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  Saturday, Jan. 5  53 08:20  Grand Ballroom C/D 53.1 MOSHEL-LYNCH, S. M.The conservation of regulatory genes and the evolution of molluscs 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  53 08:40  Grand Ballroom C/D 53.2 DAVIDSON, B.J.*; SWALLA, B.J.Heads or Tails? Larval vs. Post-larval Development in the Urochordates 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  53 09:00  Grand Ballroom C/D 53.3 HEYLAND, A.; REITZEL, A.M.; HODIN, J.Facultative feeding in an obligatorily feeding sand dollar larva: The role of thyroid hormones in echinoderm life history evolution. 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  53 09:20  Grand Ballroom C/D 53.4 EREZYILMAZ*, D.F.*; RIDDIFORD, L.M.; TRUMAN, J.W.Juvenile hormone and the origin of insect larvae. 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  53 09:40  Grand Ballroom C/D 53.5 ROSE, C.S.*; JOHNSON, A.L.Thyroid hormone-mediated cell proliferation in frog Meckel's cartilage is specified before neural crest migration.  
  Saturday, Jan. 5  54 10:20  Grand Ballroom C/D 54.1 BROWMAN, H.I.*; HOLMQVIST, B.; FORSELL, J.; EBBESSON, L.; ALM, P.Life-stage dependent changes and thyroid hormone-mediated plasticity in the retinal ultraviolet photoreceptor cell complement of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar). 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  54 10:40  Grand Ballroom C/D 54.2 SALMINEN, Kristine/A; GIBB, Alice/CIs the growth of juvenile rainbow trout allometric? 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  54 11:00  Grand Ballroom C/D 54.3 BERGMANN, Philip J *; RUSSELL, Anthony PPatterns of hindlimb segment growth in various lizards and their relation to lizard ecology. 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  54 11:20  Grand Ballroom C/D 54.4 KILPATRICK, A.M.Variation in growth of Brown-Headed Cowbird nestlings and energetic impacts on their host parents. 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  54 11:40  Grand Ballroom C/D 54.5 STRUNTZ, D.J.; MCLELLAN, W.A.; GAY, D.M.; DILLAMAN, R.M.; PABST, D.A.Blubber development in bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  55 13:00  Grand Ballroom C/D 55.1 MANAHAN, D.T.Molecular physiology of amino acid transport during sea urchin development 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  55 13:20  Grand Ballroom C/D 55.2 PACE, DA; MANAHAN, DTDifferential protein accretion rates and energetic efficiency of protein synthesis during sea urchin development.  
  Saturday, Jan. 5  55 13:40  Grand Ballroom C/D 55.3 GREEN, A.J.; MANAHAN, D.T.Feeding state, aerobic enzyme activity, and respiration in echinoderm larvae 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  55 14:00  Grand Ballroom C/D 55.4 RIFFELL, J.A.*; ZIMMER, R.K.Egg limitation may regulate fertilization success in a free-spawning marine invertebrate 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  55 14:20  Grand Ballroom C/D 55.5 JARRETT, J.N.; RUSSELL, G.; O'DRISCOLL, M.; SULLIVAN, D.Impact of Short-term Salinity Fluctuations on Larvae and Juveniles of Crepidula fornicata and C. plana 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  55 14:40  Grand Ballroom C/D 55.6 MINER, BG; VONESH, JRImplications of Environmental Variability for Phenotypic Plasticity 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  56 15:20  Grand Ballroom C/D 56.1 DAVIDSON, S.K.; KOROPATNICK, T.; KOSSMEHL, R.; MCFALL-NGAI, M.J.Nitric oxide as a specificity determinant in the squid-Vibrio association 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  56 15:40  Grand Ballroom C/D 56.2 SHEA, E.K.Morphology of the Fused Tentacles in Three Ommastrephid Squids. 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  56 16:00  Grand Ballroom C/D 56.3 HOFFMAN, G.G.*; WILBUR, A.E.A single-step multiplex PCR identification assay to distinguish megalopae of Callinectes sapidus from Callinectes similis in plankton samples. 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  56 16:20  Grand Ballroom C/D 56.4 HART, M.W.Character conflict and life history evolution of marine invertebrates 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  57 08:20  Orange County Ballroom 2 57.2 SCHMAEMAN, C.N.*; MENDONÇA, M.T.Non random mating in big brown bats? 