SICB Annual Meeting 2013
January 3-7, 2013
San Francisco, CA
Hilton San Francisco Union Square

Public Affairs Workshop -- Beyond Public Outreach: Citizen Science

Interested in involving the public while doing serious science? Worldwide, scientists are increasingly teaming up with volunteers to tackle tough and complicated questions. These collaborations provide scientists with access to larger datasets and different types of data compared to traditional research methods, while at the same time providing a valuable educational experience to participants. Citizen scientists monitor bird migrations, test for contaminants in watersheds, or even play online games that predict how proteins fold! At the 2013 annual meeting in San Francisco, SICB's public affairs committee will bring together a panel of experts to describe their work with citizen scientists and answer your questions about the design and funding of effective, meaningful, and rigorous citizen science projects.

Time: Noon, Jan 5th!

Location: Continental 5


Dr. Rick Bonney, Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology

Dr. Bonney is a well-known and respected voice in the citizen science community, and the co-founder of the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology's Citizen Science program. His recent work focuses on deliberate design of citizen science projects, and the societal and educational impacts of those projects.

Dr. Firas Khatib, Foldit

Dr. Khatib is one of the scientists behind Foldit, an online puzzle-solving game that allows users to participate directly in scientific research by helping figure out protein structures. Hear an interview with Dr. Khatib at the link below:

Dr. Christy Semmens, Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF)

Dr. Semmens is the director of science for REEF, an organization that enlists divers and other marine enthusiasts to conduct research on marine organisms. Projects range from surveys and acoustic tagging to monitor populations of interest, to active removal projects to counteract invasive species such as the lionfish.

Dr. Ellen McCallie, National Science Foundation

Dr. McCallie is an NSF program director in the directorate of Education and Human resources. She will provide us with an NSF perspective on funding for citizen science, and on effective ways to incorporate citizen science projects into grant proposals.