Meeting Abstract

P1.34  Wednesday, Jan. 4  The Effects of Deer Antler Velvet on Caudal Fin Regeneration in Zebrafish EBERSBACHER, H.E.*; FURIMSKY, M.; Westminster College - PA; Westminster College - PA

Deer antler velvet has recently been in the news concerning its use by professional athletes in injury recovery and performance enhancement. This product is a natural source for the growth factors IGF1 and IGF2, and other substances such as type II collagen, glycosaminoglycans and chondroitin sulfate, all of which contribute to the belief that it assists with joint problems, aging, rheumatoid arthritis, strength, bone injury, and other clinical recoveries. The aim of this study was to examine the effects of deer antler velvet powder on caudal fin regeneration in adult zebrafish. Based on its bone fracture healing properties, we predict that exposure to deer antler velvet will have a positive effect on fin regeneration rate. Following light clove oil anesthesia, caudal fins were amputated and fish allowed to recover before being placed in experimental conditions. Fish were placed in either regular system water (control) or in system water containing 450 mg of dissolved deer antler velvet powder. Following completion of fin regeneration, fish were fixed and stained for neuromast cells to determine whether treatment also affected regeneration of the lateral line system. The results of this study will be presented.