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  57 08:40  Orange County Ballroom 2 57.3 MENDONÇA, , M.T.Effects of temperature on mating discrimination in male big brown bats 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  57 09:00  Orange County Ballroom 2 57.4 TRAINOR, B. C.; MARLER, C. A.Testosterone promotes paternal behaviour in a monogamous mammal via conversion to estrogen 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  57 09:20  Orange County Ballroom 2 57.5 SALTZMAN, W.; PICK, R.R.; SALPER, O.J.; LIEDL, K.J.; ABBOTT, D.H.Reproductive suppression and reproductive competition in female common marmosets: Effects of an unrelated male 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  57 09:40  Orange County Ballroom 2 57.6 VAN ROO, B.L.The Effects of Exogenous Testosterone on Male Incubation in Blue-headed Vireos (Vireo solitarius) 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  58 10:20  Orange County Ballroom 2 58.1 POOPATANAPONG, AMY*; SCHWABL, HUBERTMale badge size and maternal yolk steroids in House Sparrows. 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  58 10:40  Orange County Ballroom 2 58.2 VUTURO, S. A.*; SHUSTER, S. M.Sex change and cannibalism in Gulf of California populations of a commensal polychaete 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  58 11:00  Orange County Ballroom 2 58.3 OMANA, E.C.*; SHUSTER, S.M.The Ecology and Reproductive Biology of Paradella dianae (Crustacea: Isopoda) 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  58 11:20  Orange County Ballroom 2 58.4 AGOSTA, A*; WILDEY, HC; VUTURO, SA; SHUSTER, SMThe Distribution of the Mud Shrimp, Neotrypaea uncinata, on Horizontal, Vertical and Geographic Scales within Estero Morua, Sonora, Mexico 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  59 13:20  Orange County Ballroom 2 59.1 DOHM, M.R.*; MAUTZ, W.J.Effects of ozone on marine toad thermoregulatory behavior and immune function 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  59 13:40  Orange County Ballroom 2 59.2 TUBERTY, S.R.Effects of the insect juvenile hormone agonist, methoprene, on female growth and reproduction in the Gulf sand fiddler crab, Uca panacea. 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  59 14:00  Orange County Ballroom 2 59.3 SCHOENFUSS, H.L.*; MARTINOVIC, D.; SORENSEN, P.W.Effects of Water-Borne 17b-Estradiol on Reproductive Fitness in Two Species of Fish 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  59 14:20  Orange County Ballroom 2 59.5 LOVE, O.P.; SHUTT, L.; BIRD, D.M.Dietary PCB-induced impairment of the adrenocortical response in captive American kestrels  
  Saturday, Jan. 5  60 15:00  Orange County Ballroom 2 60.1 TILLACK, M.A.*; BRAITHWAITE, L.F.Feeding Methods of Balanus eburneus and Balanus amphitrite in the Indian River Lagoon, Florida 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  60 15:20  Orange County Ballroom 2 60.2 TROWBRIDGE, C.D.Emerging associations: sacoglossan opisthobranchs associated with introduced macroalgae 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  60 15:40  Orange County Ballroom 2 60.3 SCHAEFER, J. T.*; SCHULTZ, E. T.Scaling allometry of energy allocation to growth and storage in temperate populations of an annual fish, Pimephales promelas 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  60 16:00  Orange County Ballroom 2 60.4 SWIMMER, Y; BRILL, R; MAILLOUX, L; MOYES, CCardiac Biochemistry in Three Species of Tuna with Widely Divergent Temperature Tolerances 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  60 16:20  Orange County Ballroom 2 60.5 PETERSEN, J.; ADOLPH, S.C.*Lizards in a Fluctuating Environment: a Stochastic Population Model for the Desert Night Lizard Xantusia vigilis 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  61 08:00  Orange County Ballroom 5 61.1 OKAMURA, BETH; CURRY, ALAN; WOOD, TIMOTHY S.; CANNING, ELIZABETH U.Worms to sacs: Buddenbrockia reveals bilaterian origins of the Myxozoa 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  61 08:20  Orange County Ballroom 5 61.2 HUANG, H.-D.*; RITTSCHOF, D.; JENG, M.-S.Are Anemonefish Lures? An experimental analysis of chemically and visually mediated anemonefish and grouper behavior  
  Saturday, Jan. 5  61 08:40  Orange County Ballroom 5 61.3 BHAGOOLI, R.; ARCHER, J.; ZIELKE, S.; TRAPIDO-ROSENTHAL, H.*Zooxanthellae Released from the Coral Stephanocoenia intersepta During Heat-Induced Bleaching Have Elevated Levels of Nitric Oxide Synthase Activity 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  61 09:00  Orange County Ballroom 5 61.4 WILCOX, Thomas P.; SLOAN, Adrienne J.; BISSEL, J.Experimental Evidence for the Evolution of Cheating in an Algal:Invertebrate Symbiosis 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  61 09:20  Orange County Ballroom 5 61.5 MEAGHER, S.*; DUDEK, S. N.Physiological consequences of Trichinella spiralis (Nematoda) infection on oldfield mice (Peromyscus polionotus) 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  62 10:00  Orange County Ballroom 5 62.1 NYHOLM, SV; DEPLANCKE, B; GASKINS, HR; APICELLA, M; MCFALL-NGAI, MJThe role of mucus secretion in the harvesting of symbionts during colonization of a squid light organ  
