SICB Annual Meeting 2008 Symposia

Symposium: "Going with the flow: ecomorphological variation across aquatic flow regimes"

(Organized by G. Rivera & R. Blob)

List of Speakers:

S7-1.1 Sat, Jan. 5, 08:00 VOGEL, Steven: Size-dependent mode choices in aquatic locomotion

S7-1.2 Sat, Jan. 5, 08:30 STEWART, H.L.: The role of spatial and ontogenetic morphological variability in the spread of a tropical alga across barrier reefs and oceanic islands

S7-1.3 Sat, Jan. 5, 09:00 BARTOL, I.K.: Swimming dynamics of squids throughout ontogeny

S7-1.4 Sat, Jan. 5, 10:00 BLOB, R.W.**; SCHOENFUSS, H.L.; MAIE, T.; CEDIEL, R.A.; PTACEK, M.B.; BRIDGES, W.C.: Morphological Selection in a Distinctive Flow Environment: Body Shape and Waterfall-climbing Success in Hawaiian Stream Fishes

S7-1.5 Sat, Jan. 5, 10:30 LANGERHANS, Brian: Predictability of morphological differentiation across flow regimes in fishes

S7-1.6 Sat, Jan. 5, 11:00 RIVERA, G.: Ecomorphological variation in shell shape of the freshwater turtle Pseudemys concinna across different aquatic flow regimes

S7-1.7 Sat, Jan. 5, 11:30 FISH, F.E.*; HOWLE, L.E.; MURRAY, M.M.: Hydrodynamic flow control in marine mammals

S7-2.1 Sat, Jan. 5, 13:00 CARRINGTON, E: Ecomechanics of marine mussels: do they really go with the flow?

S7-2.2 Sat, Jan. 5, 13:30 PRATT, M. C.: Living where the flow is right: How flow affects feeding in bryozoans.

S7-2.3 Sat, Jan. 5, 14:00 MEAD, K. S.: Does Form Follow Flow? Crayfish Aesthetasc Morphology, Arrangement, And Flow Environment.

S7-2.4 Sat, Jan. 5, 14:30 KOEHL, M. A. R. *; SILK, W. K.: How kelp produce blade shapes suited to different flow regimes: A new wrinkle