Meeting Abstract

93.4  Saturday, Jan. 7  Divergent mitochondrial haplotypes convey clear adjustments in metabolic phenotypes. BLIER, Pierre U*; PICHAUD , Nicolas; BALLARD, J. William O.; TANGUAY, Robert M; Université du Québec, Rimouski Qc; University of New South Wales, Australia.; University of New South Wales, Australia.; Université Laval, Québec Qc

Linking the mitochondrial genotype and the organismal phenotype is of paramount importance in evolution of mitochondria. In this study, we determined the differences in catalytic properties of mitochondria dictated by divergences in the siII and siIII haplogroups of Drosophila simulans using introgressions of siII mtDNA type into the siIII nuclear background. Our results showed that the catalytic properties of the electron transport system are not impaired by introgressions, suggesting that the observed divergences in mitochondrial functions are mainly confered by mtDNA differences and not of nuclear DNA or mito-nuclear interactions. This is the first study in our knowledge that make a clear demonstration that one haplogroup observed in a natural population can confer phenotypic divergences in terms of functional properties of the mitochondrial metabolism.