  Saturday, Jan. 5  62 10:20  Orange County Ballroom 5 62.2 GOODSON, M.S.*; KIMBELL, J.R.; MCFALL-NGAI, MCharacterization of a p53-like protein in the morphogenesis of a light organ symbiosis 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  62 10:40  Orange County Ballroom 5 62.3 STEWART, J.J.; NYHOLM, S.V.; MCFALL-NGAI, M.J.Squid hemocytes are able to discriminate the specific symbiont from other types of bacteria. 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  62 11:00  Orange County Ballroom 5 62.4 JOYNER, J.L.*; LEE, R.W.The role of sulfur-containing amino acids in sulfide detoxification by chemoautotrophic bacteria-mollusc symbioses 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  63 08:00  Grand Ballroom A/B 63.1 PORTER, Marianne/E; KEARSLEY, MikeNear-shore vegetation responses to experimental flows in Grand Canyon 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  63 08:20  Grand Ballroom A/B 63.2 MORRIS, D. W.*; KINGSTON, S. R.Using adaptive habitat selection to predict future threats to biodiversity. 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  63 08:40  Grand Ballroom A/B 63.3 GOBALET, K. W.Archaeological Evidence for Steelhead Oncorhynchus mykiss in the Coastal Streams of California from San Francisco to Mexico  
  Saturday, Jan. 5  63 09:00  Grand Ballroom A/B 63.4 WILLIAMSON, C.A.*; MARKS, J.C.; HENDRICKSON, D.A.; SWANSON, B.O.Aliens invade Mexico: proof of their impact on native cichlids 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  63 09:20  Grand Ballroom A/B 63.5 VREDENBURG, V TExotic species and the decline of amphibians: unintended consequences on a global scale. 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  64 10:00  Grand Ballroom A/B 64.1 MASLAKOVA, S. A. ; NORENBURG, J. L. Trochophore larva is plesiomorphic for nemerteans: evidence for prototroch in a basal nemertean Carinoma tremaphoros (Phylum Nemertea, Palaeonemertea). 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  64 10:20  Grand Ballroom A/B 64.2 HALANYCH, Kenneth MEvolution and habitat preference in Siboglinids (formerly Pogonophora) 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  64 10:40  Grand Ballroom A/B 64.3 COLLIN, R.Biogeographic Patterns in Mode of Development in Marine Invertebrates 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  64 11:00  Grand Ballroom A/B 64.4 O'BRIEN, DM; FOGEL, ML; BOGGS, CLAmino acid metabolism in adult Lepidoptera: from biochemistry to life history evolution. 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  64 11:20  Grand Ballroom A/B 64.5 DAVIDOWITZ, G*; NIJHOUT, H.F.; D'AMICO, L.J.How is an insect the size that it is? How do physiological mechanisms change to produce genetic, environmental, and plasticity effects on body size? 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  64 11:40  Grand Ballroom A/B 64.6 SWANSON, C.A.Consequences of communal egg-laying in the apple murex snail, Phyllonotus pomum 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  65 13:00  Grand Ballroom A/B 65.1 REICHMAN, J.R.; WILCOX, T.P.; VIZE, P.D.Characterization and evolution of diverse peridinin chlorophyll-a protein gene families within symbiotic dinoflagellates. 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  65 13:20  Grand Ballroom A/B 65.2 MALLATT, Jon M ; WINCHELL , Christopher JUse of combined large-subunit and small-subunit ribosomal RNA sequences to classify the protostomes and deuterostomes  
  Saturday, Jan. 5  65 13:40  Grand Ballroom A/B 65.3 WINCHELL, Christopher J.*; MARTIN, Andrew P.; MALLATT, JonPhylogeny of Living Elasmobranchs Based on LSU and SSU rRNA-Gene Sequences 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  65 14:00  Grand Ballroom A/B 65.4 HAYASHI, C.Y.Convergent Evolution of Sequence Elements in Spider and Insect Silk Proteins 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  65 14:20  Grand Ballroom A/B 65.5 BRISCOE, Adriana D.Parallel Evolution of Red-Green Color Vision in Bees and Butterflies 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  66 15:00  Grand Ballroom A/B 66.1 MARTí MUS, M.*; BERGSTRÖM, J.The skeleto-muscular system of hyolithids 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  66 15:20  Grand Ballroom A/B 66.2 MALLATT, Jon M; CHEN , Jun-YuanThe Cambrian fossil Haikouella and the origin of the craniates 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  66 15:40  Grand Ballroom A/B 66.3 GIRIBET, GThe big picture of metazoan evolution: a combined approach 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  66 16:00  Grand Ballroom A/B 66.4 PASSAMANECK, Y.J.*; HALANYCH, K.M.Molluscan phylogenetics inferred from 28S rDNA and 18S rDNA sequences. 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  66 16:20  Grand Ballroom A/B 66.5 JACOBS, David KOperational and biological factors bias molecular rate calculation leading to spurious early divergence dates for the metazoan radiation.  
