Meeting Abstract

P3.174  Friday, Jan. 6  Follicle Cell Processes in the Squaliformes, dogfish sharks DUNBAR, MA*; DAVENPORT, IR; Xavier University of Louisiana, New Orleans; Xavier University of Louisiana, New Orleans

We have recently described a novel set of structures found within the chondrichthyan ovarian follicle. These actin-based, tube-like structures that we have called Follicle Cell Processes (FCP), are not seen in any other vertebrate so far described and may well be unique to the chondrichthyan fishes. These tube-like structures appear to connect the follicle cells directly to the oocyte during oogenesis. We have suggested they serve two purposes: 1) to allow for the passage of large quantities of metabolites to the developing oocyte, and 2) to physically support large egg cells upon ovulation. We have observed these structures in many stages of egg development, in several carcharhinid sharks. Here we describe the presence of FCP during various stages of oogenesis in a different order of sharks, namely the squaliformes, dogfish sharks.