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  Sunday, Jan. 6  S12 08:00  Grand Ballroom E S12.15 ALEXANDER, R McNTendon Elasticity and Muscle Function 
  Sunday, Jan. 6  S12 08:40  Grand Ballroom E S12.16 SMITH, R.K.W.*; GOODSHIP, A.E.The Influence of Ageing and Exercise on Tendon Matrix: Hypotheses for the Initiation and Prevention of Strain-induced Tendinopathies 
  Sunday, Jan. 6  S12 09:20  Grand Ballroom E S12.17 KER, R.F.The implications of the adaptable fatigue quality of tendons for their construction, repair and function 
  Sunday, Jan. 6  S12 10:20  Grand Ballroom E S12.18 ROBERTS, T.J.The Integrated Function of Muscles and Tendons During Locomotion. 
  Sunday, Jan. 6  S13 09:00  Orange County Ballroom 2/3 S13.1 CRACRAFT, J.*; PORZECANSKI, A.Deciphering the Tempo of Biotic Diversification: Biogeographic Patterns and the Historical Assembly of the South American Avifauna 
  Sunday, Jan. 6  S13 09:40  Orange County Ballroom 2/3 S13.2 TELLO, J.G.Molecular phylogenetics of the genus Platyrinchus: Implications for the evolutionary history of the Neotropical region.  
  Sunday, Jan. 6  S13 10:20  Orange County Ballroom 2/3 S13.3 ZINK, R.M.Tiers of History: the nexus from Phylogeography to Historical Biogeography 
  Sunday, Jan. 6  S13 10:40  Orange County Ballroom 2/3 S13.4 CARNAVAL, A.C.O.Q.Frogs in Forest Fragments of Northeastern Brazil: a Phylogeographic Study  
  Sunday, Jan. 6  S13 11:40  Orange County Ballroom 2/3 S13.6 GURALNICK, R.P.The importance of life history and vicariance in shaping genetic diversity and structure in freshwater molluscs of the Western United States: A phylogeographic approach 
  Sunday, Jan. 6  S13 13:00  Orange County Ballroom 2/3 S13.7 LESSIOS, H.A.Barriers to Gene Flow of Shallow Water Tropical Animals as detected by mitochondrial DNA 
  Sunday, Jan. 6  S13 13:40  Orange County Ballroom 2/3 S13.8 BENZIE, J. A. H.Ocean structure, permeable barriers, rare events and patterns of genetic diversity in the Indo-Pacific. 
  Sunday, Jan. 6  S13 14:20  Orange County Ballroom 2/3 S13.9 WILLIAMS, S; REID, D; LITTLEWOOD, TIndo-Pacific biogeography of three model organisms: Periwinkles, starfishes and shrimps. 
  Sunday, Jan. 6  S13 15:00  Orange County Ballroom 2/3 S13.10 VERMEIJ, G.J.The Geography of Evolutionary Opportunity 
  Sunday, Jan. 6  S13 15:40  Orange County Ballroom 2/3 S13.11 PAULAY, G.*; MEYER, C. P.Diversification in the tropical Pacific: comparisons between marine and terrestrial systems 
  Sunday, Jan. 6  S14 08:00  Grand Ballroom F S14.1 RUNNEGAR, B.Geological context of the Cambrian explosion 
  Sunday, Jan. 6  S14 08:40  Grand Ballroom F S14.2 JENNER, R.A.Tending the phylogenetic garden of the Metazoa: a guide for weeding, pruning, and cultivating morphological trees 
  Sunday, Jan. 6  S14 09:20  Grand Ballroom F S14.3 BUTTERFIELD, N JBias and bonus: fossil preservation through the Precambrian-Cambrian transition 
  Sunday, Jan. 6  S14 10:20  Grand Ballroom F S14.4 COLLINS, Allen, G.; VALENTINE, James, W.The Phyletic Status of Phyla and Early Metazoan Body Plans 
  Sunday, Jan. 6  S14 11:00  Grand Ballroom F S14.5 PETERSON, KJ*; TAKACS, CMMolecular clocks, snowball earth, and the Cambrian explosion 
  Sunday, Jan. 6  S14 11:40  Grand Ballroom F S14.6 BROMHAM, L.What can DNA tell us about the Cambrian Explosion? 
  Sunday, Jan. 6  S14 13:00  Grand Ballroom F S14.7 PRUD'HOMME, B.; DE ROSA, R.; JULIEN, J.F.; ADOUTTE, A.; BALAVOINE, G.Is segmentation ancestral ? Looking for conserved segmentation genes in annelids. 
  Sunday, Jan. 6  S14 13:40  Grand Ballroom F S14.8 BUDD, G.E.The fossil record of bilaterians 
  Sunday, Jan. 6  S14 14:20  Grand Ballroom F S14.9 JENSEN, SThe Proterozoic and earliest Cambrian trace fossil record; patterns, problems and perspectives 
  Sunday, Jan. 6  S14 15:20  Grand Ballroom F S14.10 LIEBERMAN, Bruce/STaking the pulse of the Cambrian radiation 
  Sunday, Jan. 6  S14 16:00  Grand Ballroom F S14.11 HUGHES , N.C.*Trilobite segmentation in the aftermath of the Cambrian radiation 
  Sunday, Jan. 6  S14 16:40  Grand Ballroom F S14.12 DROSER, M.L.*; MILLER, A.I.The Ordovician Radiation: An Extension of the Cambrian Explosion NOT! 

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