SICB Annual Meeting 2013
January 3-7, 2013
San Francisco, CA
Hilton San Francisco Union Square

Broadening Participation Workshops

Effective presentation skills

Friday Noon-1pm-Continental 2/3

The purpose of this workshop is to present students/postdocs/faculty with various strategies for effectively preparing and delivering scientific presentations. The workshop will consist of two parts. During the first half of the workshop, there will be a demonstration of software. Then for the remaining time, professional speakers will talk about tips for healthy preparation habits and handling Q&A. Professional speakers include Manny Azzizi, Patricia Hernandez, and Andrew Clark.

How to negotiate your first job

Sunday Noon-1 pm - Continental 1

Finding your first faculty position can be difficult, particularly in this economic climate. But once you have applied and received an interview, you can be assured that you are doing very well. If you are offered a faculty position you need to negotiate the best possible deal that will help you achieve success. It is at this point in time that YOU are in a position of strength—they have decided that they want YOU in their department. And they are now willing to make a tremendous investment in your career. In this workshop we will discuss several topics including: Salary range, lab space, start-up funds, office space, leave time, teaching requirements, and service assignments. Having done your "homework" about the position ahead of time can help you to negotiate an agreeable contract with the department chair. Your goal is make sure you give yourself all of the resources you need to be successful. Hosted by Gregory Florant and Billie Swalla.