SICB Annual Meeting 2013
January 3-7, 2013
San Francisco, CA

Symposium: Integrating genomics with comparative vision research of the invertebrates

Vision research has traditionally played a significant role in integrative biology as a complete understanding of visual systems requires knowledge of physics, morphology, cellular and molecular biology, development, evolution, and ecology. However, advancement in the field has been limited by a shortage of comparative work in disparate phenotypic systems, a limitation due to an inability to access genomic information in non-model systems. Recent technological advances in high-throughput sequencing are quickly paving the way for genomic or whole transcriptome questions to be pursued in previously inaccessible visual systems. These types of data have been particularly useful in uncovering deep genetic information among a diverse set of animals, which can then be applied to hypothesis-based research and experimental studies. Our symposium will bring together the latest findings from invertebrate genomes in relation to the function and evolution of visual systems. These results already challenge several current hypotheses on eye evolution and provide direction for new integrative and comparative studies.

Our symposium will focus exclusively on the diverse visual systems of invertebrates and is divided into three sections: I. Integrating genomics and light mediated behavior; II. Integrating genomics and visual physiology; and III. Integrating genomics and convergent evolution of eyes

Sponsors: DIZ, DPCB, DNB, AMS


  • Todd H. Oakley, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Jeanne M. Serb, Iowa State University


S10-1.1 Monday, Jan. 7, 08:00 OAKLEY, Todd H: Evolutionary origins of an animal light interaction tool-kit

S10-1.2 Monday, Jan. 7, 08:30 J√©KELY, G: Mechanism of phototaxis in marine zooplankton and origin of simple visual circuits

S10-1.3 Monday, Jan. 7, 09:00 PASSAMANECK, Y.J.*; MARTINDALE, M.Q.: Opsins in brachiopod embryos and larvae

S10-1.4 Monday, Jan. 7, 10:00 PLACHETZKI, D/C: The control of cnidocyte discharge by light

S10-1.5 Monday, Jan. 7, 10:30 ULLRICH-LUTER, Esther; ARNONE, Maria Ina*: Watch your steps! Opsins and photoreceptors in sea urchin tube feet

S10-1.6 Monday, Jan. 7, 11:00 PORTER, M.L..*; CALDWELL, R.L.; OAKLEY, T.H.; CRONIN, T.W.: Transcriptomics and the evolution of stomatopod visual systems

S10-1.7 Monday, Jan. 7, 11:30 BRISCOE, Adriana*; YUAN, Furong: Physiological genomics of color vision in butterflies

S10-2.1 Monday, Jan. 7, 13:00 PROTAS, M. E.*; TRONTELJ, P.; PATEL, N. H.: Multiple mechanisms of eye reduction within a single population of the cave crustacean, Asellus aquaticus

S10-2.2 Monday, Jan. 7, 13:30 FRIEDRICH, M.: Deep transcriptome insights into cave beetle eyes

S10-2.3 Monday, Jan. 7, 14:00 SERB, J.M.*; KRAUSE, A.J.: Uncovering gene family expansion and molecular convergence of the photoreceptive protein opsin in scallop (Bivalvia: Pectinidae)

S10-2.4 Monday, Jan. 7, 14:30 RIVERA, Ajna S*; SAJUTHI, Andrea; CARILLO-ZAZUETA, Brenna; LAMPEH, Rebecca; SPEISER, Dan; HU, Brianna: Gene expression differences underlying sexual dimorphism in ostracod eyes: Insights from transcriptomics