SICB Annual Meeting 2008

Symposium: "Aeroecology: probing and modeling the aerosphere - the next frontier"

(Organized by T. Kunz & N. Hristov)

List of speakers:

S3-1.0 Fri, Jan. 4, 08:00 KUNZ, Thomas H.*; HRISTOV, Nickolay I.: Aeroecology: Probing and Modeling the Aerosphere

S3-1.1 Fri, Jan. 4, 08:20 GAUTHREAUX, S.A.*; BELSER, C.G.: Detection and Discrimination of Fauna in the Aerosphere Using Doppler Weather Surveillance Radar

S3-1.2 Fri, Jan. 4, 08:45 HORN, Jason, W.*; KUNZ, Thomas, H.: Bats and Angel Rings: Quantifying Flight Behavior and Colony Dynamics using NEXRAD Doppler Radar Data

S3-1.3 Fri, Jan. 4, 09:10 LARKIN, Ronald P.: Radar evidence for dispersed groups of migrating vertebrates at night

S3-1.4 Fri, Jan. 4, 09:35 KELLY, T. A.: Exploring Bird, Bat and Insect Behavior Using a Vertical Profiler Radar

S3-1.5 Fri, Jan. 4, 10:30 HRISTOV, N.I.*; BETKE, M.; KUNZ, T.H.: Applications of Thermal Infrared Imaging in Field Biology

S3-1.6 Fri, Jan. 4, 10:55 JONES, G*; HOLDERIED, M.W.: Flight performance and echolocation behavior in aerial insectivorous bats

S3-1.7 Fri, Jan. 4, 11:20 KALKO, Elisabeth K. V.: Flying High - Spatial Use of the Aerosphere by Aerial Insectivorous Bats

S3-1.8 Fri, Jan. 4, 11:45 SWARTZ, SM*; WILLIS, DJ; BOWLIN, MS; BREUER, KS: Aeromechanics in the Aerosphere: Where Physics meets Flight Biology in Aeroecology

S3-2.1 Fri, Jan. 4, 13:00 SRYGLEY, R.B.**; DUDLEY, R.: Optimal strategies for insects migrating in the flight boundary layer: mechanisms and consequences

S3-2.2 Fri, Jan. 4, 13:25 WESTBROOK, J. K.: Noctuid Migration in the Nocturnal Boundary Layer

S3-2.3 Fri, Jan. 4, 13:50 WIKELSKI, Martin: Beat by beat on the move: Wing beat and heart rate of New World thrushes during migration in the wild

S3-2.4 Fri, Jan. 4, 14:15 MCCRACKEN, Gary/F*; WESTBROOK, John/K; LEE, Ya-Fu; GILLAM, Erin/H; JENSEN, Michael/L; BALSLEY, Ben/B: High altitude feeding by Brazilian free-tailed bats (Tadarida brasiliensis: Molossidae, Chiroptera) on migratory populations of insects