Meeting Abstract

109.5  Saturday, Jan. 7  The Effect of Circadian Disruption on Metabolic Rate and Immune Function in Vasoactive Intestinal Protein (VIP) Deficient Mice RICHARDSON, C.S.*; CURLEY, B.; DAVIS, F.; Northeastern University; Northeastern University; Northeastern University

We investigated how the disruption of circadian rhythm affects basal metabolic rate (BMR) and immune function in lab mice (Mus musculus). We measured BMR, bacterial killing ability and white blood cell counts in both VIP deficient and wildtype control mice. We hypothesized that VIP -/- mice must invest more energy to compensate for a disrupted circadian rhythm than the wild type mice in order to maintain the same basal metabolic rate. Thus, they will be immunosuppressed as a result. Our results suggest that the VIP -/- mice have a higher BMR than wild type mice in the inactive period but no difference in immune function.