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  Saturday, Jan. 5  S10 08:00  Grand Ballroom G/H S10 Murray, J.Opening Remarks
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S10 08:20  Grand Ballroom G/H S10.1 BEASON, R. C.Mechanisms of Magnetic Orientation in Birds 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S10 09:00  Grand Ballroom G/H S10.2 WALCOTT, CMultimodal Orientation and Navigation in Homing Pigeons 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S10 10:00  Grand Ballroom G/H S10.3 WILLIS, M.A.Odor-modulated navigation in flying insects 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S10 10:40  Grand Ballroom G/H S10.4 ZIMMER, R.K.*; ZIMMER, C.A.Chemical Information Flow in Aquatic and Terrestrial Environments 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S10 11:20  Grand Ballroom G/H S10.5 DITTMAN, A.H.Sensory systems and neural mechanisms involved in salmon homing  
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S10 13:00  Grand Ballroom G/H S10.6 LOHMANN, K.J.Magnetic Orientation and Navigation in Marine Animals 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S10 13:40  Grand Ballroom G/H S10.7 NELSON, M.E.Active Electrosensory Signal Acquisition in Weakly Electric Fish  
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S10 14:20  Grand Ballroom G/H S10.8 DYER, Fred C.Vector Navigation in Insects 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S10 16:00  Grand Ballroom G/H S10.10 BINGMAN, V.P.*; SIEGEL, J.J.; HOUGH III, G.E.; KAHN, M.C.Adaptive Variation in the Hippocampal Representation of Environmental Space 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S10 16:40  Grand Ballroom G/H S10.11 MIZUMORI, Sheri J.Y.A neural systems analysis of adaptive navigation in rodents 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S11 08:20  Grand Ballroom F S11.1 GHARIB, Mory; DABIRI, Dana; PEREIRA, Francisco; MODARES, DariusQuantitative Flow Visualization: Toward a comprehensive flow diagnostic tool 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S11 08:40  Grand Ballroom F S11.2 BARTOL, I.K.*; GORDON, M.S.; GHARIB, M.; WEIHS, D.; WEBB, P.W.Vortical flows around rigid-bodied, multi-propulsor swimmers 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S11 09:00  Grand Ballroom F S11.3 TRIANTAFYLLOU , Michael S*; YUE, Dick; HOVER, Franz; TECHET, AlexVorticity Control in Fish-like Propulsion and Maneuvering 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S11 09:20  Grand Ballroom F S11.4 VIDELER, J.J.; STAMHUIS, E.J.; VAN DUREN, L.A.; MüLLER, U.K.Structure and scaling of aquatic animal wakes 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S11 10:00  Grand Ballroom F S11.5 MULLER, UKThe interaction of body- and tail-generated flows controls the performance of undulatory swimmers 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S11 10:20  Grand Ballroom F S11.6 DRUCKER, E.G.*; LAUDER, G.V.Wake dynamics and locomotor function in fishes: interpreting evolutionary patterns in paired fin design 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S11 10:40  Grand Ballroom F S11.7 LAUDER, George V.*; DRUCKER, Eliot G.Experimental Hydrodynamics and Evolution: Function of Median Fins in Fishes 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S11 11:00  Grand Ballroom F S11.8 WEIHS, D.Dynamics of Dolphin Porpoising Revisited 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S11 11:20  Grand Ballroom F S11.9 ALEXANDER, R McNMerits and Implications of Travel by Swimming, Flight and Running for Animals of Different Sizes  
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S11 11:40  Grand Ballroom F S11.10 O'DOR, R.K.Telemetered cephalopod energetics: swimming, soaring and ballooning. 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S11 13:00  Grand Ballroom F S11.11 KOEHL, Mimi/ A. R.Effects of Ambient Flow on Locomotion 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S11 13:20  Grand Ballroom F S11.12 SCHULTZ, W. W.*; WEBB, P. W.*Power requirements of swimming: Do new methods resolve the old questions? 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S11 13:40  Grand Ballroom F S11.13 HAO, LIUComputational biological fluid dynamics: digitizing and visualizing animal swimmign and flying 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S11 14:00  Grand Ballroom F S11.14 DANIEL, T.L.; COMBES, S.A.; TRIMBLE, A.C.Swimming and flying with flexible wings: bending by inertia or fluid forcing?  
