Meeting Abstract

P2.131  Thursday, Jan. 5  Organization of the Pedal Serotonergic Cluster Neurons in the pteropod mollusc Clione PLYLER, Jennifer*; SATTERLIE, Richard; University of North Carolina Wilmington

Symmetrical clusters of serotonergic neurons are found in the pedal ganglia of the pteropod mollusc Clione limacina. Some of these cells innervate the swim musculature of the wings, and serve a modulatory function rather than a direct motor function. The neurons are active during swim accelerations and serve to increase muscle contractility. They produce no central alteration of swimming activity. At least two of these neurons do not innervate the wings but have axons in nerves that run to the body wall. The innervation target is not known for these cells. Our data suggest the body wall neurons innervate the longitudinal musculature of the body wall, and likely enhance muscular contraction to increase body stiffness and hydrostatic pressure in the fluid skeleton during swim acclerations.