  Saturday, Jan. 5  66 16:40  Grand Ballroom A/B 66.6 EERNISSE, D.J.; AMER, A.A.; MCCAMAN, R.E.; ONO, J.K.Gene duplication in gastropod (Mollusca) nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (nAChR) proteins is associated with neuronal vs. neuromuscular specialization. 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  67 08:00  Orange County Ballroom 3 67.1 HARRISON, J.F.; LAFRENIERE, J.; HARTUNG, D.A.; GREENLEE, K.; KIRKTON, S.D.Ontogeny effects on the diffusive and convective conductance of abdominal and leg trachea in Schistocerca americana grasshoppers 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  67 08:20  Orange County Ballroom 3 67.2 BURNETT, Louis E; MILARDO, Christopher SEffects of Air Exposure in Oysters on the Growth and Metabolism of the Protozoan Oyster Parasite Perkinsus marinus 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  67 08:40  Orange County Ballroom 3 67.3 CHOE, K*; EVANS, DCompensation for Hypercapnia by a Euryhaline Elasmobranch in Fresh Water: roles of gills and kidneys 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  67 09:00  Orange County Ballroom 3 67.4 REESE,, S.A.*; CROCKER,, C.E.; JACKSON,, D.C; ULTSCH, G.R.Physiology of overwintering in Chrysemys picta picta from Georgia 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  67 09:20  Orange County Ballroom 3 67.5 HARTZLER, L.K.*; HICKS, J.W.; BENNETT, A.F.; STINNER, J.N.Role of Temperature and pH on Enzyme Activity in Air-breathing Ectotherms 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  68 10:00  Orange County Ballroom 3 68.1 SEPULVEDA, Chugey A.; GRAHAM, Jeffrey B.The swimming energetics of the eastern Pacific bonito (Sarda chiliensis): One step closer to understanding the tuna-bonito relationship 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  68 10:20  Orange County Ballroom 3 68.2 FINKLER, MS; CULLUM , KAInterspecific and sex-related differences in metabolism and post-reproductive energy reserves in spring-breeding Ambystomid salamanders. 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  68 10:40  Orange County Ballroom 3 68.3 SECOR, S.M.The source and sense of the metabolic response to feeding 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  68 11:00  Orange County Ballroom 3 68.5 TAYLOR, E.N.*; DENARDO, D.F.Growth of juvenile western diamondback rattlesnakes (Crotalus atrox) raised on different diets 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  68 11:20  Orange County Ballroom 3 68.6 VEZINA, F.*; WILLIAMS, T.D.What drives the metabolic cost of egg production? 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  69 13:00  Orange County Ballroom 3 69.1 HIROI, J.*; MCCORMICK, S.D.Effect of salinity on Na,K-ATPase and Na,K,2Cl-cotransporter in three salmonids with varying degrees of salinity tolerance 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  69 13:20  Orange County Ballroom 3 69.2 PIERMARINI, P.M.*; VERLANDER-REED, J.V.; ROYAUX, I.E.; EVANS, D.H.Immunochemical Evidence for Pendrin in the Gills of the Euryhaline Atlantic Stingray (Dasyatis sabina): Implications for Ionic and Acid/Base Regulation 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  69 13:40  Orange County Ballroom 3 69.3 GOLDSTEIN, J; HOFF, K; HILLYARD, SEffects of angiotensin II and hydration state on water absorption behavior of toads (Bufo punctatus) 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  69 14:00  Orange County Ballroom 3 69.4 PELIS, R.M. *; RENFRO, J.L.Active Sulfate Secretion by the Intestinal Epithelium of Winter Flounder is through Anion Exchange for Chloride 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  69 14:20  Orange County Ballroom 3 69.5 DUDAS, P.L.*; BRAUN, E.J.; PARKER, S.L.; RENFRO, J.L.Urate Transport by Chick (Gallus gallus) Renal Proximal Tubule Epithelium 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  69 14:40  Orange County Ballroom 3 69.6 MCWHORTER, T.J.