SICB 2010 Meeting, Seattle WA, January 3-7, 2010

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List of Sessions

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S1Late Breaking Symposium: Insights of Early Chordate Genomics: Endocrinology and Development in Amphioxus, Tunicates and Lampreys
S2Metabolism, Life History and Aging
S3Evolutionary Paths Among Developmental Possibilities: A Symposium Marking the Contributions and Influence of Richard Strathmann
S4Mechanics Without Muscle: Evolutionary Design of Macrophytes
S5Animal Regeneration: Integrating Development, Ecology, and Evolution
S6Integrative Migration Biology
S7Advances in Antarctic Marine Biology
S8Assembling the Cnidarian Tree of Life
S9Spiralian Development: Conservation and Innovation
S10Marine Ecosystem Engineers in a Changing World: Establishing Links Across Systems
S11Contemporary Approaches to the Study of the Evolution of Fish Body Plan and Fin Shape

Contributed Oral Presentations
BERNHoward Bern Lecture
AMSAMS Keynote Address
BARTGeorge A. Bartholomew Award Lecture
MOOREJohn A. Moore Lecture
1Environmental Stress Responses and Proteomics
2Neurobiology - Molecular Neurobiology & Neuroanatomy
3Neurobiology - Neuroethology
4Growth & Life History
5Exotic Morphology
6Molecular Evolution I - Genes and Genomes
7Molecular Evolution II - Smell and Vision
8Evolutionary Morphology I
9Community Ecology
10Metabolism and the Environment
11Terrestrial Locomotion - Soft Substrates
12Evolutionary Physiology - Vertebrates
13Swimming - Invertebrate Swimming
14Swimming - Fin Function
15Endo: Regulation of Development and Growth
16Development - Morphogenesis
17Development - Regulation of Development
18Reproductive Behaviors
19Behavioral Ecology - Abiotic Factors
20Musculoskeletal Morphology and Mechanics
21Animal Communication
22Coral Reef Ecology
23Life History Evolution
24Population Ecology
25Terrestrial Locomotion - Non-traditional Locomotion
26Evolutionary Physiology - Invertebrates & Fish
27Swimming - Non-piscine Swimming
28Physical Ecology
29Complementary Session: Animal Regeneration I
30Behavioral Ecology - Biotic Factors
31Complementary Session: Evolutionary Paths Among Developmental Possibilities
32Functional Design of Heads - Working Under Water I
33Musculoskeletal Morphology and Mechanics - Bone
34Musculoskeletal Morphology and Mechanics - Muscle
35Biodiversity and Biogeography
36Species Limits and Climate Change
37Population Genetics and Biogeography - Marine Population Genetics and Biogeography
38Stress Endocrinology
39Evolutionary Paleobiology I
40Evolutionary Paleobiology II
41Metabolic Rates
42Flight - Stability and Maneuverability
43Terrestrial Locomotion - Jumping
44Energetics and Fuel Allocation
45Sensory Physiology
46Aggression - Females
47Aggression - Ecological Relationships
48Complementary Session: Evolutionary Paths Among Developmental Possibilities
49Functional Design of Heads - Working Under Water II
50Complementary Session: Evolution of Fish Body Plan
51Complementary Session: Metabolism and Aging
52Phylogenetics and Speciation I
53Morphogenesis and Life History
54Complementary Session: Insights of Early Chordate Genomics
55Flight - Control
56Reproductive Physiology
57Functional Design of Fish Sensory Systems
58Terrestrial Locomotion - Climbing and Training
59Endocrine Regulation of Reproduction
60Sexual Selection
61Reproductive Communication - Intersexual Selection
62Larval Ecology and Recruitment
63Evolutionary Ecology
64Complementary Session: Integrative Migration Biology
65Evo-Devo - Character Development and Evolution I
66Evo-Devo - Character Development and Evolution II
67Conservation Biology
68Genomics and Immune Defense
69Metabolism, Energetics and Reproduction
70Flight - Specialized Flight
71Flight - BAT-ter UP
73Reproductive Communication - Function
74Environmental Stressors
75Terrestrial Locomotion - Kinematics: Way to Move
76Complementary Session: Integrative Migration Biology
77Chemical Ecology
78Complementary Session: Animal Regeneration II
79Education, Policy and History
80Flight - Wings
81Digestive Physiology and Resource Use
82Sexual Selection
83Swimming - Jetting
84Mechanics of Defensive Structures
85Adaptation - Invertebrates
86Adaptation - Vertebrates and Robots
87Endocrinology of Fishes
88Biomechanics - Adhesion
89Biomechanics - Gas Exchange
90Functional Design of Heads - Biting and Chewing
91Complementary Session: Spiralian Development
92Predation and Predator Avoidance I
93Predation and Predator Avoidance II
94Phylogenetics and Speciation II
95Evolutionary Morphology III
96Evolutionary Morphology II
97Complementary Session: Cnidarian Tree of Life
98Thermal Biology and Muscle Physiology and Biochemistry
99Evo-Devo - Gene Regulation and Patterning
100Evo-Devo - Modularity and Integration
101Neural Control
102Terrestrial Locomotion - High Speed Locomotion: Faster than a Speeding Bullet
103Terrestrial Locomotion - Stability
104Respiratory Physiology
105Cardiovascular Physiology

Contributed Poster Presentations
P1Poster Session 1
P2Poster Session 2
P3Poster Session 3