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Morphological Innovations

Symposium organized by Gerd B. Müller and Stuart A. Newman

Sponsored by DEDB


This symposium is a thematic continuation of previous programs organized by the Division of Evolutionary Developmental Biology. The symposium will highlight an important area of evolutionary developmental biology which has largely been ignored by earlier research agendas: morphological innovation. How new phenotypic characters arise during phylogeny is a question that has not been adequately addressed by the traditional focus on adaptive variation. Recent advances in developmental biology have brought to the fore mechanisms that can provide the generative bases, beyond incremental variation, of phenotypic novelties. The talks, all pertaining to the intersection of development and evolution, will represent perspectives from different levels of analysis. These include paleontology, which addresses large scale patterns of innovation, developmental biology, which provides specific cases in plants and animals, molecular biological approaches to the evolution of the regulatory genome, theoretical biology, which is producing predictive computational and analytical models, and evolutionary biology, represented by investigators who are attempting to incorporate an EvoDevo approach to innovation into an expanded theoretical framework for evolution.

8.00 Gerd MüllerIntroduction: Innovation in Development and Evolution
8.20 David JablonskiEvolutionary Innovations in the Fossil Record: Patterns in time and space
8.50 M.J. West-EberhardPhenotypic Accommodation: Adaptive innovation due to developmental plasticity, with or without genetic change
9.20 Alessandro MinelliConserved vs. Innovative Features in Animal Body Organization
9.50 Discussion
10.00 Coffee break
10.20 Stuart NewmanInterplay between Genetic and Physical Mechanisms in Morphological Innovation
10.50 Elena KramerThe Genetic Basis for Innovations in Floral Organ Identity
11.20 Marie-Anne FelixEvolution of Nematode Vulva Development
11.50 Discussion
12.00 Lunch

13.00 Brian HallThe Neural Crest: New germ layer, skeletons, and developmental processes as innovations
13.30 Judy C.-Thomas et al.How the Turtle Gets its Shell: A Provisional Outline
14.00 Richard PrumMechanisms of Innovation in the Evolution of Feathers
14.30 Jukka JernvallMammalian Teeth: Grinding innovation
15.00 Günter Wagner et al.The Origin of Tetrapod Limbs: Developmental evolution meets molecular evolution
15.30 Discussion