*; MARTINEZ DEL RIO, C.; PINSHOW, B.Osmoregulation in avian nectarivores - an integrative approach 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  70 15:20  Orange County Ballroom 3 70.1 GIBBS, A.G.*; MARRON, M.T.; KAIN, K.J.; ALTHOFF, L.Mechanisms of water conservation in desert Drosophila. 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  70 15:40  Orange County Ballroom 3 70.2 FOLK, D.G.*; BRADLEY, T.J.Ion Regulation and Water Balance in Drosophila melanogaster Selected for Enhanced Desiccation-Tolerance 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  70 16:00  Orange County Ballroom 3 70.3 LI, T.*; ROER, R.D.Gill Na+, K+-ATPase activity as a function of size and salinity in the blue crab, Callinectes sapidus 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  70 16:20  Orange County Ballroom 3 70.4 KIRSCHNER, L. BThe Mechanism of Sodium Uptake in Crayfish. 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  70 16:40  Orange County Ballroom 3 70.5 FIESS, J.C.*; HUDSON, H.A.; HOM, J.R.; KATO, C.; YANCEY, P.H.Depth correlations of organic osmolytes in foot and mantle tissues of vesicomyid bivalves 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  71 08:00  Orange County Ballroom 4 71.1 DURICA, D.S.; WU, X.; HOPKINS, P.M.Protein-Protein and DNA Binding Properties of a Crustacean Ecdysteroid Receptor. 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  71 08:20  Orange County Ballroom 4 71.2 MAURES, TJ; ROYER, T; DUAN, CStructure, developmental expression, and physiological regulation of zebrafish insulin-like growth factor binding protein-1  
  Saturday, Jan. 5  71 08:40  Orange County Ballroom 4 71.3 DING, J; DUAN, CLooking at IGF binding protein-2 actions through the zebrafish eyes 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  71 09:00  Orange County Ballroom 4 71.4 SHIMIZU, M.*; SWANSON, P.; HARA, A.; DICKHOFF, W.W.Purification of a serum insulin-like growth factor binding protein from chinook salmon, Oncorhynchus tshawytscha 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  71 09:20  Orange County Ballroom 4 71.5 SCHMIDT, KE; DESAI, P; SAK, KM; BALOGH, LM; KELLEY, KMMembrane Binding of an Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF)-binding Protein (IGFBP) in a Reptilian Heart Cell: Impact on IGF-I Action 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  71 09:40  Orange County Ballroom 4 71.6 BERG, LK; DESAI, P; AROPE, SA; KELLEY, KMInsulin-like Growth Factor-binding Protein-2 (IGFBP-2) and Angiotensin II (AngII) in Glucose-activated Murine Kidney Mesangial Cells 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  72 13:00  Orange County Ballroom 4 72.1 HOLFORD, K.C.*; BORST, D.W.Phosphorylation regulates farnesoic acid O-methyl transferase activity in the mandibular organ of the lobster, Homarus americanus. 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  72 13:20  Orange County Ballroom 4 72.2 NICHOLSON, GS; RODGERS, BD; KELLEY, KMPeripheral Glucoregulation in the Longjaw Mudsucker: Insulin Regulation of Muscle Glucose Transport 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  72 13:40  Orange County Ballroom 4 72.3 MCCORMICK, S.D.; BJöRNSSON, B.T.; MOECKEL, A.M.; LERNER, D.T.; O'DEA, M.F.Endocrine pathways for the disruption of the parr-smolt transformation by estradiol and nonylphenol. 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  72 14:00  Orange County Ballroom 4 72.4 PARK, D.; MINOR, M.D.; PROPPER, C.R.*The Effect of a Common Insecticide on Mosquitofish Morphology is Seasonally Dependent 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  72 14:20  Orange County Ballroom 4 72.5 FENTRESS, J. F.; BART, H. L., Jr.; CHEEK, A. O.Endocrine effects of paper mill effluent in longear sunfish 
  Saturday, Jan. 5  72 14:40  Orange County Ballroom 4 72.6 BOWDEN, RM*; EWERT, MA; NELSON, CEVariation in Yolk Hormones in Follicles of the Painted Turtle 

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