SICB 2011 Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT, January 3-7, 2011

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List of Sessions

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S1I've Got Rhythm: Neuronal Mechanisms of Central Pattern Generators
S2Synthesis of Physiologic Data from the Mammalian Feeding Apparatus Using FEED, the Feeding Experiments End-User Database
S3Speciation in Marine Organisms
S4Neuroecology: Neural Determinants of Ecological Processes from Individuals to Ecosystems
S5Bioinspiration: Applying Mechanical Design to Experimental Biology
S6Bridging the Gap Between Ecoimmunology and Disease Ecology
S7Population Dynamics of Crustaceans
S8Environmentally-Cued Hatching Across Taxa: Embryos Choose a Birthday
S9A Synthetic Approach to the Response of Organisms to Climate Change: The Role of Thermal Adaptation
S10Environment, Energetics and Fitness: A Symposium Honoring Donald W. Thomas
S11The Biomechanics and Behavior of Gliding Flight

Contributed Oral Presentations
1Macroevolution I - Methods and Character Evolution
2Macroevolution II - Diversification and Disparification
3Scaling and Growth I
4Tissue Mechanics I
5Stress Endocrinology
6Energetics & Metabolism I
7Complementary Session: Ecoimmunology & Disease Ecology - Infection and Transmission Dynamics
8Complementary Session: Ecoimmunology & Disease Ecology - Conservation and Community Ecology
9Air Flow and Flight I
10Air Flow and Flight II: Birds and Bats
11Community Ecology/Symbioses
12Marine Larval Ecology
13Evo-devo - Sensory and Neural Development
14Reproductive Behavior I
15Cardiac and Respiratory Physiology
16Macroevolution III - Evolutionary Innovation
17Tissue Mechanics II
18Energetics & Metabolism II
19Complementary Session: Ecoimmunology & Disease Ecology - Immunocompetence and Reproductive Success
20Adhesion and Locomotor Substrate Effects
21Evo-devo - Morphogenesis-Head and Trunk
22Evo-devo - Growth, Regeneration, Metamorphosis and Reproduction
23Reproductive Behavior II
24Complementary Session: Speciation in Marine Organisms
25Evolutionary Ecology I: Invasion and Response
26Phylogentics I
27Phylogentics II
28Muscle Physiology and Biochemistry I
29Muscle, Temperature & Immunology
30Energetics, Circulation, and Ventiliation
31Scaling and Growth II
32Ecomorphology of Feeding I
33Ecomorphology of Feeding II
34Behavioral Ecology
35Environmental Endocrinology
36Evo-devo - Body Plan Development
37Sexual Selection I
38Mate Choice & Parental Investment
39Life History
40Evolutionary Ecology II: Performance & Sexual Dimorphism
41Evo-devo - Evo-devo and Population Genetics
42Muscle Physiology and Biochemistry II
43Evolutionary Morphology: Shells, Skulls, and Scans
44Locomotion - Gait and Stability, Ground to Trees
45Conservation Biology
46Sexual Selection II
47Social Behavior
48Complementary Session: Ecoimmunology & Disease Ecology - Stress, Energetics & Immunity
49Complementary Session to Bioinspiration: Biomechanics, Signals and Sensors
50Muscle Structure and Function I
51Muscle Structure and Function II
52Biophysical Ecology
53Sensorimotor Integration and Modeling
54Swimming: Form and Function
55Population Genetics
56Regulation of Reproduction: Sex Steroids
57Locomotor Evolution
58Ecomorphology of Locomotion I
59Animal Communication - Receiver Psychology
60Animal Communication - Honest Signalling
61Neurobiology - Sensory Biology and Neuroethology
62Neurobiology - Motor Control and Locomotion
63Complementary Session to Neuroecology - Chemicals, Signals and Ecology
64Complementary Session to Neuroecology - Communication, Migrations, Neurobiology & Hormones
65Complementary Session to Bioinspiration: Locomotion
66Muscle Structure and Function III
67Water Balance, Energetics and Performance
68Swimming: Models, Stability, Maneuverability
69Regulation of Reproduction - Seasonality
70Ecomorphology of Locomotion II
71Thermal Physiology
72Neurobiological Control of Behavior
73Education, Outreach and Policy
74Complementary Session to Population Dynamics of Crustaceans
75Complementary Session to Environmentally-Cued Hatching Across Taxa
76Hormonal Control of Osmoregulation
77Digestive Physiology
78Biogeography and Diversity
79Biodiversity in the Oceans
80Aquatic Feeding I
81Aquatic Feeding II
82Loads and Levers
83Limb Loading and Structural Design
84Parental Behavior
85Behavioral Ecology - Novel and Harsh Environments
86Evolutionary Physiology I: Mice and Metabolism
87Evolutionary Physiology II
88Reproductive Physiology
89Marine Vision and Visibility
90Stress Endocrinology - Responses to Chronic Stressors
91Locomotion - Gait, Rattle and Roll
92Chemical Ecology
93Behavioral Ecology - Foraging
94Molecular Evolution

Contributed Poster Presentations
P1Poster Session 1
P2Poster Session 2
P3Poster Session 3

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