SICB Annual Meeting 2016
January 3-7, 2016
Oregon Convention Center - Portland, OR

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List of Sessions

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S1Monday, 07:45-15:30NeuroecologyChair(s): Jeff Riffell, Ashlee Rowe
S2Monday, 07:55-15:30Life on the EdgeLife on the Edge: the Biology of Organisms Inhabiting Extreme EnvironmentsChair(s): Annie Lindgren
S3Monday, 08:00-15:30Parasites and Pests in Motion: Biology, Biodiversity and Climate ChangeChair(s): Christopher B. Boyko, Jason Williams
S4Tuesday, 07:45-15:15Extraocular, Nonvisual, and Simple PhotoreceptorsChair(s): Thomas Cronin, Sonke Johnsen
S5Tuesday, 08:00-15:30The Morphological Diversity of the Intromittent OrganChair(s): Brandon Moore, Diane Kelly
S6Tuesday, 08:00-15:30Evolutionary Endocrinology: Hormones as Mediators of Evolutionary PhenomenaChair(s): Robert Cox, Joel McGlothlin Frances Bonier, Frances Bonier
S9Wednesday, 07:45-15:30Beyond the mean: Biological Impacts of Changing Patterns of Temperature VariationChair(s): Michael Dillon, Art Woods, Michael Sears
S7Wednesday, 08:00-15:30Are Migratory Animals Superspreaders of Infection?Chair(s): Alexa Fritzsche McKay, Bethany Hoye
S8Wednesday, 08:00-15:30Integrative and Comparative Biology of VenomChair(s): Marymegan Daly, Lisle Gibbs
S11Thursday, 07:45-15:30Tapping the Power of Crustacean Transcriptomes to Address Grand Challenges in Comparative BiologyChair(s): Donald Mykles, Karen Burnett David Durica, Jonathon Stillman, David Durica, Jonathon Stillman
S10Thursday, 08:00-15:30A Bigger Picture: Organismal Function at the Nexus of Development, Ecology, and EvolutionChair(s): Sharlene E. Santana, Paul Gignac
S12Thursday, 08:00-15:30New Frontiers in the Integrative Study of Animal Behavior: Nothing in Neuroscience Makes Sense Except in the Light of BehaviorChair(s): Suzy Renn, Hans Hofmann, Dustin Rubenstein

Contributed Oral Presentations
PLENSunday, 19:30-20:30Opening Plenary Session
BARTMonday, 19:00-20:00George A. Bartholomew Award Lecture
BERNTuesday, 19:00-20:00Howard A. Bern Lecture
MOOREThursday, 15:45-16:45John A. Moore Lecture
1Monday, 08:00-09:45Locomotion and Movement - Substrate MattersChair(s): Kevin Jagnandan
2Monday, 08:00-10:00NeuromechanicsChair(s): Jean-Michel Mongeau
3Monday, 08:00-09:45Muscle Structure, Physiology, and Function IChair(s): Joseph Thompson
4Monday, 08:00-09:30Stress IChair(s): Jamie Cornelius, Brian Walker
5Monday, 08:15-09:30Complementary to S5 Morphology of the Intromittent OrganChair(s): Julian Smith III, Dara Orbach
6Monday, 08:00-09:45Community EcologyChair(s): Abigail Cahill, Joshua Drew
7Monday, 08:15-09:45Behavioral SyndromesChair(s): Tina Wey
8Monday, 08:00-10:00Territoriality and AggressionChair(s): Sarah Humfeld
9Monday, 08:00-09:30Feeding - Ecomorphology and Evolution IChair(s): A. Kristopher Lappin
10Monday, 08:00-09:45DiversificationChair(s): Brian Sidlauskas, Francesco Santini
11Monday, 08:00-09:45Larvae, Metamorphosis, and Life CyclesChair(s): Michael Hadfield, Louise Page
12Monday, 10:15-12:00AdhesionChair(s): Brooke Flammang
13Monday, 10:15-12:00Flight: Morphological AspectsChair(s): Stacey Combes
14Monday, 10:15-12:00Muscle Structure, Physiology, and Function IIChair(s): John Hutchinson
15Monday, 10:15-12:00DCE Gorbman Best Student Oral PresentationChair(s): Rosemary Knapp, Mary Mendonça
16Monday, 10:15-12:00Physiological Responses to InfectionChair(s): Ken Fields, Louise Rollins-Smith
