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Selection Experiments as a Tool in Evolutionary and Comparative Physiology: Insights into Complex Traits

Symposium organized by John G. Swallow and Theodore Garland, Jr.

Sponsored by DCPB

Wednesday Jan. 7th

10:20     John G. Swallow and Theodore Garland, Jr. - "Selective Breeding and Laboratory Natural Selection Experiments: Definitions and Historical Perspective"

10:40     Marek Konarzewski, Aneta Ksiazek, Iwona Lapo - "Artificial Selection for Basal Metabolic Rate in Mice"

11:00     Lauren G. Koch and Steve L. Britton - "Artificial Selection for Intrinsic Aerobic Endurance-Running Capacity in Rats"

11:20     Theodore Garland, Jr. and J. G. Swallow - "Exercise Physiology of Mice Selected for High Voluntary Activity"

11:40     Justin S. Rhodes, Stephen C. Gammie, and Theodore Garland, Jr. - "Neurobiology of Mice Selected for High Voluntary Activity"

12:00     Coffee Break

Thursday Jan. 8th

8:20     Joe Travis, Charlie Baer, and Becky Fuller- "Which Experiment Did Our Selection Experiment Actually Perform: Working with Complex Traits in Fish"

8:40     Oyvind Overli, Tom G. Pottinger, and Svante Winberg - "Behavioral and Neuroendocrine Correlates of Artificial Selection for Stress Responsiveness in Rainbow Trout"

9:00     David N. Reznick - "Selection in Nature: Deliberate and Inadvertent Manipulations of Natural Populations"

9:20     Hilary S. Callahan, Massimo Pigliucci, Nile Kurashige - "Artificial Correlational Selection in Arabidopsis thaliana: What Else Changes When Shade-Avoidance Responses Are Altered?"

9:40     Michael R. Rose, Adam K. Chippindale, John P. Phelan, Margaret A. Archer, and Timothy J. Bradley. - "The Devil and the Evolutionary Physiology of Life-History in Drosophila"

10:00      Coffee Break

10:20     Donna G. Folk and Timothy J. Bradley - "Water balance and ion regulation in Drosophila melanogaster selected for enhanced desiccation resistance"

10:40     Gerald S. Wilkinson, Emily G. Amitin and Philip M. Johns - "Correlated responses to long-term artificial sexual selection in stalk-eyed flies"

11:00     Anthony J. Zera - "Artificial Selection as a Tool in Evolutionary Endocrinology: Direct and Correlated Responses to Selection on an Endocrine Regulatory Enzyme in an Insect"

11:20     Goggy Davidowitz, Derek A. Roff, and H. Fred Nijhout - "The Physiological Regulation of the Response to Selection of Body Size and Development Time in Manduca sexta"

11:40     Michele M. Riehle and Albert F. Bennett - "Differential Patterns of Gene Expression and Gene Complement in Laboratory-Evolved Lines of E. coli"