THYS, Tierney/M; Sea Studios Foundation: The Shape of Life: The Story of the Animal Kingdom

The Shape of Life: The Story of the Animal Kingdom is a nine part educational video series created and designed by Sea Studios Foundation in conjunction with AIT (Agency for Instructional Technology This classroom series is derived from The Shape of Life project, an eight hour documentary co-production and outreach initiative created by Sea Studios Foundation and National Geographic Television for PBS and funded in part by National Science Foundation. Recounting the rise of the animal kingdom, the series focuses on the eight major animal phyla representing 98% of all animal life. The episodes include: Sponges: Animal Origins, Cnidarians: Behavior on the Move, Flatworms: The Bilateral Lifestyle, The Cambrian Explosion of Life, Annelids: Lords of the Rings, Arthropods: The Conquerors, Molluscs: Variations on a Theme, Echinoderms: Unusual Lifestyles and Chordates: Bones, Brains, & Brawn. With state of the art animations and stunning natural history footage, each episode tracks scientists and their recent discoveries--recounting breakthroughs like the discovery of hox genes to landmark fossil finds of the ancient tetrapod, Acanthostega. On-screen questions and an accompanying teacherís guide enhance student interactivity and classroom use. This special classroom edition is designed to specifically meet the AAAS National Science Teaching Standards.