17Monday, 10:15-12:00Energetics and MetabolismChair(s): Lucas Kirschman
18Monday, 10:15-12:00DEE Huey Best Student Paper AwardChair(s): Donald Miles, Mike Sears
19Monday, 10:30-12:00Evolution of BehaviorChair(s): Matt Steffenson
20Monday, 10:15-12:00Feeding - Ecomorphology and Evolution IIChair(s): Christopher Kenaley
21Monday, 10:00-12:00MacroevolutionChair(s): Kerin Claeson
22Monday, 10:15-12:00Cell Differentiation and MorphogenesisChair(s): Christine Schnitzler, David Weisblat
23Monday, 13:30-15:15Larval EcologyChair(s): Dianna Padilla
24Monday, 13:30-14:45DVM: D.Dwight Davis Best Student Paper CompetitionChair(s): Callum Ross
25Monday, 13:30-15:30Population EcologyChair(s): Lance McBrayer
26Monday, 13:30-15:30Stress II: Environmental EndocrinologyChair(s): Elizabeth Addis, Michael Sheriff
27Monday, 13:30-15:00Immune-based Trade-offsChair(s): Emily Uhrig, Emily Cornelius
28Monday, 13:30-15:15Energetics and Metabolism IIChair(s): Karine Salin, Chuck Booth
29Monday, 13:45-15:30Biodiversity and PhylogeographyChair(s): Kristen Moody
30Monday, 13:30-15:00DAB Best Student PresentationChair(s): Michele Johnson, Diana Hews
31Monday, 13:45-15:00Complementary to S7 Are Migratory Animals Superspreaders of InfectionChair(s): Bethany Hoye, Elizabeth MacDougall-Shackleton
32Monday, 13:30-15:15PhylogeneticsChair(s): Donald Miles, Marta deMaintenon
33Monday, 13:30-15:00Fertilization and Early MorphogenesisChair(s): April Hill
34Tuesday, 08:00-10:00Stress-Immune InteractionsChair(s): Matthew Venesky, Stephanie Gervasi
35Tuesday, 08:15-10:00Fluids and FlowsChair(s): Kelly Sutherland
36Tuesday, 08:00-09:30Evolutionary EcologyChair(s): Sarah Zohdy
37Tuesday, 08:15-09:30Complementary to S2 Life on the EdgeChair(s): Julia Sigwart
38Tuesday, 08:00-09:45Fauchald Special Session IChair(s): Anja Schulze, Kirk Fitzhugh
39Tuesday, 08:00-09:30Complementary to S11 Tapping the Power of TranscriptomicsChair(s): Jonathon Stillman
40Tuesday, 08:00-09:30Complementary to S1 Neuroecology and Neural MechanismsChair(s): Zen Faulks
41Tuesday, 08:00-09:45Behavioral Ecology I: Performance and MechanismChair(s): Karen Warkentin, Taylor Chapple
42Tuesday, 08:15-09:45Neuro/Behavioral GenomicsChair(s): Andrea Kohn, Christopher Balakrishnan
43Tuesday, 08:00-09:45Ecomorphology and Evolution IChair(s): Eric McElroy
44Tuesday, 08:00-09:45Major Body Plan TransitionsChair(s): Andreas Hejnol
45Tuesday, 08:00-09:45Muscle Structure, Physiology, and Function IIIChair(s): Manny Azizi
46Tuesday, 10:30-12:00Stress III: What Should We Measure?Chair(s): Stefania Casagrande, Thomas Small
47Tuesday, 10:15-12:00Fluids and Flows IIChair(s): Lindsay Waldrop
48Tuesday, 10:15-11:45Sexual Selection and ReproductionChair(s): Tony Williams, Wendy Hood
49Tuesday, 10:00-11:45Complementary to S2 Life on the EdgeChair(s): Annie Lindgren
50Tuesday, 10:15-12:00Fauchald Special Session IIChair(s): Pat Hutchings, Sally Woodin
51Tuesday, 10:00-12:00Digestive PhysiologyChair(s): Zach Stahlschmidt, Marshall McCue
52Tuesday, 10:15-12:00Complementary to S1 Neuroecology Neural MechanismsChair(s): Mark Willis
53Tuesday, 10:30-11:45Behavioral Ecology 2: Biotic and Abiotic EffectsChair(s): Roger Anderson
54Tuesday, 10:15-12:00Social and Collective BehaviorChair(s): Michael Greene, Daria Monaenkova
55Tuesday, 10:15-12:15Ecomorphology and Evolution IIChair(s): Tobin Hieronymus
56Tuesday, 10:15-12:00Disease in an Ecological ContextChair(s): Michelle Nishiguchi, Heather Broughton
