Meeting Abstract

41.4  Jan. 6  Sea the Future of Science: Increasing Diversity through Cross Sector Collaboration FISLER, Shara; Aquatic Adventures Science Education Foundation

The lack of diversity in the scientific community has led to a call to action within government, academic institutions, and industry. In response to this need, a team of marine educators and researchers established the BAHÍA program, aimed at creating a model for systemic change. Through this program youth explore career opportunities in marine science fields, build their knowledge of the sciences and their own capabilities, become better prepared to attend college, and participate in a continuum of support that allow further study and exploration of the sciences. A focal point of the project brings students to a unique ecological preserve in Baja California, where they make meaningful contributions to authentic scientific research. The preliminary results demonstrate a diverse range of benefits including personal and academic growth of underserved youth, as well as important short and long term results for the scientific community.