Meeting Abstract

S9.7  Friday, Jan. 7  Thermal genetic adaptation in the water flea Daphnia and its impact - an experimental evolution approach DE MEESTER, Luc*; STOKS, Robby; VAN DOORSLAER, Wendy; GEERTS, Aurora; ORSINI, Luisa; University of Leuven; University of Leuven; University of Leuven; University of Leuven; University of Leuven

We present results on rapid genetic adaptation to a change in temperature in an experimental evolution trial, using naturally occurring within-population genetic variation in the water flea Daphnia magna. Genetic adaptation was quantified both through life table and competition experiments - reflecting changes in fitness - as well as by a measure of thermal tolerance. Competition experiments with putative invading genotypes from populations that are expected to be pre-adapted to higher temperatures because of their geographic location confirmed an impact of evolution on establishment success of immigrant genotypes. We discuss these results in a broader context and provide perspectives on reconstructing genetic adaptation to ongoing climate change in natural populations.