57Tuesday, 10:15-12:00Locomotion - Terra Firma IChair(s): Jeffrey Rankin
58Tuesday, 13:30-14:45Host Behavior: Host Susceptibility, Pathogen Transmission and Parasite ManipulationChair(s): James Adelman, Sahnzi Moyers
59Tuesday, 13:30-15:30Thermal and Biophysical EcologyChair(s): Mike O'Connor
60Tuesday, 13:30-15:15Evolutionary MorphologyChair(s): Stacy Farina, Roi Holzman
61Tuesday, 13:45-15:15Complementary to S2 Life on the EdgeChair(s): Berry Pinshow, Blair Wolf
62Tuesday, 13:30-15:30Fauchald Special Session IIIChair(s): Damhnait McHugh, Elizabeth Heath-Heckman
63Tuesday, 13:30-15:15Muscle PhysiologyChair(s): David Williams, Nicole Thometz
64Tuesday, 13:45-15:00Complementary to S1 Neuroecology Neural MechanismsChair(s): Allen Mensinger
65Tuesday, 13:30-15:30Migration and MovementChair(s): Dan Rittschof
66Tuesday, 13:30-15:15DCB: Mimi A.R. Koehl and Stephen A. Wainwright Best Student Paper CompetitionChair(s): Jake Socha
67Tuesday, 14:00-15:00Wake Award - Best DPCB Student PresentationChair(s): Todd Oakley
68Tuesday, 13:45-15:00Complementary to S8 Biology of VenomChair(s): Meg Daly, Ryan McCleary
69Tuesday, 13:30-15:30SymbiosisChair(s): Austin Parrin, Shelia Kitchen
70Wednesday, 08:00-09:45Variation and AdaptationChair(s): Mikhail Matz, Mark Garcia
71Wednesday, 08:00-09:30Flight: Performance, Aerodynamics, and Mechanics IChair(s): Joesph Bahlman
72Wednesday, 08:15-09:45Complementary to S6 Evolutionary Endocrinology: Hormones as Mediators IChair(s): Francis Bonier
73Wednesday, 08:00-09:45Biomaterials and MechanicsChair(s): Ross Hatton
74Wednesday, 08:00-09:45Complementary to S4 Extrocular, Non Visual, and Simple Photoreceptors IChair(s): Leslie Babonis
75Wednesday, 08:00-10:00DEDB - Best Student Oral Presentation CompetitionChair(s): Greg Davis
76Wednesday, 08:00-09:30Thermal Physiology IChair(s): Heather Liwanag, Sara Sawyer
77Wednesday, 08:00-09:30Animal CommunicationChair(s): Rindy Anderson, Bernie Lohr
78Wednesday, 08:00-09:45Locomotion - EcomorphologyChair(s): Kathleen Foster
79Wednesday, 08:00-09:45DNB Best Student PresentationChair(s): Paul Moore
80Wednesday, 08:00-10:00Complementary to S10 The Bigger PictureChair(s): Paul Gignac
81Wednesday, 10:15-12:00Population GeneticsChair(s): Joseph Pfaller, Michael Hart
82Wednesday, 10:15-12:00Flight: Performance, Aerodynamics, and Mechanics IIChair(s): Nick Gravish
83Wednesday, 10:00-12:00Complementary to S6 Evolutionary Endocrinology: Hormones as Mediators IIChair(s): Robert Cox
84Wednesday, 10:15-12:00Biomaterials, Structure, Mechanical Design IChair(s): Douglas Fudge
85Wednesday, 10:15-11:45Complementary to S4 Extrocular, Non Visual, and Simple Photoreceptors IIChair(s): Sonke Johnsen
86Wednesday, 10:30-12:00Evolution Viewed Through a Developmental LensChair(s): Eduardo Zattara, Prashant Sharma
87Wednesday, 10:15-11:45Thermal Physiology IIChair(s): Nancy Berner
88Wednesday, 10:00-12:00Courtship and MatingChair(s): Erica Westerman, Susan Balenger
89Wednesday, 10:15-11:45Locomotion - Biomimetics and ModelingChair(s): Jianing Wu
90Wednesday, 10:00-12:00NeuroethologyChair(s): Rich Satterlie
91Wednesday, 10:15-12:00Molecular Evolution & OmicsChair(s): Eli Meyer, Justin Havird
92Wednesday, 13:30-15:00Geographic Variation & EvolutionChair(s): Sarah Boyer, Daniel Warner
93Wednesday, 13:30-15:15Flight: Performance, Aerodynamics, and Mechanics IIIChair(s): Brandon Jackson
