SICB 2003 Annual Meeting, Toronto, Ontario, Jan. 4-8

Exhibitor and Vendor Information

  • Exhibitor Prospectus (.pdf format)

  • List of Exhibitors:
    Booth 100Oxford University Press
    Booth 101University of Chicago Press
    Booth 102Elsevier
    Booth 103NRC Research Press (National Research Council Canada)
    Booth 105American Institute of Biological Sciences
    Booth 110American Microscopical Society (AMS)
    Booth 200Qubit Systems Inc.
    Booth 201AEI Technologies
    Booth 202Redlake MASD, Inc.
    Booth 203ADInstruments
    Booth 204Peak Performance Technologies, Inc.
    Booth 205Harvard University Press
    Booth 211Prentice Hall
    Booth 300Sable Systems International Inc.
    Booth 301Academia Book Exhibits
    Booth 302Blackwell Publishing
    Booth 303McGraw-Hill Higher Education
    Booth 304Cornell University Press
    Booth 305University of California Press
    Booth 306Biological Bulletin, Marine Biological Lab
    Booth 307Sonometrics Corporation
    Booth 309Pacific Identifications, Inc.
    Booth 310John Wiley & Sons, Inc.