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S11 14:20  Grand Ballroom F S11.15 WALKER, J.A.; WESTNEAT, M.W.; SANDBERG, W.C.; RAMAMURTI, R.; ROSENBERGER, L.Kinematics, Dynamics, Energetics, Performance, and Ecomorphology of Rowing and Flapping Propulsion 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S11 15:00  Grand Ballroom F S11.16 KOUMOUTSAKOS, Petros; MUELLER, Sibylle; WALTHER, JensBiologically inspired optimization algorithms for fluid dynamics 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S11 15:20  Grand Ballroom F S11.17 DICKINSON, M.; BIRCH, J.; FRY, S.; SANE, S.Deconstructing the Aerodynamics of Insect Flight. 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S12 07:50  Grand Ballroom E S12 Koob, T.J.Opening Remarks
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S12 08:00  Grand Ballroom E S12.1 SCHWEITZER, R.Cell Fate Determination and Patterning of Vertebrate Tendons 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S12 08:40  Grand Ballroom E S12.2 BANES, Albert J; ARCHAMBAULT, Joanne; TSUZAKI, Mari; WALL, Michelle; GARVIN, JoanneTendon Loading Models and Cellular Responses Regulating Signaling and Gene Expression 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S12 09:20  Grand Ballroom E S12.3 CANTY, E.G.*; KADLER, K.E.Studies of the role of protein trafficking on collagen fibril assembly in tendon. 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S12 10:20  Grand Ballroom E S12.4 LANDIS, W.J.*; SILVER, F.H.Structure and Function of Normally Mineralizing Avian Tendons 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S12 11:00  Grand Ballroom E S12.5 TROTTER, John AStructure-function considerations of muscle-tendon junctions. 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S12 13:00  Grand Ballroom E S12.6 GEMBALLA, SvenMyoseptal tendons in vertebrates: Spatial arrangement, functional and evolutionary implications 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S12 13:20  Grand Ballroom E S12.7 BUCHANAN, C.I.; MARSH, R.L.Effects of Exercise on the Biomechanical Properties of Tendon. 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S12 13:40  Grand Ballroom E S12.8 SHADWICK, R.E.. Structure and Function of Axial Tendons in Tunas.  
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S12 14:00  Grand Ballroom E S12.9 HUTCHINSON, J.R.The role of fossils in reconstructing the evolution of tendons on the line to birds. 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S12 14:20  Grand Ballroom E S12.10 AZIZI, E.; BRAINERD, E.L.Biomechanics of hypaxial myosepta in swimming salamanders 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S12 15:00  Grand Ballroom E S12.11 LONG, JR, J.H.; ADCOCK, B.; ROOT, R.G.Axial Tendons in Fish: How do Tensile Structures Create Beam-Like Behavior?  
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S12 15:20  Grand Ballroom E S12.12 SUMMERS, A. P.; KOOB, T.J.The evolution of tendon 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S12 15:40  Grand Ballroom E S12.13 KOOB, Thomas J.; SUMMERS, Adam P.An integrated view of tendon biology: bridging the gap between medicine, material, and organism 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S12 16:00  Grand Ballroom E S12.14 SOFFLER, C.; STORCK, K.I.; HERMANSON, J.W.*Muscle design features of the equine suspensory ligament. 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S6 09:00  Marquis Ballroom Northeast S6.8 CREWS, DavidSex determination: Where environment and genetics meet 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S6 09:20  Marquis Ballroom Northeast S6.9 GODWIN, J.; LUCKENBACH, J.A.; BORSKI, R.J.Temperature Influences on Sex Determination and Development in Flounder. 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S6 09:40  Marquis Ballroom Northeast S6.10 ABOUHEIF, E.The evolutionary and developmental genetic bases of the wing polymorphism in ants 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S6 10:00  Marquis Ballroom Northeast S6.11 SOTO, A M *; MARKEY, C M; SONNENSCHEIN, CIn utero exposure to bisphenol A alters development of the female genital tract and mammary gland 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S6 10:40  Marquis Ballroom Northeast S6.12 MCNABB, F.M.A.Avian Thyroid Development In Organochlorine-Polluted Environments: Is There Evidence Of Thyroid Disruption And Teratogenesis?  