94Wednesday, 13:30-15:30Climate ChangeChair(s): Karen Chan
95Wednesday, 13:30-15:30Biomaterials, Structure, Mechanical Design IIChair(s): Maya deVries
96Wednesday, 13:30-15:15Evolution of Color and VisionChair(s): Sherry Tamone
97Wednesday, 13:30-14:55Five Minute TalksChair(s): Anabela Maia
98Wednesday, 13:30-14:45Water and Ion HomeostasisChair(s): Jeffrey Robinson, Melissa May
99Wednesday, 13:30-15:15Predator-Prey BehaviorsChair(s): Aaron Corcoran
100Wednesday, 13:30-15:00Locomotion - Maneuvers and PerturbationsChair(s): Nickolay Hristov
101Wednesday, 13:30-15:30Complementary to S12 New Frontiers in the Integrative Study of Animal BehaviorChair(s): Suzy Renn, Rayna Harris
102Wednesday, 13:30-15:00Musculoskeletal Structure and FunctionChair(s): Dara Orbach
103Thursday, 08:00-09:30Feeding Mechanics and Kinematics IChair(s): Dominique Adriaens
104Thursday, 08:00-09:45Evolutionary PhysiologyChair(s): Zachary Cheviron
105Thursday, 08:15-10:00Host Immunity: Gene Expression, Epigenetics, and EvolutionChair(s): Andrew Flies
106Thursday, 08:00-09:30Sensory BiologyChair(s): Mark Willis
107Thursday, 08:00-09:45Locomotion - Terra Firma IIChair(s): Thomas Libby
108Thursday, 08:00-10:00Respiratory Physiology IChair(s): Kirt Onthank
109Thursday, 08:00-09:45Coral Reef Biology and Ocean AcidificationChair(s): Nathan Kirk
110Thursday, 08:30-09:30Undergraduate Education, Teaching & Research
111Thursday, 08:15-09:30Reproduction and ParentingChair(s): Kelly Williams
112Thursday, 08:00-09:45Life Aquatic: Fishy FinsChair(s): Brett Aiello
113Thursday, 10:15-11:45Feeding Mechanics and Kinematics IIChair(s): Philip Anderson
114Thursday, 10:15-12:00Thermal Physiology & Adaptation IIChair(s): Morgan Kelly, Michael Logan
115Thursday, 10:15-11:45Neural Development & EvolutionChair(s): Diane Adams
116Thursday, 10:30-12:00Neuroethology of VisionChair(s): Nate Morehouse
117Thursday, 10:15-12:00Locomotion - Terra Firma IIIChair(s): Robbie Wilson
118Thursday, 10:15-12:00Respiratory Physiology IIChair(s): Leigh Boardman
119Thursday, 10:00-12:00Conservation BehaviorChair(s): Rachelle Balenger, Christopher Templeton
120Thursday, 10:15-11:45Complementary to S9 Beyond the Mean: Biological Impacts IChair(s): Rory Telemeco
121Thursday, 10:15-12:00Reproductive EndocrinologyChair(s): Alan Vajda, Isabelle Vea
122Thursday, 10:15-11:45Life Aquatic: Fish SwimmingChair(s): Nicole Danos
123Thursday, 13:30-15:00Life History EvolutionChair(s): Peter Zani, Miguel Reyes
124Thursday, 13:30-14:45Thermal Physiology and Adaptation IIIChair(s): Jonathan Velotta, Martha Munoz
125Thursday, 13:30-15:00Environmental Factors, Host Susceptibility, and Parasite SuccessChair(s): Brent Sinclair, Gabriela Rios-Sotelo
126Thursday, 13:30-15:30Responses to Environmental ChangeChair(s): Caleb Hasler
127Thursday, 13:30-15:15Locomotion - Terra Firma IVChair(s): John Bertram
128Thursday, 13:30-14:30Reproductive PhysiologyChair(s): Robin Warne, Joshua Benoit
129Thursday, 13:30-15:00Learning and MemoryChair(s): Christopher Olson
130Thursday, 13:30-15:30Complementary to S9 Beyond the Mean: Biological Impacts IIChair(s): Wes Dowd, Art Woods
131Thursday, 13:30-15:00Hormones and BehaviorChair(s): Iris Levin, Cassandra Nunez
132Thursday, 13:30-15:30Life Aquatic: Feeding and SwimmingChair(s): Frank Fish

Contributed Poster Presentations
P1MondayPoster Session 1
P2TuesdayPoster Session 2
P3WednesdayPoster Session 3

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