SICB Annual Meeting 2016

January 3-7, 2016
Portland, OR

Communicating Science: Practical applications for informal STEM education

Jan. 7, Noon-1:30 pm

Workshop Participant Application

One of the most challenging aspects of being a scientist is often being able to communicate effectively with non-scientists. We have partnered with the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry to offer SICB attendees a unique opportunity to discuss and learn new strategies to better engage the public in scientific research. This workshop includes dynamic, hands-on and reflective activities designed to introduce basic science communication concepts and techniques. These practices and theories are broadly applicable to a range of educational outreach settings work to bridge the gap between major disciplines or organismal lineages of extremophile scientists. OMSI has a proven track record of integrating scientific researchers and informal STEM through their Science Communication Fellowship Program, which has trained over 40 researchers to date. The goal of this workshop is to identify and practice effective science communication strategies (like analogies, framing concepts, avoiding jargon, etc.) that assist professionals in communicating complex information to a lay audience.

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