange County Ballroom 5 49.6 BURNAFORD, J.L.; HOFMANN, G.E.Ecological and Physiological Effects of Thermal Stress on Intertidal Snails 
  Friday, Jan. 4  50 10:20  Orange County Ballroom 5 50.1 SCHNEIDER, Kimberly R.; HILBISH, Thomas J.; HELMUTH, Brian S.T.Differential movement as a mechanism of selection in Mytilus spp.  
  Friday, Jan. 4  50 10:40  Orange County Ballroom 5 50.2 PHILLIPS, N.E.Effects of larval nutrition on juvenile performance: the relative importance of constant vs. variable food rations 
  Friday, Jan. 4  50 11:00  Orange County Ballroom 5 50.3 BRABY, C.E.*; SOMERO, G.N.Larval settlement success and physiological adaptation in the patchwork distribution of introduced and native bay mussels (Mytilus spp.) in the central CA hybrid zone 
  Friday, Jan. 4  50 11:20  Orange County Ballroom 5 50.4 PODOLSKY, R.D.Is temperature variability good or bad for intertidal embryos? 
  Friday, Jan. 4  51 13:00  Orange County Ballroom 5 51.1 PETERSON, C.C.*; LIGON, D.B.Acute and acclimational effects of temperature on metabolic rates of hatchling slider turtles: embryonic metabolic compensation? 
  Friday, Jan. 4  51 13:20  Orange County Ballroom 5 51.2 LYNOTT, Aaron J.; BANTA, Marilyn; HIGGINBOTHAM, Clay M.; BAKKEN, George S.Thermoregulation in Swimming Mallard Ducklings 
  Friday, Jan. 4  51 13:40  Orange County Ballroom 5 51.3 MCLISTER, J.D.; SORENSEN-FORBY, J.S. ; DEARING, M.D.Do woodrats use dietary toxins to reduce thermoregulatory costs? 
  Friday, Jan. 4  51 14:20  Orange County Ballroom 5 51.5 NESPOLO, RF; BACIGALUPE, LD; BOZINOVIC, FOn the heritability of body temperature in endotherms: a study in leaf eared mice 
  Friday, Jan. 4  51 14:40  Orange County Ballroom 5 51.6 FRANK, C.L.*; HOOD, W.The effects of alpha-linolenic acid on mammalian torpor patterns. 
  Friday, Jan. 4  52 15:20  Orange County Ballroom 5 52.1 SEARS, Michael W.; DUNHAM, Arthur E.The influence of thermal heterogeneity on life history variation among elevationally separated populations of sagebrush lizards 
  Friday, Jan. 4  52 15:40  Orange County Ballroom 5 52.2 O'CONNOR, M.P.Convective heat exchange for animals in and near boundary layers. 
  Friday, Jan. 4  52 16:00  Orange County Ballroom 5 52.3 RIEHLE, M. M.*; BENNETT, A. F.; LONG, A.D.Evolutionary changes in stress gene expression in thermally adapted lines of Escherchia coli . 
  Friday, Jan. 4  52 16:20  Orange County Ballroom 5 52.4 DILLON, M.E.*; DANIEL, T.L.; HUEY, R.B.Bumblebee Thermoregulation at High Altitude: it Ain’t as Bad as it Seems  
  Friday, Jan. 4  52 16:40  Orange County Ballroom 5 52.5 BENNETT, V.A.*; LEE, R.E.; KUKAL, O.Abiotic and biotic factors affecting water loss rates in the polar desert caterpillar Gynaephora groenlandica (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae) and the temperate caterpillar, Pyrrharctia isabella (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae) 
  Friday, Jan. 4  WEB 09:00  Grand Ballroom J/K  PARR, C. S.*; WAKE, D.B.Web-based natural history databases: challenges and opportunities for teaching and research

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