SICB Annual Meeting 2014
January 3-7, 2014
Austin, TX

Symposium: Adaptation or developmental constraint? Uniting evolutionary theory and empirical studies of phenotypic plasticity

An individual's phenotype is the result of the interaction between its genetic background and the environment in which it developed. Thus, developmental plasticity has potential to generate phenotypes adapted to environmental conditions forecasted during development.

However, empirical studies demonstrate that constraints or limitations on developmental plasticity can generate maladaptive phenotypes in adulthood. Additionally, there is evidence that too much plasticity in the face of increasingly unpredictable ecological conditions can generate phenotypes mismatched to the environment.

This symposium will explore intersections between evolutionary theory and our understanding of the proximate mechanisms of phenotypic plasticity to address questions such as: Under which conditions is phenotypic plasticity adaptive and when does it generate pathology? How does phenotypic plasticity relate to individual fitness and population health? How do the physiological mechanisms underlying phenotype constrain or facilitate developmental plasticity?

Sponsors: SICB Divisions:

  • DEDB
  • DCE
  • DAB

  • Organizers
    Haruka Wada, Department of Biological Sciences, Auburn University
    Kendra Sewall, Department of Biological Sciences, Virginia Tech


    S8.1-1 Monday, Jan. 6, 08:00 MATEO, Jill M.: Developmental and maternal effects on behavioral plasticity

    S8.1-2 Monday, Jan. 6, 08:30 SERRATO-CAPUCHINA, G.A.; PFENNIG, D.W.*: The role of pre-existing plasticity in adaptive evolution

    S8.1-4 Monday, Jan. 6, 09:30 WALSH, M.R.: The evolution of within- and among generation phenotypic plasticity in natural populations of Daphnia

    S8.2-1 Monday, Jan. 6, 10:30 BOWDEN, RM*; PAITZ, RT: The importance of fluctuating temperatures for offspring phenotype in turtles with temperature-dependent sex determination

    S8.2-2 Monday, Jan. 6, 11:00 HANDELSMAN, Corey A*; WALKER, Jeffrey A; GHALAMBOR, Cameron K: Plasticity and constraints on the evolution of body shape: Phenotypic integration in locally adapted Trinidadian guppy populations

    S8.2-3 Monday, Jan. 6, 11:30 CRESPI, Erica J: Developmental plasticity in amphibians: mechanisms, adaptations and constraints

    S8.3-1 Monday, Jan. 6, 13:30 BILBO, S.D.*; WILLIAMSON, L.L.; PARKER, W.: Early-Life Programming of Neuroendocrine Function by the Immune System: Plasticity or Autoimmunity due to Biome Depletion?

    S8.3-2 Monday, Jan. 6, 14:00 SWANSON, E.M.*; SNELL-ROOD, E.C.: Physiological mediation of integrated phenotypes: From plasticity to evolution

    S8.3-3 Monday, Jan. 6, 14:30 LEMA, S.C.: Ecological variation and hormone-mediated plasticity in Death Valley’s pupfishes: Insights into the dynamics and distinctiveness of phenotypic diversity

    S8.3-4 Monday, Jan. 6, 15:00 CREWS, David: Diversity of Phenotypic Plasticity