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S6 11:00  Marquis Ballroom Northeast S6.13 EMLET, R.B.Maternal provisioning, buoyancy and redesign of echinoderm larvae 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S6 11:20  Marquis Ballroom Northeast S6.14 WEST-EBERHARD, M.J.Bateson's Dangerous Idea: Development as a Factor in Evolution 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S6 11:40  Marquis Ballroom Northeast S6.15 DELPH, L.F.Environmental influences on the evolution of gender and sexual dimorphism 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S6 14:00  Marquis Ballroom Northeast S6.16 BLAUSTEIN, A.R.; BELDEN, L.K.Amphibian Defenses Against Ultraviolet-B Radiation 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S6 14:20  Marquis Ballroom Northeast S6.17 EPEL, D.The Uniqueness of Early Development: The Puzzling Response of Embryos to Environmental Insults 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S6 14:40  Marquis Ballroom Northeast S6.18 MOORE, S.W.Scrambled Eggs: Biomechanical Aspects of Developmental Ecology 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S6 15:00  Marquis Ballroom Northeast S6 Bolker, J.Closing Remarks
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S9 07:45  Marquis Ballroom Northwest S9 Cooper, E.L.Opening Remarks
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S9 08:00  Marquis Ballroom Northwest S9.1 VASTA, G.R.*; AHMED, H.; QUESENBERRY, M.S.; ODOM, E.; O'LEARY, N.Lectins in Protochordates and Teleost Fish: Structure-Function Relationships in Innate Immunity.  
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S9 08:40  Marquis Ballroom Northwest S9.2 GANZ, TThe role of antimicrobial peptides in innate immunity 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S9 09:20  Marquis Ballroom Northwest S9.3 BAYNE, C.J.Immuno-competence before the Paleozoic: how distinctive? 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S9 10:20  Marquis Ballroom Northwest S9.4 YOSHINO, T.P.*; HUMPHRIES, J.E.; COPELAND, C.A.Putative Signal Transduction Pathway Regulating Molluscan Hemocyte Behavior: Studies on In Vitro Cell Spreading and Phagocytosis 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S9 11:00  Marquis Ballroom Northwest S9.5 LEHRER, R.I.*; TINCU, J.A.; TAYLOR, S.W.; MENZEL, L.P.; ORLOV, D.S.; WARING, A.J.Natural peptide antibiotics from tunicates: Structures, functions, and potential uses. 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S9 13:00  Marquis Ballroom Northwest S9.6 WEISSMAN, Irving L.Biology, transplantation, and evolution of stem cells 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S9 13:40  Marquis Ballroom Northwest S9.7 BARTL, S.Terminal Deoxynucleotidyl Transferase (TdT) Genes Isolated from Cartilaginous Fishes 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S9 14:20  Marquis Ballroom Northwest S9.8 LITMAN, G.W.Novel Immune-Type Receptor Genes and the Origins of Adaptive and Innate Immune Recognition 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S9 15:20  Marquis Ballroom Northwest S9.9 MARCHALONIS, JJ*; SCHLUTER, SFRapid Evolutionary Emergence of the Combinatorial Recognition Repertoire 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  S9 16:00  Marquis Ballroom Northwest S9.11 COOPER, E LComparative Immunology 

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