Meeting Abstract

P3.101  Friday, Jan. 6  Many-to-one Mapping in Catastomid Fish Jaws: Multiple ways to be a sucker! GRABENSTEIN, Callie J.*; HULSEY, C. Darrin; Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville; Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville

Many-to-one mapping is a ubiquitous feature of organismal design and has been examined extensively in the jaws of fishes. To detail an example of many-to-one mapping in Ostariophysan fishes, we examined the jaw protrusion mechanism of 35 species in the family Catastomidae, commonly called North American Suckers, and tested for many-to-one mapping in the elements underlying jaw protrusion. We quantified the lengths of the kinethmoid-vomerine ligament, the kinethmoid, premaxilla-kinethmoid ligament, and length of the premaxilla as well as jaw protrusion. Using a published phylogeny of Catastomids, we highlight several examples of many-to-one mapping in how these elements contribute to jaw protrusion.